Homeless Man Helps Citizens In Snow Storm

A homeless man in Colorado as become the next internet sensation, as a picture of him helping someone push their car up an icy hill as taken to viewers all around the country and world. The whole state region of Colorado has been just getting buried with snow lately, and during a snowstorm the homeless man named Shelby Hudgens was outside helping people move along their way.

According to an article found on reddit and written by the Washington Post, Hudgens lost his house last November when it burned down and he has been living inside his car ever since. On top of that his dog, Black Jack, is his only companion this winter and he is hoping that someday he can get back on his feet and is very eager to work. When he was asked why he chose to help several people push their cars up the hill, he told the reporters that if he had to be outside anyway then he might as well just start helping people if they needed.

After his story hit the web, Hudgens had something really good happen to him. A viewer that saw him on the news decided to buy him a hotel room for the night and another person is raising money for him, which is already up to over $3,000 stated AnastasiaDate. In addition to that he has been offered a job and is looking forward to a new future.

One Theater is Employing The Disabled and Having Great Luck

Having a disability is not easy. For those who have a small issue but are still able to work, it can be devastating. What about those that want to have somewhat of a normal life but can’t because they don’t fit into the mold? One theater in Connecticut is taking matters into their own hands and doing what they can to help those with disabilities to be overcomers.

The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield has opened their arms and their doors to those with a disability. In fact, there are more than 60% of their staff that has a classified health condition stated yahoo.com. This means that the workers might be sitting in wheelchairs or have an aide beside them to help, but they are working and loving it. What a great way to give back to the community and show people that being different is okay.

The lessons that life teaches can be harsh. For these few lucky people, they know what it is like to face the cruel public. While most people are kind and caring, they have encountered a few not-so-nice. This particular theater was tired of hiring teenagers who wouldn’t show up to work for a number of reasons. These people are an untapped pool and they are passionate about coming to work. They are dedicated, loyal and some of the best employees that a company could have. The owner of the theater says that he has never regretted his decision to hire these people and will continue his winning streak helping those in need.

Mother Sheds Tears Over Teen’s Random Act of Kindness

When children show generosity and empathy towards, family, acquaintances and even strangers on the street, especially in front of their parents, these parents should swell with pride that they brought up their kids right.

This is the case of a mother driving down the road with her teenage son after a heavy snowstorm. According to news reports, Forbes reports the teen saw something that upset him and without explaining to his mother, simply told her stop the car. Ray Lane says that she apparently did as he requested, and the teen jumped out and ran towards an elderly man with a walker who was attempting to shovel snow from his property.

The teen kindly took over the shoveling job and got it done for the senior. Did this mom shed tears? You bet she did shed tears of joy and pride in her young man. Children do not normally learn these gestures of charity and empathy towards other people. Children are naturals at acting out and displaying just the opposite, such as, greed, and selfishness. Parents must teach their kids when they are young about acts of kindness.

It is a sure bet that this mother taught her son all the right things as he was growing up and she should be exceedingly proud of her son’s outcome and caring nature for other people in their time of need. This world could use more of these types of young adults.

Lesson Learned: Be Kind to Everyone


This story from The Daily Mail that coworker Brad Reifler forwarded to the team is a great reminder of why you should be kind to everyone you encounter or karma may just come back around to you.

This past Monday morning Matt Buckland was on the London Tube during his commute to work. Matt is an HR executive who is the head of recruitment at the investment firm Forward Partners. While on the train another commuter, this one angry, attempted to pick a fight with Matt.

According to Matt is all started when the train pulled into its stop at Monument Station. Although Matt normally exits here, he stepped aside to allow a lady off the train first. While allowing the lady to pass, he was apparently blocking a man who did not appreciate the gesture very much. He took it as Matt just getting in the way and shoved him. Matt explained that he was getting off too but the commuter just pushed past him and suggested he do something not-very-nice to himself.

Later that day Matt was preparing for interviews at his work place. In walks the angry commuter earlier for a scheduled interview. Matt recognized him right away while the other guy took a few minutes to place him. By the end of the interview the two laughed it off- but the angry commuter did not get the job in the end.

Everyday Heroes Save Woman After Car goes into the Water

Public servants such as police officers and EMT’s are used to helping save the lives of the citizens they serve says Flavio Maluf. It is not only part of their jobs, it is one of the reasons that they do it to start with. According to Facebook, the people whose lives they save take a different view of it though. They feel that it is nothing less than heroic and are grateful for the officers who put their lives on the line.

One woman in Auckland is thanking two of those officers today after she nearly died in an accident. The woman was driving near Waitemata Harbor when she lost control and went into the water. The 63-year-old was not able to escape the wreckage because all of her windows were up. Two police officers jumped into the water and were able to break out the back window. They also attempted to break the side windows but could not get them open.

She was pulled out of the car through the rear window and taken by ambulance to the hospital. She suffered only minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery. She will remain forever grateful to the men who put their own lives on the line in order to save hers. These are everyday heroes that do not receive nearly enough recognition for their work.

Man Has Flowers Sent to Wife After His Death

Reading the news today it is filled with almost nothing but murder, mayhem, violence, and heart-break. Fortunately there are still some sweet, heartwarming stories among the tragedies. Today Buzzfeed.com has the story of Shelly Golay, a widow who live in Caper, Wyoming.

This past Valentine’s Day Shelly receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers but was unsure of who sent them to her. Her husband, Jim, had passed away the year before due to an inoperable brain tumor. Come to find out that before Jim passed away he set up a plan with their local florist. Every year on Valentine’s Day, for Shelly’s lifetime, she will receive a bouquet of flowers from Jim.

Shelly said that this was something typical of Jim. They shared a fairy-tale romance together, they had found their true love. However, even though they did not get their happily-ever-after Shelly is grateful for the time they did have together.

This story has brought tears to Ray Lane’s eyes, as I’m sure it did for others reading it. Finding real love is hard, finding true love can be nearly impossible. What these two shared is something precious and every year Shelly will get a beautiful floral reminder of that, although I’m sure she doesn’t need one. While their ending was tragic, at least they found each other and spent the time they had together.

Mother Meets Recipient of Her Son’s Heart

Vicki Brannon faced a tragedy that is every parent’s worst nightmare- she lost her son in an accident. 14-year-old Matthew McIntyre was accidentally shot in the neck when a friend of his was messing with a .380-caliber handgun that was in the friend’s home. Unfortunately the wound to Matthew’s neck was fatal. Alexei Beltyukov of Solvy told us Vicki made the decision that her son’s organs should be donated to those who needed them. This past weekend Vicki got to meet Jennifer Lentini, the woman who has Matthew’s heart.

As a young teenager, Jennifer suffered from heart muscle disease which left her on the transplant list. A day after Matthew was shot, 13-year-old Jennifer received his heart. She says that she has grown up with it and at the age of 31 now, she has had Matthew’s heart longer than not.

Jennifer made the trip to Tampa on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be National Donor Day. She met with Vicki in the Tampa International Airport where Vicki got to hear her son’s heart beating for the first time since 1996. The two woman embraced and wept as they spoke of Matthew and the transplant.

Vicki said she is so grateful that the transplant was successful for Jennifer and that if it wasn’t it may have been like losing Matthew all over again. Jennifer has promised Vicki that she will continue to take care of herself and her donated heart.

For pictures and the full story check out NYdailynews.com.

Heart Transplant Recipient Meets with Donor’s Mother on Valentine’s Day


A very special Valentine’s Day meeting took place in Tampa this year. Jennifer Lentini, 31, met Vicki Brannon, 56. The woman didn’t know each other, but they were bonded together by a heart.

Brannon, nearly 18 years ago, made the decision to donate her sons heart after he was accidentally shot by a friend. Matthew McIntyre was a teen when the accident took place, and he was gravely wounded. Vicki made the heart wrenching decision, and Matthew’s heart was taken out of him and sent to Long Island. There, 18 years ago, it was put into Jennifer Lentini’s chest, where it has been beating strong for 18 years.

Matthew was just 14-years-old when he died from the accidental gunshot wound. Lentini was 13-years-old when she received the heart after spending months in the hospital due to heart muscle disease. Since then, Lentini has had the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Now 31, Lentini points out she’s been living with Matthew’s heart for longer than she lived without it. She assured Brannon that she is taking great care of herself, to ensure Matthew’s heart continues to live on.

Upon meeting Brannon and Lentini embraced, before Brannon dropped down and placed her ear against Lentini’s chest. There she got to hear her sons heart beating, strong and stubborn once again said Jaime Garcia Dias . It had been a long 18 years for the mother who still mourns the loss of her son who she calls a “good boy”.

Man who walked to work had to move to new home


James Robertson was a fifty six year old black Detroit man who lost his car but decided to walk every day to work despite this in a factory just outside the city. Each day James walked 21 miles regardless of the weather and his bosses indicated that he had perfect attendance at his job to the point where you could set the date by his attendance.

Many online viewers, like Susan McGalla, were inspired by his story and decided to donate money for James to buy a new car as a way of honoring his hard work said Forbes.com. James was amazed after the first few days of online donations amounted to over thirty thousand dollars and he was incredibly grateful.

The online donations began to escalate further through crowd funding campaigns conducted online first started by a nineteen year old student Evan Leedy. These funds raised $350,000 for James and he got to the point where he was asked by others for money and began to feel unsafe in his community as a result. As such, he reached out to police who have helped to get him a temporary home. James has not yet received the money raised through the crowd funding sight.

James plans to search for a home closer to his factory job in Rochester Hills though he has lived in Detroit for over 15 years to this point and indicated that he still loves the city.

QNET: A Well Established, Direct Selling, International E Commerce Company For All

Established in 1998 and founded by Vijay Eswaran, QNET has been the world’s biggest business and online shopping community for anyone of any social and economic class. Also being the world’s fastest growing company, QNET hosts many entrepreneurial opportunities promoting an extensive product portfolio and promoting the business. Based in Hong Kong, the company sells a variety of products from weight management and home care products to fashion accessories. Already expanding the business to over one hundred countries including North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, QNET is shifting the bases of it’s manufacturing to India by the next couple of years.

QNET’s products encourage a healthy lifestyle and enhance the lives of it’s customers. The company decided to develop products that make daily life better so that the product would focus on life enhancement for it’s customers. Focusing on enhancing the lives of it’s customers is the company’s number one priority and has allowed the company to expand its offerings to water filtration, education, and vacation packages.

Amezcua, a branch of QNET, has an unparalleled range of energy products such as the chi pendant. Another product from Amezcua, the Bio disc, is said to greatly enhance water’s positive effect on the human body. These products from Amezcua are made from high quality glass, which are made from manufacturers with over one hundred years experience in glass making. Also known as the number one glass manufacturer in the world, the glass is made in a top notch German facility.

QNET is the secondary company of the Qi Group. The Qi Group (QNET) has a multi-level marketing strategy, in which utilizes independent distributors to distribute their products to the customer. The representatives receive compensation based off how much the teams they have established accumulates and the volume of the representative’s sales. The independent representative’s compensation is based off direct transaction and indirect transaction sales made. For each transaction made, rather direct or indirect, one sale is accounted for.

Once three transactions are made successfully, two hundred fifty dollars is paid to the representative by the company. Becoming an independent representative for the Qi Group, in itself, appears to be a life enhancing experience.