Android Apps that I look Forward to Using

I wake up daily and feel like I am walking on a cloud. Life hasn’t always been that way, but then I haven’t always had access to an Android device. It may sound a little unbelievable to some people, but the social networking and dating apps that are available through Google Play for Androids on have made my life better.

Exhibit A is Skout. This is the first app that I downloaded when I got my new phone. I was already using the website, and I have really enjoyed the app because it gives me more chances to access Skout. Sometimes I check out this app when I am at work. I will usually flirt a little in the morning and send messages. I avoid the water cooler talk that most people are doing and retreat to my office in the morning to use Skout. By lunch time I have more time to see if anyone has responded to my messages. That is when I use the site extensively. I also use Skout when I am in line (which is often) in a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club. This app has become the staple that I need to secure dates. I am not always on the lookout for love, but I am open to finding love. Right now I just enjoy having some fun with going on dates through Skout. This has been a very interesting application that has turned some lonely Saturday nights into good times.

Socializing on the Internet has never been easier. I remember a time when I barely used my cell phone for anything older than making calls. Now that I finally got a smart phone I wake up early just to see who has been messaging me. I love Google+ because this is such a cool site for keeping all of your friends close. I have a circle of friends and this allows me to tap into their circle and meet their friends as well. That is something that the Android app does that I didn’t quite realize. It helps me expand my network by allowing me to connect with friends of my associates online. This could be one of the most helpful things because the interaction is so quick. I have found it much easier to make friends this way.

The Android apps that are one the market are bound to change the way that people use their phones. There are so many free apps for those that want to socialize. This is what has made people stand up and take notice of the social media atmosphere. Everyone is different though, and the growing number of apps that are surfacing cater to different needs. I like Tinder and Skout for dating, but others may find OK Cupid is better for them. People that want to date outside of the United States may gravitate towards Anastasia Date. There are so many options to consider. That makes it easier for app users to personalize their app collection.