Keeping Man’s Best Friend Healthy with Beneful

For many years, dog has persistently been man’s best friend, dogs give us their unconditional affection. Dogs do not judge us on by the way we look or things we do, dogs only seek affection with no solicitude. For such dependable companions, we only want the best for them, including what goes into their diets. This is why I always depend on Beneful to keep my pup healthy and happy.

For those who like to feed our loyal friends dry food, Beneful has you covered. For those adult dogs who need help maintaining a healthy weight, Beneful offers Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight. This has crisp and supple bites which are made with real chicken and and is ‘accented’ by apples, carrots, as well as green beans.

Another great nutritious dry dog food that Beneful offers is Beneful Dry Dog Food Playful Life. For those puppies that can’t get enough movement, Playful Life has plentiful amounts of protein and is made with real eggs and beef, and is accented with spinach and blueberries to keep your pup playing hard!

Popular with the canine community is that of Beneful Dry Dog Food: Incredibites. It is attentively made with real chicken, carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Dogs love the taste, and we love that it keeps them healthy as can be!

Some of our faithful companions prefer wet food over regular dry food. Beneful presents you with Beneful Wet Dog Food: Chopped Blends. This savory mix is sold in three ounce cans and is made with real beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

Everybody finds pleasure in being praised for doing good, as do our canine companions! Treat and praise your furry comrade with Beneful Dog Treats: Baked Delight Stars. The Delight Stars are made with shortbread, bacon, and cheese. Another extremely popular dog treat from Beneful is called Beneful Dog Treats: Healthy Smile Dental Ridges on twitter. These Dental Ridges aren’t only savory in flavor to our hounds, they reduce plaque and tartar buildup and is made with real paisley.



The Impressive Resume of Eric Pulier

There is a multitude of big names in technology that have become household names over the years. Even people that are not totally familiar with how operating systems work will know about Bill Gates because he is the father of the most well-known operating system. Microsoft is a brand that people have just come to know because the Windows OS is everywhere. There is also Steve Jobs. He founded Apple and saw the company rise and fall and rise again before he passed. This is another household name that people that are outside of the technology realm are still familiar with. I would like to submit another name that people should come to know over time, and this name if Eric Pulier.

He has quite an impressive resume even though he has only been someone that has come to light in recent years. He was once the CEO of SOA software. He would move up the corporate ladder in time and transition to another company that he started. This company, ServiceMesh, has become the company that has created a powerful cloud platform that is the only enterprise solution for cloud management. The cloud has become so big that is going to be difficult to overlook the great contributions that Pulier brings to the table. Through his work with ServiceMesh he has been able to create a company that is widely known for bringing about concepts like automated IT models and hybrid cloud environments. There are also things like self service portals that are created through the ServiceMesh organization. This company has become a leader in the cloud management concept for government, automotive services and industrial enterprises. This has made it easy for Eric Pulier to grow in confidence about his ability to bring new innovation into the picture. He has also been able to build a very important company that has become valued enough to be purchased by a larger corporation.

CSC is an organization that has managed to acquire ServiceMesh because it provides such powerful diversified cloud solutions. ServiceMesh is based in Santa Monica, and it provides financial and healthcare industries with cloud environments that can extend beyond many different platforms. ServiceMesh continues to be an exciting name in the industry, and Eric Pulier is responsible for all of this.

Pulier has proven himself to be an innovator when a lot of other people in the business world were becoming stagnant. This has made him a very important entity in the technology sector. I personally have the desire to see how he will enhance his resume as he moves further into the technology realm with new cloud technology. His mindset to transform technology may make his a household name.

Brian Bonar: Building Successful Companies, Organizations, And People

Brian Bonar is the epitome of the modern entrepreneur and finance expert. After earning an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA and PhD in International Business Development, he set about making his mark on the world of business. He began by working with IBM in England, then moved to the United States and used his knowledge and experience to work for and found a series of successful businesses. Bonar worked in upper management position in printing, sales, and finance, and even created and marketed the first printer based on SCSI technology.

There seems to be no business in which Bonar has not excelled. His work with Japanese and Korean printing technology giants is legendary. He has also founded and held the helm at a series of companies that focused on temporary services, hardware and software development, insurance, and outsourcing. That has enabled him to hone a variety of skills he has used to grow a whole host of companies. Those companies have ranged from start-ups to established businesses on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. These days he is known for simultaneously leading a number of San Diego, California based companies.

But Bonar is much more than just a successful entrepreneur and marketing and sales maven. He is also someone that is concerned about his community. He lends his time, talent, and experience to a number of community based organizations. They include the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Bonar’s work in the UK is so well respected and appreciated, he’s now known as Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, an honorary title that was bestowed on him in Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom. He is also lauded for his unique ability to analyze problems and find solutions as well as his ability to make things happen.

Brian Bonar’s skill set is outstanding. He is known for his expertise in venture capital, start-ups, employee relations, sales, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and turn around management. When Bonar founds or joins a company, success is assured. He has shown that ability since his earliest days in business. What have always set him apart are his vision, ability, and willingness to work hard. This has enabled him to capitalize on the opportunities presented to him and make the people around him better and more productive.

Even with all his successes, Bonar continues to be a bright, articulate individual who is always willing to both learn and teach. His personal goal remains to build businesses and help the people around him grow through the use of creativity and his understanding of people, business, and finance. He has earned numerous awards and continues to share his time and talents with several trade groups and organizations.

The Principles of Beneful

We strongly believe that quality practices and leading-edge technology are the way to go when it comes to getting the best out of dog food. We have started to go above and beyond when it comes to screening our ingredients that go into Beneful on target for purity. We know where all of our food was made and who made it. We make sure to track all of our raw ingredients from the plants, through the conclusion into finished products and all the way to the customer, so that we are able to that are food is safe and sanitary. One of many things that are said about pet food is that the smaller companies always come out on top when it comes to quality. But the truth is, smaller companies on often are understaffed and don’t make their own products in the factories that they own, having no ideal where any of the ingredients or products are coming from. 99% of our food sold in the United States are made in the building we own right here in the U.S. with the help of our quality assurance staff. We make sure use the machines that our team of researchers have made and deemed the best to use for sanitary purposes and quality purposes. Our goal is not to just check of our list, or even to just pass the industry standard like most companies. Our goal is to make sure to ensure that the pet owners who buy Beneful are at peace with everything that will be going into their pets bodies. This means that we will be working extra hard to gain every customers trust, and keep them happy for many years to come. We strive to make sure every pet has a full dish and full life. So when we say that we take our job seriously, we mean it. We want to help you get the most out of your pets life. That means that we have to treat your pet like we would treat our family, and because we love our family so much, we want to make sure that they get the best, healthiest food possible like Beneful. We care more about our customers pets then any other dog food company out there, because we know what it’s like to have a family member and want to provide them only the best of everything. We also go beyond that and help pet owners to know what is the best product when it’s fresh, and how to feed their pets based on each individual pets needs. We live to serve our customers and their pets, and we love doing it.

QNet Is Moving Their Manufacturing To India

QNet is a Hong Kong based online marketing company that is doing well for itself. The company offers many different products that allow their customers to live a super healthy lifestyle. This company sells all sorts of items, from healthy skincare items, to energy drinks, to jewelry and watches. All of the items that they sell are quality items that they feel proud to sell to their customers.

The manufacturing bases for QNet are in a dozen countries. But, now they are going to be doing something a little bit different. They are going to be moving most of their manufacturing to India.

QNet is a company that has been doing very well for itself, and it is a company that has to carefully think about each thing that they are going to do before they go ahead and make a decision on it. They must have carefully thought out moving their manufacturing to India, or it wouldn’t be happening. They must have decided that this is the best thing for them, and they must know that it will be good for their business.

QNet cares about giving the best products possible to their customers, and they would never do anything to compromise that. They must know that India is the best place for them to be going to to have their things made, and that is why they are making the change.

This company sells so many different health related products, and everyone who purchases them is pleased with them. They are a company that is all about health and wellness, and they are a company who is going to keep gaining popularity for a while. They aren’t going to be going out anytime soon. People love their products. They love how healthy they are and how great they make them feel.

Sergio Cortes Is Possibly The World’s Best Michael Jackson Impersonator

Sergio Cortes is considered to be one of the world’s greatest Michael Jackson impersonators. The Spanish born, forty-four year old is indeed a well known impersonator of the “King of Pop”, because when Cortes puts on Jackson’s authentic clothing and accessories, styles his hair exactly as Jackson did, and wears the same kind of makeup, he undoubtedly looks like Jackson’s duplicate. However, the duplication goes further than mere physical equivalence. Cortes has also learned to sing and dance precisely as Jackson did, so when he performs as Michael Jackson, it’s as if people are watching Jackson, himself. Still, Cortes goes a little bit further to prove he is the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes has also emulated the sound of Jackson’s speaking voice, his mannerisms, behavior, and personality. Cortes has perfected his replication of Jackson perfectly, by focusing on every aspect that made Michael Jackson uniquely Michael Jackson.

Cortes started imitating Jackson when he was a young boy, because he was a great admirer of his music, his dance techniques, and Michael Jackson as a human being. In Cortes’s case, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so he has created a career out of impersonating Jackson out of respect and a feeling of honor to be so similar to his most favored performer. In the process of becoming one of the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonators, Cortes has developed a large fan following, himself. Cortes has many performance videos appearing on YouTube, displaying his resemblance to Jackson. The hundreds of positive YouTube comments and the hundreds of followers is indicative of people approving of Cortes’s impersonation of the King Of Pop, which has led to Cortes being asked to do television performances and interviews in several countries, as Michael Jackson. As a result of the recognition that Cortes has received portraying his hero, he has had many proposals of representation by several talent and entertainment companies, hoping to contract him as an official Michael Jackson impersonator. Cortes had decided to sign a contract with Destiny Projects Entertainment Company to manage him and his career, as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Cortes now has a lucrative career as an official Michael Jackson impersonator, in which he is contracted to do several appearances and performances in concerts and on television, performing just as Michael Jackson did. To Cortes, this is a dream come true in which he gets paid to be his hero, and he is recognized for being one of the best, if not the best, Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. According to Cortes, this couldn’t be a better tribute to his hero Michael Jackson and his life.

Beneful Is A Special Brand That Pet Owners Love

It was recently released in an article that was posted on PR Newswire that Beneful has put a new advertising campaign out there. The pet food company has decided to let all of those who use and love their products tell of their love for the brand in the advertisements, and many people have been happy to do that. Beneful is a brand that sells products that are made with care, and people love that. They appreciate that Beneful puts so much work into what it is doing, and they are happy to speak out on how good the brand is in their new advertising campaign.
The advertising campaign is sure to make Beneful gain even more popularity, as people see that real people are saying good things about the brand. Pet owners everywhere will want to get started using the products sold from Beneful because of how good they are for pets. The products that Beneful produces are all made with quality ingredients and special care, and that is what has attracted people to the company in the first place, and it is what is making people want to tell the world about their love for the special brand.

The Best Time To Find Art Bargains Is Now

Hesitation is an art collector’s nemesis. That’s what gallery owners and curators like to say, but is hesitation a bad strategy when you are building an art collection? The answer is it depends on who you ask. Artists that are considered the hot commodities would like you to act rather than hesitate because being a hot artist is not a long term career. Artists have their highs and lows like all creative innovators. What is hot today may cool off tomorrow, and then become hot 50 years from now, so the best time to start collecting is now. The main objective is to focus on a specific segment of the art world and research the artists in that segment. Some of the hot artists now may command too much money for their work, but a new artist that is trying to get a break sells art to eat, and that’s where the bargains are.

So how do you become the next Adam Sender? Sender was a successful hedge fund manager that put his extra money in art. Of course, he had help. Sender had enough money to buy expensive pieces of art, and he use art curator Todd Levin as a sounding board. Their business relationship paid off. Sender sold some of the pieces in his collection for a cool $90 million over the last nine years. And he still has a major portion of his collection in a gallery in Miami. What Sender was able to do was identify the young artists that told a timely story on canvas. Levin kept Sender up-to-date on all the contemporary artists, and then Sender used his instincts and Levin’s advice to purchase piece after piece of original art. Some experts say Sender spent more than $20 million on his collection, and he got that investment back in 2006 when he sold a few pieces from his collection.

The moral of this art collecting story, if there is one, is to listen to professionals, go to galleries and keep up to date on new artists. Start now and take a few chances. The bargains are only bargains now. They might be sought after collector’s pieces a few years from now and you could own them.

Celebrating The Success And Position Of BMG In The Banking Sector

With the current soaring rate of competition, getting through the market has remained a challenge to many investors, especially those who are just beginning. Business is an area that calls for focus and dedication and this is something that many people have not been able to display. It is not difficult to succeed if one gets the right information about running a business. Knowledge is necessary for one to run a successful business and this is what many people have not been able to display. If some tasks prove difficult, it is necessary to hire professional assistance as this can offer great relief to most problems in business. BMG has been a big example of those businesses that have been able to master the market and to adjust accordingly with changes. They have influenced the banking sector in Brazil and beyond in many ways.

Getting modern technology into play is one of the things that can offer business stability. BMG has been able to offer some of the best systems for the execution of different tasks. They have installed a whole new system that allows customers to access their banking information from mobile devices. In this, they have been able to also offer online access, something that has also eased the execution of duties within their premises. BMG is also preferred by many for maintaining honesty and hiring professionals with the right experience to easily handle customer needs and deliver in time. They have the best staff and they are always considerate to ensuring customers receive the best service possible.

Leadership is also one of the things that have allowed BMG to emerge successful. They have great minds in the leadership positions, professionals who have been in the banking sector for years hence understand how to handle different issues. Marcio Alaor is one of the most celebrated persons in the history of the bank and his leadership has been key to offering solutions to different problems. Marcio Alaor has worked with the hiring department to ensure BMG only accepts dedicated professionals who are able to offer reliable services to customers.

On matters concerning taking care of the welfare of the society, Marcio Alaor has ensured the company offers programs for cleanings and supporting sporting activities. In this bid, many young people have been able to nurture their talents through the programs BMG has put in place with the help of Marcio Alaor.

Michael Jackson: Is He Really Dead, Or Sergio Cortes?

Before Michael Jackson passed away, there was great controversy. He came out and publicly recused the entertainment industry as a conglomeration of conspiracy-maintaining thugs bent on world domination and using modern pop music to hypnotize the masses. Very soon after this, Michael Jackson “overdosed” and was pronounced legally dead. In all likelihood, that’s the truth of what happened–Michael Jackson died, and part of his death had to do with him publicly calling out the wicked establishment. But there’s another mode of thought which says he didn’t die, but took up life as an impersonator doing shows on the sly and in the public eye; using knowledge of crowds to hide in plain sight. Obviously this view is conspiratorial and strange, but there are some things to uphold it; chief among them Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes comes from the Mediterranean, ostensibly; and he’s such a profoundly good Michael Jackson impersonator that many who aren’t “in the know” actually confuse him for the King of Pop. Sergio Cortes doesn’t just look exactly like Michael Jackson–and that without any kind of makeup or plastic surgery!–he can also sing in the exceptionally high pitches Jackson was fond of, and move his body every bit as astonishingly, seductively well as the King of Pop could. Sergio Cortes is such a good Michael Jackson impersonator, conspiracy theorists have begun to wonder about him. They wonder if “Sergio” may not actually be a surrogate identity for “Michael”, who is now trying to hide from the “globalists.”

Well, that seems pretty unlikely. What isn’t unlikely, though, is the astonishment audiences will leave Sergio’s shows with. At the end of the day, regardless of whether or not you had any positive or negative feelings for Michael Jackson, you’ve got to acknowledge that the man was a talented artist. Sergio Cortes certainly understands this. Being an impersonator means working harder than the original artist to perfect his most well-remembered creations. This means you have a rigid framework from which to work which allows very little creative freedom, and requires absolute exactitude. Sergio Cortes has this discipline so well-ingrained it’s downright mind-boggling, and thus many simply can’t believe it. They can’t believe another man would have enough time and skill spent on the same songs as Michael Jackson. So they think it’s just Michael hiding himself in the open!

Could such a thing be possible? You decide. Book Sergio Cortes and see how the art of impersonation shines.