Angle Koch Focuses On Sales Reps For U.S. Money Reserve’s Future

For those that like are interested in purchasing mints, legal tender and precious metals products they can select U.S. Money Reserve to be their go-to seller. The company has formed into a giant maker and producer of precious metals. They have an outstanding reputation. They are headquartered out of Austin, Texas yet their reach and presence can be felt around the entire country.

People visit them and buy their products. To manage an organization that is this popular takes an outstanding group of people who understand customer service, customer retention, marketing, adverting, sales and finances. Angela Koch just happens to be apart of this incredible team of hard working people that keep U.S. Money Reserve at the top of its game.

U.S. Reserve has hired Angel Koch as their chief operating officer. This CEO brings years of experience to the table. She knows what it is like to climb the corporate ladder without a fancy private education or coming from a family of business leaders. She had to take a different route to reach where she is.

Therefore, she does bring different perspectives, views and strategies. The mint maker actually enjoys what makes her different and unique. In order to remain a company that is in touch with its audience, they must be able to offer different products from a different perspective. Angela Koch can surely do this for the company.

U.S. Reserve is the premier maker of precious metals products and they need a CEO who can understand what it takes to remain on top. Angela Koch values what U.S. Money Reserve has become. She values being the leader of this prestigious brand and making sure they remain as number one. She plans to ensure that reputation and presence amongst shoppers by focusing on the sales channel.

Much of their sales are closed through conversation with sales reps and shoppers. She wants to train these sales reps to conduct conversations that allow customers to feel a connection to the brand. The sales rep is trained to understand the wants and needs of the customer. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

They are guided on how to care for the customer mostly and to care for sales secondly. Doing this, allows customers to feel like the company cares for them and keeps customers coming back to them.

Angela Koch is elated with her new job. For someone who left college, worked several jobs and raised a family while climbing to the top, she is very proud of herself. She is equally proud that she is able to make a difference for U.S. Money Reserve as their CEO.

No other female has held the role as CEO for U.S. Money Reserve. She is the first. This historic job position is a model of success and accomplishment for women watching who want to make major strides in their career.

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OSI Food Solutions, A Global Leader in Growth and Sustainability

With over a century of performance excellent to their name, OSI Food Solutions remains one of America’s top companies. Additionally, their operational model has made a global impact in recent years. Founded by a German immigrant in 1909, OSI got its start as a humble neighborhood meat market. It was a partnership with the young burger franchise, McDonald’s, that facilitated its rise to national prominence. In its early days, just like today, OSI Food Solutions is known for the hallmark of quality meat. Presently, OSI employs over 20,000 people worldwide and provides meat product solutions for a wide variety of retail, restaurant, and food service vendors. With yearly revenues upwards of $6 billion, they rank as one of America’s largest private companies.

OSI Food Solutions has also been commended for its ability to adapt to the challenges of our changing and interconnected world. Despite being a global industry leader, OSI has not neglected its social and environmental responsibilities. On the contrary, in 2016 they were proud recipients of the Globe of Honor Award. The Globe of Honor is given as a commendation by the British Safety Council. OSI Food Solutions has conducted large scale operations in the United Kingdom since 1989, where they supply restaurants with high quality pork and beef. Winning the Globe of Honor Award in this market requires the company to maintain a five-star rating from the British Safety Council. An independent review board also scrutinizes company-wide environmental practices.

To achieve this distinction, firms must effectively streamline health and safety concerns with normalized environmental practices. It is no simple task, as only 18 companies attained this standard during the 2016 award cycle. It was not OSI’s first time earning this distinction, however. They were awarded the Globe in 2013 also. This level of achievement is consistent with the their overall legacy. In addition to sound environmental practices, the company is also in a state of expansion. Recently they acquired BAHO Foods, and Flagship Europe, allowing them to broaden their expansion into both domestic and overseas markets. Today they boast over 65 sites across 17 countries worldwide. Read More.

OSi Food Solutions’ Future Path

With its international headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the mighty OSI Food Solutions has been able to expand into foreign territories. This particular food processor has established itself as a global leader in food wholesale as the company now has a reported 65 facilities. Many of these facilities have been strategically placed to help increase the company’s efficiency. Poland, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Canada, Brazil, Japan, India, Hungary and Spain are just some of the locations. OSI Food Solutions has also used acquisitions to propel itself straight to the top.

In 2016, this food processor went on an acquisition blitz to say the least. BAHO Food and Flagship Europe were acquired by OSI, and these two European businesses magnified OSI’s scope to a larger audience. Thanks to this addition, OSI was able to bring new food products to the masses, including a plethora marinades, an abundance of frozen goods and a myriad of snack foods. To create a fresh start, OSI Food Solutions has retained many of the acquired companies’ employees.

Flagship Europe has also been given a fresh start by being rebranded. As of today, Flagship Europe is now knownas Creative Foods Europe. Also in 2016, OSI was presented with the Globe ofHonor Award by the British Safety Council. This particular award goes to companies that excel in exemplary management of environmental risks. This particular award goes to other companies that serve in a range of fields. This is OSI’s third time winning this exclusive award since 2013. OSI Food Solutions’ future path is continuing to look mighty bright. Big business moves are always in the making, and the company is consistently expanding into foreign markets. OSI Food Solutions is simply the standard by which all other food processors are measured.

Isabel dos Santos Goes Green

Isabel dos Santos Goes Green

Isabel dos Santos is passionate her home country of Angola, Africa. As the daughter of the former president of this country, she has been concerned about its growth and its economic future. She has championed and advocated for the upgrade of telecommunications and technology, claiming that it will help Angola compete on the global economic stage and strengthen the country’s finances. She has also expressed concern about its future as well. She claims that green technology practices are the key to a sustainable future especially in emerging markets.

Isabel dos Santos is concerned about Angola’s natural resources which have been degrading due to practices that are not sustainable. This is readily observable in the agricultural industry. These practices have not adapted to the changing climate and have been threatening productivity, food stores and the livelihoods of many people living in the rural areas throughout the country. Flooding and drought have resulted in poor water quality, poor sanitation and disease. These conditions have caused food prices to soar and poverty to rise due to rising food prices.

Como líderes, a forma como desenvolvemos o #talento nas nossas organizações diz muito sobre o que que consideramos mais importante, tanto na sociedade como no mundo corporativo. Para mim é criar oportunidades que aproveitem ao máximo o talento jovem local#Angola #emprendedores— Isabel Dos Santos (@isabelaangola) July 4, 2019

By promoting the development and use of green, climate smart technologies, Angola can be prepared to deal positively with these natural disasters. Isabel dos Santos urges that in order for green technology to exist, the local and federal government within a country must be willing to make the commitment to invest funds in the development of the technology and the infrastructure associated with it. African countries such as Kenya and Uganda, have made the commitment to promoting sustainability and have made great strides toward this goal. As economic researchers have noted, green and sustainable technologies will boost agricultural productivity. Societies with high agricultural productivity will be able to shift a portion of this labor into a sector that develops knowledge and technology and become more sustainable in the future.

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Aaron Lupuloff Helps Georgia School District Become One of the Nation’s Best

The educational system in the United States has recently been evaluated as one of the most underperforming in the developed world. Most education experts believe that a lack of student engagement has been the main reason. Many studies have revealed that the United States has some of the lowest scores for academic achievement among students. However, there are a few educational institutions in the country that are consistently rated as among the best. One of these institutions is the Gwinnett County Public Schools. This district has been able to distinguish itself as one of the most successful in developing top students on a yearly basis.

Based on, Gwinnet County Public Schools is a district located in the state of Georgia. One of its branches known as the Gwinnet School of Mathematics, Science and Technology was recently ranked 13th in the nation among educational institutions. As a result, it is one of the top high schools in both Georgia and the rest of the United States. Over the past several years, the school district has been able to become a top district due to its academic programs, faculty and extracurricular programs that help further develop students in terms of leadership.

One of the reasons why Gwinnett County Public Schools has become one of the top districts in the nation is because of the contributions made by the parents. Aaron Lupuloff is one of the top contributors to the school district. He has supported the school district for many years by providing scholarships and leadership programs for the students. He regularly contributes to the district by running an organization known as the Gwinnet School Foundation. With his foundation, Lupuloff is able to continue providing resources to make the school district a highly successful educational institution.

Prior to becoming actively involved in supporting the local Georgia school district, Aaron Lupuloff spent a number of years working in the financial services industry. He was a managing director for a couple of top investment firms during his career. Lupuloff spent over two decades working as a financial professional. With his experience, he has been able to accumulate wealth which has allowed him to make financial contributions to run his foundation.

Alastair Borthwick: Naturist, Soldier, Author

Alastair Borthwick (17 February 1913 – 25 September 2003) was an author, rock climber, broadcaster, and World War 2 veteran from Scotland. His literary career truly kicked off with his first breakout work in 1939, “Always a Little Further”, a memoir of his experiences rock climbing throughout the Scottish highlands, followed by “Sans Peur” in 1946, a novel concerning World War 2.

Even as a teenager Borthwick pursued his literary ambitions, working with publications such as the “Evening Times” and the “Glasgow Herald”. By the 1930’s Alastair began publishing writings on his second passion, rock climbing, with Faber and Faber. His writing was notable for its unique humor and prose. When World War 2 kicked off Alastair joined the fight, quickly advancing to the rank of captain. He was responsible for a very notable feat wherein he managed to lead 600 men to a flanking position behind German lines in the Netherlands at night without the aid of maps. Alastair’s time on the battlefield served not to hamper his literary passion but to enhance it, as it inspired his second notable work in “Sans Peur”.

After the war Alastair got his start in broadcasting with the BBC, being contracted to present a three year series covering the state of Scotland. By 1952 he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. By 1960 he had moved to South Ayrshire with his wife Anne, the place where he would spend the rest of his days. He continued to work on various projects in the field of television and radio broadcasting until the end of his life, writing and presenting programs on a menagerie of subjects, regarding his work on the program “Scottish Soldier”, a thirteen part series presented from the perspective of a Scottish infantryman in World War 2, as his best work in this period

LocationSmart Could Benefit Your Own Business No Matter The Size

IP geolocation is changing the way that a lot of companies are doing business and LocationSmart is a leader when it comes to providing these types of services to its clients. By using geolocation in your own business, there is a good chance that you could communicate with your customers while supporting your business in other ways.

LocationSmart is providing more ways for their customers to benefit from this type of technology as it advances and more devices are being connected to the internet or a mobile network. Whenever a device connects to a network such as the internet, an intranet, or an extranet, it is assigned its own IP address which allows the host to be able to identify the devices that are accessing it. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

While IP geolocation is important when it comes to network, LocationSmart is showing businesses that it can be of a lot of use for them as well and help to improve it in several ways that you may not have ever even thought were possible.

One of the major reasons why so many companies are turning to LocationSmart is that they want to be able to reduce online fraud. It’s a problem that impacts not just your customers, but your business as well and it’s getting worse.

By being able to collect the IP address from the users that are accessing your services, you are able to check to see if they are connected from a new device or from a location that is unusual for them.

In some cases, LocationSmart could also show that they are using different methods to try to conceal where they are and what they are accessing the network from. If your company is able to identify these warning signs through the use of LocationSmart, they can take the needed steps to verify identity.

Marketing is another big benefit that businesses are using LocationSmart.

Your business will be able to see where your customers are located when they are accessing your app or connected to a different service provided by your business.

This makes it easier to communicate relevant information or advertisements to your customers. In some cases, you may choose to directly communicate with your customers through a phone call after getting the geolocation data.

LocationSmart is the leading company in the Cloud Location Services market. The private company was founded in 1995 and while it is headquartered out of San Diego, they have a presence in many different countries. There are many different ways that companies are currently implementing the geolocation services that they provide and each of these is precluded with a variety of different methods for consent before location services are able to be used on mobile devices.

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OSI Group: Recap of Chicago Tribune Article

While the OSI Group may not be a brand most people recognize, it is one of the largest food industry conglomerates in the world. With more than 60 facilities located in more than 17 countries, OSI is able to supply other food chains like McDonalds with the protein based products (meat) they need.

What makes the OSI stand out is the fact that it is a privately held company and has been in business since the early 1900’s. Originally, this was a family based butcher shop located in Chicago, but in the 1950s the business experienced a huge spurt in growth when they became a leading provider of meat patties for McDonalds. The OSI group management team has since been able to successfully associate with other big food brands and has expanded its operations into China, Europe and many other countries.

The OSI group continues to expand at an unprecedented rate as seen in its recent acquisition of a Tyson foods processing facility in Chicago. The 200,000 square foot facility was put on the market because Tyson moved its operations into other plant facilities. OSI senior executive vice president (North America), Kevin Scott believes the new purchase will help broaden the company’s reach.

At this time the OSI group is not revealing the terms of purchase, nor given any information about the types of products they plan on processing at the new facility.

A spokesperson for Tyson foods explained that the plant operated as part of their prepared foods branch. The company announced that it would close in 2015 to update the facility and improve its production processes, but instead decided to move the processes to other production facilities.

The OSI Group makes its home in Aurora, Illinois, so this new acquisition makes sense. It is close to home and will help meet the company’s production needs in the USA. OSI is currently the largest privately held food production company in the world and supplies beef, chicken and other protein based products to other food companies.
OSI Group to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger

Igor Cornelsen Is A Renowned Investment Advisor

Igor Cornelsen is an experienced investment banker and owner of a reputable investment firm. He worked as an investment banker prior to starting his own firm. Many people turn to him for top-notch guidance and advice on investing and money management.

For some people, trying to find an experienced or reliable investment advisory professional is not an easy task. It can be quite daunting and stressful for those who have no clue how to go about it. You need to go with a professional who has an established history of rendering excellent advice to clients.

A renowned financial planner or investment advisor like Igor Cornelsen can assist his client in selecting an investment vehicle. He can also ensure that his client establishes specific investment objectives or goals, based on his or her current financial situation.

It is advisable to choose an advisor who cares about the success of his or her clients. Although there are many professionals about there providing financial advisory services to clients, you need to keep in mind that not all advisors are created equal.

Consulting an advisor like Igor Cornelsen will improve your chances of achieving the success you desire. Igor Cornelsen can render valuable advice and ensure that understand how things work in the investing arena.

Igor Cornelsen helps beginners to navigate through the complex investing and financial planning systems, and secure their future. He can advise you on retirement issues, savings and checking accounts, investment accounts, and other money management issues.

Igor Cornelsen is aware that a lot of people find it difficult to establish an investment portfolio and he makes it a priority to go over this issue with his clients. If you are a novice and want to get a good understanding of how to proceed, consider getting a consultation with Igor Cornelsen.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Is A Leader In The Field Of Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, Chairman Of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System, is a specialist in joint replacement and reconstruction orthopaedics. He is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Kirschenbaum is recognized for his design of major joint replacement systems, and he has lectured and published to bring awareness of orthopaedic subjects to the public.

Looking back through history one can see that, even in ancient times, peoples’ bones and joints were somehow set when broken. Orthopaedic medicine has been focused on correcting deformities of bones, muscles and joints. The history of joint replacement can be traced back to the 1890’s when hip joint replacements were offered. In England in the 1960s, the modern technique for total hip replacement was developed, and in the 1970s knee replacement procedures became popular.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum recently explained developments in joint replacement and pointed out that the average age of people wanting such surgery has decreased somewhat to an average of 65 years. This may point to obesity as a factor, as well as people wanting to stay more active as they age. Joint replacement surgeries are less risky today. People can often go home the same day. But because replacements don’t last forever and revision surgeries are often needed and more complex, great precision is required, and results are not as successful as the original replacement.

After joint replacement surgery, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is very proactive with his patients, advising them to live healthier lives and emphasizing the dangers of obesity.

More than 50% of patients requiring hip replacements are obese, and this percentage is even higher for those needing knee replacements. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum emphasizes how important it is to avoid revision surgery when possible.

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