John Chachas Will Be Revitalizing Gump’s Thanks to the Buddha

Gump’s is one of the country’s oldest luxury retailers. It was founded in 1861 by two brothers, Solomon and Gustave Gump originally as a mirror and frame shop, but it would become something much grander. For over a century, Gump’s has been supplying customers with some of the world’s most beautiful artifacts. In the wake of the Californian gold rush, Gump’s entered into the business of selling art.

However, it was unfortunate calamity that gave rise to its new growth. After its original location in San Francisco was burned to the ground, it relocated to Union Square from where Gump’s started sending out buyers to the far east for the purpose of acquiring various oriental luxury items, including jewelry, furnishing, silk, upholstery, and art. In time it would grow to one of the country’s biggest suppliers of exotic oriental gifts.

Gump’s current owner John Chachas is an investment banker and the founder of an investment firm, Methuselah investors. This firm has participated in a number of high-profile transactions, for example, the sale of the Rolling Stone magazine. As a boy, John Chachas visited Gump’s and became fascinated with a particular statue of the Buddha. Read This Article for related information.

In 2005, he had the opportunity to arrange a deal between buyers and the owner Gump’s concerning its sale. John Chachas asked for a fee of $225,000 for arranging the transaction, but he would get the Buddha statue instead. Because the statue had been acquired for $800 in 1957, the then president of Gump’s agreed to give him the Buddha statue in lieu of payment. An appraisal in 2007 valued the statue at $240,000. Visit This Page for additional information.

John Chachas would eventually sell the Buddha at an auction in Hong Kong for $4 million, more than 18 times the original fee he had sought for arranging the sale of Gump’s transaction. Last year he used some of the proceeds from the sale of the Buddha statue to acquire Gump’s for the purpose of revitalizing America’s beloved luxury retailer. Gump’s new store location has not been revealed, but it is set to reopen sometime before Christmas.

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Sheldon Lavin Has a Strong Work Ethic

There are many younger executives that have a very hard time keeping up with Sheldon Lavin. This is nothing new. It has been this way for the past several decades ever since he took control of the OSI Group. Sheldon has a work ethic that can be matched by very few people on the planet. Even at his advanced age, he likes to be the first person at the office in the morning and the last person to go home at night. That is just the way he has always been. It does not look like that will be changing any time soon.

The younger people who work at the OSI Group do not know where Sheldon Lavin gets all of his energy from. Sheldon says that his job gives him a jolt of adrenaline that many of the younger people do not have when they show up at work in the morning. He was always taught by his father that the people who are the first to arrive at work and the last to leave are the ones that will achieve the most in life. Sheldon never forgot those words that his father told him so many years ago. He feels that the strong work ethic that his father instilled in him when he was young has allowed him to achieve so much in his life.

Sheldon Lavin tries to get young employees at the OSI Group to realize that working hard is something that should come naturally. It should not be a struggle. You should feel satisfied by putting in a long day at the office because it will get you one step closer to achieving your goals. He believes that the younger generation is not used to working as hard. He feels that the pride that comes from a job well done is something that is lost on the youth of today.

Sheldon Lavin shows no signs of slowing down. He is always involved in many projects at the OSI Group. The young employees marvel at his passion for his job after all these years. They can learn a lot from him.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

Outstanding Reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC is a highly respected, well known cosmetic plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. Many of her patients write such positive reviews about how pleased they are with the results of their procedures. A reviewer from C.L on Google stated, she drove 5 hours just to get her procedure done. She highly recommends Dr. Walden to anyone seeking surgery of any kind. However, it is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment as she is fully booked for months on in. With her recent move from New York to Austin, she has a fully-functioning and accredited operating room. She also has an amazing staff of aestheticians that help her run the Hills office in Texas l

Dr. Walden has been practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic medicine for over 15 years. Known as one of the best aesthetic plastic surgeons in the Austin area, Dr. Walden also participates in the American College of Surgeons. Her education from the University of Texas at Austin is only one of the many accomplishments leading to her private cosmetic practice. As a native Texan, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

There are many different reviewers online as well as on social media blogs where former patients are all discussing their different reviews. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews and stories include tummy tucks, nose jobs, and breast augmentation procedures. With a 90.8% patient satisfaction rate the facility and amenities are outstanding. One of the reasons that her satisfaction rate is so high, is because of the number of recommendations given by her patients. Overall, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center is indeed a one-stop-shop that provides procedures that include, but not limited to:

Arm Lifts

Brazilian Butt Lifts

Breast Reductions


Neck Lifts

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has so many different reasons as to why they are so positive. Here is yet another reviewer from C. from RealSelf that states her recommendation for the VI Peel with Yana. Her skin is now glowing, looks lifted and plump. One very important reason is her exceptional patient ratings which are due to her awesome medical support team. The care and concern that is shown to her patients are definitely worth every dollar. The value and price for each procedure offered at her practice are the main reason why many of her patients leave such positive reviews about how much of an amazing job she does while conducting her procedures along with her impeccable work ethic and educational background.

Steve Ritchie Makes Papa John’s A Healthier And More Diverse Company

Steve Ritchie has taken over Papa John’s as the CEO, and he is using diversity as a way to grow the company. There are a lot of people who would like to work with this company because of the diversity initiative that Steve started, and there are a few things listed below that show how he has made this company a healthier and nicer place to work. Plus, this is a good lesson for business managers around the world who want to know how to connect to their staff better.

How Did He Change The Face Of The Company?

Steve has chosen to start a commercial campaign that shows off how diverse the brand is. There are a lot of people who want to work with Papa John’s or even buy a franchise. They get to see people that look just like them when they are watching commercials from Papa John’s. The franchisees, employees, and managers are shown as integral parts of the company. Plus, these people are proven to be the heartbeat of the company. This makes Papa John’s a better place to work for people who want to start out.

The Company Still Make Great Pizza

Steve does not want to change the recipe or the customer experience. He knows that people want to have the same good pizza that they got from Papa John’s in the past, and the packaging all looks the same. The stores are the same, and they have nice people inside who offer the best customer experience. By doing this, Steve has allowed the company to give people the continuity of service that they deserve.

Talking About Management

Steve has been talking about how he handles business management, and he also wants people to know how they can grow heir companies the way he is growing Papa John’s. This also means that people will have a chance of making their companies more diverse and hiring more diverse people.

Spreading Around The Country

Steve wants to ensure that the company can grow more, open new locations, and reach more people. He believes that it is easier for people to have a good experience with Papa John’s if a location is closer to their house. His team has been working on finding nice places to put new restaurants so that everyone who is shopping with the company will get quick delivery. This also creates jobs that people need when they would like to get their first job, get into management, or even purchase a franchise.

Rising Through The Ranks

The beauty of what Steve Ritchie does is that he has been with Papa John’s for over 20 years. He has risen through the ranks while holding many positions within the company. When he started with the company, they were not a global brand like they are now. Plus, the company has grown around him. He knows all the ins and outs of the company, and tht makes it easy for him to manage the brand. He is a part of the family in a way that he wants more workers to become a part of the family, work with the company for a long time, and grow into management positions.


Steve Ritchie is working on a way to make Papa John’s a more welcoming and fun place to work. He also wants his company to grow in several markets where they can create more jobs and work with more people in the future. This is a great way for people to learn about business or even start their own business.

About the Prominent Wes Edens

Wes Edens is an exemplary name in the entrepreneurship industry. He is the co-founder of the distinguished Fortress Investment Group. He heads the private equity sector as the chief investment officer, president, co-chief, and principal. With an academic background in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State, his career propelled exponentially. He started by investing in the Lehman Brothers as early as 1987. His net worth from the past three decades has collated to an amount of $2.65 billion.

By 2007, Wes Edens was among the top-ranking 500 most affluent people in the whole universe as per Forbes. At this time, he was at Fortress that made about roughly $40 billion. On his part, he owned approximately 72.8 million shares with a value of 2.2 billion. His wealth accumulation also involved the purchase of the Bucks in April 2014. He partnered with Marc Lasry to buy the Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million.

Plus, in 2005, the Fortress Group traded out the minority interests to Nomura Company in China and made $890 million. Out of the amount, Wes Edens took home $150 million. On the flip side, he is the co-owner of the Ashton Villa the English Premier League Club. That explains how he accumulated the wealth he has over the past 30 years. On other investment matters, Wes Edens has the goal of building a passenger railroad that is private in Florida at $ 3 billion.

Additionally, Wes Edens his salary in a year totals up to approximately $54 million. It is inclusive of the dividends he receives as a stockholder and the compensation as well. His name is also gaining ground because of Mallory, his daughter, who intends to make the NBA team her own. She reiterated that she has eyes on Knicks, and within no time she will purchase the franchise. As of 2017, the asset was worth a value of about $3.3 billion and belonged to James Dolan. In her statement to Bleacher Report, she said that women were left out in the sports industry. However, she wants to change that by owning the Knicks and giving top positions to women.

Wesley Edens Is an Investor With an Affinity for the Underdog

Marc Beer’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Has Brought Forth His Success in the Biotechnology Industry

Marc Beer has achieved numerous milestones in the biotechnology sector. He has succeeded as a result of his entrepreneurial prowess. Over the past 25 years, Marc Beer has managed to form many firms, and each one of them has succeeded since he can develop unique solutions that are also implementable. After graduating with a BSc. in Business, he managed to join the pharmaceuticals sector, and he was in charge of sales and marketing. He was working at Genzyme, and he was later issued a promotion to serve as the Vice President of Global Marketing. Mr. Beer managed to promote the products produced by Genzyme since they were mainly meant for the under-served individuals who had been affected by rare diseases.

Beer was focused on ensuring that he could succeed in his endeavors while also making a difference within the society. He would try to address some of the challenges that were not easy to solve in the pharmaceutical sector. The experience that he had gained while at Genzyme would come in handy. He launched ViaCell since he wanted to come up with solutions that would be used to treat people with rare diseases. The firm was collecting and preserving the stem cells that are found in the umbilical cord. The stem cells would then be used to treat a variety of rare conditions. ViaCell had grown fast, and PerkinElmer offered to acquire the company. They offered $300 million.

Although Marc Beer then faced some challenges, he was advised by his daughter to focus on relaunching his entrepreneurial career. He then launched Renovia. His primary focus was on ensuring that he could provide a cure to the people suffering from rare conditions. He was inspired to start Renovia after conversing with a gynecologist- Dr, Ray Iglesias. The medical practitioner had been talking to Marc Beer about some of the challenges that he was facing when treating women with pelvic floor disorders. The discussion revolved around how to come up with a minimally invasive treatment option that would help to treat women with pelvic floor disorders. As for Renovia, the company has been focusing on coming up with therapy techn iques that could help to treat pelvic floor disorders. Learn more:

As a co-founder, Marc Beer had partnered with Yolanda Lorie and Dr. Ray Iglesias to form Renovia. Together, they would focus on finding a suitable treatment option for women with pelvic floor disorders. The company is based in Boston. Renovia has managed to develop diagnostic and therapeutic devices that would help to treat the pelvic floor disorders in women. The women affected by the disorder face some challenges, including fecal and urinary incontinence. The main reason why Marc Beer was focused on helping these women is because the number of people affected by the disorder is high. Also, the available treatment options are expensive. At Renovia, the main focus is on bringing forth affordable treatment options.

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Angle Koch Focuses On Sales Reps For U.S. Money Reserve’s Future

For those that like are interested in purchasing mints, legal tender and precious metals products they can select U.S. Money Reserve to be their go-to seller. The company has formed into a giant maker and producer of precious metals. They have an outstanding reputation. They are headquartered out of Austin, Texas yet their reach and presence can be felt around the entire country.

People visit them and buy their products. To manage an organization that is this popular takes an outstanding group of people who understand customer service, customer retention, marketing, adverting, sales and finances. Angela Koch just happens to be apart of this incredible team of hard working people that keep U.S. Money Reserve at the top of its game.

U.S. Reserve has hired Angel Koch as their chief operating officer. This CEO brings years of experience to the table. She knows what it is like to climb the corporate ladder without a fancy private education or coming from a family of business leaders. She had to take a different route to reach where she is.

Therefore, she does bring different perspectives, views and strategies. The mint maker actually enjoys what makes her different and unique. In order to remain a company that is in touch with its audience, they must be able to offer different products from a different perspective. Angela Koch can surely do this for the company.

U.S. Reserve is the premier maker of precious metals products and they need a CEO who can understand what it takes to remain on top. Angela Koch values what U.S. Money Reserve has become. She values being the leader of this prestigious brand and making sure they remain as number one. She plans to ensure that reputation and presence amongst shoppers by focusing on the sales channel.

Much of their sales are closed through conversation with sales reps and shoppers. She wants to train these sales reps to conduct conversations that allow customers to feel a connection to the brand. The sales rep is trained to understand the wants and needs of the customer. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

They are guided on how to care for the customer mostly and to care for sales secondly. Doing this, allows customers to feel like the company cares for them and keeps customers coming back to them.

Angela Koch is elated with her new job. For someone who left college, worked several jobs and raised a family while climbing to the top, she is very proud of herself. She is equally proud that she is able to make a difference for U.S. Money Reserve as their CEO.

No other female has held the role as CEO for U.S. Money Reserve. She is the first. This historic job position is a model of success and accomplishment for women watching who want to make major strides in their career.

Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

OSI Food Solutions, A Global Leader in Growth and Sustainability

With over a century of performance excellent to their name, OSI Food Solutions remains one of America’s top companies. Additionally, their operational model has made a global impact in recent years. Founded by a German immigrant in 1909, OSI got its start as a humble neighborhood meat market. It was a partnership with the young burger franchise, McDonald’s, that facilitated its rise to national prominence. In its early days, just like today, OSI Food Solutions is known for the hallmark of quality meat. Presently, OSI employs over 20,000 people worldwide and provides meat product solutions for a wide variety of retail, restaurant, and food service vendors. With yearly revenues upwards of $6 billion, they rank as one of America’s largest private companies.

OSI Food Solutions has also been commended for its ability to adapt to the challenges of our changing and interconnected world. Despite being a global industry leader, OSI has not neglected its social and environmental responsibilities. On the contrary, in 2016 they were proud recipients of the Globe of Honor Award. The Globe of Honor is given as a commendation by the British Safety Council. OSI Food Solutions has conducted large scale operations in the United Kingdom since 1989, where they supply restaurants with high quality pork and beef. Winning the Globe of Honor Award in this market requires the company to maintain a five-star rating from the British Safety Council. An independent review board also scrutinizes company-wide environmental practices.

To achieve this distinction, firms must effectively streamline health and safety concerns with normalized environmental practices. It is no simple task, as only 18 companies attained this standard during the 2016 award cycle. It was not OSI’s first time earning this distinction, however. They were awarded the Globe in 2013 also. This level of achievement is consistent with the their overall legacy. In addition to sound environmental practices, the company is also in a state of expansion. Recently they acquired BAHO Foods, and Flagship Europe, allowing them to broaden their expansion into both domestic and overseas markets. Today they boast over 65 sites across 17 countries worldwide. Read More.

OSi Food Solutions’ Future Path

With its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the mighty OSI Food Solutions has been able to expand into foreign territories. This particular food processor has established itself as a global leader in food wholesale as the company now has a reported 65 facilities. Many of these facilities have been strategically placed to help increase the company’s efficiency. Poland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Japan, India, Hungary and Spain are just some of the locations. OSI Food Solutions has also used acquisitions to propel itself straight to the top.

In 2016, this food processor went on an acquisition blitz to say the least. BAHO Food and Flagship Europe were acquired by OSI, and these two European businesses magnified OSI’s scope to a larger audience. Thanks to this addition, OSI was able to bring new food products to the masses, including a plethora marinades, an abundance of frozen goods and a myriad of snack foods. To create a fresh start, OSI Food Solutions has retained many of the acquired companies’ employees.

Flagship Europe has also been given a fresh start by being rebranded. As of today, Flagship Europe is now knownas Creative Foods Europe. Also in 2016, OSI was presented with the Globe ofHonor Award by the British Safety Council. This particular award goes to companies that excel in exemplary management of environmental risks. This particular award goes to other companies that serve in a range of fields. This is OSI’s third time winning this exclusive award since 2013. OSI Food Solutions’ future path is continuing to look mighty bright. Big business moves are always in the making, and the company is consistently expanding into foreign markets. OSI Food Solutions is simply the standard by which all other food processors are measured.

Isabel dos Santos Goes Green

Isabel dos Santos Goes Green

Isabel dos Santos is passionate her home country of Angola, Africa. As the daughter of the former president of this country, she has been concerned about its growth and its economic future. She has championed and advocated for the upgrade of telecommunications and technology, claiming that it will help Angola compete on the global economic stage and strengthen the country’s finances. She has also expressed concern about its future as well. She claims that green technology practices are the key to a sustainable future especially in emerging markets.

Isabel dos Santos is concerned about Angola’s natural resources which have been degrading due to practices that are not sustainable. This is readily observable in the agricultural industry. These practices have not adapted to the changing climate and have been threatening productivity, food stores and the livelihoods of many people living in the rural areas throughout the country. Flooding and drought have resulted in poor water quality, poor sanitation and disease. These conditions have caused food prices to soar and poverty to rise due to rising food prices.

Como líderes, a forma como desenvolvemos o #talento nas nossas organizações diz muito sobre o que que consideramos mais importante, tanto na sociedade como no mundo corporativo. Para mim é criar oportunidades que aproveitem ao máximo o talento jovem local#Angola #emprendedores— Isabel Dos Santos (@isabelaangola) July 4, 2019

By promoting the development and use of green, climate smart technologies, Angola can be prepared to deal positively with these natural disasters. Isabel dos Santos urges that in order for green technology to exist, the local and federal government within a country must be willing to make the commitment to invest funds in the development of the technology and the infrastructure associated with it. African countries such as Kenya and Uganda, have made the commitment to promoting sustainability and have made great strides toward this goal. As economic researchers have noted, green and sustainable technologies will boost agricultural productivity. Societies with high agricultural productivity will be able to shift a portion of this labor into a sector that develops knowledge and technology and become more sustainable in the future.

Details Isabel via Twitter :