Milan Kordestani spent the majority of childhood in the state of California where he completed his high school education. He was born in the same locality before the separation of his parents that led to his relocation to the city of London in the year 2009. He attended Eaton square school in London but completed schooling at the Sacred Heart Preparatory.

Milan’s passion and successful career in horse riding started in his pre-teen ages at the age of ten. During an interview, Mr. Omid Kordestani testified that Milan showed resilience, sheer will, and determination when at one moment he was thrown off a horse but he stood up and rode the horse again. According to Mr. Omid, this was the separating moment for Milan from all the other kids who often after such an occurrence would shy off horse riding. With time, Milan showed the courage to work with world class horses and ambition to give a name for himself in the sport.

Milan started horse riding training in the same town he had completed his high school education. He was a quick learner at the sport and was able to resonate this through competing and winning several tournaments. Milan took the top position at the triple crown leg once and third at the third leg of the competition within the same year. Furthermore, he had also participated in the Worlds championship tournament where he led in the year 2016 and a year before was fourth place.

Milan has also proved to be innovative and business oriented through the formation of Milan farms while still in high school. The company generally focuses on poultry farming. It additionally produces saffrons and eggs. The company makes this possible by interlinking various farms across the united states for its production. Mr. Milan had an excellent opportunity by being the first farmer to implement the idea of microfiber growth of saffrons.

Performing his duty as the executive of his company, Mr. Milan has ensured that his company gives its consumers products that are highly organic. Creation of trust in dealing with natural products has created a brand for the company that has led to its expansion.

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NetPicks Is Gaining a Bit of Fame From Different Media

There are tons of trading and business advices on the internet. However, not all of them are going to become famous and recognized. One of the sites that offer a lot of advice for people online is NetPicks. They have gained a lot of fame and recognition for the type of advice they give. The success that is found when people read about the markets and the approaches that are needed, with trading in the markets gives NetPicks a good reputation. As more people have talked about the site, more people have been interested in learning about the site. This has caused people to want to bring more attention to NetPicks.

As with other successful sites, NetPicks has been featured across various media. One of the best things about this is that it introduces people to the site and in some cases to Forex trading. One thing that is certain is that many people are looking for ways to support themselves and make a life for themselves. A lot of people do not want to be stuck with a small amount of money even if they like their jobs. Forex is one of the best ways for people to make their money go places once they learn how to make it work for them.

While other sites that talk about trading in markets like Forex will give people techniques and strategies, NetPicks brings attention to the attitude and the mind-set which a lot of successful traders would say is roughly 90% of trading, learn more ( Therefore, the most important thing for people to do when they want to handle Forex trading or any type of business where they can make a fortune is manage how they think. They can do this through education and also unlearning a lot of lessons they have been taught growing up, useful source on

NewsWatch TV company reviews

The media company known as “News Watch” is an extraordinary brand that has shaped the financial income of various online and physical businesses. It has as well as brought a considerable amount of recognition to these businesses whether they are suffering from a loss of customers or looking for a greater opportunity. This media network is in affiliation with the well-known CBN News, as well as other brands such as “The Christian Broadcasting Network”, Nat Geo News, and others. This media station continues to provide quality news and information. They have done so by going to their farthest lengths to offer and maintaining a devotion to purpose in their work. News Watch not only has delivered for its viewers but as well, its affiliates and those that have (and are) continuing to do business with them. In this way, these companies have gotten the most out of News Watch’s services and have seen a great benefit in working with them. News Watch has worked with growing companies including “Contour”, Avanca, “Saygus”, Steelseries, and a great number of others. Their quality support spans wider to the maintenance of smaller businesses as well in the journey of granting them with more eminence. They’ve managed to help a great deal by spreading the word unto others through the media and naming a particular company’s existence.

News Watch is known to have worked with numerous well-known firms such as “D-Link”, “Intel”, “Audi”, “Outback Steakhouse”, and “Sony” to name a few. But despite keeping these mega corporation’s eminence in the people’s eye, they nonetheless assist other lesser known companies to get them on a mainstreaming level. A firm called “Contour” has been on the rise of excellency in recent years due to News Watch’s assistance of marketing. As a lesser known company based in Utah, the camera and sports gear selling firm has been able to increase its product sales due to News Watch’s media outlets. The help of the media outlet has increased Contour’s sales and a market sale to over 95 million households. The grand scale of expose was increased in such a short span of time that the incredible results caused the marketing manager of the company to announce a thank you speech.

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Herbalife Sports Sponsorship Makes A Serious Marketing Move

Jonathan dos Santos is the newest member of the Herbalife Nutrition sponsored athletes team. Jonathan is a midfielder for the LA Galaxy and also a member of the Mexican national team. He will be under contract with Herbalife until 2021. Herbalife is one of the premier nutrition companies in the world.

Image result for herbalife

Jonathan dos Santos is a committed athlete who understands that nutrition is extremely important. He has been a shining example of health throughout his career. Herbalife Nutrition is counting on Dos Santos to represent their company in the manner in which they originally perceived. Jonathan dos Santos will have access to the entire line of Herbalife products. Each of these items are certified to help athletes optimize their training to the highest level. Dos Santos will have the tools he needs to remain in peak condition.

Jonathan dos Santos knows that a finely-tuned nutrition plan is needed to exist in the world that he lives in. He and the Herbalife Nutrition team are looking to personalize a plan that will take Dos Santos to even higher levels. He already has experience with the Herbalife brand. He would begin his day with an Herbalife product and then finished with another one after practice. Jonathan used these recipes to build and maintain strength. He will now begin promoting his favorite product on the line which is the Banana Sunrise Shake. Dos Santos will also work in partnership with the companies initiatives, sports nutrition education and marketing team.

Jonathan dos Santos was born and raised in Mexico City. He started playing soccer with FC Barcelona before moving up to the Barcelona first team. Jonathan made it over to Villarreal CF where Dos Santos became a standout member of the team. He later signed with the LA Galaxy in 2017.

Herbalife continues to push its primary mission of reaching out to the rest of the world through diet and exercise. The company started operation in 1980 and dedicated its business model to helping people live better. Herbalife seeks out those who struggle with nutrition and diseases such as obesity. They find solutions that are designed to help sick people improve their circumstances. Herbalife has science proven products and look to inspire everyone to be as active as possible. The Herbalife Family Foundation delivers quality food to children in need.

Facts about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1954; he was born in a family of conservative middle-class people in Dubai. Sajwani attained an undergraduate degree in the field of economics from the University of Washington. Hussain has an eager desire to acquire knowledge. Hussain wanted to get the degree so that he could be able to pursue his career in the white collar professional. He was interested in working for regular hours. His official biography says that Hussein seems like a young man who was very ambitious. Sajwani went ahead to Baghdad to attend a medical college after being awarded a government scholarship, but he did not complete the course.

After he had finished his University degree in Economics from the University of Washington, he went to join GASCO where he served as the contract manager. He later left the job after a short time and joined the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. However, his destiny was to flourish as a very successful businessman.

In 1982, Sajwani founded his business which was named as DAMAC. DAMAC LLC finally became DAMAC Group owing to the hard work and smart skills of Damac owner. In the year 1992, Hussain established an investment company known as ZDICO Invest. He also founded the Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG that has a capital of more than US $125 million. Hussain is currently a board member of Emirates Takaful. He is also serving as a member of the board of Majan University College located in New York City.

In a published article from Al Jazeera, it mentioned that DAMAC Properties Dubai engages in the development of leisure, commercial and residential properties in the Middle East and Dubai. Damac also invests heavily in real estate projects. The Damac Group was established in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. The headquarters of the firm are in Dubai.

According to, in the start of 2013, DAMAC teamed up with Donald Trump so that they could develop Trump-branded golf courses. It is also worth noting that Hussain Sajwani family has a close relationship with Trump. The Trump International Golf Course located in Dubai was opened in February 2017. The Golf Course which was designed by Tiger Woods is set to be opened at the end of 2018 at a separate Damac development.

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PSI-Pay and Digital Wallets Revolutionizing Transactions

Although some people have not yet appreciated the purpose of the digital wallets, they play the role of the traditional leather billfolds but with a much more convenience and security. They create a single platform that combines credit, debit, and loyalty cards operations, replacing the need for numerous cards and paperwork. These wallets vary depending on the based location and consumer behavior and preferences.


The European market


Many people in Europe use digital wallets that have the ability to hold multiple currencies. In addition, the wallets can be linked up with debit cards and used to withdraw money from ATMs. It is the responsibility of the wallet provider to handle any arising disputes such as chargebacks. Different methods are used to deposit money in the wallets for example direct from checking accounts. Recently, people have started to use digital wallets for changing cryptocurrency into liquid cash.

Are digital wallets an alternative to the banks?

Although the concept of digital wallet does not offer entire benefits traditional bank provide, it can replace some basic functions of the bank. In the recent past, people have been migrating from checking accounts and totally relying on digital wallets for all of their transactions. There is no need to carry cash around because all the user need is a place where mobile payments are accepted. Although standard bank accounts are insured by the government, electronic money is not and users are advised to be cautious when dealing with huge transactions. However, Google Wallet funds are insured by the Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation. Providers are also encouraged to provide more security to the users.

EcoPayz brings another alternative for the European consumers

EcoPayz is a perfect example of a European digital wallet that allows users to sign up for free and deposit cash to enable transactions. The wallet has five different membership that includes classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. Free international currency transfer is provided to gold, platinum and VIP members. However, VIP members have an added advantage of enjoying extra features. Although consumers are charged a percent-based fee to deposit with credit cards, deposits through cryptocurrencies are free.

PSI-Pay is another example of the digital wallet. Unlike EcoPayz, it is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The regulation of PSI-Pay has eliminated the fear of most people of switching to digital banking. Due to exemplary local and international services the wallet platform has continued to reap continuous growth. In fact, MasterCard has permitted PSI-Pay to supply their pre-paid cards to businesses.

Learn About Hussain Sajwani, The Successful Businessman

Who is Hussain Sajwani? If you are in business, you may have heard of Hussain Sajwani before. He is a Dubai based entrepreneur who owns a successful company called DAMAC Group. The entrepreneur got recognition from the U.S. president Donald Trump, and together they are working on a variety of projects. For example, they opened villas in Dubai where Hussain Sajwani is a citizen. He is known in different parts of the world as being one of the influential businessmen in UAE.

He attended the University of Washington where he obtained his degree after which he got a job at a company called GASCO. He later left the job and went to work with another company called Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He gained experience during this period of working with various companies. That is the period when he also decided to start a venture investing in the catering business. His catering business was successful, and he managed to own a chain of hotels.

Why is Hussain Sajwani successful in business? According to Forbes Middle East, many factors led to his successful entrepreneurship. First, he is educated and has the proper skills. He is also experienced in managing businesses has been in the industry for a long time hence he has acquired the skills to run a business. He started running a business when he was young as he worked with his father at his shop. That means he acquired skills at a tender age. The best part is Hussain Sajwani has a supportive family behind him to help in the business management.

Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Group and also serves as the CEO. The company is based in UAE. Sajwani founded the company in 1982 because he wanted to diversify his business ventures. CNBC said that Sajwani was focused on growing his business, and today it has become one of the biggest companies in Dubai. Hard work, dedication, skills, ability to sell and proper administration are some of the things that have made Hussain Sajwani continue excelling in business.

Hussain Sajwani is not just an entrepreneur but is also involved in other charitable activities. He is a philanthropist who has helped the youth to start successful businesses. He has also stood out when it comes to contribution to organizations that offer charities. Check out Sajwani’s Youtube video.

Jim Toner Knows The Battle Of Hardship

Jim Toner is well known for his success as a real estate investor. He is a highly sought-after public speaker around the country. Toner currently works as a consultant and travels the country dealing with specific clients.

Jim Toner holds over 25 years of experience and has helped many other people reach financial freedom with his 12 Little Houses Plan. His success as an entrepreneur is unquestioned.

Jim Toner is an active philanthropist who does a great deal of work with the homeless. He also works with military veterans by helping them with basic needs such as housing and benefits. Jim is an active member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. Toner is a member of The Advisory Board at the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Salvation Army as well.

The real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner teamed with a group of entrepreneurs who shared similar business and life experiences as he did. He called his group the Band of Rebels because of the attitude that they develop while doing business in the trenches.

Jim Toner is an avid fitness person. He begins his day with a workout in order to create a foundation of emotion. Toner believes that the body and the spirit are connected and physical training is the best way to stimulate his thoughts for the day. Jim reads often and thinks that podcast are a new form of consuming information.

Toner spends much of his time working on his next book, which is due to be released soon. In the meantime he conducts radio shows and records podcast. Jim avoids to-do lists. They tend to bog people down. He would much rather go with the flow of his day.

Procrastination should be avoided at all costs as far as Jim Toner is concerned. He does not hesitate when he is overcome with an idea. Sitting and waiting will allow a person to talk to their way out of executing a particular thought, or the notion will fade away in due time

In his facebook account, Jim Toner said that he is not afraid to take chances and does not worry about losing money. He has lost a great deal of wealth. There’s plenty of money in the world. Cash is something that people should not worry the most about.

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Nihi Sumba: Chris Burch’s Indonesian Dream

On the west coast of Sumba, in eastern Indonesia, Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Resort, known as Nihiwatu, visitors can find what Travel + Leisure honored as the best hotel in the world in 2016 and 2017. Chris Burch’s investment in the property blends his dedication to his family and to entrepreneurship; he made the initial trip to the hostel with his three sons in 2012 and later that year Burch, with hotelier James McBride, invested $30 million dollars in what was then a mere beach hostel and transformed it into an idyllic island getaway that is in tune with the deep history of the island and the power of the Marapu people who first landed on the island centuries ago.

Nihiwatu reflects a history of effective partnership and ambition vision. The resort has grown to 567 acres with 32 villas that take advantage of the natural beauty of the island by using natural materials to give visitors a sense of being lost on “the edge of wildness”, get additional information on

Nihiwatu is yet another success in Chris Burch’s storied entrepreneurial career; he made his first investment while still an undergrad at Ithaca College when he and his brother invested $2,000 in Eagle’s Eye Apparel and grew it to a multimillion dollar company which they sold to Wire Group in 1998 for $60 million. Recently, in 2014, Chris Burch, as CEO of Burch Creative Capital, partnered with Ellen Degeneres to launch her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen Degeneres.

Burch Creative Capital prides itself in driving success through strong investments, and Nihiwatu has proven to be just that, while reflecting the company’s current ambitions of making a larger name for itself in lifestyle and consumer products brands, learn more (

Nihiwatu is a culmination of Burch Creative Capital’s bold investment strategies and nearly 40 years of Burch’s personal entrepreneurial experience, as well as Burch’s ability to work together with the brightest minds to bring customers word class products and experiences, visit