The Leading Organizations that Advocate for Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights

Across the world, people are facing human, migrant and civil rights violations. Therefore, many organizations have been formed to help in fighting and advocating for these essential rights. A good number of them are well structured and well-funded. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

These organizations aim to ensure that human rights violations are minimized through educational campaigns as well as helping victims get justice. Below is a detailed discussion of these instrumental groups.

American Immigration Council is one of the organizations that has been in the front line in honoring the USA’s immigrant history. The group has been working hard to shape how Americans feel and act towards immigration currently. The organization educates citizens on immigrants past and present contribution to American culture. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

It achieves this through international exchange programs as well as educational programs. The American Immigration Council promotes humane immigration policies and help immigrants get justice through its legal and policy programs. The group also makes sure that immigration laws honor human rights as well as constitutional mandates.

Justice that Works is another group that is working hard to ensure the rate of incarceration is reduced across Arizona. The organization was found by attorney Heather Hamel to help empower community’s live healthier and safer lives. The organization noticed that the state has the fastest growing and largest inmate populations across the USA.

Most of the incarcerated people are black meaning there is high racial discrimination in the state. As a result, this organization advocates for restorative justice tailored by neighborhood courts. They also work with citizens in coming up with solutions that will improve their lives while reducing inmate populations.

When it comes to human rights global advocacy, Advocates for Human Rights has been instrumental. The organization has been in the front line in pushing for human rights agendas and aims at promoting human rights advocacy globally.

The group also investigates human rights violations worldwide and helps victims get justice. On top of that the organization trains influential human rights organizations.

The fourth influential group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization was formed by two founders of Phoenix New Times; Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalists have been instrumental in advocating for human and civil rights. They formed the group using $3.75 million they received as compensation after they were wrongly arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This organization has been supporting many human, civil as well as immigrant rights organizations. On top of that, the group has been helping many low-income families and individuals in earning equal rights as others.

How the Life Line Screening and Bone Density Index works

Over 44 million Americans suffer from a disease called Osteoporosis, which causes intense back and joint pain, along with loss of height and other symptoms. This disease is caused by a weakening of the bones and can leave the sufferer crippled and in pain for life. Many people don’t even know they have the problem, though, unless they are unfortunate enough to experience a bone fracture. This is why the disease is often referred to as the silent disease. Although Osteoporosis is often painless in its early stages, there are some common symptoms experienced among a large portion of those with the disease. These include not only bone fractures in the hip, wrist or spine, but a change in posture, sudden pain in the back, or a loss of height.

While the cause of Osteoporosis is generally linked to an imbalance between old bone resorption and new bone formation, there are a number of factors that can contribute to the disease. Some of these factors are race, physical inactivity, consumption of alcohol and a low-calcium diet.

As with many other diseases the sooner Osteoporosis is diagnosed the better, as medical treatment can begin earlier. That’s where Life Line Screening comes in.

Life Line Screening uses pulse echo ultrasound to assess the risk of Osteoporosis. The process measures the thickness of the proximal portion of the tibia, one of the long bones in the lower leg. But how does it work? During the screening the doctor passes an ultrasound transducer over the lower leg. The transducer, connected to a diagnostic machine, projects pulsed sound waves that echo off the bone. The transducer then collects the echoes and transmits them to the diagnostic machine for diagnosis. The process doesn’t take long, and is the best way to determine if one suffers from Osteoporosis.

Do not let back and joint pain scare you, though. Most of the time Life Line screening results are normal, providing peace of mind for the person being tested. In some cases, though, the screening can identify potential problems early one so that the customer can get a head start on treatment.

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Lime Crime Diamond Dew Shadows Are Perfect When Worn With Unicorn Hair Dye

Would you be interested in a beauty product that leaves your eye’s looking as if they have been kissed by diamond tears? IF you want to find a beauty product that does just that, you will want to check out the Diamond Dew Lime Crime makeup line. The new product that is being launched by Lime Crime is available in eyeshadow as well as in lip care products.

Ever since Lime Crime has been on the market, they have had successful product after successful product. Each product that they are releasing is a huge success among makeup enthusiasts that love to wear colors that most find to be outrageous. With that being said, the Diamond Dew product line is joining the team as an outrageous product for those who love sparkles and glitters in their makeup lines.

With colors named after starlight and visions, there is no surprise to those who follow the makeup line when they are greeted to the hot new colors being created by Lime Crime.

LimeCrime is also releasing more makeup options as well as their new line of temporary hair dye. The new hair dye colors are perfect for darker hair and are intended to be worn by brunettes however they can be used on lighter shades as well. If you want to really make a statement, you will want to use the new Diamond Dew lip color and eyeshadow with the new hair dye shades.

With color choices named after women’s favorite things, who wouldn’t want to purchase Lime Crime’s new makeup line. If you want to find the perfect balance of darkness and sparkle, the Chocolate Diamond shade would be perfect for beauty enthusiasts.

If you want to purchase the hair dye made by Lime Crime, you can opt to pick colors that will flow nicely with your attitude and beauty. The Chocolate Cherry is one form of the hair dye color choice as well as the Sea Witch hair dye choice. When you wear these colors with the appealing diamond dew shadow, the look you are going for is definitely easily achievable.


OSI Group has been ranked among the biggest and strongest suppliers of meat products to the US foodservice operators since 1909. This can be attributed to the fact that red meat is a steady diet. The Group’s global operations supply meat products, pizza, and vegetable products alongside sauces and other foods.

OSI Group, with its manufacturing amenities all over the world, maintains its operations as a private company. It has over 50 facilities in 17 countries and is planning to begin its activities in China since it has the largest market worldwide. OSI revealed its plan to set up seven processing and production amenities globally. In September, OSI commenced construction work on a beef processing amenity in Poland. A modern feed mill of 600,000 metric tons was then opened in January in Shandong province and became one of the largest feed mills in China. Last March, a frozen foods processing plant set to be in Madanapalle, India was posted online. It’s meant to specialize in the processing of vegetable products for restaurants and retail.

Following its excellent management of environmental hazards, the British Safety Council conferred OSI Group a renowned Globe of Honour Award for 2016 celebrated at Draper’s Hall in London, November 25, 2016. To qualify for the Globe of Honour, an organization had to attain five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit plan between August 2015 and July 2016.

The Flagship Food Group based in Denver handed OSI Group based in Aurora Illinois, Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is mandated to supply sous vide products, frozen poultry, and pies together with mayonnaise, sauces to the UK foodservice market. After acquiring Calder Foods, a supplier of sandwich fillings, sauces, marinades, mayonnaise and dips in UK, Flagship Europe enlarged its existence.

The OSI Group has a base in Chicago where they bought a food processing plant and storage warehouse that was under the management of Tyson Foods. Tyson’s Foods ran the Chicago plant until November 2015 when they revealed its closure together with a plant in Jefferson to increase efficiencies. The facility’s purpose is to give the infrastructure to boost the business growth. The identity of products to be produced remained unmentioned.

OSI Group ensures the safety of their customers by engaging equipment manufacturers who come up with processes that help in food safety and quality. It has also employed agriculture suppliers who ensure that products are properly grown. They work with their customers from the beginning and provide them with the ideas that they want to attempt.

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Felipe Montoro Jens’ Strategies to Advance Rio’s Education Model

Felipe Montoro Jens is spearheading a variety of operations geared towards advancing Rio de Janeiro’s kids education network. The state’s mission is to create more places in day education centers as well as in pre-schools. At the moment, Marcelo Crivella intends to secure approximately 60,000 new positions in the education sector by 2020. For the realization of this vision, Felipe Montoro Jens provides the significance of collaborating with the Public-Private Partnership. PPP’s specialty is in the construction of educational facilities as well as the providence and maintenance of instructional equipment. According to Montoro Jens, PPP is the perfect agency for the intended reform due to its current phase. Being in the feasibility studies stage guarantees Felipe Montoro Jens and the executives in the education segment a successful transition due to attending to the sector’s specific needs.

Felipe Montoro Jens postulates that the success of the project requires not only social support but also financial support. As such, the International Finance Corporation hired almost $2.3 million for the facilitation of the project. Also, IFC applies its financial resources, innovative thinking, skills and worldwide exposure to help the executives overcome their related financial and operational challenges. Additionally, Felipe states that the International Finance Corporation plays significant roles in offering consulting services to analyze PPP’s feasibility research.

Besides being monitored by IFC, Public-Private Partnerships performs its duties diligently for the creation of quality buildings and equipment. The possibility of the company’s collaboration with other private institutions is a diligent alternative for the government to fill the scarcity element associated with public entities. In Felipe Montoro Jens’ opinion, the contracting system offered by the Public-Private Partnership is based on an administration-signed contract by both private and public organizations. The collaboration of these institutions will thus facilitate the augmentation of the intended new spaces in the education industry.

Reaping the Benefits of Ganoderma With Organo Gold Products

For coffee lovers, two recent studies carried out by researchers might come as good news. These studies, which were carried out in the US and Europe show that there is reduced risk of death as a result of life threatening illnesses in coffee drinkers as opposed to non-coffee drinkers. The studies monitored hundreds of thousands of people, and took into account factors such as age and smoking, which might affect one’s health.

While the recent studies consider the benefits of coffee, there are some studies that find coffee harmful to some extent. If you love coffee, you may want to look for healthier options so as to reap its benefits. One of the coffee options which more and more people are going for include those that contain ganoderma. If you are looking for such brands, Organo Gold is definitely one of the best options in the market at the moment. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Why Organo Gold?

Most people drink coffee without realizing what it does to the body. Healthier options like Organo Gold coffee come with many health and nutritional benefits. For starters, ganoderma is a herb which contains components that not only boost the immune system, but also help in fighting free radicals. Ganoderma is a herb which grows in parts of Asia.



When establishing Organo Gold back in 2008, Bernardo Chua, the company’s founder, wanted to create a brand that would promote wellness. The company has a wide range of beverages, and other products. With many customers in various parts of the world, the company continues to spread the benefits of ganoderma.

For anyone who would like to be part of the Organo Gold community, it is as easy as ordering the products directly from them or their suppliers worldwide. You can also take advantage of the discounts on some of their products. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Experience is the Best Teacher: Imran Haque

Patients visiting any medical facility expect the nurses and doctors to be caring, ones who offer outstanding medical services, a well-trained and informed, highly-respected and most importantly a fully licensed medical expert. It would be a danger to the lives of innocents if any doctor did not possess any of these qualities.

Imran is all these and more. He specializes in internal medicine. His medical qualifications are quite impressive. They include a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo and an M.D at the University of Virginia. In 1998, he graduated with honors and to date he has a19 year experience resume. To find him, one would probably need to go to Asheboro, North Carolina because it’s where he practices medicine: at Horizon Internal Medicine most of the time. He has been treating patients for over 15 years. He has gained a high level of expertise he uses to handle a lot of illnesses and in his medical examinations through his experience. Imran Haque is a dedicated, committed and loving to the residents of Ash eboro who visit him at his offices and facility.

Doctor Haque performs routine physicals; he offers 360 resurfacing, weight management, and diabetes treatment options among others. He provides laboratory and ultrasound services in-office enabling him to diagnose his patients’ problems and give a solution or referrals to specialist when required.

Doctor Imran partner’s with hospitals including Randolph Hospital, Lexington Memorial Hospital Inc, Southeastern Regional Medical Center, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Firsthealth Montgomery Memorial Hospital and collaborates with other specialists in medical group Horizon Internal Medicine Pllc.

Based on some reviews by different patients who have been attended to by Imran, they have specified that he is a professional and caring medical practitioner who is concerned about the health of the residents in Asheboro, North Carolina. Many admire him for his connection with every client and his ability to pay considerable attention to details thus ensuring they receive the best medical care. He is looked p to by many future doctors of the same field too. He indeed has a fan base with no negative and only good to speak of him.

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World of Economics and Capital Management with Sahm Adrangi

Kerrisdale capital a company that sahm adrangi is involved with has managed to raise about $100 million with he aim of using the money to raise the stock of a new public company that is to be unveiled later. Together with kerrisdale analyst Shane Wilson there are plans to promote the new company through website, blogs and videos in order to make their company attractive and convince people. The new company shall be unveiled in May. Kerrisdale usually bets against or for companies stocks which usually gives them a return of around 28% annually. Hedge fund is one of the investors in the new company whose name is yet to be released to the public.

Sahm adrangi founded kerrisdale capital and he is currently the chief investment officer. He has been present in the firm since it was launched in 2009. Sahm adrangi founded the company with just $1million dollars but as of now $150 million dollars is under his management at this firm. He graduated from the University of Yale with a degree in economics. He began his career at deutsche bank. At the same time he was there to advise bankrupt creditors committees and how they could restructure. His main purpose through his publications is to clear make it clear on the prospects of companies such as kerrisdale. Through his publications he develops better understandings on stocks that is usually poorly understood in the market. He is also a public speaker and has participated in various conferences such as sohn conference

By exposing companies that are participating in fraud Sahm adrangi has ensured trust in stock investments. Sahm adrangi has also developed interests in the biotechnology sector where he has various publications on companies such as pulse biosciences, zafgen and sage therapeutics. There is also published kerrisdale report on the telecommunication sector. Sahm adrangi is also involved in with other investments. Earlier in 2013 he worked in Lindsay Corporation to oversee and manage the corporation cash distribution together with allocation strategies. Through all these we can see that this is a man of vision who is ready to take he world of economics to greater heights