Bruce Levenson is a Man of Variety

Many Passions in his Life
Bruce Levenson is a man who has many passions in his life. He has his numerous professional accomplishments along with his passion in his personal life. Mr. Levenson seems to have a full zest for life. He is a gentleman who loves adventure. He is a sports enthusiast who is an avid basketball player. He enjoys traveling the world. He plays golf and he is also a skier. He is a married man with three sons. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia is a man who stands out and is an overall extraordinary human being who does live life to the fullest.

Nonprofit Leading and Philanthropy
Bruce Levenson believes in giving back to the community in many ways. He is involved in philanthropy in several ways. He works with his wife Karen in many philanthropic endeavors. These include the following:
*philanthropy and nonprofit leadership at The University of Maryland
*the “I Have a Dream Foundation”
*Hoop of Dreams
*The Community Foundation
These are some of his philanthropy passions. This individual and his wife are fully committed to their community and society in general. He seems to have the goal appears to be to better the word in general.

A Businessman with Integrity
Bruce Levenson is an exceptional businessman. He is the Managing Partner of the Atlantic Hawks. He has been serving on the NBA Board of Governors since the year 2004. His business endeavors also include co-founding United Communications Group. He is also one of the founding shareholders of Tech Target. He has served on that board. He also founded Dot with a partner. This is a private company that has cooking technology that can actually toast bread in only three seconds. This company invented this amazing technology.

A Well Rounded Individual
Bruce Levenson in overall a well rounded individual. He is a man of many talents that seem to be never ending. He is a family man, a businessman, and a philanthropist who simply enjoys life.

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