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Sharon Prince And The Grace Farms Foundation Put On Elegant Event

To celebrate its anniversary, the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation recently put on a fundraising event. This Connecticut foundation put on a fourth anniversary celebration that was meant to help it raise funds to be used for charitable work.

Grace Farms is a dream facility for any person who wants to spend some time alone in the busy world that seems not to have any space for people who are looking for a silent moment.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms was able to raise half a million dollars through the event. Sharon Prince is the founder and the president of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she is someone who was involved in the planning and putting on of the event.

There were many important people in attendance for the event that the Grace Farms Foundation put on. Those people ranged from human rights activists to artists and influencers. There were business leaders in attendance at the event, and Sharon Prince was also an individual who was there and a part of things. Together, those people were able to raise money to be used in efforts to help ethical and environmentally responsible supply chains. See This Page for related information.

A zero waste dinner was served to those who were in attendance at the Grace Farms Foundation’s fundraising event. This was an elegant and special meal that was meant to impress the guests. There was also entertainment that was a part of the event. The Parisa Khobdeh Dance Company put on a performance, and the saxophonist Marcus G. Miller was also a part of the entertainment that was offered to those in attendance.

The leaders of the Grace Farms Foundation were in attendance at the fundraising event put on by the foundation to show their support for the event and to be around to spend time with those who chose to attend the event. Sharon Prince was one important member of the foundation who was a part of the event.

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