Southridge LLC; Brief Information

This will give information around a company by the name of Southridge Capital LLC. The founder of this company is named Stephen M. Hicks. One thing the team is able to advise on is a majority of shared issues. One example is optimized balance sheet management. This company is located in Connecticut and is a financial solution one. Since the year 1996 this team of structured finance has made $1.8 billion in direct investment. This went into growth companies globally. The expertise they have is located in the ability they have to build a plan of finance for therefore their prospective client. Then after that they need to accomplish the plan without any disappointment. Also, this company gets a special comprehension regarding the worries they are faced by growing companies.

According to PR Newswire, this company has a total of three different services. One of them is called “Credit Enhancing”. This helps companies enhance the creditworthiness they have by working with their creditors in the elimination of debt in order to display their favor of common stock. There is also “Securitization” which examines solutions that are thought “outside the box”. For example, monetizing the existing asset base a company has. One more example, is the “Financing Solutions”. In this category Southridge Capital gives different resources to fiscal issues to portfolio companies. They have products like the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) for example, This has companies move up their capital solely at their instruction. There are other procedures like convertible preferred stock, loans against common stock, and convertible debentures as well. Check out scribd for more.

Here is a brief description of what this company’s main task is. This banking firm has specialization in advising and funding companies of growth and small capitalization located in the public markets. Also, the clients always have the opportunity to get into a conversation with the CEO and founder Stephen Hicks. You can also receive an offer for an immediate fund, this can make the process direct and convenient at the same time. This company also focuses on two set apart features: Advisory and Structured Finance Services. Southridge has financed more than 250 public companies.

Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon with a difference

Mark Holterman clearly knows that the medical profession is a calling. The doctor takes his work so seriously, and he has played a leading role in changing the lives of young people in the American society. Mark Holterman is a pediatric surgeon who is currently living in Peoria Illinois (Markjholterman). The doctor is always happy to handle cases involving children, and this motivated him to specialize in this area. The medical professional works full time as a professor at the popular University of Illinois. At this capacity, the businessman has been instrumental in ensuring that the people looking up to him acquire the knowledge they are interested in. Holterman was given the prestigious position in the year 2011, and he has worked so hard to bring changes into the community.

Whenever he is not working at the university, the doctor loves taking care of his patients at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Mark is loved by young people who come to seek his services because of his kind nature. Unlike many people in this profession, Mark loves taking care of the kids, and this is why they always bond so well whenever they have to interact with him. His great relationship with children has played a primary role in the success of the businessman. It is very easy for Holterman to carry out his tasks at the hospital because of his behavior with the patients. While working as a pediatric surgeon, Mark has been helpful in the treatment of many people in the country. Holterman has several other responsibilities too. The renowned doctor is a member of several professional boards. Some of these include the American Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. These numerous activities make him a very busy person (

Holterman is a professional who enjoys a great career because of his educational background. According to the news published at his site, Mark acquired his medical degree from the prestigious Yale University. The doctor graduated from this learning institution after realizing that he was ready to venture into the medical profession and make an impact in lives of young children. The businessman has never disappointed his customers

Perry Mandera – a connection between commerce and the public

Perry Mandera’s influence in Chicago can be felt through it economy, government, and most importantly, it’s members of the community.

Through the economy it is his mark in the transportation industry, of which he has over 30 years of experience with as an executive. The Custom Companies is based in Northlake, Illinois which provides plenty of jobs that include domestic and international air freight, direct mail distribution, warehouse work and truck services that transports commodities and raw materials.

These jobs provide an invaluable services to small businesses as well as Fortune 100 corporations. A couple years after it’s inception, The Custom Companies exceeded 200 million dollars. Perry Mandera had the honor of being named one of the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium in the year 2000 by the Illinois Transportation Association. He then later became one of it’s board members

The Chicago City Police force won’t be facing the high crime alone thanks to Perry Mandera. His support to the Illinois State Crime Commission has assisted the police in getting a handle on crime. The ISCC is a nonprofit organization that coordinates with the Police Athletic League to reduce crime and juvenile delinquency. It offers police officers hands-on training to prepare them for dealing with potentially violent situations such as event security management, hand-to-hand combat, and fire arms. Mr. Mandera was awarded the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 and the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011

The community has benefited has a result of Perry Mandera’s contribution through the economy and public service, but not as directly as his charitable causes for children,the youth, veterans and cures for cancer. One notable act of charity is his donation which resulted in children receiving 6,500 winter coats to needy children

Helping children who are at a disadvantage will improve Chicago’s condition. Thanks to people like Perry Mandera and his company, The Custom Company, the windy city has a fighting chance.




MB2 Dental Helps Dentists Serve Their Patients

When someone goes to a dentist for help with their teeth, they want that dentist to focus on them and the unique needs that they have. Anyone who is looking to a dentist for help wants to know that the dentist will provide them with their full attention and the best dental care. MB2 Dental is out there to help dentists so that they can offer their patients the kind of help that is right for them. This firm was created by dentists to provide dentists with the help that they need to focus all of their attention on their patients. This firm was created to assist dentists in a variety of areas so that the dentists can focus more on their patients and less on other work that they need to get done.

MB2 Dental is a dental management firm. It is something that helps a dentist keep their office going in the best way. This firm is a practice development firm. It is there for those who are just starting out as dentists and who are in need of a little support and guidance. MB2 Dental provides dentists with all that they need to run their offices in an efficient way. Thsoe dentists who are looking to make the most of their time and of the work that is completed in their practices can find help through this firm.

This firm allows dentists to focus on the actual dental work that they have to do and leave the business side of things to others. This firm allows dentists to do the job that they were trained to do and know that their practice will keep running because there are other people working on the management side of things. MB2 Dental takes on the work of accounting for those dental practices that turn to the firm for help. This firm also takes on the marketing work that needs to be done. MB2 Dental handles human resource needs for dental practices and can take on some types of training work that need to be completed. This firm makes it easy for dentists to focus on their patients and not have to worry about the business side of their practice.

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Excellent Treatment At Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Cancer diseases have bothered people for a long time. For this reason, Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded. It was to offer treatment and care to cancer patients. Since 1988, the organization has been doing its best to offer quality treatment and care to all patients. Since patients have different conditions, the centers offer individualized care. Every day, the centers strive to do better for their patients.

CTCA is a combination of highly experience and qualified oncologists. This ensures that the organization is offering exceptional treatment and care to all patients. These oncologists also work with other specialists of various body systems and organs. Patients at CTCA can be assured that the management has their best interest all the time. At these centers, some of the treatment methods are radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. The organization is seeking new methods of improving treatment. Nowadays, treatment is becoming more specific on eliminating the cancer cells. Among these new treatments is immunotherapy. This type of treatment is responding well to patients. Particularly, it makes the body defense strong. As a result, the patient’s body is able to fight the illness from a strong position. Two people may be suffering from same type of cancer. However, there are differences in their situations. This is why CTCA customizes treatment to befit every patient. Doctors together with patients decide on the kind of treatment. Patients are at liberty to choose from their options. For example, a patient may choose surgery over chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Another may choose chemotherapy over surgery. Doctors at CTCA are supportive to patients and they offer sufficient advice before patients can make decisions.

The doctors and specialists recommend early start of treatment. A patient has better chances of fighting cancer successfully when treatment begins early. After the treatment process is complete, follow-ups and after-care are next in line. Another advantage of receiving treatment at CTCA is the advanced technology available at all centers. Patients have access to cutting edge technology taking care of them.

Suffering from any kind of cancer and going through treatment is hard. At CTCA, doctors, specialists and caregivers understand it. They offer emotional support and help the patients through this difficult time. They also encourage family and friends of the patients to support. Due to the attention and value CTCA extends to patients, they recover well. The centers aspire to advance their services and treatment as time goes by. Their mission is to continue giving excellence to the patients.

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Perry Mandera – A Transport Icon with a Heart of Gold

Perry Mandera’s vision led to the foundation of The Custom Companies in Illinois in 1986. He is the head of this company He is a frontrunner in the field of transportation and shipping. He has served in the United States Marine Reserves, where he gained experience in handling heavy transport vehicles (

Perry Mandera is a member of the board of Illinois Trucking Association. His company, the Custom Companies, is committed to delivering customer goods safely and responsibly. They use satellite navigation to transport goods and assure reasonable prices for their services. They offer national and offshore transportation services and storage solutions as well.

Perry Mandera has established himself and his firm as a leader in the field of transport. The Illinois Trucking Association named him as one of the Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium. This was a rare honor. Mr Mandera was also named Man of the Year in 1991 by the Italian American Executives of Transportation.

However, Perry Mandera is not one to reflect on his laurels for long. Perry Mandera is also known for his philanthropic acts. He is the founder of Custom Cares Charities. It is a non-profit society that primarily helps deprived and needy children. He generously contributes to several charities including the Jesse White Tumbling Team and the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation also assists disadvantaged children while the Jesse White Tumbling Team involves performances by a team of children and adolescents.

Perry Mandera also provided food to help with a rescue mission for Hurricane Katrina survivors. This amounted to 40 trucks of food supplies. He also supports the Lynn Sage Foundation for breast cancer research and support. He contributes to the medical center of the University of Chicago as well. The Catholic Charities USA are also a part of his charitable ventures. This foundation helps poor families in need of help. Perry Mandera enjoys tutoring children in sports such as baseball and football.

The list of humanitarian acts of Perry Mandera is endless. He is truly a transportation kingpin with a heart of gold.



Tony Petrello Helps To Drive Oil And Gas Industry

Today, Nabors Industries, Ltd., is one of the largest drilling contractors in the world, with an annual revenue that exceeded $2 billion in 2016. Headquartered in Houston, TX, as well as Bermuda, and with a staggering 30,000 employees, Nabors Industries has been influential on the oil and gas industry as a whole, helping to increase its growth tremendously. In 2010, they executed their largest acquisition, obtaining Superior Well Services.

At the age of 62, Tony Petrello was recently announced as one of the highest paid Chief Executive Officer in the United States according to the list released by the Associated Press. The head of Nabor’s Industries, Ltd, reportedly earned in excess of $15 million in 2016, based on a combination of stock options and yearly salary, reflecting the virtually unprecedented success that his company has enjoyed in the oil and gas industry since his rise to the top. Although Tony Petrello is currently one of the wealthiest CEO’s in America, he had to overcome humble beginnings in order to reach this level of success.

Tony Petrello was raised in a middle-class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, and with the help of a public school scholarship, he attended Yale University, where he excelled in mathematics. After garnering his B.S. and M.S., he moved on to Harvard Law School, graduating in 1979. His initial foray into law came when he joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm where he would eventually rise to the position of Managing Partner of the New York Office, before his exit in 1991. Upon leaving, Mr. Petrello was offered a job by one of Baker & McKenzie’s clients, Nabors Industries. After accepting the position, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming President and Chief Operating Officer. This trend would continue throughout his time with Nabors Industries, and by 2003 he’d become Deputy Chairman, taking the top slot, CEO, several years later in 2011.

Aside from running the company that he has helped to grow at an exponential rate since his arrival, Tony Petrello is an active philanthropist, citing it as one of his life’s passions. Upon learning that his daughter Carena would be faced with battling the rigors of cerebral palsy, he and his family began researching the condition, and quickly realized that the knowledge regarding developing brains was critically lacking. This prompted him to give the significant donation of $50 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital, in order to fund the Neurological Research Institute.

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Graham Edwards: Telereal Trillium CEO and Business Expert

Graham Edwards, became the CEO of Telereal Trillium in 2001. Under Graham Edwards leadership, Telereal Trillium became the market leader in property outsourcing and investments when he led the negotiations in the acquisition of Trillium, resulting in over £1 billion in combined annual revenues. Before joining Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards read Economics at Cambridge University and worked as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management.

Graham Edwards is an investor and philanthropist. As a business expert, Graham Edwards has a variety of business interests in areas such as mining, software development, and real estate. Graham Edwards is an active member of society who serves his community in roles outside of his duties as the CEO of Telereal Trillium. Some of the Boards and committees Graham Edwards serves on include One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, and British Friends of the Hebrew University. Graham Edwards is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

Trillium was established in 1997 to obtain the Department for Works and Pension portfolio. During 2000 Telereal was founded as a 50/50 joint venture with William Pears Ltd. Telereal Trillium was established in 2009 after Telereal purchased Tillium from Land Securities. One percent of the workforce in the United Kingdom is housed by Telereal Trillium. Properties managed by Telereal Trillium include The Department for Work and Pensions job centres. Telereal Trillium is regarded as one of the leading property companies in the United Kingdom. The company manages a portfolio which consists of more than 8000 properties and has a £6bn portfolio. Through strategic partnerships with the largest occupiers in the United Kingdom, Telereal Trillium has a long history of risk management, cost reduction ( Telereal Trillium is a privately held company which is headquartered in central London England.



Perry Mandera- Philanthropist, and Loving Chicago Resident

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist and helps out communities. Mandera serves in the USMC reserves and holds elected office. Perry Mandera gives to the community and has a real feel for community spirit– he has a former career as a truck driver and feels this has helped him in his community and to stay grounded. After an honorable discharged from the Marines, he returned to civilian life and worked on his skills- he founded his own business and then sold it.

Mandera also made his business into a Fortune 500 company – and also ran for office in 1984, as a Republican in Chicago Ward. He has donated food supplies to Louisiana and Mississipi for Hurricane Katrina relief and he supplies to wildfire victims- this would be helpful to the Holidays. Mandera personally coached football and baseball teams and also been active in the community. He also understands it important to help veterans any way possible. He was married in 1989 and remains integral to the community.

Regarding his status as Republican ward, he was the youngest person elected to that position in 2005. Custom Companies Inc. was stated by Mandera- and he has helped established this position ( Fortune 100 corporations and others have worked with Mandera. Mandera has really helped manage sporting competitions in the past also. He has gotten awards from competitions like the Illinois Crime Commission and is also a member of the Illinois Trucking Association – a board member in fact.

He is a member of the Jessie White Foundation Board is active in other associations. He ended up selling his own business in 1985. He also worked on the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jessie White Tumblers. And provided transportation to 6500 to needy Children in the Chicago area. He also provided to victims of the tornado that hit Washington, IL.


Bob Reina: This Is Greatness

When people see what someone like Bob Reina is doing, they realize they are seeing someone doing something that is truly great and truly special. It is not often that something like this comes along in the world today. However, Bob Reina has always been a trendsetter and always will be a trendsetter. It is why Talk Fusion has had such growth over the past decade. They have always been looking for ways to improve, strengthen the product, and keep the customers coming back for more. There is always going to be competition, no question, but with Bob Reina in charge, there is not a single thing to fear. Learn more:


One has to remember this man is a former police officer. Because of this, he has experienced a lot in his life. He has a lot of experience under his belt and he’s ready, willing, and able to do whatever is necessary to get the product out there. He is great in interviews and great with public speaking. He relishes the chance to talk to people about this video communications provider. In his mind, the more people that are made aware of it, the better the product will be and the more that people’s lives will be changed for the better. That is the ultimate goal of the company. He has even come out and said he is on a mission to change lives. He would not come out and say something like this if he did not mean it. He means every part of it and he backs it up with the work they have done.


In addition to all of that, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have worked hard to give back to as many charities as possible. They are all about doing good things for good people. One of the most notable things they did was make a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It saved countless animal lives, which really makes a big difference when you are talking about a humane society. They need as much funding as possible.


You can learn a lot about a person by how they give back their wealth. It would be easy for Bob Reina to just kick back, save his money, or spend it all on himself. While he is a saver for the future, there is enough money to go around to help people that need it. He also allows his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing as well. Bob Reina is always looking for the good in the world, and he is looking for good people to use Talk Fusion. He knows they will benefit greatly from it.