Bold Philosophy Creates Stunning Results

Highland Capital Management based in Dallas, Texas has taken the financial world by storm over the last few decades. With a bold philosophy, strong leadership and an owner operator mindset, this company is taking a disciplined approach to bringing great gains to its clients. Founded in 1993 Highland Capital Management is now the largest CLO (collateralized loan obligation) in the United States. Over the more than twenty years since its inception, this group has been tested and found to be one of the world’s most experienced credit managers.

Three Principles that Make the Philosophy Work

Stated on their website (, the company holds three principles at the core of their success – experience, discipline, and boldness. They strive to be the pioneer in developing the fields of loans and CLO. An examination of their track record proves this claim to be true. When it comes to discipline in Highland Capital Management, the use of stringent checks and balances help to mitigate risks, as well as the ability to identify and move away from bad deals promptly. This ability is what makes their managers not only good but great. Being bold is in the mindset of this company. Their point of view is that of an owner- operator as the company is employee owned. Because of this, the key is to develop solutions for investors, not products.

Stunning Results

In the years since Highland Capital Management began its journey, the footprint of the company has grown by leaps and bounds. Today a team of over 180 people is based all over the world. With the base in Dallas, Texas there are now offices in New York City, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paulo. In 2016, with exemplary leadership from Michael Gregory, chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors, made a killing in the energy market and brought in a 32% return for investors. This achievement almost tripled the S&P 500’s gain for the year! The target for 2017 is health-care stocks.

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