Highland Capital Management| Making a Difference in the Asian Health Sector

Highland Capital Management, L.P. was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero in 1993. The firm deals with credit strategies including hedge fund credits, private equity for distressed or special situations, long-only funds, and separate accounts, and collateralized loan obligations. In addition, the company provides alternative investment including natural resources, emerging markets, short/long equities. Highland Capital Management has managed to become one the largest alternative credit manager globally. Also, together with its affiliate companies, Highland Capital has assets amounting to $15.4 billion.


Expansion outside Dallas


The Dallas based company is not limited to the country but instead extends its services at a global level. In May 2017, the company, through its Korea affiliate, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd collaborated with South Korea’s National Pension Service to launch a healthcare-based private equity fund amounting to $147million. Investors contributing the Highland fund have a special interest in healthcare and look forward to investment returns. Highland Capital Management will co-manage funds in Asia with Stonebridge Capital. The latter is a private equity and venture capital firm.


Although there are several health funds in Asia, they are mostly multi-purpose funds. This makes the Highland Capital Fund the first one in Asia that is categorically health oriented. The primary investment of these funds will target middle market companies in Asia and North America. The company has aligned the funds with its core capabilities, which will ensure the funds achieve the set goals.


Highland Clientele Base and Community Contribution


Highland Capital Management has a diversified clientele base. Among their top clients are financial institutions, public pension plans, high net worth individuals, endowments, funds of funds, governments, and corporations. Highland headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas and they have other offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paolo.


As a show of gratitude, the firm invests in the community whereby their employees work, live, and are encouraged to volunteer at various community events. Highland management is also involved in several community boards and give financial donations to both local and national charity organizations. In the last 12 years, Highland Capital Management has contributed over $10 million to various organizations around the world.

A Handful of Sentiments of Educational Endeavors, Courtesy of Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was created over ten years ago as a joint collaboration between the sharp minds of Preston Smith and John Danner, the former having nearly a decade’s worth of experience in educating people living in impoverished areas with students largely hailing from low-income families, with Danner being highly skilled in technological design and application. The duo have combined to create a system of public charter schools that have effectively integrated technology into classrooms all throughout the United States, being known as a pioneer in bringing together the formerly separated areas of education and technological devices.

Earlier this May, Preston Smith published an article that detailed ten important things he’s learned throughout his time as an educator and administrator for Rocketship Education. Here are a handful of those sentiments.

The ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds of teachers should match the makeup of their particular classrooms. For example, if Rocketship Education has ten classrooms in one of its locations, with three of them being made up of strictly Asians and blacks, the teacher should be either Asian or black, if not a mixture of the two races. Doing so helps students learn as much as possible, as they’re more engaged in capacities in which their teachers’ backgrounds fit their own.

Parents should always be inherently involved with educational operations. One such application is interviewing candidates, both educators and administrators, alike. Panels of parents, typically in the range of 3 to 6, are combined with between one and three teachers or administrators, or a combination of them, to screen applicants. Parents deeply understand what their children want, being subject to what information they provide them about their experiences at school.

Parents also are asked to give their opinions about their kids’ teachers and how well they’re doing at school.

Even further, parents are asked to house a visit from their children’s teacher(s) at least once a year, helping increase the efficacy of their individualized learning plans.

Redwood City, California, bordering the San Francisco Bay Area’s northern border, is home to Rocketship Education’s foundation, although its first academic year of operation took place in a church in largely low-income San Jose.

Bob Reina Introduces Video Emailing

If you’re unfamiliar with Bob Reina, he is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a purveyor of video email marketing and video conferencing solutions. In 2007, Reina began Talk Fusion by introducing video emails; the concept was a departure from traditional text emails. By using video emails, video files could be integrated into traditional emails, which eliminated the need for a separate email attachment. According to an article in inspirery.com, Reina recognized a potential market for this revolutionary way of emailing when he was unable to send a video- integrated email to his family. After conferring with an IT friend, Reina quickly realized that there was a way to circumvent this problem, and create a successful business in the process.


In an effort to scale Talk Fusion, Reina quickly became familiar with network marketing, which is a business model predicated on using independent representatives to reach potential customers. According to a PR Newswire article, Talk Fusion is marketed in upwards of 140 countries through its network of independent associates. Why did Bob Reina choose network marketing? Well, he realized that he had a great product that could revolutionize how information could be relayed; he just need to get the word out, and network marketing was the most viable option.


In an effort to differentiate Talk Fusion from other network marketing businesses, Reina uses an instant pay plan designed to allow associates to immediately receive a commission payment for any sales that they generate, which is seldom ever seen in the networking marketing realm. Typically, most businesses pay commissions on a weekly or monthly basis. Reina believes that paying his associates quickly keeps them encouraged and represents a “win-win” for everyone involved.


Not being one to rest on his laurels, Bob has already announced plans to build on his success with video emailing by introducing a mobile app that will allow users to send a video email, without having to be tethered to a desktop or laptop.


Bob Reina recognized mid-way through his career as a police officer, that he wasn’t realizing his full potential. His desire to create a better life for himself and his family was the driving force behind Talk Fusion, and through his network marketing business model, he is helping others realize their full potential as well. Learn more: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xn0r8i_invite-them-to-the-webinars-talk-fusion-bob-reina_news

An Overview of Tony Petrello’s Journey to Success

While many know Anthony Petrello for his successful career in the oil and gas industry, his life was not always a bed of roses.He grew up in Newark, New Jersey and his upbringing had a strong impact on who he is today. The values of honesty, integrity and hard work were instilled in him at a very young age, and they are part of the reason why Anthony Petrello is so successful today.

Petrello’s parents lived from hand to mouth but made sure they provided him with all he needed to excel in life. They took education seriously and encouraged Petrello to make the best of whatever little they could provide. Petrello was a brilliant young boy and showed great potential. He especially enjoyed mathematics and was very good at it. His determination earned him a full scholarship to Yale University where he studied mathematics. Even there, with brilliant minds from all over the U.S. and other countries, he stood out as a top performer. He later went to Harvard Law School where he studied human sciences.

After school, Tony Petrello did a number of odd jobs before finally landing a job at Nabors Industries. He became the CEO after working with the company for almost 30 years. Such dedication and commitment is not easy to come by. Anthony is one of the highest paid CEOs but unlike other business leaders whose incomes are unaffected by the performance of their businesses, a big percentage of his income is dependent on the company’s performance. This is part of his commitment to recommended corporate governance best practice, and it is one of the reasons why Nabors is doing so well under his leadership. Since 2011 when he became the CEO of Nabors, the company’s share price has almost tripled, making it one of the leaders in the oil and gas industry.


While Tony Petrello knows that his discipline and commitment are the main reasons why he has had such a successful career, he does not fail to recognize the sacrifices of everyone who helped him through his journey, right from his parents to his teachers, friends and colleagues. Even with all his achievements, Anthony does not rest on his laurels but continues to aspire to greater things. Petrello is also passionate about giving back to the community, and he and his wife often make donations to various philanthropic organizations. He has truly set the bar high for other business executives.


Lori Senecal Is Named One Of The Most Creative People In Business

Lori Senecal has been highlighted by Fast Company as one of the top 100 most creative people in business. Mrs. Senecal was listed because she emboldens clients. She serves as the chief executive officer of marketing agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky since 2015. Her business creativity has increased the revenue of CP+B by about 21% thanks to her creative and bold leadership. One of her beliefs is that creativity is not a talent or skill, but also a behavior.


Mrs. Senecal has helped create some standout marketing campaigns for the following Crispin Porter + Bogusky clients. Under her helm, CP+B had helped to create an online tool that let users of the Letgo application create short TV style clips about the items they were listing for sale on the app. This program is called Commercializer and it helped spurn the Letgo app to reach a landmark 45 million downloads.


Another creative and technologically savvy campaign led by Lori Senecal was when CP+B teamed up with NBA 2K and the Fitbit device. Crispin Porter + Bogusky helped link the Fitbit app with the NBA 2K video game. The link created the chance for video game players in NBA 2K to improve their virtual created players’ skills based on the exercise they do with their Fitbit. This not only enhances the enjoyment for both the video game and Fitbit, but also motivates people to get moving.




Lori Senecal has been interviewed by several online websites that focus on entrepreneurs and businesswomen. She recently did an interview with Inspirey which inquired about her business and how she manages her organization. Some highlights of the interview are provided below.


Ad Week asked Lori Senecal how she makes money in her field. Her response was that she makes money when other people make money. In advertising your effectiveness revolves around helping other people sell products or services. Another question asked of Lori Senecal was what she thinks the future holds for the marketing sector. Mrs. Senecal said that she believes the internet is changing the marketing field. It is creating new opportunities and also changing the way business is conducted at the same time.


Read: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2017/05/16/how-cpb-getting-its-miami-mojo-back-with-brazilian-twist

Matthew Autterson A Complete Review of his Impressive Career over the Years

Matthew Autterson is the CEO and President of CNS Biosciences Inc. The company was set up in 2013 by Dr. Scott Falci for clinical stage drug research and development that would aid in neuropathic pain drug discovery. He is also the Managing Partner at GL3B Partners Limited which is an advisory company offers its clients with comprehensive business solutions.

Matthew Autterson is an alumnus of Michigan Stet University from where he received his Bachelor’s in Finance. He then went to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. His first job was at the First Trust Corporation that he joined soon after he completed his education. He then chartered a Colorado Trust Company along with few of his classmates, and they did it as one of the subsidiaries of Integrated Resources. He was soon appointed to the position of the President of Resource Trust Company. In 1989, the company was bought by Broad Inc and was renamed SunAmerica Inc that was again merged with another company in 1998. It was in 2001 that Resource Trust Company was purchased by Fiserv from AIG. During that time, the company was already one of the biggest state chartered trust companies in the US. The company had over 700 employees and over 200,000 clients that they served. Matthew Autterson gained great experience while working for the company and helped him achieve what he has achieved today.

<p>Matthew Autterson is on the board of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, commonly known as FAB. FAB is a non-profit organization that offers assistance to people with neurological problems. The organization partners with medical centers and technology experts to create systems that would help in the rehabilitation of such patients and allow them to adapt to the environment. Using their Adaptive Motorsports Program, the organization encourages people with such disability to come forward and seek help. Matthew Autterson personally takes interests in the day-to-day activities of the FAB. He meets physical therapists, recreational experts, and wheelchair experts to find newer ways to make the lives of the disabled a lot easier.

Matthew Autterson is also a philanthropist though he likes to keep his contributions private. He is on several boards of organizations such as Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Zoo, Denver Hospice and Webb-Warring Foundation. He is also one of the members of the popular Young Presidents Organization and the World Presidents Organization. He is also an active member of YPO Rocky Mountain Chapter that offers a platform for chief executives in the country to interact, share and grow.


Nick Vertucci Is Helping People To Achieve Their Financial Goals In The Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci is a prolific real estate developer. Presently, he is helping people to achieve their financial goals. He is the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, a company that offers adequate tools and resources to active real estate investors. With an impressive success story, Nick has always share his expertise and insights with the public. He created an institution using the same system that he used to generate millions in the real estate industry to allow others to succeed. NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) offers investors with adequate information to enable them to face their daily challenges. With a highly trained team of professionals, the institution guides the students through the entire process from securing a deal, repairing the property and selling it. The NV community of investors and private lenders raise huge amounts of money to fund the students monthly.

Nick Vertucci’s NVREA not only teaches students how to create wealth, but also the different ways of achieving long-term financial freedom. The academy teaches students about asset protection, commercial investments, wholesaling and flipping contracts, and rehabbing and flipping properties. In addition, NVREA leverages students’ IRA while offering them 401k to support their investments. They buy and hold properties to enhance long term cash flow and offer commercial investment services. Nick founded the academy in 2013. The company’s educational programs rank as the most sough-after in the nation. NVREA has helped thousands of students to make profits in the competitive real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci’s journey to success is a proof that one’s past does not dedicate their future. Nick comes from a humble background. After the death of his father, he watched his mother strain to give his siblings and him a decent life. Nick ventured out to fend for himself by founding his first business of selling computer accessories. Even though Nick managed a successful business, he had not learn to save for the future. Things came crashing down in 2000 following the dot com buzz. With a wife and three daughters, life became difficult for him. He lost everything apart from their home. He was in big debts. This is when his friend invited him to attend a 3-day real estate training workshop. Being in a desperate situation to make money, Nick accompanied his friend. After attending the first class, he was inspired to attend more seminars. The education that he acquired helped him to become a millionaire in real estate industry. Today, Nick Vertucci is one of the most respected real estate investors in the country.

Nathaniel Ru Sets the Boundaries for Something New

Nathaniel Ru has become an excellent business leader when it comes to the franchise restaurants that he is starting. Food lovers tend to show abundant interest in Sweetgreen, and the investors are still trying to give him more money to see just how creative he can get.

Right now Nathaniel Ru has his mind set on the cashless restaurant concept. It is something that he is proposing, and he is already starting to put this into effect in some of the Sweetgreen restaurant locations. He feels that this will be something that can increase safety inside of his restaurant environment, and it also creates a cleaner environment because the workers that do not have to deal with cash money.

This is the type of innovation that people can expect from Nathaniel Ru. He already excited people with his fresh fruits and vegetables that were part of the Sweetgreen menu, but few people knew that that would be the very beginning of a long streak.

Nathaniel Ru has definitely been able to push the boundaries and come up with some creative ideas for the Sweetgreen restaurant that he has created.

This is all apart of the Nathaniel Ru creativity that the venture capitalists could see from miles away. They know that Nathaniel Ru is someone that thinks outside of the box. They don’t have to worry that he is simply duplicating what someone else is doing.

To the countrary, Nathaniel Ru has stepped into the fast-food industry as his own man. He has presented the type of alternative to traditional fast food that makes people stop and take notice. It has been a long time since anyone has been able to say something like this.

That is what makes people appreciate what Nathaniel Ru is doing. He is stepping outside of his comfort zone, and he is creating a menu that looks like nothing else that has been seen before.

The warm bowls that he has put into place are great for people that want the very best when it comes to fast food that is healthy. It almost seems like a contradiction when one thinks about the possibility of fast food that is actually healthy.

Nathaniel knew that this would be a stretch when it came to creating a whole new fast food franchise, but he also realized that there was a great time to try something that was new.

Logan Stout is about Baseball and Provides Health Supplements through IDLife

Ever since Logan Stout was a child, it was very clear he would become a baseball player. It was obvious to everyone around him that the boy loved the sport and was very good at it. As an adult, Stout was a great professional baseball player and was at exactly 17 World Series as the coach of a team or as a player. Stout did not limit himself to Baseball and he got a BA in Business from Panola. Stout also earned an additional degree in Psychology from the University of Dallas. Logan Stout was also a player of the Fort Worth Cats after he finished college. Stout is now content to mentor promising younger athletes in Baseball.

Logan Stout founded baseball organization called the Dallas Patriots, which was created with the objective of mentoring younger and talented Baseball athletes. Stout is presently working as the CEO of the Dallas Patriots. The Dallas Patriots primary business is baseball clinics, baseball camps, and they also offer personalized individual private baseball classes. Dallas Patriots believes in helping the community and the importance of giving back to it. The organization feels it is of great value to identify baseball players’ skills and make them the best they can.

Logan Stout decided to provide quality health care products through a company that he established in 2014, called IDLife. IDLife offers specially developed healthcare products including energy supplements, shakes, weight management pills, and sleep strips. IDLife had representatives that assist clients with their assessment questions that fill out the IDlife’s questionnaire. Customers are given product suggestions that attend to their individual’s health product requirements.

Logan Stout wrote and had “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams” published. Because he is also a motivational speaker, Stout has spoken to substantial crowds all over the country. Stout has also been interviewed by Child Magazine. Stout also has also been on radio interviews as well as in a number of newspaper articles.

Logan Stout spends most of his time in Frisco, Texas where IDLife is located since he is their CEO. IDLife employs approximately 150 individuals. ID Life can also be found on the larger social media platforms.

IDLife helps their clients to get to their best possible health with the company’s nutritional supplements. ID Life values its clients and wants them to control their positive health progress.

The Milestones attained by Amicus Therapeutics

What is Unique about Amicus Therapeutics?


Amicus Therapeutics is a publicly owned pharmaceutical company that is located in Cranbury in New Jersey. The company has been public from 2007 using the FOLD symbol under NASDAQ. It is distinguishable from other similar companies given that the medicine niche that they address is unique and uncommon. As a global biotechnology firm, the company utilizes modern technologies and research to develop evidence based therapies and treatments for these orphan diseases. The drugs manufactured at Amicus Therapeutics are to cater for the orphan and rare disorders. They selectively and keenly seek to address these needs as a result of the company’s desire and priority for their patients.


The chairman and chief executive officer, John Crowley asserts that their desire to ensure the achieving of the bold vision associated with addressing the devastating diseases that only the passionate and strong willed can attain. The Amicus Therapeutics team have remained in the industry because of their persistence and resilience and a commitment to see good health among the patients. The team spirit allows the company to excel they try to personalize the challenges experienced by their patients such that they work like it’s they or close friends or family who are suffering from the rare disease (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/amicus-therapeutics). The outcome of such a team is great results and incredible improvement of health and outlook for their patients.


Products available at Amicus Therapeutics


Amicus Therapeutics lead product candidate is known as migalastat which is a customized drug which is in its final stages of development that has been manufactured for the treatment of patients with Fabry disease based on the genetic diagnosis. SD-101 is another product on the late stages of development which offers treatment for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB is a rare genetic disorder of the connective tissue. In the development of therapy, Amicus Therapeutics uses Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART) platform and biology related technologies to develop treatments for Lysosomal Storage Disorders, Pompe disease, among other rare and devastating diseases. The dedication of Amicus Therapeutics ensures that there is hope for humanity, as diseases are now easily manageable (Twitter).