HCR Wealth Advisors Talks about Federal Interest Rate Changes


Folks who have been tuning into the news recently are likely familiar with the concept of changes coming for interest rates. Of course, these changes will be implemented by the Federal Reserve System, but what do they mean for the average household and those who have a stake in financial investments?  That is what this blog talks about, courtesy of the experts at HCR Wealth Advisors.  Please read thoroughly.

About the Federal Reserve System

In order to understand what interest rate changes will mean, it might be helpful to know what it is the Federal Reserve System, aka the Fed, actually does.  What is their real purpose?  The Fed is in fact overseen by Congress.  They are instrumental in making decisions of the monetary kind.  These decisions can have any one or more of three objectives: 

  • To stabilize monetary prices
  • To help employment rise to its maximum potential
  • The moderation of interest rates of the long-term nature

Although the tasks overseen by the Fed have expanded over time, its primary purpose is to promote the United States economy and financial system in a healthy manner. 

Questions Abound Regarding the Forthcoming Rate Changes

We are not trying to be vague.  The answer to this question is up in the air because the Fed has not yet made clear what the changes will be.  They have only said that changes will be coming.  So, what can be done to prepare for them?  One thing is to keep in close contact with your financial advisor.  Firms like HCR Wealth Advisors will always be on top of changes in interest rates and other aspects of the industry.  They can provide you with all relevant facts and sound advice on what your next moves should be.  Your finances will be safe as long as you heed their advice.  So, fear not, you and your financial investments will be just fine.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

James River Capital Gives Capital Solution Options to New Businesses

When you are looking to start or grow a company, you may find that you need to have access to capital to get it moving in the right direction. When you are looking to grow this company, the modern financial world provides many different capital solutions and options. There are a variety of ways that someone can raise capital today that could help them to reach their goals. 



One form of funding and capital that is having a major impact on the world is crowdfunding. When you get money through crowdfunding, you will get a small amount of money through hundreds or thousands of different investors. There are many different crowdfunding options to choose from. Some of these crowdfunding options can include getting money that is either structured as a business loan or as equity. It is important to consider the goals and stage of your company when trying to figure out the right option for your organization.

Private Investor

Another great way to raise capital for your company is through a private investor. There are many ways that you can raise money through these sources. If you have friends and family that are looking to invest, they can be a great option. Another option to consider is getting money from an angel investor. With these investors, you can be assured that your company will have the equity that it needs as well as skilled professional in your corner looking to help you build. 

Ultimately, having capital for your company is critical for the growth. Whenever you are concerned about how to grow your company and get access to capital, you should speak with the professionals at James River Capital. The team at James River Capital, which is led by Paul Saunders, can provide you with a variety of different services and benefits that can help to grow your firm and be structured in the right way.