The Kind “Heart” Of Securus Technologies Grew Bigger in 2015

Since 2008, Securus Technologies has been involved with supporting charities all over North America. This was as a way of thanking the society for the support it has given to the company. This support has enabled it to grow to where it now. The company partners with Associates in its charity donations.

The year 2015 was a great year for Securus Technologies and Associates as they were able to set various records in their donations. They were able to donate a total sum of $345,763 to the United Way 2015 Campaign. At the beginning of the year 2015, they had set for themselves a donation target of $290,000. Mathematically speaking, they beat their record by 19%, which is a great indication of their dedication to helping the society. Another record was also set by Securus Technologies in relation to the amount contributed in 2015 in comparison to the same amount the previous year. An additional 23% was contributed in this year’s amount.

In 2008, Securus Technologies started its philanthropic expedition with only $32,995. Though this amount was “small” they had an objective of giving more to the society. Seven years and Securus Technologies and its Associates have managed to hit $345,763. This is an extremely magical growth as the amount is over 10 times the original start up amount. It only took them seven years to beat their original donations 10 times. Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, can not believe how fast they have grown. He points all his praises to the Associates for making it possible.

He says that year in year out since the start of this noble journey the Associates have always supported them. They always have been there to see to it that Securus Technologies realizes its the dream of better healthcare, education, and basic needs of the society. He even confesses that he did not think that it was possible for them to realize this dream and they have done it.

This spirit of always making thing better every day and beating their targets by far is in the DNA of Securus Technologies. Since they began offering inmate communication and security solutions, they have always been looking for ways to make their services better. They have always worked towards improving inmate phone calling systems. They know have introduced the patented THREAD 3.1 technologies that make inmate phone calling systems even better.

The THREAD 3.1 software has an added advantage of video calling option. Inmates can now enjoy direct video calls to their families and friends. This also makes possible video visitation easy for families living away from their incarcerated member. To use this software, download their free app which works for Android and Apple products. Register for their services online and if you have any difficulty, Securus’ customer service team is always standing by to help.

The record by Securus Technologies through United Way contribution include the highest level of annual Securus Associates contributions and greatest number of Leadership Givers among others.

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Are We On The Verge Of Another Economic Disaster? George Soros Thinks So

If you’re one of the people who hopes that the economy is finally making a turn for the better, you may want to think again. Billionaire George Soros sees a storm brewing that could spell disaster for any chances of financial recovery.

During an economic forum for that was held in Sri Lanka in January 2016, Soros predicted that the global economy is on track for a crash reminiscent of the one that occurred in 2008. He attributes much of this to the devaluation that is occurring with Chinese currency, the yuan. Due to changes in the major exports of China, which once were industrial and manufacturing, but have since become primarily consumption and services, Chinese currency is becoming less valuable than it once was, and this is having an effect on the global economy as a whole.

Soros, who is essentially a self-made billionaire, is no stranger to the global marketplace. He amassed his fortune through an international investment fund that he both founded and managed. This means that he’s spent his career keeping an eye on the pulse of what’s happening in the global economic community, so he isn’t speaking without a measure of knowledge concerning what keeps the economy afloat.

On a personal level, if there’s one thing that you should take away from this article, is the importance of production. Chinese currency was more valuable when they had a solid hold on the manufacturing industry. As their levels of consumption increased, their dollar lost value accordingly. This is an important point to keep in mind.

As much as you can, make it your aim to produce more than you consume. This may be a key way for you to preserve your own value so that you can provide for yourself in case Soros turns out to be correct.

Make a Wikipedia Page that Will Get Your Business Noticed

Anyone venturing into any business should think of innovative ways to make their brand known and popular among potential clientele. This can be achieved very easily by tapping into the large numbers of people that visit sites online or simply search for business that deal in the products they want. Wikipedia business page creation is a great option for any business person who desires to make an entrance into the online sphere. A little information on creation of Wikipedia pages is useful before deciding on how to go about this venture. 

The easiest way to make a Wikipedia page that will get your business noticed is by hiring professional Wiki writers. Get Your Wiki is one of the best teams of Wiki writers who can do this job for you. The advantages of working with them are endless. First, you will be putting this task in the hands of a team that has a lot of experience in Wiki page creation. This team has handled a lot of similar assignments for other clients who have obtained what they wished for from them. This experience has exposed them to the regulations on creation of Wiki pages. Since they have understood all the rules that are in place, they will not take too long to complete your page and have it ready for assessment. The page they will produce for you will definitely pass all the requirements that are checked during the assessment stage, so it will not take long to be put up. If it happens that the page they have created for you does not get accepted, or is pulled down after some time, Get Your Wiki writers promise to refund your money for the project.

This great team of writers also offers additional services to clients. Get Your Wiki writers can maintain your Wikipedia page to prevent malicious edits or to simply update information from time to time. These additional services will help reduce the effects of the editing that can be done by other Wikipedia users. Competitors or other businesses and individuals who do not have good intentions for your business can be kept away. If you think carefully about the services that Get Your Wiki offers to clients, you will realize that they are very essential and have the potential of relieving you from a lot of stress and trouble. Ensure you give yourself a peace of mind by contacting this team at as soon as you can for great Wiki writing offers.

Ricardo Guimarães Keeps Betting On Sports And It’s Paying Off

Ricardo Guimarães, the well-known mining entrepreneur and bank executive, has turned a love of sports into a cash cow, according to an article published by Guimarães has been a football lover since childhood and he has also been a banking prodigy since birth according to his father Flavio and grandfather Antonio. Antonio was the first Guimarães to get involved in the banking business. Antonio was a successful mining entrepreneur at the start of the 20th century and he decided to put some of the money he made to good use. He founded the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930, and 68 years later Ricardo became president of the bank.

When Ricardo was named president, the bank had already gone through several acquisitions. The bank’s name was changed to BMG Bank several years before Ricardo became president. BMG Bank was still a relatively unknown bank in Brazil in 1998 since most of the bank’s business was done in the state of Minas Gerais. But it didn’t take long for Ricardo to change the bank’s image. BMG Bank went from a one-state bank to a well-known bank in all states, thanks to Ricardo Guimarães and his plan to sponsor football clubs.

The directors of BMG Bank didn’t realize what Ricardo had in mind when he first presented his proposal to advertise during football matches. Advertising during soccer matches had never been done the way Guimarães wanted to do it. Guimarães decided to sponsor the local Atlético Mineiro football club first. The deal was the players would wear the three letter orange logo on their jerseys during game days, and BMG Bank would invest in the club by buying equipment, uniforms and other necessary sports paraphernalia. The deal was a win for the bank and the football club. That’s when BMG Bank decided to expand their sponsorship role in football, according to an article published by

According to the article, BMG Bank now sponsors eight soccer clubs in Brazil and also sponsors tennis and volleyball players. The bank is now the leader in the payroll loan business thanks to football club sponsorships. No one is sure how much money BMG Bank invests each year in sponsorships, but according to a post by, the bank invests millions of Reals every year.

But the return on that investment is exponentially greater than the investment, according to Guimarães. BMG Bank’s profits are enough to have more than 700 agents around the country helping the bank process payroll loans. Payroll loans, according to several articles that have been written by and other Brazilian magazines and newspapers are the biggest profit generator for BMG bank. Payroll loans and sports sponsorships have made BMG Bank and Guimarães popular in Brazil and that popularity continues to grow after every soccer match.

How Darius Fisher Can Save Personal Reputation

Online reputation is something we lecture our children on, and we must take steps to protect. Darius Fisher is the man to go to if you find yourself in a pinch from a misuse of personal information that was posted on the internet. As the owner and co-founder of Status Labs out of Austin, Texas, Fisher an clean up online presence and save face for many different types of clients.

Status Labs does so much more than simply clearing up the buzz on the internet. They are a full scale media company that can also enhance bottom lines for businesses by enhancing their online presence and marketing. They use tactics that will aid businesses and people in getting their name and product out onto the internet in a positive manner that will sell products and services.

Fisher aids individuals in understanding how information posted on social media and internet sites can harm you far into the future. He offers a number of different strategies that can help to protect personal presence and reputation. That does not mean that one cannot use any type of media on the internet, it simply means one must be cautious about what they post.

Fisher’s company presently serves more than 1500 clients in more than 35 countries. He helps celebrities, politicians, business men and women and private individuals. He is also opening up new branches of Status Labs around Texas and increasing his work force.

Many say that proof is in the pudding, well Mr Fisher is proof positive that his tactics work.

Fisher is also confident that available clients will increase in the near future. Despite warnings that many have received about sharing personal information online, many in their 20’s have not heeded the advice. Fisher feels these bad choices will come back to haunt these individuals in their 30’s and forties.

The best advice he offers for those who have had their information circulated is to stay calm. These individuals want the person to panic and put even more information out there. Keep calm, keep a level head, and start changing passwords and removing your information from the web. Many services are available that, for a small fee, address, phone number and other personal data can be blocked and removed.

Queens of Drama Features Veteran Actresses

Queens of Drama is a reality television series. It follows a few prime actresses, including Crystal Hunt, in their work. They are working on a show both in front of and behind the cameras in the hopes of landing a deal for the pilot of the first episode by the end of the show. Queens of Drama may be considered a reality show but it is one that is scripted almost as vicariously as fictional soap operas. That being said, Queens of Drama is basically a television show within a television show.

Metacritic reviewers have said that Crystal Hunt stars as a fictionalized version of herself in Queens of Drama. She appeared in nine episodes in 2015, and posted a ton of cool behind the scenes stuff on her Instagram. She is one of several actresses, including Donna Mills to appear on the show. Queens of Drama is known for being one of Crystal Hunt’s work in the middle of her career in the movie and television industry. All of the cast on Queens of Drama are those who are past their prime and are considered to be veterans of the acting industry. One has to wonder whether this was deliberate on the part of the casting crew.

Crystal Hunt is an actress and a producer with a ton of IMDb cred. It is debated that her career started when she would put on acts in the pageants she starred in starting when she was just two years old. Like many other actors and actresses, she also starred in several advertisements, including one for the Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary. She is best known for playing Lizzie Spaulding in Guiding Light, and that’s still the role that originally lit her Facebook fan page on fire.

Hunt received her big break working in movies when she got her break with The Derby Stallion. After leaving Guiding Light, she returned to the movies and first co-starred with Amanda Bynes in the modern day Snow White twist, Sydney White. Afterward, she returned to television starring as a stripper in ABC’s One Life to Live.

Ricardo Guimaraes Awarded for Contributions to the Brazilian Economy and Athletics

Ricardo Guimaraes received the award of the grand collar of legislative merit for his commitment to promoting the local Brazilian economy. The award was also an appreciation of his efforts and the support that he has extended to the Brazilian sports through personal involvement and funding by his BMG bank. Most importantly, he was recognized as one of the Brazilian investors that have continually stood with the Brazilian economy by investing heavily in the economy not just with his bank but also with several other personal investments.
Ricardo is the current president of the BMG bank, a family owned bank started by his grandfather in the 1930s. He joined the bank in 1980 and rose through the ranks learning and gaining experience to become its president. During his reign, he has initiated transformative innovations that have seen the bank rapidly raise its profitability levels and book a position among the leading banks in Brazil.
Contribution to Sports
Between 2001 and 2006, Ricardo served as the president of AtleticoMineiro, a club he has remained loyal to long after leaving active football management. It is during this time that he developed interests in football and athletics in general. Additionally, during this period that he founded the Ricardo Soccer BR1, a football inclined investment fund. As the president of BMG bank, Ricardo has led the bank to be the principal sponsor of several football clubs as well as other athletics and sports such as volleyball without bias. Currently, the bank is the leading financier to sporting activities in Brazil.
Economic contributions
Economically, Ricardo is constantly championing developments in the country through innovative strategies that he has instituted in his bank whose ripples are felt across the nation. For instance, he introduced payroll loans that have been the leading revenue contributors for his bank. This new bank product has been quickly picked up by other banks in the country that use BMG as their benchmark.
On entrepreneurship, Ricardo recently partnered with the British Institute of Research to fund a worldwide research carried out by Endeavour that compiled the entrepreneurial developments in different countries of the world. He released the research findings in Brazil stating that although the country managed an above average score, there remained so much to learn for the Brazilian youth. He observed that the country had a lot of visionary and creative entrepreneurs; they had to improve on pro-activeness. This kind of involvement and investment in Brazil is what earned him the award.

A New York City Financial Mover and Shaker

Sam Tabar is an executive on the move in New York City, and his growing list of CrunchBase achievements show that he’s always on the rise. After receiving his undergraduate degree with honors from Oxford University, he continued his education at Columbia Law School where he was associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After receiving his law degree, he began his professional career as an associate with the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. There he advised clients on the formation and structure of hedge funds among his numerous other legal duties.

In 2004 Tabar entered the finance world with his employment as counsel to PMA Investment Advisers, part of Sparx Group Co., located in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong he managed a $2 billion hedge fund. He also provided over 2000 qualified investors, in addition to developing another list of 400 qualified investors which greatly added to the success at PMA Investment Advisers.

His full bio on showcases that Tabar then moved to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch as head of capital strategy in the Asia Pacific region. He provided counsel for hedge fund clients while continuing to seek out other qualified investors. While at Bank of America he built a list of an additional 1,250 qualified investors.
Tabor joined Adanac LLC, BVI in 2012 where he invested in properties as well as start-up companies including Thinx and Verboten.

Sam Tabar is a dynamic attorney and adviser in the financial field and brings with him an extensive education and related work experiences. A man who speaks three languages and can navigate and prosper in the shark infested world of financial investments. His success, and the success of businesses he is associated with is almost certainly guaranteed. It may serve some investors to monitor the development and future financial condition and success of both Thinx and Verboten, two companies he has personally invested in and recommends.  Sam’s official website has more information.

Equity Expert Jim Dondero Offers Positive Forecast For 2016 Stocks

Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm that manages various hedge funds, structured investment funds and distressed investment funds. They are located in Dallas, Texas and are a highly respected management firm in the equity markets. This is why there was a lot of attention focused on the most recent issue of Forbes Magazine. In it, Highland’s co- founder, and CEO, Jim Dondero wrote a contrarian article on how 2016 could be an exciting and profitable year for those investors that were paying attention. To prove his point, he has drastically altered Highland Capital Management ‘s financial strategy by moving it out of an all cash position and into a fully invested position in U.S stocks and actively managed U.S. stock funds. You can watch Jim and the Highland team ring the closing bell at the NYSE.

This position was completely different than the position that Jim took last year. In the first half of 2015, he observed that most investors seemed to be focused more on a fundamentalist strategy in the equity markets. Everyone seemed to be quite happy with the way things were going until the market took an about face in the last quarter of 2015. There still seemed to be enough optimism available to sustain more growth but this optimism appeared to have quickly eroded. This erosion seemed to be driven by several factors including the global decline in the price of oil and the about-face of the European and Chinese economic engines.

As 2016 dawned and oil continued its unparalleled decline, fear increasingly took over the capital markets driving prices even lower. All this, of course, has done nothing but yield more and more uncertainty in the U.S. Stock markets. In addition, analysts and other “experts” seem to see little to get excited about this year other than more of the same along with just a dash of conservative optimism. This is, however, where Jim’s article veers into new territory. He points out that historically the stock market is now in a most favorable position to potentially produce more than just small returns and potentially give investors some very good gains from a pendulum counter move in equities.

Charles Koch, Still in The Campaign Game

As the 2016 presidential race continues, one observer is taking issue with the lack of discussion of several key issues. That observer is none other than billionaire Charles Koch. Koch sat down for a rare interview with The Guardian recently to discuss the campaign and also to address the way he is often portrayed in the media.

Koch made it clear that he does not want to be seen as the type of person he is sometimes painted as. Koch stressed that he is interested in the political process and plans on making a substantial ($9 million) contribution to the republican campaign, even though he has serious concerns about the current crop of candidates. Koch also stressed that he considers himself a liberal, a fact which might surprise some media watchers. Koch said that he bases his style of liberalism on the 19th Century model espoused by thinkers like British politician William Gladwell.

The Issue of Muslims and Terrorism

One of the most troubling issues in the current campaign, according to Koch, is the issue of the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. It troubles Koch deeply that none of the current candidates are discussing the role of the US in these countries, and what if any impact it has had on stemming terrorism.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has called for all Muslims in the US to officially register with the government. This idea is completely opposed to the philosophy of the US as a free thinking society, dedicated to personal freedom, and as such he finds it utterly unacceptable.

Cruz has called for carpet bombing Muslim countries that are affiliated with ISIS. Koch points out how extreme Cruz’s views are on this, while also pointing out that given the millions of Muslim people in the world, Cruz’s idea is irrational at best.

Despite his misgivings, Koch does plan on staying involved in the campaign and will eventually endorse one of the candidates. For now, we’ll have to wait and see who that candidate is.