The Journey of Mark Holyoake Through Business

One of the reasons Mark Holyoake is known for being so hard-working is simply that he tries to consistently work passion into his everyday life. To him, a life without passion is hardly a life worth living, and he does not want this life to overtake him in any sense of reality. He wants to, instead, generate a world for himself where he is able to consistently improve his state of mind.

Although he is currently invested in the seafood industry, there could be a multitude of possible other futures down the line for Mark Holyoake. Or, perhaps not; perhaps he is simply happy to provide the world with the best seafood available in the world. After all, it is truly a blessing to be given such a delicious and healthy treat.

This was the ideology of Mark Holyoake’s involvement in the seafood industry in the first place. He saw it as an opportunity to create genuine change throughout the world; the best way to improve the current state of the way things are run, in his opinion, is to start with the population of our planet that is starving. To him, it seems as though we have been denying these people the decent human rights they deserve. It is our responsibility, as profit-generating citizens of the first world, to help out in any way we can for the less fortunate.

Because Mark Holyoake holds this mentality, very few people have much to say in regards to criticism. At the very least, his train of thinking is always viewed to be entirely beneficial to the world. The fact that he is so willing to impact the people around him shows that he is the sort of person who is destined to alter the shape of business forever, and on the path he is currently headed down, that seems the be the reality he’s heading towards.

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