Bruce Bent II an Entrepreneur, Financial Expert and Innovative Man

Bruce Bent II, a financial genius, and entrepreneur that has created innovative cash and cash-related solutions for brokers and dealers, qualified plans, bank, and retail markets, plus short-term management of assets.

The FDIC insured cash management has been transformed, due to Bents expertise, into a trillion dollar industry. His personal drive has been the catalyst for a portion of the most relevant and influential technology in the development of cash sweep and the expanded FDIC insured programs.

Bent is the President of the Double Rock Corporation which has six Subsidiary corporations that are wholly-owned companies. He is the senior executive for each of these six companies. He was, for over 17 years, the CEO of The Reserve, a money market mutual fund, This is a privately held money-market and the second largest in the world.

Bruce is an experienced entrepreneur has received at least 60 patents that are privately held. He is and has been involved in entrepreneurial ventures which include asset management financial technologies consumer goods, business consulting, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare financing.

Being a result-oriented CEO and consultant, he has the expertise along with the resources to make an impact, immediately, and able to steer organizations through diverse challenges. He can offer enterprise leadership skills for building new businesses and a cutting edge in operations to meet broad-based business and financial demands as well market demands.

He has the knowledge to transform an overstaffed business that has declining revenues into a high-performance, client-focused company by implementing a strategy that is focused on restructuring, rigorous cost reduction, and expense control. He will help the company to gain a large market share, and lessened the increase in competition and their shrinking margins with the creation of new products and larger margins as well as establishing supplementary distribution.

After spending 20 years in the financial market industry he provides support for companies that are looking for help in that area. He is a consultant, an advisor, and is occasionally and investor in the development and growth of a new start-up business in different industries such as digital currency, health care, financial technology, and consumer financing.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northwestern University.

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