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10 Tips For Cruising Through Your To-List Courtesy Of Upwork

In this demanding, fast-paced world we’re living in, we’ve got a seemingly ever-increasing number of things to do and a limited amount of time to do them. If you’re looking to spend more of that time doing the things you want to do instead of lamenting over all the things you still need to do, you’re in luck.

Upwork, one of the largest global freelancing websites, has provided a list of 10 great tips for cruising through your to-do list. Upwork offers its business and independent professional clients a quicker, simpler, more cost-efficient way to connect and collaborate with freelancers. Now the company is offering methods to help you more efficiently tackle the tasks in your life.

  1. Capture Everything

Instead of trying to remember all the tasks you need to accomplish, Upwork recommends you write them all down.

Incomplete tasks stay on our minds, which distracts us from what we should be doing right now, as well as causes us added stress. If you write everything down in a to-do list, your brain doesn’t have to worry about remembering every little task and you can focus on the task right in front of you.

  1. Prepare Your List In Advance

Our energy levels tend to be highest in the morning. So instead of using those optimum early hours to make your to-do list, prepare it the night before and use the morning to accomplish your most important task.

  1. One Place

Instead of going to multiple places, like your email, post-it notes, and notepad apps to get the complete picture of your to-do list, make keeping track of all your tasks easier by keeping them all in one tool.

  1. Time Attributes

Upwork suggests not only writing down the task, but also adding time factors like when you’ll start the task and how long it should take to complete it.

  1. Define Priorities

As Upwork points out, unexpected events pop up to throw off our plans all the time. That’s why it’s important to assign priorities to your tasks. Knowing which tasks are most crucial to complete will help you to be able to shift gears.

  1. Keep Re-evaluating

Look at the tasks still on your to-do list at the end of the week, ask yourself what value completing them will bring, and eliminate the low-value tasks that don’t matter as much to make time for more high-value tasks.

  1. Stress-free Delegation

Another way to make tasks easier on yourself is to assign them to colleagues. Project management software like ClickUp is one way to quickly delegate tasks and sub-tasks to other users on your team.

  1. Zoom In And Out

Zooming in means take each of your big tasks and break them down into smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish.

Zooming out involves keeping in mind how those smaller tasks contribute to the overall objective.

  1. Batch Process

Upwork suggests grouping similar tasks and finishing them together. For instance, if you have multiple phone calls to make, take care of them all in one sitting.

  1. Assign Energy Levels

Going back to energy levels, Upwork advises picking your tasks based on the nature of your own. Evaluate how much energy each task requires and assign it an energy level. That way you can plan to perform the high-energy tasks at the time of day you’re at your most productive.

With these tips, your to-do list should be a road map for how to power through your day.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Continues to Innovate

People that know Whitney Wolfe Herd knows that innovation is where she starts every aspect of her business. She has become someone that people are looking at as one of the top innovators in technology apps like Bumble.

This Austin-based company is one that is turning a lot of heads because Whitney Wolfe Herd has dubbed Bumble to be a feminist dating app movement. This is where she initially caught the attention of so many people that were trying to figure out how this app would actually be different from what everyone else was doing. The simple fact of the matter was that Whitney Wolfe Herd was creating an app where women would make the first move. This would be the thing that would shift the tide and make this app something that would break the norm in the dating app environment.

Women that were bold enough to make the first move were rejoicing about this app. There are also men that were tired of making the first move that were also going to feel great about this app environment. This is the type of app that essentially caters to a new millennial group of app users.

Women that are old fashioned and not interested in pursuing a conversation with a man first may not feel comfortable with this app. This app is definitely not for those people. There are many young women, however, like Whitney Wolfe Herd that feel that the method of always having the man to make the first move is outdated. These are new age women that have a new age perspective on how they approach their lives. They approach their careers differently. They approach their relationships differently. All of this means that they are interested in a different way of doing things. This is what Whitney Wolfe Herd was trying to drive home with Bumble. She wanted to be that entrepreneur that looked at doing things differently in a world that was dominated by mail competition.

Now many people can look at the way that she has become innovative with expanding Bumble and see that she is on the same path. She wanted to create Bumble BFF where people could make friends with her app. She wanted to create Bumble Bizz where people would have a chance to network with other people. All of these are aspects of Bumble that have kept Wolfe at the top of the innovation pyramid.

ClassDojo is an Educational Must-Have Application

With this highly digitalized world, we can now keep track on the academic performance of our children both as teachers and as parents. ClassDojo is an exciting and involving classroom management tool that keeps everyone on their toes. The young ones are also encouraged since they earn dojo points whenever they display remarkable traits. As long as you have a smartphone or a laptop, you can easily get your child signed up in the application. Here are a few reasons why it would be a good idea to get your child to use the app.

  1. It saves time

Teachers can easily record the performance of their students with just a click of a button hence saving a lot of time as compared to marking them on a board.

  1. ClassDojo increases the involvement of the parents

Parents can now keep tabs on their children since they can easily stay connected and communicate. This keeps parents up to date avoiding any surprises during the class meetings as they would be aware of their kids’ behaviors. Additionally, the parents are able to have guided conversations with their young ones based on their development and behavior.

  1. Data sharing

This application keeps track records automatically making it easier for the teacher to set reports that can be easily emailed to the parents who can see them whenever they are connected.

  1. It helps in the organization and behavior of the student

With this app, it is now easier to set up classes as each class has different avatars assigned to the students. After setting up the class, the teacher can award points to individuals or groups.

  1. Messaging is instant

In case of an emergency issue that may need discussion with the parent, the teacher can send urgent messages to parents and vice versa. With this application communication is flawless

  1. Can be good conversation starters between parents and children

The parent can easily ask questions based on the performance of the day making it an easier conversation to hold with the student.

This is an important application for any teacher, student and parent as it makes the learning process convenient, involving, and fun.


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Is Eye-Opening

Talk Fusion has done something so very few app producers in the world have been able to achieve. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app has hit #1 in Indonesia, #5 in Japan, and #20 in Switzerland. These are great numbers for the app since it is facing so much competition in those countries. Talk Fusion has its fans around the globe. As more good reviews and positive press emerge about the app, more users are going to install it.

A free 30-day trial is sure to further the cause of bringing more users into the Talk Fusion tent. Promotional deals such as these are extremely hard for anyone to pass up. The video technology employed in the system is extremely advanced. The quality is at High-Definition (HD) levels. This alone should prove enormously beneficial to those who have important intentions for the app.

Connecting with people on a personal basis is not the only reason someone would want a highly-compatible video chat app. Professionals and executives may have business-related intentions in mind for the app. Talk Fusion delivers an advanced program more than capable of doing what is required to meet quality expectations. The management of Talk Fusion have even noted that more research and development is going into the app. Talk Fusion is one of the top video marketing entities in the world. Located in Brandon, FL, the company offers competitive pricing and scores of business solutions.

A few new products are in the works. Anyone who is already impressed with what Talk Fusion delivers should anticipate the release of various other new products in the near future. These new products are going to have free trials as well. Look for these new and current releases from Talk Fusion on Google Play and iTunes.


How Oisin Hanrahan has Led Handy into an Era of Financial Success

Handy recently made it public that it had made a round of over 50 million dollars over the past week. This brings Handy’s total net worth to approximately half a billion dollars. Very few people can imagine how the world would be without this giant cleaning and handyman services provider. At a recent Web Summit, the founder, Oisin Hanrahan spoke to Amanda Connolly about the firm’s growth and its plans for the future. He also outlined how having its headquarters in New York has played a vital role in the firm’s accomplishments.

Oisin had a penchant for sanitation from a young age. However, it was the allure of making money out of it that made him start Handy. As a student, he had a stint in Hungary where he worked in a real estate development firm. He discovered that getting handymen for small jobs inside the houses was difficult. He formed Handy while at Harvard after raising a 50,000-dollar seed capital.

The founders went against common grain, that startups must be based at Silicon Valley in order for them to succeed. They chose to be based in New York because it has an effervescent and growing tech market. In addition, they saw the city as the perfect business environment for an on-demand service provider.

The company links cleaning companies with those who require their services. Professional cleaners using Handy as a platform to provide their services have the flexibility of working at times best suited for them. In addition, companies have the ability to book cleaners and handymen for jobs at any given time. They can also reserve their services for future assignments. The technicians are highly qualified and have proven track records. Customers therefore do not have to worry about the kind of technicians who turn up. The firm has experienced fast growth and currently boasts of over 160 members of staff and more than 10,000 contractors.

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Video Changes The Way Companies Do Business

The world of marketing is rapidly evolving. As a result, more and more companies’ are adding videos to their email marketing campaigns. Thankfully, Talk Fusion has made this process extremely easy.

Lacy Rushin published an article recently on Hello Tesla. In her article, she mentions some amazing statistics that showcase just how valuable embedded video can be for marketing campaigns. She quotes a study that mentions a 40 percent increase in email marketing revenue. The driving force behind that increase was embedded video content.

This is why companies like Talk Fusion are becoming such a huge success. According to Lacy Rushin’s article, Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 due to a unique situation its CEO, Bob Reina, was faced with. He wanted to embed a short video in an email to his friends. However, America Online told him that it was not possible. As a result, Mr. Reina and a friend decided to develop a way to do just that and Talk Fusion was born.

Talk Fusion offers a wide variety of services for their clients. Some of their popular products include video email and live video conferencing. They have even developed a way for businesses to add video to newsletters. Their solutions allow companies to deliver custom content to a wide variety of audiences.

Some of their products even function as a method for companies to reduce cost. Their live video conferencing is extremely popular with companies that are looking for ways to reduce travel expenses. The flexibility of live video conferencing also allows meetings to be scheduled much more effectively.

Video communication is rapidly changing the way companies do business. Thankfully, Talk Fusion offers their clients numerous ways to deliver custom content. In a world of rapidly evolving business trends, Talk Fusion is here to stay.

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Handy is Growing Exponentially

Since 2012, Handy (then HandyBook) has quickly grown to be one of the biggest companies offering on demand services to home owners. This is an incredible growth in just three years of operation. However, for co-founder Oisin Hanrahan, the sky is the limit.

Handy is poised to become the biggest and most sought after home services company. It aims to penetrate into more markets and offer its growing clientele more services. Recently, Handy announced that it had successfully raised another $50 million funds that will be used within the next six months to expand the firm and solidify its place in the market.

Speaking in a recent interview, Oisin Hanrahan, the brains behind the company, stated that the original idea for Handy came to him in Hungary. He had just finished his undergraduate studies and had secured a job in Hungary. He realized the great demand, and inefficiencies, of home services. Later in London, he saw an opportunity to offer these services as on demand while working for a taxi service.

However, Hanrahan would shelve the idea until he joined Harvard. Together with his roommate, he developed the idea, and was able to raise some seed funding worth $50,000. They dropped out, left for New York and started Handybook. They chose the city because it offered a big and ready market and true enough, they were off with a flying start.

Hanrahan reiterated that so long as the firm was the biggest player in the market, it would continue to prosper. This is because it can operate at lower unit costs while spending less to attract and retain customers. Handy has employed about 160 staff and about 10,000 contractors. He said that Handy has no immediate plans to hire the latter as permanent staff.

Formed in 2012, the Handy provides home and Handyman services. It is an online company that has its headquarters in New York City, US. It was founded by Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott and Ignacio Leonhadt. It operates in over 28 cities located in the US, Canada as well as The UK. It is currently worth around $500 million.

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When Your Place Needs Cleaning Or Repair Get Handy!

Why try to do all the cleaning and perform repairs on your home when it is so easy to get an expert from Handy. Handy is the online service that connects you with house cleaning and handyman repair professionals. Handy worker members charge between $15 to $22 per hour. Most cleaning workers charge about $18 per hour, depending on their overall experience and rating. So, the wages are good and the service is even better than that.

It works well as a second job for many Handy members, with the ability to set the exact days and hours during the day they are available. The service has been augmented recently with a new smartphone app that brings the jobs in more efficiently and has helped Handy advance to a new level of performance. Launched just two years ago, Handy has already grown to a revenue level of $1,000,000 per week; $52 million per year.

Of the 200K candidates who applied to be accepted into the rolls at Handy, about 5,000 have been fully vetted through a 2-level background check process and are regularly available to work. This amazing house cleaning and repair service is available in 3 different countries: the US, Canada, and England. So far the average percentage of total service orders for cleaning is 85%, and 15% for plumbing work and other repairs.

The biggest factor in this skyrocketing growth may well be the new branding effort coupled with the sophisticated smartphone app, which has enabled a completely mobile model for workers and clients of Handy. So, for any type of standard cleaning in your house, condo, or apartment, get Handy. Need a garage, shed, or any other room cleaned out and up, and windows cleaned, get Handy. However, if you need some light electrical, plumbing, or carpentry work, you can also rely on Handy for those needs too.

Those Who Know What Quality Work Is Will Choose Handy

Two people in the same town are moving to different places and need work done in their new home, and both persons are looking for similar services. They both need to be moved, they both need painting services in their new home, and their new home needs to be cleaned as well. One person chooses to find three different services to handle their needs, but the other person chooses Handy, which can handle all of these services as well as some more services. The person that chose Handy was able to get their home painted, they were moved to their home, and their home was cleaned by Handy workers as well.

Handy is such a great service because of the fact that it provides many services, even though housecleaning is one of its main services. Many who have hired Handy for house cleaning services have soon discovered that many other services are available and hire other Handy workers for additional services. A person may have Handy workers come out to clean their home every week, but when the home needs to be painted or something needs to be assembled or installed, then they can also call Handy out as well.

Handy has different sections on their app for the different types of work that is available, and these services are provided by professionals that know exactly what they’re doing. Unlike many other cleaning services out there, Handy only picks the cream of the crop and chooses to get the best workers for the job. The professionals that work for Handy may even have certifications for the work they do, such as plumbing jobs, painting and more. Many want professionals to do work in their homes, especially since the services are very important, like adding a heavy light fixture that can easily fall if the right person doesn’t install it.

Since it’s important to the person in the home to have someone professional and knowledgeable come into their home to do work, many will choose Handy for any and all services that they need. Handy also has great prices, and it’s possible to find prices that are lower at Handy than with some other services in the same area. Handy is available in many cities, and those who are interested in hiring Handy workers can check the website to see if Handy workers are available in their particular city. Check out Handy on Facebook and Twitter and download their free app today.

Home-Cleaning Start-Up Declares Bankruptcy

Having raised over thirty million in funding from investors and with operations spawning thirty-five cities in the United States and even more locations abroad, it seemed that home-cleaning startup HomeJoy was on solid financial ground. However, after the expense of four back-to-back lawsuits over worker classification issues, HomeJoy was forced to declare chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed its doors on July 31, 2015. HomeJoy’s primary competitor Handy, however, continues to be a leader in the home-cleaning and handyman field.

Founded in 2012, Handy was started by two young men who saw the need for consumers to be able to have easy access to trustworthy, efficient professionals for everyday household services. They knew how difficult it could be to find handymen that would offer quality, skilled workmanship that could be trusted to complete the job. Thus, Handy was born to fulfill that void. Developed to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate, Handy makes finding the perfect handyman or house-cleaner a very easy task.

In fact, 2015 was a remarkable year for Handy. According to their website, Handy logged over three million hours of handyman and home-cleaning services in 2015. Customers were obviously very pleased with their service, as reflected in over four-hundred thousand ratings of “perfect” given by satisfied clients. Handy offers a wide variety of skilled services, from plumbing and electrical to moving and house-cleaning. They also received another $50 million in funding. If you’re perplexed by the pages of instruction on how to assemble your new desk from Ikea, Handy is the one to call. If you’ve been driving yourself crazy trying to hang that picture straight, they will happily come to your rescue. Available online 24/7 with a booking process that takes approximately 60 seconds, all of Handy’s services are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. With services in more than twenty cities and growing, if you’re looking for excellent quality home-cleaning or handyman services, Handy is there to help.

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