Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali’s website is a mostly professional profile site, but he also lets his hair down a little and writes a little about himself so that potential employers have a sense of his personality, too – because personality is everything, in Bruno Fagali’s opinion. If you would like to view Bruno Fagali’s resume, in addition to the online profile, though, just say the word and he’ll get it over to you. Bruno Fagali’s current job is flexible, which means he can get whatever you need done, when you need it done.


He fully plans on getting things done for you in a timely manner; he has the time management skills that too many people lack. You’re more than welcome to give him a call though he is not always available by phone, due to signal strength. If you leave him a message – he’ll get my messages over wifi – he’ll know so that he can walk around with his arm extended to the sky and look for the best signal to call you back from. Text is great, but email is also an option. Either way, he’d love to hear back from you!


There are plenty of other ways to get a hold of Mr. Fagali either during or outside of normal business hours; keep in mind that this thorough attorney, writer and business philanthropist lives in Brazil and that international charges and rates may apply when calling. Please email him with your resume and an APA or MLA sample if you seek to write copy for his business. Find his contact info. by searching his name online. His editors will check that you have properly cited and used the correct format/guidelines for style chosen and let you know, if accepted, within three days. Thanks!


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