Arthur Beckers’s Business Ventures

You can easily describe Becker’s New York office as an art studio. It is a full-blown workshop with masterpiece paintings on the walls. The office is not located far from his first solo development project – an eight-unit luxury condo at 465 Washington Street, which he plans to sell at a whopping $52.5 million.

For the longest time, Author has made his money by buying tech companies and only supporting real estate projects as a silent-money partner. He recently shifted his full focus to real estate and currently has a few investments in New York and Florida. Arthur is lucky to have come to the market at the right time.

One of his major investments is a 16-story building by Robert GladStone’s Madison Partners Equities and Maloney. Arthur later sold his stake in the property to its developers in exchange for two Sullivan townhouses. He will live in one of the two houses following his separations from his wife.

In general, Mr. Becker has invested widely in tech, finance, real estate, and art. He collects old forms of currency from different African countries and reproduces them as sculptures. He is planning to introduce two reproduction units for the same in the Capital Properties commercial building in Boston.

Earlier in his life, he was convinced by a friend to invest in macadamia nuts. Though it took one whole year for the nuts to grow, he finally up made $6 million dollars profit from the venture.

However, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses for Arthur in business. He once tried to get into the business of Binoculars dubbed Box which people were not so crazy about. They didn’t like the structure of the product. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Arthur’s Career Journey

Before venturing in real estate, he was the CEO of NaviSite, a tech company that provides cloud applications management and data center hosting services to clients. Navisite was finally acquired by Time Warner in 2011.

Arthur has also worked with his wife at Vera Wang Fashion for close to 7 years as a senior advisor. Arthur went to Bennington College where he specialised in photography and ceramics. He studied business studies at Amos Tuck.

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