Re/Max Will Soon Expand Further into NYC

Re/Max is one of the largest real estate leasing and brokerage firms in the country. While the company has a footprint that includes thousands or office, agents, and brokers located across the world, the company has strategically avoided some markets in the country. One of the markets that the company has not invested much time or effort in is the New York City real estate market.

While the New York City real estate market is very dynamic and has always been strong, it is also very competitive and can be tough to operate in. While Re/Max has avoided the market in the past, they appear ready to expand further into the city. Re/Max has recently stated that they intend on opening several new offices across the city and are likely to hire hundreds of new and experienced agents and brokers to get the business up and running effectively.

Once Re/Max does decide to further enter the New York real estate market, they will find that there are plenty of new competitors out there that are not in other markets across the country. One of the toughest competitors that they will face is the boutique real estate firm, Town Residential. Town Residential was formed less than ten years ago, but is already considered one of the top firms in the city.

Town Residential provides a number of different services to its clients. The primary services provided include sales, leasing, and brokerage services for a range of clients including individual buyers up to owners of large condo developments. The company is also well regarded for its insight into the New York real estate market as they regularly put out a newsletter detailing current news in the city. Many real estate professionals read this newsletter on a regular basis and use it when making decisions about important business decisions.

Highland Capital Sets Its Sights on Argentina Bonds

As Argentina prepares to raise approximately $12 billion with the issuance of bonds, investors are planning to buy in. One of the most prominent of these, Highland Capital, has indicated its plans to buy large amounts of this debt. This information comes via a Bloomberg press release in which Highland’s president, James Dondero, whose company is already a holder of some of Argentina’s previous bonds with a 2033 due date, revealed plans to further invest in the country as it reenters the bond markets.

James is optimistic about where the new issue bonds are likely to trade as Argentina seeks to pay out settlements with its holdout creditors. It’s expected that purchasers of the country’s debt will hold their positions and continue to invest as it moves out of default. Argentina’s bonds will be issued in the middle of April 2016 and will yield between 7.5 and 8 percent. Bonds will be sold at maturities of 5, 10, and 30 years.

The financial outlook for Argentina has been more positive since newly elected president, Mauricio Macri, has begun work to ingratiate his country to international markets. The nation is emerging from the effects of its debt default in 2001 that left it effectively barred from international markets. President Macri’s policies seek to undue the that of the previous president who reneged on the nation’s obligations to pay creditors in 2014.

Highland Capital is set to reap significant returns as the political groundwork has been laid for the country to pay its restructured debt. James Dondero’s asset management firm has already seen tremendous gains from the 2033 bonds it bought in 2014. Jim says his company has plans for additional investment in Argentina beyond bonds and may open an Argentina fund.

James Dondero, who goes by Jim, is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. He has accrued over 30 years of investment experience dealing in both credit and equity. The Dallas-based company has been at the forefront of the creation of the Collateralized Loan Obligation market and the establishment of credit market tools for investors.

In addition to heading Highland Capital Management, Jim is Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. He sits on the board of both American Banknote and MGM studios. Mr. Dondero is also a philanthropist who has backed efforts in education, foreign affairs, and veteran’s affairs.

The original press release can be found here.

Five Popular Myths About The Koch Brothers

Here are 5 myths that have been advanced since the Koch brothers joined politics.

The first myth is that the Koch brothers have emerged to fight the Obama administration. Since the early 1970s the Koch brothers have been involved with American politics. The brothers were not convinced by proposals advanced by the then presidential hopeful George Bush in 2003 and decided to do something about it. That is when they started fundraisers that have come to be known as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) IN 2004.

The second myth is that their network is a toy experiment. Their organization has grown over the years and has attracted over 500 donors since its inception. The Koch network meets twice a year and donates money in excess of 300 million dollars annually. This is a direct pointer that the network is just a group of wealthy like-minded conservative citizens to better American politics. The brothers do not have the ability to sway other multi-millionaires and billionaires.

The third myth sates that the brothers represent other companies that are featured in their network. This is not true since the brothers have opposed some reforms advanced by republicans. Charles Koch has been at logger heads with some industrialists who had previously supported them during the Obama care deliberations.

The fourth myth that the Koch brothers network is a secret and mysterious organizations set to finance democrats is unfounded. The organization is set up in such a manner that donations flow from members and the network is transparently run by the brothers and their allies.

The fifth myth is that the network is another political party in US. There are two parties in America: the Democrats and Republicans. The Koch network cannot be compared to either of these parties nor can it act as a political party. It exists due to the existence of these parties hence it cannot be termed as a third political party.

Charles Koch is one of the two billionaire brothers that run the Koch Empire. He is said to be a focused man that believes in the freedom of markets. He has categorically stated over the years that the government should not interfere with businesses. Charles was born in Wichita, Kansas and states that although he came from a wealthy family he worked to attain the position he now holds at Koch Enterprises. Charles Koch is well educated having attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he obtained his degree and later two masters certificates.

Andy Wirth Wins His Fight Against Incorporate Olympic Valley

The Reno-Gazette Journal did an interview with Andy Wirth about the past few years and the outlook for future seasons. The last few years haven’t been kind to the Squaw Valley and Alpine resorts, but Mr. Wirth sees relief on the way. Andy Wirth you may remember is the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, and a major supporter to the community and environment of the Squaw Valley area. Despite the recent droughts that ravaged the area, Mr. Wirth said mother nature stepped in with some storms and cold temperatures to restore the area’s vitality.

Also, with the push for incorporation of Squaw Valley withdrawn, Mr. Wirth sees relief coming to the civic concerns and businesses of the area. Squaw Valley Holdings spent a fortune fighting the incorporation that would only have decreased local services, and increased taxes for both residents and area business. Mr. Wirth also believed that incorporation would isolate Squaw Valley from other communities on the North Shore. He saw the incorporation as a disaster both financially and environmentally.

Mr. Wirth a long time champion for the environment, spent his early years as a ranger in Colorado and Rocky Mountain parks. Since his skydiving accident, he has teamed up with the Navy Seals to champion his causes for both wounded warriors and environmental issues. Mr. Wirth shares some of his plans for the future and offers that Squaw Valley Holdings plans on introducing a Gondola to the area that will connect the Squaw Valley Resort with the Alpine Meadows Resort. He also has plans to expand commercial and residential development of the area.

California’s Local Agency Formation Commission sided with Mr. Wirth against the incorporation drive in determining that the incorporation wouldn’t be fiscally feasible. Mr. Wirth believes the community should now focus on transportation and other issues now that the incorporation is set aside. He sees the Olympic Valley stretching out beyond its borders to form a strong cohesive community. Now that the divisiveness is over, he holds out hope for a positive future for the entire community.

Mr. Wirth is a graduate of Edinburgh and Colorado state Universities, and his career in the resort industry stretches over 20 years. He is a well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur, and he has gained world renown for his environmental efforts. He is a major contributor to charities and causes in the Lake Tahoe area, and with his wife Karen currently resides in Truckee, California.

Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital

Solo Capital, which is also known as Solo Capital Partners LLP, is a boutique financial services house with London being its home base. It was started by Sanjay Shah in 2009 and is controlled by the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. It was incorporated in 2011.

Solo Capital deals in several areas of finance, investments

Its chief business divisions consist of Agency Brokerage, as well as Investment Management, along with Securities Lending, Safeguarding and Administration of Assets and Client Money, and finally, Principal Trading. Solo Capital provides advice for all kinds of top financial services for their investors and clients. Out of these, they specialize in investments in pro sports, and proprietary trading and consulting.

The company reported a net worth of more than 15 pounds, along with assets of more than 67 pounds, and they also reported cash flow of more than 30 pounds. The report came in at the end of March 2015.

Background for Sanjay Shah

Besides being the creator of Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is likewise its Chief Executive Officer. He additionally owns Aesa S.a.r.l., and they control Solo Group Holdings. He also is the owner of over 36 businesses in London, as well as in Malta, the Cayman Islands, as well as Dubai, The British Virgin Islands, and Luxembourg.

His earnings for the first year Solo Capital was incorporated was nineteen million pounds, and by 2014 he had taken over another financial institute called Old Park Lane Capital, which is invitation only for stock brokers and specializes in natural resources. By this past January 2016, Shah’s own net worth was up to 280 million US dollars. However, he has said that he is now retired.

Shah started out to be a doctor

Surprisingly, Shah originally wanted to become a doctor of medicine, but then got interested in finance and investments instead. He stopped his medical studies and first became an accountant and subsequently worked at several banks. Some of those banks are very well known, such as Merrill Lynch, as well as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

Shah is also philanthropist

Besides being involved in financial dealings, Shah is also a philanthropist as he raises money for autism with musical concerts. He started doing this in part due to his son being diagnosed with autism when he was only four years old. He started a special website to help earn money for the cause called Autism Rocks, and he is a trustee for the Autism Research Trust, and the donations from it go to the Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. He is their trust director.

All in all, Shah has been very busy with both financial and philanthropist activities that help children.

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Sanjay Shah Starts Autism Rocks.

Solo Capital Market is a very famous boutique financial investment institution that is headquartered in London. The company is believed to be regulated by Britain since it was founded there. The company has several branches that are situated in different parts of the world. It main branches are found in London, and the other in Dubai. Solo capital holding started as a small company operating in a tiny room in central London. After a lot of hard work from its founder, the company has grown so many, improving its capital and doubling its revenue every now and then. The company was incorporated in 2011, and it has given the owner’s quite good profits year in year out.

Solo Capital is managed by Solo Group Holdings. The founder of the company is believed to be the famous British Millionaire known as Sanjay Shah. He started the company after leaving his work as an accountant in several banks in London. Before becoming an accountant, the Shah was a medical doctor. He, however, decided to abandon the job after he felt that he was not a very good doctor. He did not want to compromise the health of his patients, so he left for a career that would give him the satisfaction he was looking for.

Sanjay Shah has worked for financial institutions, giving him enough experience to run his own investment company. Although his position in these institutions was an accountant, he learned a lot, and today, he has become a millionaire due to the expertise he used to start Solo Capital from scratch. When he was staring Solo Capital, his main intention was to offer employment opportunities for unemployed graduates and also build a strong emperor. The company was mainly dealing with brokerage activities, but after incorporation in September 2011, the institution added more services to its customers.

Apart from owning Solo Capital Market, Shah has other companies under his name too. Reports say that at the moment he has over thirty-eight companies, all located in different cities. These companies are not specializing in the financial sector. All of them are different, and they have given him enough wealth, enabling him to retire at a very young age. Today his offices are in London and Dubai.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of the popular global charitable organization known as Autism Rocks. He organizes concerts with popular musicians in the world to try and raise enough funds to support autism research and also support children suffering from the medical condition. His youngest son, Nikhil has autism, and this changed his life and how he handled the condition. Most of his funds are given to the charitable organization. Before starting the charitable organization, he would send his donations to young children in India for survival.

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Who Funded the Lone Sailor Statue?

The US Money Reserve recently brought out to the public according to, the 75th Anniversary Gold Coin to commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor. The gold coin will be legal tender and made from 24 karat gold. The coin comes in 3 distinct sizes, 1 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. Each contains .9999 fine gold and is backed for its gold weight. This coin is the first ever minting of its kind and will be exclusively available from the US Money Reserve. Very few of these coins will be minted making it a one of a kind rarity.

The design of the US Money Reserve coin comes from the master designer known as Thomas Vaughan. The front of the coin reads “75TH ANNIVERSARY PEARL HARBOR MCMXLI” with 2 Japanese fighter aircraft flying overhead. A very beautiful coin that will be used for a good cause. This cause will see the joining of the US Money Reserve and the US Navy Memorial Foundation in an effort to funding and erecting the Lone Sailor Statue at Pearl Harbor.

Originally published on Yahoo. The purpose of the statue is to inspire both old and new members of the armed services as well as pay tribute to all the heroes that fell on that fateful day, December 7th 1941. The statue will be made out of bronze and weigh in at 1700 pounds. Made from 2 parts the bag and cleat of the sailor and the sailor himself. Originally designed by Stanley Belifeld a known sculptor for the US Navy Memorial. The statue will stand 7 feet on top of steel taken from the USS Arizona Battleship from 1915.

Erecting the statue in the Pearl Harbor will forever honor what happened that day and will live on forever.

Outfit Ideas to Give the Full Wow Effect


As catwalks spring up in the major fashion capitals, fashion lovers up their game and show off their wearable looks. Take inspiration of the bloggers and fashion reporters alike. Who What Wear covers the best that give great outfit ideas. Use the tips to create the ultimate wow effect the next time you go out.

Mix-and-Match: Tied-off printed scarf to juxtapose proper with a glam fur jacket and motorcycle boots.

Bold Monochrome: Pick your favorite color, brighter the better, and wear it head to toe.

Ladylike Schoolgirl: Accessorize your plaid skirt and white blouse with a feminine coat and chic ladylike purse with a thinner heel than a schoolgirl.

Bring Country to The City: Pair a white skirt with a structured jacket and purse with sleek boots to keep it in the city.

The Big Fur: Furry coats are just the best. Keep your shape by pairing it with skinny jeans and unique boots to up the ante on your outfit’s personality.

Classic Spy: You can never go wrong with the classic French spy look. Pair your camel trench with a subdued beret and boots. Make sure to tie your trench to show off your waist.

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The Rise and Demise Of Kyle Bass

The career of Kyle Bass reached an astonishing level of success after his prediction of the great recession. Other investors did not see the crash coming, but he did. A prediction like this would seem like something that would come from someone with great expertise. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. If you look at Kyle Bass’ current career, what you will see is the polar opposite of success. His career has failed, and it is continuing to head downhill. In addition to ruining his own career, he has caused serious harm to the lives of other people. He’s engaged in shady business practices for his own profit. These shady business practices have caused extensive harm to other people’s lives.

Kyle Bass has become well known for his financial predictions. He used to be known as someone who had insight into the markets. Now, he is known for his incorrect predictions. He talks about his predictions and ideas quite a lot. Now, he talks about his predictions with even greater frequency than in the past. Kyle Bass frequently is on television programs talking about what he sees as the future of the economy. Then, these predictions are invariably wrong. Not only are they wrong, but they are often completely off base with no grain of truth. The frequent nature of his appearances ensures that his incorrect predictions are heard by many. As he makes himself more publicly visible, his reputation declines. The declining nature of his reputation has meant declining earnings for his appearances on television. Despite the frequent nature of his television appearances, he has made less money in total from them now than before.

Additionally, there is an unusual connection between Kyle Bass and autocratic politicians in Argentina. This connection is quite strange, because Kyle Bass doesn’t seem to have any documented connections with Argentina. His support of autocratic Argentine politicians, such as Cristina Kirchner, is extraordinarily strong. Despite their dismal failures in the political arena of Argentina, Kyle Bass backs up their political career wholeheartedly. There are many people that see this connection as suspicious. They wonder if he may be connected to these politicians, due to some type of sleazy business arrangement.

The worst part of Kyle Bass’ current career is how he takes advantage of major drug companies. He created an organization that challenges patents on drugs. This challenging of the patents causes drug companies to financially suffer. He makes money through his investments off of the financial struggles of the drug companies. The people who need the drugs often end up going for extended periods of time without treatment. In a lot of cases, this leads to them suffering very serious health problems. In some cases, the patients have even died. The full article appears on

Stock Markets for Beginners

There are lots of options for someone that wants to start working the stock market. They may not know what to do or where to start, but it’s not as hard as they may think. Especially when they can follow someone like James Dondero.

The first and hardest thing someone needs to do is to find the right market to invest in. This can be hard because stocks change so much and not everyone is able to follow the trends like they may want to. James Dondero is a great example of what can be a good stock. He knows the stocks before everyone else and knows what stocks are going to be the best. He also knows what stocks should be dropped before they get too low. This can be a great example to follow and stay ahead of things.

There are a lot of questions that come up when a person wants to invest. Many don’t know how much money is going to be right or when they should stop investing. The best way to do this is to look at the minimum amount you can invest and decide from there. The investor may also watch the market and spread the money they have through a few different markets. Jim Dondero has a great idea with spreading him funding across a few different stocks so he gets good coverage to see what is going to work the best at getting him the money he needs.

There are a lot of stocks an investor may want to look at. They should take enough time to find something that is right for them as a person and what they like to invest in. This way they will be able to find a great way to bring in the money they are looking for.

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