JD.com and Blockchains

 JD.com is one of the largest online retailers in China. They have even developed their own brand of blockchains so that it makes it easier for customers to make their payments. They are now opening new technology to make it easier to pay. JD.com has just released its own blockchain technology on an open platform. It is known as JD Chain. They have developed their own payment to meet the needs of their business and the business of others. They do not need to work with premade APIs for their customers to make payment.

The JD Chain Open Source Community will allow for additional discussion and will allow the developers of blockchains the chance to work together. They will be able to share additional technology and will use the latest in blockchain technology to make things easy for the customers.

JD.com decided to use the latest technology for their own blockchain. This allows for efficient business practices. The blockchains use secure measures to keep all customers information safe. They have cryptographic algorithms and is able to complete over 10,000 transactions each second. They are sharing this technology with blockchains developers and are looking to expand blockchains as well as the technology behind this online payment.

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