Bringing Security and Livelihood to Prison

At Securus Technologies quality and reliability are the two main focal points, with high end products being successfully delivered to customers. Securus is an interesting company as it supports a very niche customer base, one that resides almost solely within the United States penal system. Incarcerated individuals currently serving time for mistakes they have made in the past require access to communications just as anyone else does, as well as a sense of security. In order to provide this level of support Securus trains its field technicians and customer support staff to higher forms of education, and expects from them the very best. Recently in the news Securus made a statement to the media that eleven of its highly decorated field technicians successfully completed the BICSI Installer 1 certification program, labeling them as some of the most elite technicians in the industry in modern times.


The BICSI Installer 1 certification branches technicians who take advantage of it out into broader concepts and levels of understanding for such important areas as video, audio, security, electronics and project management tasks. These detailed courses build abilities beyond what it expected of these technicians meaning that not only are they able to meet customer needs more efficiently, they are also able to successfully answer all questions and help make each customer feel individually important and needed within the system.


It is a difficult endeavor to bring a feeling safety and security to someone who is currently living within the prison system, with their families being closed off to them and danger lurking around every corner. Securus Technologies does it utmost best to make sure that its customers are comfortable with their livelihood, at least to the extent of their abilities as a communications company. This training is instrumental to the future of service.


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