This is why Arthur Becker will make a fortune from his New York Real Estate Investment Venture

Arthur Becker is a tech guru, a real estate investment mogul, and the incumbent chairman & C.E.O of the Zinio Company that distributes digital magazines. He previously served as the C.E.O of NaviSite that provided data center hosting as well as cloud-based application management to different enterprises. According to, Mr. Arthur also served as a senior advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years. In 2011, NaviSite was sold out to Time Warner and it was after this move that Arthur privately invested in technology and real estate.

Mr. Arthur Becker has completed many different technology-based projects, thereby qualifying him as a tech guru. This has helped him amass much of his fortune. However, in the recent years, he has expanded his venture and portfolio into the real estate investment platform and his entry has been groundbreaking. He currently ranks at top 10 among all the real estate investors in New York City.

His recent deal is the acquisition of three adjacent townhouses located on the Sullivan Street. The three townhouses are 6500 sq.ft and although they are not yet completed, their value is projected to increase once completion is done. This new acquisition in SoHo District adds more to Mr. Arthur’s real investment portfolio that stands out as one of his best ventures. Upon completion, Mr. Arthur intends to reside in one of the houses and lease out the remaining two to tenants intending to reside in SoHo District. It is an opportunity for the real investment mogul to have a stake in the control of property in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the lower Manhattan. Mr. Arthur described SoHo as one of the most charming streets citing it as one of the reasons he was interested in owning the three townhouses. Mr. Arthur alongside, JDS Development Group, invested in Property Markets Group and AmBase Corp. at 111 West 57th Street, which is also in the New York City. His foray into the real investment in the New York City is projected to give him more fortune additive to the one he amassed while in the tech industry.

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Magnises Private Club for Elite Millennials

Magnises is a social club that was founded in 2014 by Billy McFarland, who was at a young age or rather in his twenties. This private club enables people to build a perfect social network for their businesses or personal lives. The Magnises club also use a personalized black card that allows young professionals to gain access to unique events and special deals in most of the big cities such as New York and Washington DC. In 2016, the club released some lifestyle perks which included three premium clubs which are more advanced compared to university and country clubs that existed. Their membership is open to all, once you go through the application process, you become a member. Check this out.

Magnises has always had members-only offers that have valuable benefits. The subsidized rates and annual fees are bringing together working Millennials from all corners. The working Millennials nay not be rich, but once they subscribe the membership fees, they can travel far and wide easily. By looking forward to helping its members create social networks, the Magnises club has a social media platform where members connect and interact any time of the day. The social media presence will help people have a better social life especially those that are held in their jobs most of the time. Find more related article in

Other than the perks and the night life that most young people look forward to, the club also helps people to create social networks. Their personalized black cards help gain entry to hotels, restaurant, bars, and luxurious gateways at reduced prices. You can meet new people in this places and add them to your network. Billy McFarland is the founder of the club, and he is a young American entrepreneur who is also the founder of spling and a mobile app. He was born in New York and studied computer engineering at Bucknell University. Magnises is a millennial guide as it ensures laxity at affordable prices.To make things digital enabled, Magnises is giving its members entry to different places with the use of the black card.

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Jason Hope: The Tech Oracle Of Scottsdale

The Internet Of Things
Front and center to just about everything that Hope does is the Internet of Things. This is one of the most important and discussed topics of our times, but many people still have woefully inaccurate ideas about exactly what the Internet of Things is. It is often treated as if it were some extension of the world wide web, but it something much grater. The Internet of Things will allow us to change the way we think of just about everything around us. From our houses to our cars we will experience a new and wonderful age of automation and prosperity.

The Tech Guru Opines
Jason Hope is trying to change the face of Arizona. Right now, when people think of the tech industry their thoughts point to the Silicon Valley of California. Hope is trying to change things by highlighting tech entrepreneurship in the Southwest. He seems to be accomplishing his goal and is turning himself into one of the strongest tech moguls today. Now that he has his empire he wants to speculate about the future and the direction technology is headed.


Where It Goes From Here
The most thing to understand, according to Jason Hope, is how software developers will react. Software is a very competitive industry, but in future years we will see software developers united together rather than fight amongst each other or try to decide who will dominate the market. One developer might develop an app for your house and another might create one for your refrigerator. Thew two will work together in order to foster innovation and allow us to think of ways to add technology into our lives to make us more productive and ease the tedious tasks of the modern world.

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Christanna Bevin the Exceptional Project Manager

Project management entails application of knowledge and technics to initiate, control, and monitor projects. It’s a profession that ensures project requirements are met. Reading the definition of this profession one may think it’s a walk in the park. However, this occupation has its challenges and requires a project manager who possesses distinct traits to ensure projects reach a satisfactory conclusion. Project managers are required to be proactive with the ability to anticipate challenges. These are qualities that are needed in the typical project manager, which begs the question, what are the unique traits that make an excellent project manager like Christanna Bevin?

Residing in one of the oldest cities in Australia, Christanna Bevin is an exceptional project manager with vast experience and knowledge on her side. Like Brisbane, a city where she lives is known for its unique architecture, Christanna is globally known for her excellent work ethics and excellent customer services. Her passion and professionalism sets her apart. She is known to engage everyone to ensure a project is realized at the same time ensuring that everyone’s interests are protected.

Her comprehensive experience in project management has seen her work for many companies. Her accomplishments while working for these enterprises are unmatched. For instance, she helped companies create good relationships with customers. Her strategies consequently resulted in the increase of revenue generation for these companies and ensured completion of projects promptly. Her biggest resource is her ability to identify talent among her team and assign jobs to them based on their strength. This ability has enabled her to oversee major construction projects from when they start to their conclusion.

In 2015, the Australian Institute of Business graduate joined consulting services and continued providing her exceptional expertise. She has recently been involved in a major hospital redevelopment project in Australia. Bevin continues to show that passion and unique skills can change things in the business world. She subscribes to the idea of teamwork and has trained employees in many companies, and the results are always amazing.

This exceptional project manager has also been involved in charity activities and offered financial assistance to organizations that are involved in medical research. Progressively Christanna Bevin continues to show the world what makes an outstanding project manager.

Put A Smile On Your Lips With These EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Every girl appreciates a good lip balm. EOS lip balms provide excellent protection to keep lips from becoming dry and chapped with their infusions of natural emollients and essential oils. They also contain sunscreens or added protection from the elements and a hint of flavor for an all-around enjoyable lip-smoothing experience.

In 2009, seemingly out of nowhere, these nifty, colorful little orbs began to appear on retail shelves everywhere: Walgreens, Target, Walmart. Ads popped up in Seventeen and Cosmo magazines as well as others, and suddenly, they were turning up in the hands of the most glamorous celebrities like the Kardashians, Selena Gomez, and countless others.

EOS lip balms are available on the website, in traditional stick form, however they are best known – and loved – for their popular round case shape. Hydrating ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter help EOS lip balms to deliver a wonderfully soft salve to the lips, creating a deep, soothing moisturizing effect.

These awesome little spheres from EOS (an acronym or their maker, Evolution of Smooth) quickly became the second best-selling lip balm in the United States (with Burt’s Bees holding the #1 position), with current sales at one million plus products per week and a projected $2 billion lip care market worldwide by the year 2020. The company’s success is largely due to the increase in popularity of organic products, which EOS specializes in.

EOS lip balms are available in several popular flavors, including:

  1. SUMMER FRUIT: The exotic and fruity fragrance and flavors include peach, strawberry, and blueberry. Chock full of natural moisturizers and good things.
  2. BLUEBERRY ACAI: Naturally flavorful and fragrant with elements of both blueberry and acai fruits and antioxidants for healthy lip
  3. POMEGRANATE RASPBERRY: Real, delicious fruit extracts and vitamins soothe and heal chapped, dry lips. This variety is available on Amazon.
  4. LEMON DROP SPF: Contains SPF 15 for added protection against the elements along with a delicious zing of lemon flavor.
  5. HONEYSUCKLE HONEYDEW: Revitalize and renew lip softness with this amazing natural flavor combination.
  6. MEDICATED TANGERINE: The tangy deliciousness of tangerine smooths on lips to penetrate with natural oils and antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to heal and prevent sore, flaky lips.
  7. SWEET MINT: The soothing and healing properties of mint extract and essential oil deliver a cool, scrumptious experience to your lips.
  8. VANILLA BEAN: Hydrating natural vanilla bean oils keep lips soft and supple with a hint of vanilla taste.
  9. STRAWBERRY SORBET: Delightfully scented and whimsically flavored, this balm will keep your kisser super sweet and moisturized.
  10. BLACKBERRY NECTAR: Shea butter and Vitamins C and E pair with exotic blackberry taste for a super-effective, unique lip smoothing experience.

EOS lip balms can be purchased online at,,, and at retailers such as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, and others.
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The Family Place Receives a $1 Million Grant from Highland Capital Management

According to a recent PRNewsire, James Dondero, Highland’s co-founder and President announced that they had awarded The Family Place with a $1 million challenge grant. The Family Place is a humanitarian organization offering lifesaving shelter to the victims of domestic violence. The challenge grant will help the humanitarian organization raise the remaining $2.8 million towards its legacy campaign. The announcement was made during a trailblazer award luncheon in Dallas, Texas.


James Dondero said that the challenge grant would be administered through Highland’s philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation. Highland’s challenge grant will match up to $1 million of any funds raised towards The Family Place’s capital campaign until April 4, 2017. As of October 7, 2016, the humanitarian organization had already raised an extra $200,000 towards its capital campaign. With $2.8 million remaining to reach the required $16.5 million, Highland’s grant will ensure that the capital campaign completes successfully.


Highland’s challenge grant is an answer to the Dallas community’s call to address the challenges facing the Dallas community. As a member of the civic community, The Family Place plays a significant role in improving the living standards in Dallas. As a result, Highland feels proud to invest alongside civic community as they make things happen. The Family Place’s charitable work impressed James Dondero and his team at Highland. According to Paige Flink, The Family Place’s CEO, the capital campaign creates a tremendous opportunity to extend their life-changing and lifesaving services across Dallas.


Funds raised towards the capital campaign will support the construction of a counseling center for the victims of domestic violence. It will be named in honor of its sponsor, Ann Moody. The facility includes a job-training center, 13 emergency shelter rooms, several counseling rooms, and a centralized call hotline.


About Highlands Capital Management


Together with its subsidiaries, Highland manages approximately $16 billion worth of assets. Highland operates as a duly registered investment advisor. Highland Capital Management is known for its investment in the charitable works through its philanthropic arm, Highland Dallas Foundation. With its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, Highlands ranks among the nation’s leading providers of global-scale alternative credit services.

The Greyhound Diaries Provides A View Of Forgotten Lands And People In The USA

The Greyhound Diaries was a project undertaken by writer, musician and reporter, Doug Levitt. During the economic recession Doug Levitt decided to travel across the country and see what the effects of the recession were. He added one big catch however. Mr. Levitt would not travel by car. Instead, he would travel the country by a bus.


One of the reasons Doug Levitt decided to travel the country by bus was that it was the cheapest form of transportation. Second, Greyhound bus lines run through small towns and cities that are off the beaten path and that lack airport access. The third reason was that many people who struggle economically often have no choice but to take the bus in order to get around to work, visit family and travel in general.


Doug Levitt wanted to put himself in the shoes of the people that were struggling economically and who had not other real means of transportation beside the bus. Along his journey across America by the Greyhound bus lines, Doug recorded events he witnessed, people he spoke to and memorable sights that he had seen. Doug Levitt also took some photographs that he believed evoked emotion. This would later be compiled into what Doug Levitt called the Greyhound Diaries.


The Greyhound Diaries spans almost a decade or ten years of travel by bus across the United States. It features deep insights into the lives, the struggles as well as the optimism of people who take the bus and that live in small towns that are often simply bypassed by the majority of people. One of the biggest takeaways that Mr. Levitt has taken while completing the project was that we are all much more similar than we are different. Traveling by bus and sharing space with fellow riders convinced Doug that class, race, gender, religion and all other differences are minuscule compared to the values and hopes that we all aspire to.


Doug Levitt has also created a music album based on the Greyhound Diaries writings. He sometimes travels and performs across cities and towns with his powerful lyrics inspired by his travels. The Greyhound Diaries book can be bought online at Amazon and at various used bookstores in the country.

Stevie Awards Names Securus As A Finalist In Its Customer Care Training Team Entry For Its Annual 2017 Celebrations.

On January 20th, Securus received an award from Stevie Awards as a finalist in the Customer Care Training Team category for the 11th annual Stevie Awards celebrations. The winner of the Customer Service Training Team of the year award will receive the award on February 24th at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Nevada. The Stevie Awards criticizes the nominations with the keen analysis of 77 judges from around the world. Other awards are also set to be announced at the same event. Finalists in every industry from across the world are scheduled to attend the celebrations.



Earning a Stevie Awards finalist position, guarantees a nominee such as Securus to be a winner in the Gold, Bronze and Silver nomination programs. Stevie Awards is an international business awarding show which is inclusive of the International Business Awards and the Stevie Awards for Great Employers. The Stevie Awards has more than 2300 nominations for all the 61 categories enlisted in 2016. Other entries that are part of the awards include the Award for Innovation in Customer Care Award, Customer Service Department of the Year award and Contact Center of the Year Award. Between January 23rd and February 1st, preliminary judges will have extensive discussions to determine the winners of all its categories in bronze, silver, and gold.



In 2016, the senior VP of Securus, Danny Hoyos, stated that the company was set to better its employee training. He explained that effective training involves empathy for the customer’s situation. He said that by focusing on the needs of their clients, Securus would ultimately provide efficient services to inmates and their families. Micheal Gallagher, the president of Stevie Awards, revealed that the judges’ choice for the award’s finalists selection process involved a consideration for an enterprise’s inspiration story in sales and business development strategy. He stated that most businesses had a remarkable business report and that the judges would have a difficult time in choosing the winners.


Role of Investment Banking Through the Eyes of Martin Lustgarten

One may be wondering what investment banking is, but it refers to a private company offering financial-related and other services to people, organizations, and corporations among others. Investment banking ensures that these parties can lay their hands on capital as well as assist in the formulation of mergers. Businesses and individuals can rely on investment banking for their market making and selling of their securities.

In the process of acquiring capital for the firms, the investment banking acts as a bridge and link between the company and the wider public. Besides, the bank helps companies that want to merge with the costs-benefits analysis, negotiation, valuation of the merger as well as all the necessary procedures.

Investment banking does not accept deposits from people and businesses. This is a feature of investment banking differentiates it from other commercial banks. In the US, investment banking has no mandate of taking deposits as it is against the law. However, this is not usually the case in some of other nations outside America.

In the recent years, there has been an adjustment on the Act that restricted investment banks from taking deposits. This has allowed them to provide fully fledge services similar to those found in commercial banks.

As an investor, you will also access back office services by having an account with the investment banking. Some of these services include risk management, corporate strategy, operations and financial control among others.

The investment banking industry is doing well despite the 2008 financial setback. Notably, the sector is still recovering.

Martin Lustgarten is a popular and famous name in the US as an expert in the investment banking. He is 57 years old. He lives and works in Florida. Martin has several citizenships including Austria, USA, and Venezuela. This allows him to access and help his clients with their investment issues. He is a fun of beautiful and vintage things.

Lustgarten is extremely passionate about investment as he invests his wealth in different countries across the world. He perceives this as the best way of reducing the risks facing his business.

He is intelligent and quick to notice investment opportunities as well as predicting the market trends. Therefore, he is a role model to many young and inexperienced investors.

Phenomenal places to visit in Panama

Panama is a wonderful place to visit for Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Its beaches are among the largest in the world as it is mostly surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. There are also rainforests and mountains among other exciting features. These are 10 places you should not miss when visiting Panama.

• El Valle de Anton
A town on the crater of an extinct volcano is a place you should visit. Due to its altitude, it is probably the coolest place in Panama.

• Pearl Islands
They are about 100 Islands surrounded by beaches and forests. There are several resorts and an airstrip in one of them making the place more accessible.

• Baru Volcano
This is a fantastic place on for those who enjoy hiking. There is also a spectacular view of the land below when you are at the top. There are also some hot springs nearby.

• Gulf of Chiriqui
Swimmers in this area can enjoy the beautiful view of coral reefs. From here, one can also dive, surf and fish.

• Boquete
It is also known as the valley of the flower. There are many activities that one can take part in. This provides an awesome view of the extensive ranges towards Costa Rica.

• Santa Catalina
The inhabitants of this are mostly practice fishing. It is also perfect for surfing. If these are your interests, you should visit Santa Catalina.

• San Blas Islands
These Islands have maintained their culture and are unaffected by modernization on Tumblr. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful and tranquil environment.

• Bocas del Toro
For the adventurous people, this is the place to be. From the city of Bocas del Toro, one can see and appreciate Caribbean architecture.

• Panama City
Part of it is characterized by old buildings in old town and stone streets. In the outskirts of the city is a rain forest. This sets it apart from other cities in the world at

• Panama Canal
It is among the world’s wonders. It is also an essential source of revenue to the government as it is an important waterway.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan businessman who moved to Panama. He is a reputable businessman in Panama. In addition to business, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is also committed to being an agent of change in society. His efforts are mostly towards mentoring the youth to become good in business and leadership. In Panama, he holds several executive positions in five companies.