Brian Bonar: Building Successful Companies, Organizations, And People

Brian Bonar is the epitome of the modern entrepreneur and finance expert. After earning an undergraduate degree in engineering and an MBA and PhD in International Business Development, he set about making his mark on the world of business. He began by working with IBM in England, then moved to the United States and used his knowledge and experience to work for and found a series of successful businesses. Bonar worked in upper management position in printing, sales, and finance, and even created and marketed the first printer based on SCSI technology.

There seems to be no business in which Bonar has not excelled. His work with Japanese and Korean printing technology giants is legendary. He has also founded and held the helm at a series of companies that focused on temporary services, hardware and software development, insurance, and outsourcing. That has enabled him to hone a variety of skills he has used to grow a whole host of companies. Those companies have ranged from start-ups to established businesses on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. These days he is known for simultaneously leading a number of San Diego, California based companies.

But Bonar is much more than just a successful entrepreneur and marketing and sales maven. He is also someone that is concerned about his community. He lends his time, talent, and experience to a number of community based organizations. They include the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Bonar’s work in the UK is so well respected and appreciated, he’s now known as Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, an honorary title that was bestowed on him in Cardiff, Wales United Kingdom. He is also lauded for his unique ability to analyze problems and find solutions as well as his ability to make things happen.

Brian Bonar’s skill set is outstanding. He is known for his expertise in venture capital, start-ups, employee relations, sales, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and turn around management. When Bonar founds or joins a company, success is assured. He has shown that ability since his earliest days in business. What have always set him apart are his vision, ability, and willingness to work hard. This has enabled him to capitalize on the opportunities presented to him and make the people around him better and more productive.

Even with all his successes, Bonar continues to be a bright, articulate individual who is always willing to both learn and teach. His personal goal remains to build businesses and help the people around him grow through the use of creativity and his understanding of people, business, and finance. He has earned numerous awards and continues to share his time and talents with several trade groups and organizations.