Acts of Kindness Go To A Whole New Level


Random acts of kindness are something that Brad Reifler is known for and what  this world could use more of. When a couple who was going on an elaborate honeymoon decided to cancel, their friends and family probably thought they were nuts. Rather, they went on a kindness spree and spread love and joy across the country and to those in need. This is something that we need to hear more of. With people being so greedy and so out for what they can buy for themselves these days, what about sharing a little love and money with others?

It was Mark and Ismini Svensson who changed the country, one state at a time. While a honeymoon and elaborate wedding would have been memorable, I think that what they did will leave a lasting imprint on theirs and others peoples hearts. They went from state to state finding people who were in need and they helped. Traveling to each of the states gave them a bit of a honeymoon, but what they did for others was undeniable. It sounds like something the Pope or Mother Teresa would have done.

I have read stories on the internet of people driving through a fast food chain and having their meal paid for. While this has never happened to me, I certatinly embrace this method of giving back and hope to see more of it. My wife and I both participate in many charity events. Doing good for others always comes back ten fold.

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