Adam Goldenberg Is Creating Incredible Growth For His Companies

Adam Goldenberg is an accomplished businessman, as well as one of the first to successfully establish an online commerce website. Adam Goldenberg was the youngest COO in the country’s history at just twenty years old. He was an entrepreneur at just fifteen when he created his first successful business called Gamers Alliance. He sold it to Intermix Media in 1999 and later went on to become the CEO of Intermix Media. That is where he met his future business partner Don Ressler. Don Ressler had also sold his company to Intermix Media, where he secured and an executive position with the company as well.

After Intermix Media was sold, the two decided to form a business plan and launch a new online retail platform called Intelligent Beauty. The company successfully launched several beauty products. After their stint with Intelligent Beauty, they did some fine tuning to their original plan to create a fashion and accessory based platform that was actually a subscription service. The decided on the name JustFab.

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Adam Goldenberg’s company JustFab became a household name and set a standard for other companies to follow. From JustFab, other companies such as Fabletics began to spring to life. Fabletics has enjoyed incredible success in only a few short year. Kate Hudson is an American actress that has teamed up with the JustFab company to bring all-inclusive fashion to the public for an affordable price. Adam Goldenberg fully supports the all-inclusive philosophy, meaning that they believe that incredible fashions should be available to customers of all sizes rather than simply cater to a select amount of sizes and body types. According to, Fabletics is currently leading the athletic wear trend and offers a boutique of clothing that is hand selected for the client each month. When a customer signs up for the service they are asked questions about their style preferences. Based on the answers to those questions, the in-house style team selects a variety of clothing each month. The subscription cost covers one item of clothing from the boutique. If the customer wishes to skip the month, they can log in and select to skip without being charged.

Adam Goldenberg recently changed the name of JustFab to Techstyle, which is now the parent company of the companies that branched off of JustFab. They recently had a $1 billion dollar valuation, which reflects incredible growth for the company. Techstyle is one of the fastest growing companies in the retail fashion industry right now. Adam Goldenberg is showing incredible business skill and knowledge which is reflected through the success of his companies.

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