Jed McCaleb and The Stellar Lumens

Jeb McCaleb is the co-founder and CEO of Stellar Development Foundation. He co-founded the foundation together with Joyce Kim in 2014. He found the company upon realizing that many people are left without resources, after the breaking of financial infrastructure. He spends most of his time at Stellar with the smartest people ever in his life.

Before Jed co-founded Stellar foundation, he made eDonkey in 2000. This was a peer to peer network for file sharing. eDonkey was the first platform to implement Kademlia DHT and multi-source downloading. Jed McCaleb spent most of his time on improving technologies and using the same techniques to make the world better. He believes in improving human conditions and reducing inefficiency by leveraging on technology.

In 2011, Jed created Mt. Gox, which became the first Bitcoin exchange. He is also an advisor at MIRI, a company that carries research in artificial intelligence. He envisions a single system for payment services that run the entire world, powered by Bitcoin. He also sees the possibility of the payment of fiat currency through Blockchain. Jed sees Stellar as a payment process system that will support shares and stocks by 2028.

In 10 years’ time, Jed believes that all equity will be tokenized on blockchain technology. The Stellar token network: The Stellar Lumens (XLM) has been following an upward trend for some time now. It has adopted the lightning network to neutralize against any future drawbacks. With his in-depth knowledge and experience in technologies, his successful future prediction for Stellar is not something to ignore. Know more here.

Jed’s opinion on the current Initial Coin Offerings is that the system does not tap the market. Autonomous next reports that ICOs have raised $9 billion over four years. However, the popularity of ICOs has led to an increase in fraudsters who take advantage of technology to raise funds leaving investors without their money. Regulators attention has been drawn on this activity.

Jed McCaleb’s Bio:

Agora Financial Lists Several Tips To Help Investors Achieve Success

For many people, the topic of investing can be difficult to talk about. With so many different options, trying to develop an investing plan can be an overwhelming experience. To help assist investors, Agora Financial has compiled a list of investing tips to help simplify the process.

Figure Out Your Goals

Regardless of whether you would like to learn about advanced investing terms, it is important that you learn basic investing terms so that you can maintain a sense of control over your money. Look to establish long term and short term financial goals. If you are looking for a short term investment, consider opening a money market account. You should also consider investing in real estate. If you are looking for something long term, consider starting an IRA. An IRA allows you to save money for your retirement. The money will accumulate interest over time.


Diversifying your assets can protect you from dealing with huge losses. When you begin to diversify your assets, you will become a more disciplined investor. You’ll be able to adjust to any shifts in the market. Leveraging involves you using borrowed money to your advantage. Re-balancing allows you to put your assets in the place where you originally intended. Re-balancing allows you to evaluate how you want to proceed with your investment strategy.

Learn About Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual Funds are created from a combination of financial investments made by a group of investors. The money is invested in different bonds, stocks, and securities. Exchange Traded Funds allow investors to merge all of their resources in order to make investments. ETFs are different from mutual funds because they do not sell individual shares from investors.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate will increase your cash flow over the long haul. It’s important to do your research before investing in real estate. Investing in a Real Estate Fund may be more appealing to you. Real Estate Funds are made up of portfolios that contain corporate, commercial, and rental properties. Investors will have the opportunity to invest in large real estate projects.

Nick Vertucci & “Seven Figure Decisions”

As many have come to understand, there are absolutely no guarantees in the business industry. Too often, business professionals come into the industry expecting to get something out of it but are left unaware of the risks that come with becoming a successful businessman. In addition to this, many professionals in this industry have to learn this the hard way. However, most of these learners, usually, turn out to become some of the most successful. The best case of this can be explained by the career of Nick Vertucci. A prosperous businessman today, his success was not always as thriving as it is today.

Because Nick Vertucci had to go through many tough lessons such as losing businesses and tons of money along with them, today, Nick Vertucci has become one of the most knowledgeable businessmen around. Put simply, Nick Vertucci learned from his mistakes and turned them into his fortunes. Now, Nick is a successful businessman selling one of the best real estate academies on the market. Nt only has he profited from this but, he has taken more pleasure in knowing that he is helping others become as successful as him. As many have come to know him, many people know just how much he loves seeing other succeed. Here is another example of how helpful and supportive Nick has become in his career.

Nick & His Book On Successful Decision Making

Seeing how much he has accomplished already, it comes as no surprise to hear that Nick is also a respected author. Over the course of his career, Nick has gained a vast understanding of the industry that he is well aware can help make a positive impact in the career of others. As we can see in an article on Nick’s new book “Seven Figure Decisions, we get a sense of just how far Nick is willing to go to see others succeed. His book, which basically covers unique ways of successful thinking, gives advice that not too many successful businessmen are willing to share. For one, this shows how caring Nick is of others. Secondly, we get to see why Nick is so respected in the business community. Because many other professionals value money and fame over respect, Nick will always be in a class by himself. It will take a long time for other professionals to reach the levels of success that Nick has established with his followers.

Ara Chackerian’s Vision for Preserving Wilderness Areas

For individuals like Ara Chackerian, who are quite passionate about the future of forestry, areas of wilderness are of great importance in our society. Their role is a bit complex, but these areas are crucial to our resources, recreation and much more. While working in the forestry world, Ara Chackerian has given tools and knowledge to his clients and partners that will help them work towards preserving wilderness areas, while also collecting nature’s resources.


Based on patch, Wilderness areas are certainly among the most important resources on our planet. Therefore, it is crucial that we work towards protecting and preserving these areas. It is to everyone’s benefit to ensure the curation of trees and populations of wildlife. This is key to passing down one of our most valuable resources to our future generations.



When it comes to figuring out how to take care of our wilderness areas, experts like Ara Chackerian are quick to point out that each area is different, and, as a result, each area will require unique planning and management of resources.


Ara Chackerian has other areas of expertise besides forestry, but it is one of his biggest passions. Ara Chackerian, and other forestry experts across the world, currently works to extract resources and revenue from wilderness areas, while also taking care to preserve these areas for years to come.


Ara Chackerian is ASC Capital Holdings LLC’s Managing Director, as well as being an avid philanthropist, entrepreneur and angel investor. Mr. Chackerian’s work with ASC Capital Holdings involves investing in healthcare companies that are in their infancy, which he believes will work towards reinventing the American healthcare system. Mr. Chackerian has helped build healthcare companies for over 20 years, and he hold a B.S. in Marketing from Florida State University.


Ara Chackerian is fully dedicated to philanthropy. Within the past decade, he has founded and worked with several non-profits that prioritize education and youth development. As of now, his efforts have had an impact in the United States, Nicaragua and Armenia.






Ian King Provides Feedback in an Article

When Ian King started working as an investor, he knew he made all the right choices. He learned about investing and the way it had an impact on everything people do. For Ian King, the point of making sure he could help people was giving them all the investment advice they needed that would continue helping them through different opportunities. It was his way of not only making money for himself but also making money for people who wanted to do the same thing as him. He had many ways he was reaching out to people and chose to use those ways to make things easier on them. Visit the website to learn more.

When Ian King took the time to visit people and see what they were doing, he learned about the options they had. He also learned there were things he could do that would help people be better at all the options they had. For Ian King, the point of all this was so he could make more money and so he could do more with everything there was to offer. While Ian King knew there were things people could use and options people could take advantage of, he also knew things would change based on the options he had.


After Ian King joined Banyan Hill, he could actually reach out to more people. There, people could see everything he had to offer. They could read about his accomplishments and the techniques he came up with to help them invest. For Ian King, the point of doing this was so everyone could get more from it. He wanted people to see things would get better. Ian King wasn’t afraid to show everyone that things would just keep getting better for them. If they invested the way he did, they could make even more money. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.


While Banyan Hill is a great platform for Ian King, he also tries to work on his website. On his guru site, Ian King shows people how they can make things better for themselves. This is where he connects with them and tries showing them the right way to invest. It’s also where he has all of the past information about his investments. Since Ian King knows what he did and knows how he can help people do more in the future, he lists all of that on his website. For Ian King, there were times when his website paid off for them.


Matt Badiali Speaks About Freedom Checks

In the recent times, people are trying any possible way of making money and living a good life. Investors look for any available opportunity so that they can earn profits and continue multiplying their assets. With the introduction of investment opportunities online, most people have been fortunate to get the kind of wealth they have been looking for. Unfortunately, the internet has its fair of challenges. There are so many scams in this platform, and people are losing cash to the scams that have been introduced by people who want to make money in a corrupt way. There are so many scams that promise customers easy money without any hard work, and there are some few people who have fallen for this scams. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

New investors who want to venture into online investments are always thinking of a way to avoid getting into these traps. According to Matt Badiali, a leading finance specialist in America, there are some real investment opportunities where people can make good money and avoid getting into huge losses. Badiali is an expert in investment activities, and he knows the traps that are laid by conmen who want to become wealthy by stealing from people who want to invest online. Freedom Checks came into the modern market just recently. As usual, people got scared about investing in this platform because they only thought that they were falling for conmen.

There are millions of Americans who are currently missing the opportunity to invest in Freedom Checks and make their lives better just because they are scared of the dangers that are associated with internet investments. Matt Badiali now assures people to be courageous and go for this investment chance because it is real. According to Badiali, this is a real deal that will result to billions of profits to the Americans who want to earn their wealth in a clean way. The businessman has been observing this investment opportunity for a while, and he has given people the answers they need.


Badiali is a financial editor who works for a company called Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali was trained to venture into the world of science when he was at the university, but he chose to join finance when he was already a qualified scientist. Using the skills he has in natural science, the businessman has assisted many investors to make their wealth using precious metals and other natural activities that are available around them. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

GoBuyside and Its Impressive Innovation in Talent Recruitment that Puts Them Ahead of The Curve

There are many news we hear lately about the economic conditions of the world and the propensity of the financial system to face again the detrimental and terrors of past crises. Controversies abound and rumors spread like plague, and it’s time for us to kill some of them off once and for all, so we get the meat of the story and the things that really matter to us. In search for relevant financial news, you may want to consider the story and finance updates happening to GoBuySide today, as it ushers in the new era, methods, situations, actions and arguments in the modern market’s approach in talent recruitment. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

The News


In one of the articles from Patch, we learn that the new recruitment strategies of companies today have really shaped the future of how talents can be acquired. One of the remarkable companies lately who have adapted to the new ways of recruitment in the market is GoBuyside, which is a leading executive search frim based out of New York City. It’s a firm that helps other companies make sense of the job trends today and helps companies get their talent recruitment needs in the right direction.


In relation to this, GoBuySide is making sure that while it adapts to the modern market, it also helps in providing for the good practices in recruitment, which right now is found in the decentralization of positions.


Interestingly, it is in the same Patch article that we read that there’s right now a survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that 24 percent of the employees today are already doing their work at home, and that’s something that GoBuySide is taking advantage of. With such location advantage, GoBuyside can offer better executive selections to their clients and it can better find the best people fit for a particular job.


Location Flexibility


Another edge that GoBuyside has right now is in its ability to leverage the location flexibilities to improving the performance of their executive selections. GoBuyside can better find the right job provider because location is no longer an issue, and it is highly able to assemble a team that exceeds even the wildest expectations of their clients. Truly remarkable is the modern environment right now that allows this to happen, but what makes GoBuyside even more outstanding is its ability to make sure that it doesn’t compromise on quality. It makes sure that the talent it acquires and renders to clients are top-notch, with all the requirements and credentials that can be verified accurately. Read this article at Accesswire.


Applicant Tracking Systems


Another innnovation that GoBuyside is taking advantage of right now is its applicant tracking systems. With such systems, it is able to scour online job boards and make use of artificial intelligence to get the people that best fit the list of credentials that the employer wants. Plus, the active social media presence that GoBuyside employs right now is also making sure that it appears authentic and organic to ordinary individuals, avoiding the tendency of companies to appear faceless and impersonal in talking with the future employees and job seekers.


Food Product Excellence Provided By David McDonald And OSI Group

Upon attaining his Animal Science degree from college, David McDonald, the man hailing from Iowa, immediately kicked of his career. David McDonald’s inspiration to focus in Animal Science, while attending college, was brought on by his intrigue and passion in the fields of agriculture and biology. David McDonald went on to become a project manager at OSI Group and interestingly enough, this was at the same time when he was still carrying out a role as the North American Meat Institute’s Chair. The OSI Group is a company that deals with food and it has also managed to make howling contributions to its industry as well. The company supplies food all over the world, which, at the same time, has a never relenting principle to avail their clients with the very best services as well as food.

For the past 3 decades, OSI Group has worked with David McDonald who has also seen the company grow greatly thanks to his amazing contributions to company. Having a large and regularly changing multinational market, David is greatly tasked with managing the team dealing with logistics at the OSI Group. The team ensures that the needs of all their clientele are effectively met by holding close relations with the marketers that are all on the local level who are closer to the client base. A deli meat and other foods processing company hailing from Netherlands, known as Baho Foods, was a short while ago obtained by the OSI Group. With such a grandiose purchase, the OSI Group managed to gain a great foothold in region of Europe.OSI Group has thus far managed to launch a sum of 10 poultry Chinese facilities which provide services to very many renowned restaurant businesses.

The formal partners of the OSI Group knew the company’s business network and culture in their various locations of operations. Alongside them, the company came up with a system which needed approval from the corporate level for high expenses and one that has oversight. The company also holds transparency with their clients in high regard from both parties. They let the partners handle the everyday decisions as they saw this being as the best form of management. The brand is aimed at providing quality, food safety and also wholesomeness of their products. The company states that they are passionate about supporting the success of their clients while at the same time sticking to the shadows so that their partners can get the glory.

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Jeff Yastine Discusses Kennedy Accounts

For those in the business of stocks and market exchange, Jeff Yastine is a relatively familiar name. He describes himself as a former financial journalist who has worked with numerous financial experts, entrepreneurs, stock market experts and investment advisors. Not only was he interested in interviewing these individuals but he was also keen to derive helpful and meaningful business and investment ideas from them. Therefore, Jeff Yastine qualifies to be an expert in providing some of the most basic trading advice to different investment managers. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

An alumnus of the prestigious University of Florida, he graduated with honors and landed a job in one of the world’s leading journalism companies. Consequently, he managed to build an excellent working rapport that in turn, saw him interacting with competent and world-wide entrepreneurs. Perhaps it is important to note that the first working opportunity that Yastine had was from the Raleigh-Durham area located in North Carolina.

As life would put it on him, Yastine continued to explore his career options by working in different markets with the same mission of finding out how business was run under different entrepreneurial microscopes. That is why he decided to join one company featuring the Nightly Business Report. He worked as a senior correspondent and took advantage of the fact that he received a considerable number of viewership from American and other continents.


Well, Yastine has been lucky to work with some of the world’s recognized entrepreneurs including Warren Buffet, the famous billionaire and business professionals and Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Computers. From that moment, he decided to set a straight path in industry by learning the various market shifts in the stock exchange. Consequently, he landed numerous business deals as an investment advisor. Some of these deals have since defined his career path, and now, he works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Recently, Jeff Yastine shared an investment idea with Americans. He calls it the Jeff Yastine Kennedy Accounts. This idea is based on an investment idea that John F Kennedy came up with in his tenure. This investment is entirely different from the others that include the stock exchange in that an individual does not have to seek the input of a broker. Instead, there is a company that issues these shares. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

The Kennedy Accounts have been here for some time. They offer its users the following benefits;

The buyer pays lower fees. This means that the Kennedy Accounts are relatively affordable

The buyer does not have to part with a commission as they are bought directly from the issuing company

The Jeff Kennedy Accounts come with more significant dividends

Revitalizing youthfulness with Dr. Rod Rohrich

The former president of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich M.D, has been credited as the best plastic surgeon in Dallas, and, quite possibly, in the nation. He attended Baylor College of Medicine, obtained residency from the University of Michigan Medical Center and joined UT Southwestern Medical School where he chaired the Department of Plastic Surgery for 23 years, up to 2014. Today, he is a professor at the medical school and applies his skill and expertise to harmonize body structures of patients who need it the most. Dr. Rod Rohrich services are categorized into three:


This refers to reshaping of the nose. Dr. Rod Rohrich offers the best cosmetic surgery in Dallas, giving the nose a new shape or function. This procedure can be done in two ways: open or closed rhinoplasty. Although Dr. Rod Rohrich is comfortable with either, he prefers open rhinoplasty and with valid reasons. Open rhinoplasty entails incising the columella, which gives the surgeon a direct and total look at the nasal cavity.

Dr. Rod Rohrich also performs secondary rhinoplasty, a procedure of revising a nose surgery that failed to produce desirable results. Revision rhinoplasty is delicate, and patients are advised only to engage experts like Dr. Rod Rohrich in this procedure.

Breast Surgery

This is a procedure aimed at giving the breasts a new shape or size or making them proportional. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s breast surgery in Dallas employs implants and placements in this procedure. Placements minimize the need for incisions. Before the surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich involves the candidates for a detailed consultation to understand the desired outcome fully. As a general expectation, surgeries are supposed to make a person better rather than perfect.


A facelift is a lift-and-fill procedure. From its name, this procedure involves lifting sunken features on the face and filling others. Lift-and-fill is the modern way of performing facelifts, and Dr. Rod Rohrich is an expert in it. Before the surgery, he consults with the patient to understand how the procedure should be done since different faces require different procedures.


Honoring Do-Gooders