Altium Capital Founder Jacob Gotlieb And Iguana’s Stuart Weisbrod To Share Office Space

Jacob Gotlieb of Altium Capital and Stuart Weisbrod, the founder of Iguana Healthcare Partners have made public their intention of operating under the same roof. The two successful entrepreneurs and healthcare investment experts have also hinted at a possible collaboration in the offing. Nonetheless, this wouldn’t be the first time the two alternative investment titans come together to champion healthcare investment opportunities.

Past collaborations

Weisbrod and Gotlieb first came together in 1999 under Merlin Biomedical Group, an investment management company with a focus on healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical portfolios. The hedge fund was founded by Weisbrod who would soon engage the services of Gotlieb as its portfolio manager. His contributions to the firm would see Merlin report returns in excesses of 100 percent in 1999 and 2000. His role in helping the firm maximally from the biotechnology revolution taking place at the time also opened doors for his successful career in healthcare after Merlin wound up in 2007.

Going separate ways

While at Merlin, Gotlieb and Weisbrod landed numerous prominent clients in the healthcare industry as well as high net worth clients interested in the health sector. For close to two decades the two have sustained and landed even more colleagues using different investment vehicles that each founded and steered after their stint at Merlin. Gotlieb would, for instance, set up Visium capital in 2008 with a starting capital of $300 million and steer it into an $8 Billion hedge fund with offices in San Francisco and London.

Nonetheless, Visium also had to close its investment doors and wind up after a decade of success in 2016. Gotlieb, however, remains determined and ever resilient and would soon evolve and set up Altium Capital, a renewed version of Visium that now moves in with Weisbrod’s current investment firm.

On the other hand, Weisbrod has also dipped his hands and heart deep into the world of healthcare investment with the founding of Iguana Healthcare Partners. According to the company founder, the fund draws its name from the adaptive reptile based on its ability to evolve and thrive in the ever-changing finance markets. Like Merlin, Iguana specializes in investments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare IT companies.

What does their collaboration mean to the healthcare sector?

Cumulatively, Jacob Gotlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have unmatched experience in running healthcare oriented investment firms. The two have particularly been hailed for their ability to spot and revolutionary ideas in the sector and nurture them to maturity. The industry can, therefore, expect welcoming support for its innovative ideas as well as well thought investment options for their clients.

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