Sharon Prince And The Grace Farms Foundation Put On Elegant Event

To celebrate its anniversary, the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation recently put on a fundraising event. This Connecticut foundation put on a fourth anniversary celebration that was meant to help it raise funds to be used for charitable work.

Grace Farms is a dream facility for any person who wants to spend some time alone in the busy world that seems not to have any space for people who are looking for a silent moment.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms was able to raise half a million dollars through the event. Sharon Prince is the founder and the president of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she is someone who was involved in the planning and putting on of the event.

There were many important people in attendance for the event that the Grace Farms Foundation put on. Those people ranged from human rights activists to artists and influencers. There were business leaders in attendance at the event, and Sharon Prince was also an individual who was there and a part of things. Together, those people were able to raise money to be used in efforts to help ethical and environmentally responsible supply chains. See This Page for related information.

A zero waste dinner was served to those who were in attendance at the Grace Farms Foundation’s fundraising event. This was an elegant and special meal that was meant to impress the guests. There was also entertainment that was a part of the event. The Parisa Khobdeh Dance Company put on a performance, and the saxophonist Marcus G. Miller was also a part of the entertainment that was offered to those in attendance.

The leaders of the Grace Farms Foundation were in attendance at the fundraising event put on by the foundation to show their support for the event and to be around to spend time with those who chose to attend the event. Sharon Prince was one important member of the foundation who was a part of the event.

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When One Looks At The Career Trajectory Embarked Upon By Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, An Impressive Picture Emerges:

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a Venezuelan businessman who has embarked on a fascinating career trajectory that has led to impressive results. His journey has been bolstered by the course of study that he undertook in economics and the administration of business. This education was attained in the United States at Suffolk University. This background has been combined with a talent for entrepreneurship that seems to be inherent in the mental makeup of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. One of the ways that he has shown off his talent and skill is through a relentless pursuit of innovation. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a big fan of emergent technologies and the ways that they can be utilized to transform a business and make it more efficient. He has also shown a skill at taking these factors and combining them with long-established, tried and true methods for conducting business ventures. The areas of business expertise that Leopoldo works in are various and they include energy, construction, and investment. He is also a major player in the sunglasses business. Read this article at

The company known as Derwick Associates is one of the platforms that Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has utilized to build his impressive reputation as a businessman. This firm works in the construction and energy sector. At Derwick Associates, Leopoldo and his expert team members construct innovative, sustainable, high-efficiency power plants. The technology utilized by Derwick Associates has been instrumental in efforts to transform the current power grid in the country of Venezuela. To date, there are 11 power plants of this nature that have been constructed by the Derwick Associates crew.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has also recently been expanding his business focus to the Spanish market. One example of this is the work that he is doing wit Hawkers. This is an innovative sunglasses maker based out of Spain. Leopoldo is the current President for the firm and has been helping to lead it to new levels of success.

These are just a few of the prime examples of the unique career technology that Leopoldo has embarked on. It is easy to see how this skillful entrepreneur has achieved such lasting success. Visit: to learn more.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the Master of Many Trades

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was born in Venezuela in 1980. He graduated from Suffolk University in Massachusetts with double majors in economics and business administration. He started his career in exploration, trade, and production of oil as well as its derivatives, and he served as the business manager for Latin American countries for the company.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez then switched jobs as well as the sector he was working in when he started working for Guruceaga Group. He was the manager of new business in international trade of goods, finance, and real estate and farm properties. He also worked at BGB Energy prior to co-founding Derwick Associates Corp. in 2003, which is a company pertaining to the energy sector in Venezuela. He has also co-founded businesses in various countries around the world, each pertaining to the same type of market asDerwick Associates Corp.

The company has constructed 11 power plants in Venezuela. He has worked hard to become a major technology provider throughout Latin American countries. As of 2015, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was the largest shareholder of Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation. In August of 2015 he was appointed director as well as a member of the board for the company. He is also a major shareholder for BDK Financial Group.

He works with a group of international investors known as O’Hara Administration. The company holds nearly 20% of the shares of his company; they have worked with an investor from Mexico to increase the worth of his company to an estimated $575 million. In 2016, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was appointed president of Hawkers; the Spanish sunglasses company costs O’Hara and several other investors about 50 million euros.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has worked in various business sectors. He has worked hard to ensure that the work he does allows for growth on his behalf as well as the companies he works for. He has utilized his business skills to help many companies expand and increase profits while working with them.

Impressionable facts about Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal makes construction easy for everyone. Its companies mostly operate in Brazil. It is a large venture that brings excellent services to everyone. The construction company also brings effective education programs to people on construction. The programs are a big opportunity for students that have completed their studies in the construction department as they broaden their expertise in their specializations. The engineers working at the company address every slight problem in the industry. Students that show positive response receive rewards from the company depending on the returns they can give back. For instance, the executives choose to hire some individuals in the training sessions as long as they show potentials that may be unbeatable. With this, the company continues to be an unreachable one in the construction field. Besides, the specifications they have in the company are always met by the proficient team it hires.

The tactics that Toyo Setal takes in investing in new technology makes its activities better. The construction field faces threats from the dynamics of nature. Each member of the company knows this, and they have no choice but to make their performance better through critical analysis as well as innovative moves. All materials used in the construction of buildings across the globe keep getting better in a different way. It is the task of the individuals handling a project to incorporate the new trends in their process. When their wok is elegant, customers pull more deals to the venture and still, they bring more friends to enjoy the services together. Durable and aesthetic construction materials that are manufactured with modern resources attract most individuals. Toyo Setal acquires the latter from trusted dealers that promise quality. To know more about the company click here.

Through exercising the art of standardization, Toyo Setal enjoys more benefits. Most of the costs the firm used to incur in its past days have proven to be unnecessary. Today, the firm can save on both production of products and delivery of services. When their dealers cooperate with them and show them support, the workers of Toyo Setal have little things to worry about. By this, they are bound to deliver stunning results to every client.

Things That Set James Reese And TigerSwan Apart

Each community that partners with the private security industry possesses a greater ability to respond quickly to serious security events. Thanks to TigerSwan, police and security companies around the world are better-placed to deal with terrorists and any individuals who try to disrupt the peace. Developing nations are rapidly developing units that are able to conduct emergency responses to deadly attacks. TigerSwan plays an important role in helping less advantaged nations adapt to meet changing threats.

Arguably, TigerSwan is conducting training on a grander scale than many of its competitors. This volume is made possible by TigerSwan’s one-of-a-kind training facility. At this remarkable facility, security personnel can practice the vehicle tactics needed to keep targets safe in the modern world. Wherever local police and citizens face serious security concerns, you can be sure that TigerSwan will be availabe to provide all of the support needed for keeping innocent lives safe. In addition, TigerSwan has provided a number of charitable organizations with significant donations, This charitable focus is in line with the priorities of James Reese, TigerSwan’s CEO and team leader.

James Reese founded TigerSwan after completing a deeply successful career in the famed Delta Force. In Delta Force, Reese learned how to lead by example and how to inspire confidence. Over the course of the next few years, it is likely that James Reese will continue helping concerned parties prevent and counteract terrorism and organized crime. James Reese is addressing some of the security issues keeping ordinary citizens awake at night. To help assuage public concern, federal authorities have been trained to respond quickly to these kinds of incidents. TigerSwan can train local police forces to respond to attacks with similar speed and efficiency. James Reese will almost certainly lead TigerSwan into new heights of commercial viability and influence. In everything he does, James Reese takes care to keep veterans issues at the forefront of his mind.

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New Leadership, New Times for Gump’s

 For years, Gump’s has been known for selling beautiful and unique gift items to people with distinct taste. Gump’s is based out of San Fransisco, California and New York City. Many residents of these areas were loyal customers to the stores. The stores were particularly known for its jewelry and home wares.

Long-time customers grieved when they could no longer shop for these goods in San Francisco. They may not need to mourn the loss for long; Gump’s has been recently acquired. The new store is considerably smaller than its predecessor, but it has been re-established in a former Gump’s location.

Customers are waiting with bated breath to visit the pop-up Gump’s for the first time. One excited potential customer fondly remembers that “For me it was an alternative universe… the people and the environment — all of it was charming.” Though the new Gump’s is considerably different, people are looking into ways they can bring back the traditional charm of the new shop’s predecessor.

 Gump’s was established in the late 1800s and made its mark by selling gilded picture frames. The store grew as it built a reputation for selling Asian goods. Tourists and natives to the area went to the store to buy luxury goods and unique gifts for their loved ones. Read This Article to learn more.

Fortunately the new Gump’s may be established well in time for this year’s Christmas. The store will provide its customers with plenty of opportunities to purchase one-of-a-kind presents. They will be able to witness the store’s journey through its online presence on Instagram or Twitter. Go Here for additional information.

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Seymour Segnit Explores Paths to Success

Coming up with the idea for MAGFAST chargers might forever define the legacy of Seymour Segnit. Considering how popular these bestselling wireless, magnetic chargers are, Segnit should feel pleased about his association with the products. Perhaps, in time, he’ll return to the proverbial drawing board and come up with new products for the market. Right now, the tangle-free six chargers bearing the MAGFAST name keep consumers and Segnit occupied.

The life of London-born Seymour Segnit is one filled with accomplishments. He held a position at the world-famous Saatchi & Saatchi advertising firm. While many would feel thrilled spending their entire careers at the legendary company, for Segnit, the tenure was a learning experience and a bridge to something more. He eventually moved on to co-found a $25 million startup in Silicon Valley.

His career continued on the trajectory of founding MAGFAST. Ironically, a failed USB-charger endeavor helped him along the way. Segnit promoted a crowdfunding campaign for this first charging business. The campaign did well, but the company ran out of money not too long after its initial launch. Segnit didn’t quit, and, instead, used his experience with the USB venture to crowdfund MAGFAST successfully. So far, MAGFAST shows much more promise than the USB venture. MAGFAST chargers sell well. Read This Article to learn more.

Segnit first came up with the idea for chargers when he lived in New York. He wanted to charge his devices and those of his family, but the process was cumbersome. A charger could work with one device and not another. And then there were those annoying tangles. Segnit sat back, thought about ways to improve a standard charger, and the original MAGFAST charger slowly emerged. Find Related Information Here.

Seymour Segnit states he employs “absolute belief” to make his ideas come to life. He believes he will be successful if he works hard enough when developing and marketing a quality product. More power to him.

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Fortress Investment Group: A Force Within The World Of Investment

Fortress Investment Group started out fairly modestly. It was established in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone as a private equity firm. However, it has since grown into a fairly significant force within the world of investment.

The New York-based firm started in private equity, but Fortress Investment Group soon expanded into hedge funds, real estate-related investments and debt securities. When it went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2007, it had the distinction of being the first of its kind to be traded publicly; prior to that time, no other large private equity firm had made the shift.

Fortress Investment Group has a number of products that it handles. In addition to private equity, it has expanded into other areas over the years. These other areas include credit funds, railroads, hedge funds, and traditional asset management.

Since its founding, Fortress Investment Group has grown into an employer of more than 2,500 people. It has a number of subsidiaries. It also commands more than $1 billion in revenues, which makes it a significant force within the world of investment.

Over the years, the firm had built itself up as an attractive company. This included gaining note in 2014 as HFMWeek’s “Management Firm of the Year.” In 2017, the SoftBank Group acquired it for $3.3 billion. This acquisition helped to make the firm even stronger than it had been before with the Tokyo-based multinational backing it.

Part of Fortress Investment Group’s strength can be found in its subsidiaries. It currently has more than half-a-dozen subsidiaries, which give it a reach into various areas from ski resort to retirement homes. A few of the names currently on that list are Nationstar Mortgage, Railroad Acquisition Holdings, Newcastle Investment Corp, New Residential Investment Corp, and New Media Investment Group.

How Teach to One: Math Changes the Way Students Learn?

Mathematics has always been considered by many students as the hardest subject on school. The formulas and equations that govern the subject intimidate the kids, and many are failing the subject once they reached algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. This is the reason why Teach to One: Math was developed – to give the students a chance to learn Mathematics in an engaging and enjoyable way.

How Teach to One: Math Works?

Collaborative Teaching

Teach to One: Math allows the teachers to teach their students as a group. The partner schools that are implementing Teach to One: Math have a huge number of students, and letting the teachers group themselves would make it easier for the children to learn. Teach to One: Math promotes a traditional model of learning, while at the same time providing additional resources for the students to use. The students are also open to share their expectations, and how they want to learn.

Unique Daily Schedules

The schedules of all the teachers who are participating in the Teach to One: Math concept will be given a unique daily schedule that they will follow. They can check the details about the students that they will be interacting for the day, and the lessons that they need to teach. The rooms assigned for the subject can also be viewed through this unique feature.

Multimodal Instruction

The teachers under the Teach to One: Math program needs to promote small group collaboration that will encourage the kids to work together as a team. They will also be subject for live investigation, which will train them to observe keenly. Finally, the students will be allowed to learn independently.

Different Lessons Everyday

Teach to One: Math collected over 9,000 mathematical lessons that will be taught to the children. This will give the students a chance to develop different approach on how they wanted to learn. The teachers are also allowed to modify what they wanted to teach.

On-Site Support and Teacher’s Portal

Teach to One: Math provides their partner schools with on-site support that is available throughout the school year. In addition to this, the teachers are also given access to a portal where they can check their students’ progress.

Marc Beer

Marc Beer: Medical Philanthropist

Throughout his career, Marc Beer has loved a good challenge. In his line of work, a good challenge in developing workable solutions that solve immediate and pressing problems in the pharmaceutical industry. He’s founded and led numerous companies to the pinnacle of success by using his talent for marketing.

It may sound weird that a marketing genius is helping the world solve medical issues, but that’s exactly what Marc Beer is and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Since his first day as Vice President of Global Marketing for Genzyme, Marc Beer has been introducing millions of medically underserved people to life-saving products.

Though he’s far from Genzyme today, his compassion and commitment to helping people are alive and well. If anything, it grows stronger and burns hotter every day. Beer shows a special interest in medical issues that affect women. Beer is a single dad because he lost his wife to a sudden pulmonary embolism.

He lost his wife after selling his first company, which he founded shortly after leaving Genzyme. His first company, ViaCell, began as a small, no-name business trying to find its place amongst multibillion-dollar juggernauts. Under Beer’s leadership, ViaCell produced some of the most viable solutions in the industry; eventually drawing the attention of PerkinElmer.

After PerkinElmer purchased his business for $300 million, Beer felt like life couldn’t get any better. Sadly, he was right. Later that year, his 42-year-old wife, the mother of his three children, died. He was lost after that but took solace in raising his children.

The once entrepreneurial genius suddenly gave up all his professional endeavors and focused on nothing else but his kids. While driving his children back and forth to school, his 14-year-old daughter started telling him he needed to relearn how to live with purpose. It was something he told his kids every day but never quite took his own advice to heart. Learn more:

Luckily, he listened to his daughter and agreed that he did need to get back to work. It took him a while to get back into the swing of things, but eventually, a Dr. Ray Iglesias called with a proposal. Dr. Iglesias is a gynecologist who for the last 35 years had been performing pelvic floor surgeries. He wanted Beer to join him and a colleague in finding a way to help women avoid the surgical option. Together, they founded Renovia, one of Beer’s most successful companies to date.

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