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Academy of Art University’s Day in The Life Feature

Deciding where would be best for you to study is a choice all students must make when their time in high school is coming to an end. There is excitement in the air during this time, but there is also a constant fear and wondering of how you will ever choose the right school. This would be the perfect time to be able to follow someone around who goes to the school (or schools) you are considering so you could see firsthand how it would be to be a student there, right?

Sam Bear, a student at the Academy of Art University, decided to video a day in his life studying at the School of Motion Pictures and Television. In the video, Sam can be seen waking for school, going to class, studying, and even enjoying time with friends before he goes to sleep and prepares for the process to begin again the next day.

Sam wrote a blog about the day along with the video where he shared more about how he felt about and liked studying at the Academy of Art University, in which he answered his own question, whether he made the right choice with, “100 percent yes.”

The Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco in 1929 and is the biggest certified art and design school in the United States. The Academy boasts a total of around 14,000 students from all across the globe and offers a unique art school experience. A staff of professionals in the arts assist students with establishing their own personal mix of artistic talents as well as the business sense it takes to make it in the corporate aspect of art.

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Why Choose The Academy of Art University

Higher-learning facilities are designed to enhance specific knowledge that’s needed to thrive in specific industries. When it comes to the schools for the arts, the United States has its fair share of higher-learning facilities. Have you ever heard of the Academy of Art University? This fantastic school specializes in liberal arts, in design, in entertainment and in fine art. It’s located in San Francisco, California, and it hosts an estimated 12,000 students. The teaching staff here is phenomenal as the school has nearly 300 full-time teachers. On the other hand, the school has an abundance of about 1,140 part-times teachers.

Academy of Art University is just like any other university as it hosts athletics, hosts student clubs and hosts organizations for progressive activity. For receiving accreditation, the school offers pre-college programs, undergraduate degrees, creative arts disciplines, certificates and graduate degrees. The beautiful urban campus blends-in nicely amongst San Francisco’s downtown district. Living on campus provides a unique experience that the students will definitely enjoy. There is an abundance of galleries, open houses, art shows and hospitality programs. It would be extremely hard trying to find another similar institution with this much clout. Academy of Art University has set the precedent of what a school for the arts should be.

Richard Stephens, painter and magazine editor, founded the school back in 1929. This fine institution has been passed-down the family tree and as of today, Stephens’ granddaughter resides as the president. Academy of Art University’s name has changed plenty of times as it was once known as the Academy of Advertising Art as well as known as Academy of Art College. In the end, this school will go down as one of the greatest, and it has an impressive resume that will backup all claims.