Andy Wirth And His Fight Against The Incorporation Of The Olympic Valley.

Very few people have ever thought of rewarding our soldiers for the good work they do to keep our country safe. One of this few people is Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer and founder of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

A few years back during a ski diving exercise, Andy Wirth had an accident that nearly took away his life. The accident left him with a savored arm. Andy Wirth took this accident as an inspiration for him to start a noble charity that would help Navy SEALS returning home from war get back to their normal lives with their families. Some of this soldiers had lost their limbs limbs during the war, while some needed psychological and moral support to get themselves together. Andy Wirth founded the Crowdrise foundation to help this soldiers. Through this foundation, families that had lost their loved ones in war were supported, those that had lost their limbs were provided with prosthetic ones and for those who needed psychological and moral support, they were provided with some through the Wounded Warrior Support. Through the Crowdice charity campaign, Andy Wirth has helped hundreds of beneficiaries.

As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth has also been at the forefront of environmental conservation and improving the community life around Lake Tahoe area. For the past four years, the community around this area had little to smile of due to the long droughts that affected the area. This drought had rendered the area economically inactive as it heavy depended on ski tourism and sports for a living. The draught had made it impossible for ski tourists to visit the area.

Besides this problem, the main threat to the livelihoods if the residents of this area was the incorporation of Olympic Valley. This was a tough nut for the economy of this area as it would to higher taxes to both the local business and resorts which would scare away visitors and tourists. The incorporation would also mean services the area has been enjoying such as road maintenance and snow clearing would no longer be available. This incorporation was a cloud of doom to the economy and residents of this area. Andy Wirth spends a lot of his personal time and resources fighting against this incorporation motion and finally succeeded as it was withdrawn.

As of now, normalcy gas returned to the area as the drought is over, and the seasonal winds have come earlier. This means the residents and the resorts are going to make huge profits out of good business this season.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal