Keith Mann Helps Graduating High School Students

The business world has changed significantly over the past couple of decades. One of the biggest changes has been the integration of technology into the core operations of companies. With the many technology innovations that have occurred in recent years, many companies have decided to embrace the technology that is available. In many ways, the technology innovations over the past decade have changed the business world into a digital world.

As the business world moves into a digital era, the use of technology has made working in the business world much different than earlier decades. Today, workers must understand technology to some degree to be able to perform many jobs. As the use of technology continues to increase, high school students who are preparing to graduate in the near future should consider going to college to pursue higher education.

The value of a college degree in the workplace today has a lot of value. A college degree can position students to earn more money and higher-level positions. However, students must realize the need to go to college. Keith Mann, a local businessman in the New York area, is on a mission to help high school students realize the importance of a college education and a college degree. He believes strongly that a college degree can make a huge difference in the lives of young people.

Keith Mann encourages students with his words, but he also encourages students with his financial support. Recently Keith Mann started a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. Uncommon Schools is an organization that operates a network of charter schools in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Uncommon High Schools in Brooklyn is among the schools that the organization manages.

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). He has over decade of experience in the executive search industry. Dynamic Search Partners provides a variety of executive search services for companies looking to fill positions inside the companies. In addition to his roles as founder and CEO, Keith Mann also contributes significantly in helping to find the best job candidates for his clients.

Sapphire Rings – One of a Kind Precious Gems

The Sapphire is considered to be the most valuable blue gemstone. It has many qualities, such as durability, desirable color, hardness, and luster. Sapphires can be many different colors such as white, blue, green, and yellow. There are even Sapphires that are orange, brown, pink, gray, black, multicolored and even colorless. Sapphires also range from transparent to opaque.

The most valuable color of Sapphire is a cornflower blue and is also known as the Cornflower Blue Sapphire or the Kashmir Sapphire. The orange-pink Padparadschah is another very valuable Sapphire. There is even a Color Changing Sapphire that looks different colors in different types of lighting.

The Natural Sapphire Company has been specializing in the highest quality of untreated sapphire rings since 1939. Their sapphires are left untreated and are not glass filled, heated, color infused, irradiated oiled or otherwise tampered with. Untreated sapphires make up only one percent of what is on the market today. Only the finest, most natural sapphires can make a ring more than a ring. Whether it’s for an engagement or simply just because, timeless and beautiful sapphires communicate an endless beauty. Anything less just isn’t worth buying.

The Natural Sapphire Company buys semi-polished stones right form the mines. Then the precious sapphires are cut right in their lapidary factory-no middle man here. They also do not deal with countries that involve child labor or military dictatorship problems. The Natural Sapphire Company is in business because of their passion for what they do. The Natural Sapphire Company supports the security, development and expansion of their sapphire-supplying countries. They even donate to charity, as well as time, to organizations that specifically take care of miners that are in need of some aid.

All of the sapphires that are sold by The Natural Sapphire Company come with a identification report issued by their gem specialists. These certificates conform to industry standards and are recognized by every insurance company. Some of their sapphires even come with third party laboratory reports as well. These special stones have been selected at random from their inventory to be audited to maintain quality assurance.

Aloft South Beach, a Development by JMH Development Won the Hotel Development of the Year Award

Aloft South Beach is one of the remarkable real estate ventures carried out by JMH Development through the Madden Real Estate Ventures as the contractors and ADD Inc. as the architect. The venture has won an award, ‘2015 Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) Hotel Development of the Year’ as announced during the ALIS Conference in Los Angeles on January 26th. Such an award is usually given based on the following categories: novelty, size, budget adherence, sustainability advantages, an exceptional business performance, complexity, creative design, timeliness, project magnitude, economic influence as well as public relations.


Aloft South Beach portrays an initiative of a boutique even if operating under an aloft which is a Starwood brand. The re-use of the historic Ankara Motel to come up with the unique venture which is worth to be celebrated is a remarkable achievement for JMH Development. They ensured that the inspirational Art Deco architecture is preserved by incorporating it in the exterior part of the building and also included a melding retro chic to provide a contemporary touch on the on the interior side of the construction.

The newly constructed Aloft South Beach offers great experiences to its visitors, such as artistic designs and cultural activities, modern amenities as well as incredible entertainment. Aloft South Beach is not far from the great Miami Beach, Atlantic Ocean and is only a short walk from the ocean drive and the nightlife at the South Beach, is one of a kind.


Jason Halpern who is the founder and serves JMH Development as a managing partner says that Aloft South Beach was a perfect place for visitors because it harmonized their expectations. He added that since the recession, it is the first ground-lifted hotel and that is why they have incorporated the best designs, amenities as well as guest offerings. Jason says that he foresees a great success in the South Beach. The president of Lightstone a leading diversified real estate company, Mitchell Hochberg says that Aloft South Beach is one of a kind hotel aiming at providing guests with a boutique experience while at a Starwood-branded hotel. She believes in the success of the hotel saying sooner it will gain worldwide popularity.


Aloft South Beach features remixSM Lounge where people can mingle and interact freely over a drink or a pool game, a fusion dining situated at Stephen Starr’s Continental Miami and other vibrant outdoor spaces where people can watch the works done by local artists. JMH Development is leading in providing real estate development services having been experienced owners and developers of residential as well as commercial properties in the United States. By applying the innovative approach in carrying out their projects, they have developed unique and superior properties across the United States. It explains why they managed to develop the award-winning Aloft South Beach.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

The Sky is the Limit for John Goullet and His Company

John Goullet is an accomplished entrepreneur and an IT staffing expert. His career in the field of IT began by him being an IT consultant. Later on in the year 1994 he switched to IT staffing. He gained a lot of skills and had enough experience since he worked as a consultant as well as in IT staffing. Understanding how broad the market is, Goullet decided to use his experience to start Info Technologies. He has a master’s degree in Computer science from Ursinus College. Info Technologies gives IT staffing solutions to different organizations worldwide including 500 companies of fortune.

John Goullet’s administration skills in the company paid off five years the organization made $30 million and was shortlisted on Inc. Magazine to be among the private US companies that were quickly developing. He is always focused on doing better, therefore he partnered up Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. the combination made the companies one and it became Diversant LLC. He is currently the principal of the company and is responsible for creating strategies which assist the firm to handle daily challenges in the world of IT. Furthermore, together with his team he has included different leaders of the IT industry to join them in the innovative association that has taken Diversant to greater heights.

His passion in IT motivates him to encourage his team to be good innovators and have human values that include discipline and respect. Teamwork is what the organization believes has helped build the IT staffing has beaten the odds by becoming the largest African-American firm in the United States. Diversant LLC has achieved a certificate as a Minority-Owned business initiative as well as led in the market. The company has also been recognized for its financial success and John Goullet is happy about this impressive results. Therefore, the company is in a position to deliver good IT staffing services to their customers.

Diversant LLC believes that devotion to their work is associated with their essential values to help the company grow. The commitment of the staff to the company is their main strategy in developing the services of the company and also maintains their acknowledgment in the industry.

Securus Video Visitation Drops Crime Rates

The benefits of video visitation technology from Securus Technologies are many. One of the benefits is the portability of the technology. Not only do families save money and time virtually visiting with their inmate on the inside of a prison, they can take that prisoner where ever they’d like.


You can use a tablet or a smartphone with this video visitation technology. These two pieces of electronic equipment are very portable and can be taken on the go. You could theoretically take your inmate on a stroll in the park, bring them into a child’s birthday party, or you could tour them around the decorations on the Christmas tree in the living room. The only limits to this technology are in your imagination.


This should come as good news for everybody because recidivism rates drop when prisoners are allowed to communicate freely with the outside world. A well-connected prisoner is much less likely to commit another crime when released because that prisoner feels connected to the outside world. Cutting prisoner communications disenfranchises inmates to drive up crime rates. Video visitation technology is literally making the streets of your neighborhood safer.


This is the kind of benefit that Securus should be touting. The telecommunications company is currently advertising the benefits of video visitation in multiple states around the country. Though, this kind of technology can be counterintuitive.


Most people think that crime rates drop when the government gets tough on crime. But that is exactly the opposite of what actually happens. Crime rates drop when the government views crime as a public safety issue. There is a lot of data on how to treat prisoners and their families in order to reduce recidivism. This video visitation technology is sure to drop crime rates and that is something that Securus should include in its advertising.


Lovaganza And “The Marvelous 12” Will Inspire Audiences In 2020

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand that focuses on discussing various cultures around the world and uniting them with exciting music, dance, and movie entertainment. Inspiration is the goal behind each Lovaganza presentation, as people learn about the various important cultures of our world and how we are all unique and part of the same world.

Faith, hope, and inspiration will be a heavy focus of the 2020 tour, as people learn more about the various events that have moved us through history. Lovaganza’s biggest focus in 2020 will be showing the 3D animated series known as “The Marvelous 12,” an inspiring and wonderful animated series.

What Is The Marvelous 12?
This simple and engaging series will be made up of 10 episodes of 15-minutes each, but will tell an extended story in the manner of the matinee serials of the 1930s. During the Lovaganza tour in 2020, a new episode will be showed every month.

As they travel around the nation in their Lovaganza Caravans, viewers will be told an inspiring story in this serial format that promises to be an exciting one that should draw a lot of potential viewers to the Lovaganza tour.

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The Convoy Trilogy

What Is The Story?
The story focuses on a young man named Father Sgeaby during the late period of The Great Depression. Father Sgeaby will travel across the country on a motorcycle, meeting new people and helping them to find their mission in life.

He will discuss ways that people can “follow their sunshine” and will teach people in Godsland about the powers of giving their life to the “Invisible Hand” that controls the world. During the series (which Lovaganza is creating and recording the soundtrack for right now), each episode will focus on a new person Father Sgeaby meets during his journey.

He will be traveling during a two-year period and he will discover 12 people who are each suffering from a dangerous situation. Each episode of Lovaganza ends on a cliffhanger with the next episode revealing how they got out of that situation.

For those who have never watched a serial from the 30s, this is a very typical structure and it is one that will likely drag in a lot of viewers interested in learning life lessons and seeing how they can be implemented in a real-world environment.

Each episode will be showed on the Immerscope technology, an incredible Lovaganza exclusive that will immerse viewers in the environment of each episode in a unique way. Make sure to mark 2020 as the year of Lovaganza and “The Marvelous 12” so that you don’t miss this unique event.

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