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Isabel dos Santos Contributing To The Empowerment of Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the oldest daughter of the former President of Angola. She is also known to be not only the richest woman in Africa but the most powerful. She is estimated to have a net worth of $2.3 Billion. Isabel has had a career in business that spans 20 years; within her business career, she has invested in various enterprises that include Portuguese companies. Isabel dos Santos believes in empowering women globally, and she wants to inspire young women to be entrepreneurs. Isabel wants women to know that even in a male-dominated business world, a woman can still be in charge.

Isabel dedicates a lot of time to her charity work. She feels that her companies have a social responsibility in caring for others, and making a difference in the world. Isabel dos Santos brings inspiration to her companies culture, by demonstrating the importance of giving back. Many employees at her companies volunteer their time in running programs within the community in Angola.

Isabel dos Santos believes that everyone in the business world should play a vital role in making a positive impact on society. Among Isabel’s charitable contributions is being a significant donor to a pediatric hospital; in addition, she is running a campaign to prevent and fight Malaria. Isabel dos Santos also began a Christmas telethon that collaborated with other companies and businesses to provide help for the community.

Isabel is a strong advocate for children. She believes that children should be able to have good healthcare and education, as well as, opportunities that other children have around the world. Isabel dos Santos wants to see more African entrepreneurs develop businesses so that the country can have a stronger presence in the business world. She also feels that educating women and children can bring a future to Africa that is promising and bright.

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Changing the Way We Canvass with NGP VAN

NGP Van is a political software company that delivers fundraising for grassroots campaigns. They help democratic presidential candidates get their message across to the public. They assist with organizing campaigns for nonprofits and local governments. They assist political activists and help organizations gain a social media presence. They helped promote the International Day Without Women event in Washington DC and believe that women should be treated equally. They are helping people become more aware of the political climate in the world with their software apps.


Since NGP VAN has started assisting political campaigns, they have offered the arena analytical knowledge and has improved campaign organization. Their software can obtain information about voters and allow politicians to focus on specific topics of concern. They permit voters to have a stronger voice and their opinions to be heard. They have smartphone apps for volunteers that help with gathering the data from the public efficiently. They can process votes with the app and do not have to worry about the clutter that comes along with carrying paper.


In addition, NGP Van uses the “Street Team Canvassing” that permits workers to sign up voters and obtain their information online. When they are out canvassing or at a rally, they can easily organize the participates contact information. They can also use apps to contact voters on social media platforms. They have helped organize the LGBTQ community and aid in their campaigns. They are implementing software that can extract data by using binary gender labels. Their team consists of developers, engineers, designers and accountants. They employ human resource professionals, sales, account managers and marketers too. They have dedicated team that is focused on creating political change.


NGP Van has created their software to improve the canvassing method and make the lives of the organizers easier. They are already obtaining more accurate data and doing a better job at getting the voice of the people heard.

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Sanjay Shah is the founder of Solo Capital

Solo Capital, which is also known as Solo Capital Partners LLP, is a boutique financial services house with London being its home base. It was started by Sanjay Shah in 2009 and is controlled by the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority. It was incorporated in 2011.

Solo Capital deals in several areas of finance, investments

Its chief business divisions consist of Agency Brokerage, as well as Investment Management, along with Securities Lending, Safeguarding and Administration of Assets and Client Money, and finally, Principal Trading. Solo Capital provides advice for all kinds of top financial services for their investors and clients. Out of these, they specialize in investments in pro sports, and proprietary trading and consulting.

The company reported a net worth of more than 15 pounds, along with assets of more than 67 pounds, and they also reported cash flow of more than 30 pounds. The report came in at the end of March 2015.

Background for Sanjay Shah

Besides being the creator of Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah is likewise its Chief Executive Officer. He additionally owns Aesa S.a.r.l., and they control Solo Group Holdings. He also is the owner of over 36 businesses in London, as well as in Malta, the Cayman Islands, as well as Dubai, The British Virgin Islands, and Luxembourg.

His earnings for the first year Solo Capital was incorporated was nineteen million pounds, and by 2014 he had taken over another financial institute called Old Park Lane Capital, which is invitation only for stock brokers and specializes in natural resources. By this past January 2016, Shah’s own net worth was up to 280 million US dollars. However, he has said that he is now retired.

Shah started out to be a doctor

Surprisingly, Shah originally wanted to become a doctor of medicine, but then got interested in finance and investments instead. He stopped his medical studies and first became an accountant and subsequently worked at several banks. Some of those banks are very well known, such as Merrill Lynch, as well as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.

Shah is also philanthropist

Besides being involved in financial dealings, Shah is also a philanthropist as he raises money for autism with musical concerts. He started doing this in part due to his son being diagnosed with autism when he was only four years old. He started a special website to help earn money for the cause called Autism Rocks, and he is a trustee for the Autism Research Trust, and the donations from it go to the Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. He is their trust director.

All in all, Shah has been very busy with both financial and philanthropist activities that help children.

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Sanjay Shah Starts Autism Rocks.

Solo Capital Market is a very famous boutique financial investment institution that is headquartered in London. The company is believed to be regulated by Britain since it was founded there. The company has several branches that are situated in different parts of the world. It main branches are found in London, and the other in Dubai. Solo capital holding started as a small company operating in a tiny room in central London. After a lot of hard work from its founder, the company has grown so many, improving its capital and doubling its revenue every now and then. The company was incorporated in 2011, and it has given the owner’s quite good profits year in year out.

Solo Capital is managed by Solo Group Holdings. The founder of the company is believed to be the famous British Millionaire known as Sanjay Shah. He started the company after leaving his work as an accountant in several banks in London. Before becoming an accountant, the Shah was a medical doctor. He, however, decided to abandon the job after he felt that he was not a very good doctor. He did not want to compromise the health of his patients, so he left for a career that would give him the satisfaction he was looking for.

Sanjay Shah has worked for financial institutions, giving him enough experience to run his own investment company. Although his position in these institutions was an accountant, he learned a lot, and today, he has become a millionaire due to the expertise he used to start Solo Capital from scratch. When he was staring Solo Capital, his main intention was to offer employment opportunities for unemployed graduates and also build a strong emperor. The company was mainly dealing with brokerage activities, but after incorporation in September 2011, the institution added more services to its customers.

Apart from owning Solo Capital Market, Shah has other companies under his name too. Reports say that at the moment he has over thirty-eight companies, all located in different cities. These companies are not specializing in the financial sector. All of them are different, and they have given him enough wealth, enabling him to retire at a very young age. Today his offices are in London and Dubai.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of the popular global charitable organization known as Autism Rocks. He organizes concerts with popular musicians in the world to try and raise enough funds to support autism research and also support children suffering from the medical condition. His youngest son, Nikhil has autism, and this changed his life and how he handled the condition. Most of his funds are given to the charitable organization. Before starting the charitable organization, he would send his donations to young children in India for survival.

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The Zika Virus May Caused Worse Birth Defects That Previously Reported According To Brazilian Medical Advisor Doctor Sergio Cortes

For the past eight months, researchers have been trying to find the link between the Zika virus and microcephaly. Microcephaly is term used to describe babies that are born with underdeveloped brains and exceptionally small heads. Research teams have found the virus in amniotic fluid and in the brains of fetuses. Some medical experts like Brazil’s chief doctor, Sergio Cortes think that’s enough information to link Zika to microcephaly. Dr. Cortes discusses that link and other information about the Zika virus on his official website.
The amount of research that is underway to answer some of the questions about Zika virus behavior is encouraging. Dr. Cortes posted an article on his LinkedIn page that detailed Google’s involvement in stopping the spread of the virus. To date, 46 countries have Zika virus cases, and many of those countries say the cases are reaching epidemic numbers. Brazil was the first country to report a Zika case in 2015, but the virus is much older than that. Africa has been reporting cases since 1947, and Thailand has had cases every year for the last 60 years. The Zika virus may be old, but the research is new, according to a post on the Dr. Cortes Facebook page.
Even though Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Thailand have been experiencing outbreaks from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, there hasn’t been an exceptional number of microcephaly reported in those infected nations. That is one of the perplexing questions that researchers are trying to answer. One answer might be the people in the slums and rural areas of Brazil are being bitten several times by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, and the virus is much more potent because of multiple bites. Cortes tweeted that multiple bites could be one answer, and a mutated form of the virus could another. Zika may mingle with dengue and other viruses carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, and that mixture is causing more cases of microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome.
The severity of the microcephaly cases in Brazil is another concern. One baby born with microcephaly was born with no brain. There was only liquid where the brain should be, and that discovery is a game-changer for researchers. If the Zika virus is a different virus than the grandfather virus that spread through African countries years ago, scientist say it could mutate again and that virus could create more health issues.
Whatever the virus is now, there may be a chance it will be something else in the future, and that is one of the major concerns in developing a vaccine. A vaccine developed today may not work a year from now on the virus that is sure to come back year after year in the Americas.

Andy Wirth And His Fight Against The Incorporation Of The Olympic Valley.

Very few people have ever thought of rewarding our soldiers for the good work they do to keep our country safe. One of this few people is Andy Wirth, the chief executive officer and founder of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

A few years back during a ski diving exercise, Andy Wirth had an accident that nearly took away his life. The accident left him with a savored arm. Andy Wirth took this accident as an inspiration for him to start a noble charity that would help Navy SEALS returning home from war get back to their normal lives with their families. Some of this soldiers had lost their limbs limbs during the war, while some needed psychological and moral support to get themselves together. Andy Wirth founded the Crowdrise foundation to help this soldiers. Through this foundation, families that had lost their loved ones in war were supported, those that had lost their limbs were provided with prosthetic ones and for those who needed psychological and moral support, they were provided with some through the Wounded Warrior Support. Through the Crowdice charity campaign, Andy Wirth has helped hundreds of beneficiaries.

As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Wirth has also been at the forefront of environmental conservation and improving the community life around Lake Tahoe area. For the past four years, the community around this area had little to smile of due to the long droughts that affected the area. This drought had rendered the area economically inactive as it heavy depended on ski tourism and sports for a living. The draught had made it impossible for ski tourists to visit the area.

Besides this problem, the main threat to the livelihoods if the residents of this area was the incorporation of Olympic Valley. This was a tough nut for the economy of this area as it would to higher taxes to both the local business and resorts which would scare away visitors and tourists. The incorporation would also mean services the area has been enjoying such as road maintenance and snow clearing would no longer be available. This incorporation was a cloud of doom to the economy and residents of this area. Andy Wirth spends a lot of his personal time and resources fighting against this incorporation motion and finally succeeded as it was withdrawn.

As of now, normalcy gas returned to the area as the drought is over, and the seasonal winds have come earlier. This means the residents and the resorts are going to make huge profits out of good business this season.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Ricardo Guimarães Keeps Betting On Sports And It’s Paying Off

Ricardo Guimarães, the well-known mining entrepreneur and bank executive, has turned a love of sports into a cash cow, according to an article published by Guimarães has been a football lover since childhood and he has also been a banking prodigy since birth according to his father Flavio and grandfather Antonio. Antonio was the first Guimarães to get involved in the banking business. Antonio was a successful mining entrepreneur at the start of the 20th century and he decided to put some of the money he made to good use. He founded the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930, and 68 years later Ricardo became president of the bank.

When Ricardo was named president, the bank had already gone through several acquisitions. The bank’s name was changed to BMG Bank several years before Ricardo became president. BMG Bank was still a relatively unknown bank in Brazil in 1998 since most of the bank’s business was done in the state of Minas Gerais. But it didn’t take long for Ricardo to change the bank’s image. BMG Bank went from a one-state bank to a well-known bank in all states, thanks to Ricardo Guimarães and his plan to sponsor football clubs.

The directors of BMG Bank didn’t realize what Ricardo had in mind when he first presented his proposal to advertise during football matches. Advertising during soccer matches had never been done the way Guimarães wanted to do it. Guimarães decided to sponsor the local Atlético Mineiro football club first. The deal was the players would wear the three letter orange logo on their jerseys during game days, and BMG Bank would invest in the club by buying equipment, uniforms and other necessary sports paraphernalia. The deal was a win for the bank and the football club. That’s when BMG Bank decided to expand their sponsorship role in football, according to an article published by

According to the article, BMG Bank now sponsors eight soccer clubs in Brazil and also sponsors tennis and volleyball players. The bank is now the leader in the payroll loan business thanks to football club sponsorships. No one is sure how much money BMG Bank invests each year in sponsorships, but according to a post by, the bank invests millions of Reals every year.

But the return on that investment is exponentially greater than the investment, according to Guimarães. BMG Bank’s profits are enough to have more than 700 agents around the country helping the bank process payroll loans. Payroll loans, according to several articles that have been written by and other Brazilian magazines and newspapers are the biggest profit generator for BMG bank. Payroll loans and sports sponsorships have made BMG Bank and Guimarães popular in Brazil and that popularity continues to grow after every soccer match.

When Healthcare Serves People

Nobilis Health Corp’s “strategy of coupling innovative direct-to-patient marketing with physician-centric services” (CEO Chris Lloyd) is changing the way healthcare is provided. Healthcare services, emergency services, physicians, surgeons, and insurance are managed to actually benefit patients and physicians, who become more empowered the stronger the company grows. Creative business solutions have been gaining momentum over the past decade through organic growth, making full-service healthcare development and management companies proven and reliable. Nobilis Health business strategies create a structure that intrinsically benefits patient, physician, hospital, and insurance by reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profit on all counts. With Nobilis taking the wheel to drive for example Ambulatory Surgery Centers through purchasing majority shares of these ASCs, hospitals are free to provide the best, most efficient care in their facilities, while emergency services are streamlined in and out.

Paramount to the company, Nobilis manages over 100 surgical centers in the United States and offers a power staff of surgeons. Physician services are the heart of Nobilis Health’s function. Nobilis Health creates partnerships with physicians, and manages staff at hospitals, so that team production is streamlined. As a publicly traded company, Nobilis Health Corp. and the company’s profits and strategies directly benefit partner physicians. While nurses and doctors are providing patients their expert care, Nobilis manages compliance to state and CMS standards to curb healthcare center caused infections. The company also manages finances, operations, licensing, strategic planning, and legal aspects, freeing physicians to do their jobs.

By educating patients directly through integrated marketing strategies, Nobilis Health provides information on minimally invasive and outpatient treatments that keeps patients informed of all possible options. More patients are choosing these options, thereby reducing their costs and their insurance payers costs. As Nobilis directs the negotiation with insurance companies, patients can really make the company work for them and their health. The system staffs a physician to a patient from start to finish, attempting to ensure a bond of reliability and a free-flowing dialogue about all procedures, treatment, and expectations. Because of Nobilis marketing, patients are informed and it is presumed they can have more productive discussions on treatment options with their physicians.

Companies like Nobilis Health may be providing the structure this country needs to support lower costs of treatment to patients and insurance payers. With physicians and patients benefitting the most from their services, it is easy to imagine that Nobilis will continue to grow in revenue, and expand its range of management. Through public trading, Nobilis also offers anyone the power to buy its shares and even gain stake in its future. The company certainly has set up a strong angle for public appeal by strategizing in this way to give power back to the people it declares to serve.

Contributions of Various Authors to the Brazilian Literature

Since the invention of literature, authors have continually played a vital role in safeguarding history and keeping alive past memories. The world over, authors whether poets, fiction, non-fiction, and even technical writers have in one way or another influenced social change and Brazil is no exception.

Literature and authorship in Brazil started a long time ago, initiated by the storytellers need to have their stories passed on to coming generations. This need to have people entertained or pass on information saw many Brazilians turn to writing. Most of them have had their work receive international recognition and appreciation. Several have also been awarded different honors for various roles that they play with their writing.

One such Brazilian author that has had a long experience as an author is Jaime Garcia Dias. Jaime is an accomplished author that has in the last two decades published over 20 books under his name. He started his writing while young and published his first book “The Devil to Pay in The Backlands” at the age of 18 years.

Born of an author father, Arnaldo Dias, Garcia received mentorship from childhood and might have influenced his decision of being an author just like his father. He joined a college in Rio de Janeiro where he studied literature and from 1993, taught literature at Carioca Literature School. He was then promoted to the school vice president and later on the president. It is during his teaching career that he did most of his writing.

Jaime transformed Carioca making it the largest and leading literature school in Rio de Janeiro. Another major accomplishment by Jaime is his award winning five books; Fell from Heaven, Canal, Two Ways, Tiny, and Clouds. He is currently a frequent contributor to Brazilian newspaper Journal do Brazil. Recently Jaime made a compilation of his stories from childhood in honor of his father, titled “Chronicles That Made Me a Man”.

Other world famous Brazilian writers include Graciliano Ramos the author of Anguish, Claris Lispector of Close to the Salvage Heart, Cornelio Pena of The Dead Girl, and Adonias Filho of Lazarus’s Memories. Euclades da Cuhna of Rebellio in the backlands, Rubem Fonseca of The Great Art, and Nelida Pinon of The Republic of Dreams also fall among top rated authors of Brazil.

These notables have collectively transformed and maintained liveliness of Brazilian Literature through their work. They also serve as an inspiration to young Brazilians who aspire to join the profession and this spreads on to the general society.

Currency Woes Do Affect Investment Banking Strategies

A host of different factors could scare a business looking to diversify its assets. Currently, the situation with collapse of the currency in China follows woes found in the currency landscape of Russia. Questions arise about whether or not it is a good idea for a business to put money into stocks or other assets owned by Russian or Chinese firms. There are a host of complexities associated with answering these questions. Finding the answers should involve having a serious discussion with an investment banking firm that understands the effects of devalued currency.

The devaluation of the currency in China means the yuan cannot buy what it once did. In the simplest of terms, imagine if a dollar was only worth fifty-cents. How could this happen? A dollar bill does not cease becoming a dollar, but the value of stocks on the open market decline and the costs of goods and service increase. In short, economic chaos emerges from a devalued currency.

Since economies are so intertwined, what happens in China or Russia (or elsewhere) could yield troubling results in other markets. This is the reason why the collapsing Chinese stock market is beginning to drag down the usually very stable U.S. stock market.

Does all this mean capital firms are going to want to keep money out of Chinese investment assets?

Speaking to someone such as James Dondero could lead to interesting responses    to the answer. As President of Highland Capital, he deals with many different unique investment concerns for a variety of clients. His skills in various different types of investment strategies lead him to realizing no simple answer can be given to any investment question. Instead, the totality of the factors related to the question have to be examined.

Even though a particular foreign investment vehicle could be linked to a market that is suffering from currency devaluation, the investment may very well remain a viable one. Through working with the consultants associated with a reputable investment banking firm, a proper decision can be made regarding how serious a business should take concerns related to weakened currency.