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Lori Senecal Is Named One Of The Most Creative People In Business

Lori Senecal has been highlighted by Fast Company as one of the top 100 most creative people in business. Mrs. Senecal was listed because she emboldens clients. She serves as the chief executive officer of marketing agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky since 2015. Her business creativity has increased the revenue of CP+B by about 21% thanks to her creative and bold leadership. One of her beliefs is that creativity is not a talent or skill, but also a behavior.


Mrs. Senecal has helped create some standout marketing campaigns for the following Crispin Porter + Bogusky clients. Under her helm, CP+B had helped to create an online tool that let users of the Letgo application create short TV style clips about the items they were listing for sale on the app. This program is called Commercializer and it helped spurn the Letgo app to reach a landmark 45 million downloads.


Another creative and technologically savvy campaign led by Lori Senecal was when CP+B teamed up with NBA 2K and the Fitbit device. Crispin Porter + Bogusky helped link the Fitbit app with the NBA 2K video game. The link created the chance for video game players in NBA 2K to improve their virtual created players’ skills based on the exercise they do with their Fitbit. This not only enhances the enjoyment for both the video game and Fitbit, but also motivates people to get moving.




Lori Senecal has been interviewed by several online websites that focus on entrepreneurs and businesswomen. She recently did an interview with Inspirey which inquired about her business and how she manages her organization. Some highlights of the interview are provided below.


Ad Week asked Lori Senecal how she makes money in her field. Her response was that she makes money when other people make money. In advertising your effectiveness revolves around helping other people sell products or services. Another question asked of Lori Senecal was what she thinks the future holds for the marketing sector. Mrs. Senecal said that she believes the internet is changing the marketing field. It is creating new opportunities and also changing the way business is conducted at the same time.



Mullen Lowe Continues on its Upward Trend

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe. This is an advertising agency that is based in Brazil. Borghi is the co-CEO of the ad agency. Borghi was drawn to advertising when he watched the advertising campaigns that had been nominated for Cannes Awards. He was still in high school. Jose studied at PUC-RS and pursued a degree in Advertising and Marketing. He started his career at Standard & Ogilvy before joining other top advertising agencies in the country.

Borghi eventually decided to start his agency with Erh Ray to pursue his projects. He is the recipient of seven London statues, fifteen April Awards, and fourteen Cannes Lions. It is interesting to see that he won the award that prompted him to venture into advertising in the first place. Mullen Lowe announced that it had done five advertisements for several clients two months ago. The companies include Sparlack, Harley Davidson, Hammerite, and Home & Video. Mullen Lowe had worked with Home & Video in the past when they did advertisements for the company’s retail arm.

Borghi said that his vision was to work with new clients and to deliver according to their specification. He stated that the firm was pleased to sign deals with big brands because it pushed them to be more creative. Borghi finished by pointing out that several of the campaigns had great approval ratings and that they were hopeful that the others would do the same. Mullen Lowe is on a steady path of growth according to research conducted by the Scope Agency. The results of the survey showed that the agency was improving the return on investment that the clients were getting with each job. This is as a result of the decision by top management to be involved in the daily running of the business.

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José Henrique Borghi’s Celebrated Advertising Career

The co-Chief Executive Officer of Mullen Lowe, José Henrique Borghi, has created many memorable advertising campaigns during his almost 30-year career. His interest in advertising developed early when he went to a theater as a teenager with his older sister. At the theater, there was an exhibition of ads that had won awards at the Cannes Worldwide Festival that captivated his imagination. He decided then and there that he would make it his life’s pursuit to also create award winning advertising.

After graduating from his university, José Henrique Borghi began his professional career at the advertising agency Standard Ogilvy Group in 1989. He was very successful at this which eventually led to him co-founding his own agency along with his business partner Erh Ray. The result was BorghiErh which was met with stunning success. Their success caught the eye of another, larger advertising agency, Lowe, which purchased their advertising agency and renamed the company as Borghi Lowe. Later, this business was merged with another firm, Mullen, and the resulting company is now called Mullen Lowe Brazil. José Henrique Borghi is co-CEO along with André Gomes.

Some of the most celebrated advertising campaigns of José Henrique Borghi’s career include the ones he created for Fiat, Parmalat, and Sazon. After the campaigns for both Sazon and Fiat were released both companies achieved number one in their markets in Brazil which speaks to the effectiveness of the ads. Click here to know more.

More recently, José Henrique Borghi created ads for CLAUDIA Magazine in support of their campaign speaking out on violence against women in Brazil. The ads let women know that they can report assaults on a free to call phone number. The ads count down 15 seconds, which is how often a woman somewhere in Brazil will be the victim of an assault.