Susan McGalla Is Pittsburgh Tough

Susan McGalla understands the stigma that women can face in the marketplace, especially when it comes to executive roles that are traditionally male-dominated. She started her career with that understanding in the back of her mind, as she has blazed a trail for women all around the world who seek leadership positions. In at recent interview with, Susan discussed her view on gender and ethnic diversity in management. She believes that simply having initiatives that provide positions to women is not the answer to true diversity. She thinks that executive sponsorship is a better way to ensure that women who are qualified are given the opportunity to learn and prepare for those roles when the time comes.

Susan is one tough cookie, and one must understand where she came from to fully enjoy her story. McGalla grew up in a working class family, with a football coach father and 2 brothers. She was given no special favors by her father and brothers, as they treated her like one of them. This instilled the toughness that is necessary in the sometimes shark-infested corporate world.

Susan McGalla graduated from Mount Union College and started her career at American Eagle Outfitters as a merchandise buyer. She quickly moved up into management, eventually becoming President of the company After many successful years there, she moved onto become CEO of apparel company, Wet Seal, Inc. She then opened her own consulting firm, P3 Consulting, before taking the position of Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her toughness and perseverance is very much welcome in perhaps the toughest city in the country.

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Deepening Customer Relationships With Market America

In the new emerging market, relationships are among the most important aspects of business. One of the reasons that relationships are so important is because each customer is different. It is becoming more apparent that it is important to understand the needs of individual customer so that they can be met more. This is one aspect of marketing that Market America is working on. This type of marketing that is being utilized is called one to one marketing. This is where marketers meet with their customers in order to understand their needs. This deepens the relationship and helps customizes the marketing and the merchandising to the needs of the customer.

One of the reasons that this is important is that businesses are kept open by returning customers. While one can get new customers as well, if every customer only bought from a business once, then it is not going to last a while. This is one of the reasons that Market America encourages its clients to work on building its value with the individual customer. Once value is established, then the customer will be more likely to return to the company to buy more products and services.

One of the best things about Market America is that it does not offer suggestions on the strategies, it also clarifies on its suggestions so that its members can better carry out the new strategies that are suggested in the company. One of the best things about this marketing technique from Market America is that people are more likely to gain loyal customers. One to one marketing is such an important strategy to the success of a business that some of the newer brands are using this approach to gain and keep customers. This also results in some of the most fulfilling work that a marketer can be a part of.

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The Support Of George Soros To The Non-Profit Organizations

George Soros put himself on the map of the world through the significant role he has played in the scene of philanthropists. The concept that he put into practice was meant to create transformation in the community and create avenues for the human rights and democracy in the society. Most of the agendas run by the organization called Open Society Foundation are under his care. He is the person behind all the operation in the agency. Soros made a considerable donation to the body worth $18 billion. It was termed as the massive contribution ever made by any team in the private segment.

Open Society Foundation is the top foundation fighting for the equality in the community in the United States. The organization has managed to open various auxiliary braches on other parts of the world. The body has played its role in the field for not less than 30 years. Several accomplishments have recorded through its mission. The level of its services has been registered in more than 120 states across the globe. The agenda of the organization in boosting level of democracy and equality has come with many challenges. One of the primary challenges is the resistance from opposing institution. The excellent leadership and foundation set by Soros have helped the body handled all the problem successfully. Open Society Foundation earned praises by from humanitarian organizations after supporting the third world nation which had the cases of Ebola. The agency boosted the operations of health facilities through provision of the required services and via the financial aid. The other development scheme that Open Society Foundation formed part of the team steering it was the Roma art and culture. The core reason for supporting was to promote the progress of improvement in the region. The approximate amount that Soros has invested in the Open Society Foundation ever since its inception is around $800 to $900 million within a single year. 2017 was the termed to be the period that he made substantial donation worth$18 billion.

The factor that has contributed to the success of the Open Society Foundation is the excellent team of leaders running its operation. George Soros has been the primary person who delegates responsibilities and checking all corners of the management. He has placed in the system of the institution a perfect link that has enabled the smooth flow of communication. The step has led to the excellent coordination of services particular entailing the programs of the organization. The management of the Open Society Foundation has also stretched its limits in providing scholarship to some of the university students in the United States. He supports a lot of the students in the Republic of South Africa in the year 1979. The reason for doing so was to rescue them from the incidents of the apartheid. Soros has also funded the visit of Communist Hungary by a team of diplomats to enhance good relations with the West. The effort he has placed in the transformation sector has gained right support from many nations including the United States. Soros together with his team also fought against racism and LGBTI.

George Soros has made core contribution in fostering democracy and human rights in the society.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina Contributes His Rich Industry Experience To Sussex Health Care

Born in1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is currently one of the renowned dental surgeons in entire Europe. Sachedina is a product of Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London, England.

Shafik is a reputable, qualified, and experienced dental expert. He has practiced his profession in England over the years. The quality of his services, as well as his commitment to the profession, has seen him work with several reputable healthcare facilities in the region.

Dr. Sachedina is currently serving as Sussex Health Care Company’s joint chairman. Sussex Health Care now has about 20 homes. Each of the facilities offers quality-care services to senior citizens and people living with particular disabilities. Apart from his leadership role at Sussex, Shafik is the head of the Department of Jamati Institutions and is responsible for coordinating the programmes and activities of the Ismaili community’s 16 principal institutions. He is also tasked with managing partnerships with the Ismaili Institutions in Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

In addition, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a committee member of the AKDN and chairman of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. Sachedina served Britain’s dentistry industry for decades before pursuing his interest in residential care. His philanthropic works have stood out through his voluntary services to some of Europe’s biggest healthcare organizations. Dr. Sachedina previously volunteered to serve as the president of the Ismaili Council for the U.K for two consecutive terms. He adds a rich industry service experience to Sussex Health Care.

Read more: A delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation led by Shafik Sachedina meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov

About Sussex Health Care

Founded in 1985 as a single facility, Sussex Healthcare has grown to become an independent network of 20 residential care homes in the United Kingdom. The organization now has all its facilities staffed well-trained and certified doctors and nurses as well as state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Unlike other residential care homes, Sussex Healthcare prioritizes their patient’s quality of life. In addition to the company’s educational and recreational programs, the organization provides quality meals made by qualified chefs and from fresh ingredients.

Sussex Health Care facilities provide senior citizens with unique access to customized occupational therapy, reflexology, and physiotherapy services. Most of its facilities have 24/7 nursing support. The company recently opened a modern and fully equipped gym in keeping with its commitment to patients’ wellness. The facility is open to all Sussex Healthcare patients, as well as stay-at-home local senior citizens, offers, in addition to several other personalized services, hydrotherapy, and physiotherapy.

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Mike Baur’s and The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland. He received his bachelor’s degree from Bern University and the University of Rochester. When he was 16 years old, he started working in banking. While working for the bank, he was promoted to a Union Bank apprentice. When he received the apprentice job with UBS, a lifetime plan was presented to him. The plan outlined every promotion that he would receive while he was working there all the way up to retirement. Many of the bank’s customers loved Baur because he was young, but he was very knowledgeable when it came to banking. He received a job advising investors in Switzerland. Mike Baur advised people that made a lot more money than he had ever had the opportunity to manage. Although, the Union Bank of Switzerland looked forward to having Baur as an employee for entire career Baur left UBS. After leaving UBS in 2008, he got a job at Clariden Leu Zurich Office. He had many benefits at Clariden Leu, but he left in 2014 due to his loss of zeal after the recession. After the recession, the work at the bank became strenuous and now longer fascinated him.

Mike Baur decided to venture into helping tech entrepreneurs. To follow his passion, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory a short time after leaving the bank. He founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and his classmate for Bern University, Max Meister. The Swiss Startup Factory provides Swiss entrepreneurs with meaningful advisement and business training. They work to ensure that more businesses flourish in Switzerland. The companies they believe will be the most successful are given funds to start their business. They assist the new business for three months. When the three months are over the businesses are tasked with implementing what they learned during their partnership with Swiss Startup Factory.

In addition to Swiss Startup funding the companies that they feel will be successful, they have a contest to provide the company with the best plan and under $1 million in funds with quality investments. Mike works diligently to supply newcomers with great opportunities to grow.

Mike Baur has been a competent, dedicated, knowledgeable, and goal oriented employee and co-founder. Swiss Startup Factory has collaborated with other companies successfully thanks to his work. Baur has also got positions working for the corporations the Swiss Startup factory has partnered with so far.

Lacey and Larkin — Trump Threatens to Detain and Deport

Trump is notorious for decisions which make lifestyles extra tough for underrepresented groups of human beings. There are currently more than a half a-million blanketed immigrants living inside the u.s. under protective law. Trump seeks to rescind their protection.

Donald Trump introduced ideas that he could be rescinding safety presented to Nicaraguans, Hondurans, and Haitians under the TPS Act. He will do away with the TPS program and thousands of Latino households will be at risk for detainment and deportation. TPS was set up to defend folks who live in war torn countries and economic strife.

Under the act, the usa supplied a land of sanctuary. Households could relocate from oppressive international locations and perilous towns and construct a brand new existence for their households in America. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

TPS also presented a secure domestic space for refugees who had fallen on hard times due to natural disasters. After a terrible earthquake in El Salvador, hundreds of Salvadorians sought refuge inside the u.s.a.

The flow of legislation to rescind those protections comes as a shock. It’s no longer stunning to find out that Donald Trump hates immigrants, however it is a surprise to witness so much help and leniency in the direction of his blatant moves. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The protection offered underneath TPS averted immigrants from being detained and deported; they were additionally eligible to attain a worker permit for employment within the u.s. just like average American citizens.

TPS never offered permanent legal refuge; as an alternative, it became created to provide people a temporary reprieve from a disastrous situation. The prerequisites in the statute had been much like the ones presented in DACA.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin observe that the countries who received safety underneath TPS had been growing countries or international locations with susceptible economies. The large inflow of deportees from America will undoubtedly cause undue stress and extra burden on their strained economies.

The Trump administration has given Salvadorians until September 2019 to organize their departure and get there ordeals together. In the event that they have not left the us by that date, Trump threatens to include them in the developing list of undocumented residents and place them vulnerable to being detained and deported.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports immigrants and refugees who have been covered through TPS.

Families and people searching for reprieve must speak with their nearest immigration center and refer to the listing of charitable corporations Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have teamed up with.

Columbus Native David Giertz Offers Insight on Social Security Education and Its Benefits

The roles of a financial advisor encompass offering insight regarding profitable businesses. As a person who values aggressive investment, it is important to offer good advice to clients. All too often, investors face challenges in the industry. That is where a financial advisor comes in. Aside from that, a financial advisor bears the financial obligations of a client. That is why David Giertz is on the spotlight for highlighting the plea of financial advisors. David Giertz recently offered insight about social security and its benefits to retirees. The renowned financial advisor cited that financial advisors avoid the subject. To David, discussing the social security issues is a leading agenda in the industry.

Discussing Social Security with Clients

When it comes to investment and employment, an individual might swim through challenges. To eradicate the chances of losing resources, a financial advisor offers guidance. That is why Giertz is keen on guiding his teams from a distance. In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, he discusses transparency benefits. Arming yourself with the right financial strategy is beneficial. But, the idea can be far beyond reach when terminologies change. That is why for Giertz, discussing every aspect of the business idea is essential. He also noted that most clients would rather work for transparent financial advisors. Well, that highlights how easy losing a client is when social security is not discussed.

David’s Contribution

If you are a financial advisor, Giertz suggests that you will benefit out of transparency. Giertz is a renowned financial advisor. That is why he is upheld for tremendous input in the industry. His experience borders executive roles. Nationwide Financial is one of them. Before that, he was a lead executive at FI/WH. He served as the president. At Nationwide Financial, he streamlines the departments. Giertz commits to elevating clients in many ways. He believes that an astute financial advisor must bear the roles of offering good advice.

Social Security

Social security is an alarming issue. In retirement planning especially, it can double your income. Besides, its timing must be perfect for an individual to earm more. Starting early equates to losing more dollars in retirement. To be safe from such loses, talk to your financial advisor.

Barbara Stokes Innovator and CEO of Green Structured Homes

Barbara Stokes is the Innovative leader in Green Structured Homes. Barbara went to school at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. She studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics; she also studied there manufacturing and management, while graduating in 2001. With extensive experience from Pisces Corporation and Boeing, she went on to become CEO of GSH: Green Structured Homes in Huntsville, AL. Highly experience in government contracts Barbara has tackled the lead in Green Structure Homes in supporting the mission of FEMA and the United States Government. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Green Structured Homes offers in-house project management. With over 30 years’ experience and leadership in overall planning, foundation, development, installation, and inspection. Green Structured Homes provides innovative, high standard mobile and modular wood frame and steel structured homes throughout North America. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

State of the art technology, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient, these homes are Hurricane rated up to 130mph, mold, pest, mildew resistant, and customizable, with designs of one or two multiple bedroom family units to choose from. Also customizable, they offer state of the art kitchens and baths. Homes are manufactured off-site, requires little workforce and utilizes local resources. Once delivered on site these homes take a matter of days to be constructed.

As a mother of three Barbara Stokes is not only the innovative CEO behind Green Structured Homes but also a wife and she still finds time to give back as an active volunteer member in her community of Huntsville, Alabama. Barbara Stokes is truly a woman who is capable of during it all.


White Shark Media Advises People to Mind the Mobile World With Their PPC Strategies

One of the factors that marketers have to keep in mind is the mobile world. The mobile world has grown to the point that it is a viable option for people. The mobile phone has become one of the most common ways to access the web. As a matter of fact, the smartphone has become the standard phone for people to use. However, many businesses seem to ignore the mobile market. It does make sense because it seems to take a while for businesses to catch up with the technology. It took quite a few years sense the internet was released before the majority of businesses turned their attention online.

Among the marketers that see a lot of value in going mobile is White Shark Media. One thing that it is suggesting to users is to pay attention to the mobile users. One thing that White Shark Media urges users to do is optimize their ad campaigns so that it can be easily accessed on mobile devices. This could increase the conversion as well as the traffic to the site. The people who visit the website are more likely to come back to the site because of how easy it is to use on mobile devices.

One thing that tipped White Shark Media off on the importance of mobile advertising is when they have looked at the traffic and found that most of it was coming from mobile users. This shows them that they should be given consideration when advertising. Another thing that should tip online business owners off is that there are plenty of different mobile payment processors. One of the best things about the mobile internet is that it allows people to access from anywhere. Businesses are going after convenience. Therefore, the advertising and other forms of online content should reflect that.

Soros Does Not Stop The Right To The Freedom Of Speech

The freedom of speech is a very sensitive thing. While millions of people have the right to express their opinions about various subjects and matters; that does not give them the right to speak out as they please. This is especially true when talking about government and political leaders. Some people believe that George Soros is somehow forcing governments to crackdown on freedom of speech. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

George Soros is a firm believer in open societies. When a society is open it allows its citizens to worship without limitations, to earn a living within a competitive marketplace and to vote for their leaders. Some societies do provide their members the rights mentioned above. However, they do not like them speaking out against the government and its leaders. This is the problem that Soros is facing in Hungary.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the leading figure in Hungary. When certain media (reporters) personalities and former government workers speak out against him or criticize the government, it creates problems for the Prime Minister and other politicians. The Prime Minister and the Hungarian government are not tolerant of people speaking out against the government – free speech or not.

Nations such as Turkey, Hungary and Poland do have constitutional freedom of speech, but they do not allow people to go overboard with this right. Prime Minister Orban believes that George Soros is endorsing a lot of negative rhetoric toward his government.

He firmly believes that Soros is being a troublesome person toward Hungary. Prime Minister Orban and Soros have been vying back and forth for nearly a year over the immigrant issue. George Soros’s university has been another issue between the two men. Orban firmly believes that Soros is out to weaken the government with his liberal cause of an open society.

The American billionaire, Soros, is not out to ruin Hungary. He just wants to ensure that the freedoms and liberties that people enjoy, remain intact. He also wants processes such as immigration to continue because of the importance that they serve.

Soros is firm believer in liberal causes because he knows that they bring balance to a government. He does not want the government to constantly push its will on its citizens because things can become too out of balance. Soros works hard to ensure that life for people is just and that no government entity is abusing their power. You can find out more about Soros and this issue on the CNN website.

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