Bruce Levenson: Hand in Hand with Technology

Upon birth, Bruce Levenson probably expounded an idea for some technological business venture. The entrepreneur and philanthropist, along with whatever falls in between, is someone whose legacy is written in permanent ink. He turns technology into success.

While living in Washington D.C. in the 1970’s, after a stint in journalism, Levenson began to explore the world of technology. It began when he and a journalist friend launched United Communications Group. (UCG) In a store room above his father’s liquor store, the two of them laid the groundwork for Oil Express, UCG’s first newsletter. It chronicled the booming oil industry.

Then, along with the Oil Express, they began to publish a variety of other newsletters. These concentrated on technology, banking, healthcare and other venues. From that store room, UCG grew into a privately held corporation with national influence.

Moreover, through UCG, Levenson and his partner co-founded the publically traded TechTarget that also devotes itself to the field of technology.

In addition, Levenson stepped into the arena of sports. He and a group of other business persons formed Atlanta Hawks LLC and purchased the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team.

Dormant not being in his vocabulary, Levenson became an adviser for BIA Digital Partners, which is a private equity firm. He also expanded his area of responsibility by becoming a member of the Board of Directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

In 1997, as a well deserved reward for years of dedication to the fledgling industry of technology, the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame inducted him into their chamber of honor.

As is the case for many whose hard work and dedication in a specific industry blesses them, Levenson shares his rewards. In conjunction with other foundations, he’s an integral part of the I Have a Dream Foundation, the Hoops Dream Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Washington D.C.

He and his wife Karen have three sons.

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