A Mann on a Mission

Aesop stated that no act of kindness is ever wasted. It seems that Keith Mann follows this rule in his life and has become a very charitable New York philanthropist. Since the early 2000’s, Mr. Mann has worked with Dynamic Executive Search where he discovered a hedge fund area that needed more lime light in the search industry. By 2009, he established and is currently the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners.

Although Keith has seen success, he has not been greedy with money. In early 2015 Keith donated to DonorsChoose.org to help classroom projects become a reality for some very deserving classrooms,. “Dynamics Search Partners held a fundraiser for New York’s Uncommon Schools organization, collecting $22,000 to help low-income students go to college,” (PRNewswire, 2015).

Mr. Mann has expanded his generosity to the New York Police Department as well in 2015. “Our officers deserve to be thanked for their service, not attached in their attempts to keep people safe,” (Keith Mann, 2015). Yet, the generosity does not stop there. Now, in 2016 Mann has chosen to start a scholarship program at New York Uncommon Schools.

Once again, Keith Mann has shown what an outstanding philanthropist he is. Starting at the end of February 2016, “one graduating senior each year at one Uncommon Schools’ will receive a 5,000 dollar scholarship to apply toward tuition,” (Business Wire, 2016). This scholarship will surely be a foot in the right direction to help high school students in the Uncommon Schools’ District step up to the challenge to go to college.

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