Bruno Fagali’s Astounding Legal Career Unmasked

     Bruno Fagali is no new name to the Brazilian legal chambers where he turns out as a charismatic licensed attorney with an optimal specialty in administrative and civil law. His rise to one of the most sought after legal practitioner started off after his undergraduate studies where worked at Radi Associates and honed his mastery of legal disciplines. He has since gained immense know how in handling administrative contracts, expropriation actions and many other legal aspects of municipal, administrative and regulatory laws.

Bruno Fagali Sorting Out Government

Since Brazil has suffered from gross misappropriation of public funds, the attorney has rolled up his sleeves to get to tackle this problem. Under his FAGALI Advocacy Center, he has firmly agitated for the observance of integrity and law whenever government departments award tenders to various companies. His sensitization program across all the procurement department in government ministries have since been enlightened on the various laid down obligations they need to follow while giving out government contracts. Such ethically-motivated drives have promoted legal awareness in these sectors as he has remained steadfast in his clamor for fairness in such ventures. Also, his FAGALI outfit has also gained global attention for its initiatives that center on anti-corruption and social equity within the corporate environment. Realizing the rot in this system and fixing it has made Bruno Fagali command immense attention not only at the local level but in the international scene. It is also through his outspoken nature that most employees subjected to racial discrimination and harassment have since found solution courtesy of his equal treatment policy plan.

His Employment

Currently, Bruno Fagali works in Brazilian advertising firm called Nova/SB that has gained prominence in advertisements for organizations such as International Labor Organization. At the company, he has specialized in offering his expertise in corporate integrity program that observes that all dealings in the enterprise follow due process and integrity is observed. He also goes further to offering legal guidance and services to the employees affected by any injustices in the company. That notwithstanding, he occasionally writes for the local dailies on pertinent legal issues affecting the legal profession and other injustices. Through this venture, he has aided the advancement of legal knowledge through sharing insights on various legal matters.

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