Aaron Lupuloff Joins the GCPS Foundation in Spearheading its Mission to the Community

It is without a doubt that a bad attitude is the only disability in life. This great insight was shared by Clemson University graduate, David Saville. He gave his savvy speech in induction at the hall of fame in Gwinnett County Public School. The young man and the crowd’s favorite was discussing his condition as well as his induction to the hall of fame. He is an epitome of the positive impact that community strength has on optimal education environment for students.

The celebration for the 10th anniversary at Gwinnett Sports Hall of fame was centered on the continued support by the residents of Gwinnett. The citizens contributed funds to ensure that the public schools in the county remained as internationally recognized schools. Gwinnett County Public Schools have a reputation in diversity among the students, outstanding academics, and athleticism. For more details you can visit youtube.com

A short biography of David Saville

Saville is a native of Norcross. He was born with a genetic condition called Down syndrome. It is mainly associated with delays in intellectual abilities. He is the current equipment manager for football at Clemson. He previously worked at Blue Devils as the football equipment manager. The Clemson Life graduate is renowned for his involvement in the championship program at the Clemson national level.

Nick Saban, the main speaker and inductee at the GCPS Foundation acknowledged Saville as a student with unmatched charisma. This made him receive an American Hero Award at the Walter Camp Football Foundation. Aaron Lupuloff who was at the induction event as the top executive director at Gwinett County Public Schools Foundation recently stepped in the leadership team. He is also one of the initiators of the GCPS Foundation.

Aaron Lupuloff studied at Alabama University where he was awarded a degree in BA. The expert in supervisory and management has over 20 years of experience in the field. He has served in the finance industry since 1983. Moreover, the husband to Jan has held top positions in numerous firms like Bear Stearms and fifth Third Street Bank securities. As the glue that keeps the entire team together, Aaron Lupuloff is required to lead the administrative organization dedicated to community outreach. To see more you can checkout youngupstarts.com

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