The Truth Behind Vaginal Rejuvination

A new wave of cosmetic surgery is on the rise in popularity, and here we dissect whats true and false about vagina rejuvenation. The noninvasive procedure is designed to correct the female genitalia by altering the labia lips and making them symmetrical. When the procedure first started gaining momentum many felt it was fueled by men in society needing women to be perfect but plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden was quick to point out the women coming to get the procedure were doing it for themselves.

The vanity in needing a perfect body part often hidden from the world struck a chord with the people opposed to the surgery however the procedure isn’t just for cosmetic purposes. Many women have enlarged labia that can cause pain via clothing friction or during sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty can also help with dryness, pain, or leakage brought on by menopause and associated changes. Others have spoken out about how women aren’t interested in the tightness of their vaginal canal and its fueled by men and their obsession with youthful women. The truth is that after childbirth vaginal tightening can help a woman’s body revert back and help with natural lubrication and the ability to have an orgasm.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas native who graduate salutatorian of her class from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Walden continued her surgical education in Texas before receiving a highly sought after fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital where she worked under Dr. Sherrel Aston. After perfecting her superior’s innovative surgical techniques she opened her own practice and remained in New York’s Upper East Side for seven years. Following the birth of her twins Dr. Walden returned to Texas and opened up her private practice in Marble Falls with a satellite office in Austin.

Dr. Walden’s aesthetic surgical talent is widely known throughout her field and she was even brought onto shows like Fox News and ABC News to give commentary and provide information on new surgical techniques. She’s had multiple papers published in medical journal and co-authored a best selling book about aesthetic surgery.


Rising From the Ashes in the Corporate World

Helane Morrison is a resident of Brooklyn, New York City. She is a graduate of North- western University, Illinois and of California Berkeley School of law, from where she attained her honours in both Journalism and Law respectively. She obtained a Juries’ Doctor after working as an editor in- Chief of the California Law Review. She also worked at the State Bar of California before going more private in her work. Her work majorly encompassed protection of private securities, and she also worked on many business law suits, heading numerous investigations linked to vulnerable investors and giving them hope to see another day in their road to greater investment opportunities. She is an author of financial matters, providing knowledge and skills necessary in the investment sector. She is a true believer of the fact that sharing of knowledge is a way of achieving immortality.
In the investment sector, fair dealings are top- notch priority. One also is required to maintain very high standards. These are all qualities that Helane Morrison stands for. She is up to protecting business companies and individual investors against falsehood. Honesty is one key principle in investment banking and that is what Helane Morrison offers. At work place, she always campaigns against inequality believing that in this, both women and men can deliver equally. She also advocates for business ethics and believes that it is with this that all business entities can propel to the next level. She is a true believer of change and she is always wants to make everything seem right around her for the betterment of not only the running of the firm but also for the betterment of the services they get to offer.
She is a member of the board of The Regional Parks Foundation and therefore a lover of the environment and a great advocate of animal rights.
Financial institutions fell down suddenly as a result of an international economic crisis seemingly as a result of deception and of false records and dirty dealings that speak volumes of the corruption in this sector. Unemployment escalated, money was converted to precious stones and a sense of insecurity set in. This state has remained the same for a long time and it is not promising to change soon.
Helane proclaims the essence to be well armed with the knowledge and skills and relevant information in order to make the best out of any investment.

White Shark Media Reviews Detail Helpful Insights About The Service

White Shark Media has serviced over 600 clients and provided those clients with pay per click (PPC) management and search engine marketing services. The company’s goal is a very simple one.

The Miami, FL firm seeks to help entrepreneurs and small businesses make a decent return on their advertising investment. Google and Bing AdWords are designed to deliver solid returns on relatively low monetary expenditures. Quite a few of the testimonials on White Shark Media’s website reflect such sentiments.

The testimonials point out a few positive things potential clients should ponder on. The manager of an e-commerce store reveals the cost-per-click expenses dropped by nearly half. Money saved is then earmarked towards profit margins. A medical service reveals a host of new patients have arrived thanks to White Shark Media’s work. And quite a few testimonials point out sales have increased.

These are all the things a PPC/SEM management service should be delivering.

White Shark Media also takes feedback and suggestions on improvements seriously. In order to provide customers with the best possible experience, the firm looked at issues customers brought to management’s attention and made corrections.

Based on various requests, internal communications with clients have been improved dramatically. A deal has been signed with Go2Meeting, a top provider of closed, secure, and private webcam streaming.

Once a month, the SEM specialist assigned to handle a particular client’s account will meet via the online meeting session. This way, no one ever has to feel as he or she is falling behind on the status of a campaign. The monthly meetings act as a nice Q&A session and cover much progress.

Issues surrounding the generic reception desk phone number have been deal with in a simple way. Direct extensions to SEM representatives have been instituted in the office. Any client calling in can reach a representative or his or her voicemail. If necessary, the SEM specialist’s manager can be contacted. This facilitates better communications and a better experience for all.

Those interested in discovering a visual presentation of how White Shark Media’s efforts at improvement should check out a well-crafted YouTube video. The short video covers a lot of interesting points.

Reading through the various reviews online of White Shark Media is sure to be a worthwhile experience according to Facebook page. Anyone who wants to learn more about the positives associated with the company should read the more laudatory reviews.


Get to Know Lime Crime and the Unique Products

Lime Crime is a makeup company that began in 2008 by founder and CEO, Doe Deere. She created the brand after realizing she couldn’t find the bright makeup she was looking for in regular stores. So, she created her own line of makeup that features brightly colored lipsticks and eyeshadows made from high quality formulas. In 2009, the Unicorn Lipsticks were launched and they were the first brightly colored lipsticks to really hit the market. The Velvetines followed along, being released in 2012. They helped to create the trend of liquid to matte lip colors.

Lime Crime is known on Facebook for creating products that are cruelty-free. Many of the products are also vegan. As the company has grown, Doe still oversees all the production and continues to design new products. There is even a blog called that is dedicated to the makeup line and shows users getting creative with their looks. Lime Crime products are considered to be higher-end products and can be seen in many tutorials throughout Pinterest and YouTube.

Lime Crime’s Velvetines lipstick is a liquid that dries into a matte finish. It comes in 26 shades with a variety or reds and pinks, and even comes in bright blue and orange. Velvetines go on smooth and won’t rub off on anything that touches your lips. The Unicorn Lipsticks come in 7 bright shades such as, yellow and green. These lipsticks have a ton of pigment and will give lips a bold, fresh look. Lime Crime also has eyeshadow palettes and eye liners. Each of the Venus palettes have eight bold colors that go together to make perfect day or night looks. Venus: The Grunge Palette features more nude and brown colors, while Venus II has brighter colors with blues and greens. The liquid liners by Lime Crime are also unique with their colors such as gray and blue, but they have become quite popular with beauty gurus everywhere.

Lime Crime has some very unique products that are worth checking out. The lipsticks and eyeshadows come in colors that can’t be found anywhere else but will create amazing looks.  Instagram users often post their experiments with this unique makeup.

George Soros Predicts Financial Issues Similar to 2008

In today’s troubled times, the worldwide markets face several monetary crises, which means that investors should be extremely careful. So says George Soros, billionaire, philanthropist and founder and chair of the Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. George Soros has a hedge fund worth over $27 billion that is listed in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

He recently spoke on the topic in Sri Lanka at an economic forum. According to Soros, China is trying hard to discover a new model of growth, while its money has been devalued and that is affecting the rest of the world. This, along with rising interest rates, is becoming a challenge for the world, especially since it reminds financial people of things that happened in 2008.

There are sinking money values with the yuan on, and things like stocks and commodities are in trouble as well. China has lost trillions as losses worsen in Asia and things like Greece’s debt in Europe make Soros worry that a problem like the financial issues in 2008 will occur again. In fact, he thinks it could be worse.

For instance, the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, otherwise known as a fear gauge, has gone up 13 percent. Plus, The Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index went up 43 percent and Merrill Lynch showed that Treasury bonds went up almost six percent. All of these heights in numbers worries people like Soros about the world’s financial future.

China itself is trying to change their monetary problem. The Communist Party has vowed to increase the convertibility of their yuan by 2020 and to progressively disassemble capital controls. They are the second biggest world economy and they are very weak, even though the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to record lows and specialists put hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy. Still yet, recent information showed the market was remaining slow and sluggish.

So, it’s time for experts in finance to be very concerned about worldwide economy and how it might be helped. As such, Soros works with a network of one hundred nations to run the Open Society Foundation and to use it to help others learn the truth. Soros uses the Open Society to help undermine communism, promote critical thinking, and do philanthropy overseas and in the US via giving money for schools, machines, etc. to help with world’s resources and make things more even for others in today’s financial troubled world.

So, with that knowledge and experience, if george Soros says there could be even more financial issues in the coming future, he is a man that people around the world should listen to very closely and take heed.

Keith Mann Teams Up With The Uncommon School Program To Offer $5,000 Scholarship

Recently Keith Mann, along with the assistance of his wife Keely Mann, have decided to start a scholarship aimed at helping kids from low income families afford to go to college. The scholarship consist of $5,000 to help in paying for a student’s tuition. The deadline for the scholarship is Feb. 29, 2016, and is to be accompanied by a 1,000 word essay that focuses on why the student believes the scholarship would help benefit their quest to attend college and obtain a degree.
Keith Mann is a successful entrepreneur who located in New York and is the founder and director of his company, Dynamics Search Partners or DSP for short. DSP is a company that deals specifically with the hedge fund and private equity industries. Back in 2002 when the company was first formed, Keith Mann noticed that there was a lack of research being done by firms within the hedge fund industry. Researching companies before one invests in them is essential in making wise investments. Mann noticing this void in the industry easily capitalized by creating a investment research firm that helps actual investment firms make wise investments through the use of the diligent research conducted by Mann and his team.

Through Mann’s experience in the investing field, he has since then become quite wealthy and is able to contribute to philanthropists work in which he is passionate about. One being the development of young adults into productive citizens through the use of education. It is people like Mann and his wife that allow young kids dreams to come true, in which they otherwise would have not been able to afford such a dream.

Mann has decided to partner up with the Uncommon School Program which is all throughout Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. The programs includes over 14,000 kids ranging from kindergarten all the way up to the twelfth grade. The program is in place to help young high school seniors from low income families attend college, and prepare them for the tremendous amount of work that must be completed to obtain a college degree.

A New Way to Donate

GoFundMe is a crowd sourcing site used to generate income for various projects and charities. We all know that though right? Well Avi Weisfogel has decided to use it in a way that’s well new. Avi isn’t asking for money for himself, or his company, instead he is asking for money to donate to Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international charity that assist in providing surgery for children born with cleft palate, cleft lip, and other facial deformities. “Operation Smile believes that every child deserves exceptional surgical care and that all children deserve to be treated as if they were our own. The organization wants to ensure that every child knows no matter what life throws at them, they will always have hope.” as stated by Avi in a recent interview. His belief is that every child deserves the very best care available.

The charitable organization founded in 1982 assist with providing on location medical care. While it was originally founded to operate in the Philippines it now operates on a global level. Operation Smile provides medical equipment, training, and personal through it’s location specific missions.

Avi Weisfogel hopes to raise $2000 to donate to the charity so he can do his part in helping children to have hope. Providing children with surgeries that they otherwise could not obtain does indeed create hope. Hope that when we are faced with adversity there is a way to over come it, that there are people in the world with a mission to support each other in overcoming the hurtles that our world throws at us. Check out Avi’s YouTube video here.

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Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Is Eye-Opening

Talk Fusion has done something so very few app producers in the world have been able to achieve. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app has hit #1 in Indonesia, #5 in Japan, and #20 in Switzerland. These are great numbers for the app since it is facing so much competition in those countries. Talk Fusion has its fans around the globe. As more good reviews and positive press emerge about the app, more users are going to install it.

A free 30-day trial is sure to further the cause of bringing more users into the Talk Fusion tent. Promotional deals such as these are extremely hard for anyone to pass up. The video technology employed in the system is extremely advanced. The quality is at High-Definition (HD) levels. This alone should prove enormously beneficial to those who have important intentions for the app.

Connecting with people on a personal basis is not the only reason someone would want a highly-compatible video chat app. Professionals and executives may have business-related intentions in mind for the app. Talk Fusion delivers an advanced program more than capable of doing what is required to meet quality expectations. The management of Talk Fusion have even noted that more research and development is going into the app. Talk Fusion is one of the top video marketing entities in the world. Located in Brandon, FL, the company offers competitive pricing and scores of business solutions.

A few new products are in the works. Anyone who is already impressed with what Talk Fusion delivers should anticipate the release of various other new products in the near future. These new products are going to have free trials as well. Look for these new and current releases from Talk Fusion on Google Play and iTunes.


How Oisin Hanrahan has Led Handy into an Era of Financial Success

Handy recently made it public that it had made a round of over 50 million dollars over the past week. This brings Handy’s total net worth to approximately half a billion dollars. Very few people can imagine how the world would be without this giant cleaning and handyman services provider. At a recent Web Summit, the founder, Oisin Hanrahan spoke to Amanda Connolly about the firm’s growth and its plans for the future. He also outlined how having its headquarters in New York has played a vital role in the firm’s accomplishments.

Oisin had a penchant for sanitation from a young age. However, it was the allure of making money out of it that made him start Handy. As a student, he had a stint in Hungary where he worked in a real estate development firm. He discovered that getting handymen for small jobs inside the houses was difficult. He formed Handy while at Harvard after raising a 50,000-dollar seed capital.

The founders went against common grain, that startups must be based at Silicon Valley in order for them to succeed. They chose to be based in New York because it has an effervescent and growing tech market. In addition, they saw the city as the perfect business environment for an on-demand service provider.

The company links cleaning companies with those who require their services. Professional cleaners using Handy as a platform to provide their services have the flexibility of working at times best suited for them. In addition, companies have the ability to book cleaners and handymen for jobs at any given time. They can also reserve their services for future assignments. The technicians are highly qualified and have proven track records. Customers therefore do not have to worry about the kind of technicians who turn up. The firm has experienced fast growth and currently boasts of over 160 members of staff and more than 10,000 contractors.

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Former Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York Board Member Named President Of Institutional Products At Highland Capital Management

Terry Jones, the former Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York board member, and former president and CIO of Battersby Capital Management has been named president of Highland Capital Management’s Institutional Products division. Jones is not a stranger at Highland Capital. He was Lead Director of the Highland Funds before becoming a full-time employee, according to Highland Capital’s President and co-founder, James Dondero. Dondero said Jones will make a huge impact on Client services because of his knowledge and expertise in the risk management field.

The Dallas-based Highland Capital is growing faster than most hedge funds, thanks to Dondero’s ability to identify opportunities before they are revealed as opportunities. Dondero’s decision to invest in Argentina’s debt in 2014 is an example of Dondero’s insight. Jones is cut from the same mold, according to Highland Capital executives that worked with Jones in the past. Jones will be able to assist clients, and help them differentiate the good from the outstanding investments, according to Dondero. Jones understands the risks that are at every turn in the investment industry these days, and he has a solution for all of them, or at least most of them, according to his team.

Highland Capital has offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Seoul as well as the main office in Dallas, so Jones will be able to work with clients on several continents in order to produce the desired returns.

Highland Capital currently has more than $20 billion in assets under management, and Dondero expects that number to grow in 2016. Jones is considered an integral part of that growth. But growth is not in the main forecast for assets in emerging markets. China is having a difficult time keeping their markets together, and other Asian countries are following in China’s footsteps.

Latin American is lethargic thanks to a deep recession in Brazil and the unknown factor in Argentina. Mexico has been a bright spot for Highland Capital, but that may change in 2016. India is still giving investors better than expected earnings, but there are signs that even India is slowing down. Europe has its own share of challenges, and Dondero is staying away from European assets unless they fall into the technology sector. But all the doom is not holding Dondero and Highland Capital back. With Jones on board and a fresh start in Argentina things are looking up investment wise for Highland Capital, according to an article published by

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