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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Leader Of Bradesco And A Family Man

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is probably one of the most modest businessmen in the country, if not the whole world. You will not find him chasing women, with fast cars or in a humungous mansion as he prefers the company of his family on the weekend. He is a rather soft spoken and honest man with a modest upbringing. He starting in the working class and only ended his career with the executive lifestyle.

This man has a great deal of wisdom in the business world that is unmatched by most other executives. He has been with the same organization for 38 years, which is rare to see that level of loyalty with an executive. He is especially well versed in banking, sales, marking and insurance plans.

He worked as a clerk at the age of 18 for the company. While he was working as a low-income position, he was studying liberal arts at the local university. He used what little that he had earned in order to pay for his education and his own cost of living. His career really shined when he was upgraded to the position of marketing director and it has been peachy since then.

Marking In A New Style
The company’s founder, Amador, had always taken a reclusive and old fashioned way to approach marketing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi saw the market changing and decided that the company needed to come out to the public and be transparent. This had lead to him increasing funding for PR campaigns and media advertising.

Changing The Pension Industry In Brazil
Luiz did not have his head in the sand when it came to securing his own future. Brazil’s public pension system was bare minimal and functional, but it simply was not enough to support some people’s lifestyles. This had led the company to increase pressure in the private pension market knowing that others may not be satisfied to what the government offered. Bradesco’s pensions are more like an extension of the government’s plan than an individual plan.

A Company Overwhelmed
Thanks to the guidance of Luiz and other top executives, Bradesco had taken the number one position in the 1980s and 1990s. The latest issue is that banks are starting to merge and the market is becoming a battle of giants. Bradesco’s direct competitors had merged together in order to create the largest bank in the country and left Bradesco in the shadows. This was one of the main challenges for Luiz to tackle when he became the new CEO.

Of course, taking the leadership position in the market had never exactly been their priority. They focused on providing superior services and maximizing profits while market rankings were a secondary thought. They indeed are one of the most profiting banks in the country so there was no harm done with the changes in the market.

Luiz Receiving Recognition
Although he is known as a modest CEO, he does deserve some recognition for some of the great things that he had done. Just a few years back, he had won the award of Finance entrepreneur of the year in Brazil. This award was given by Lázaro Brandão for the successful acquisitions that had happened in recent years. He had purchased the Brazilian branch of HSBC and it gave them a huge advantage in the financial market.

Bradesco is a bank that is recognized by the average Brazilian. It is hard not to spot the logo since there are over 5,000 banks in the country. There are also 40,000 cash machines in many locations as well. Their dominant position in the market will only make them grow further.

The Attorney You Want In Your Corner

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At the moment, Sam Tabar is plying his trade at FullCycle Fund. Everywhere he has worked and every place he has stepped foot in, he has made it a better place and he has made himself better because of it. He is like a sponge, as he loves to soak up as much knowledge as humanely possible. The more he learns, the better off he will be in the long run and the better suited he will be in the court room, where he truly shines.

One cannot forget his work at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, where he was made Associate and worked in in capital strategy and business development. When reading about him, a word that comes up a lot is love. He truly loves doing this and loves the difference he is making in people’s lives. He knows he has the potential to truly help someone in need and make a difference in how they live moving forward. There aren’t many jobs where you can say that. Each day, he wakes up knowing he has something important to do and important work.

How many people can say that? Sam Tabar is a truly kindhearted individual and someone that wears their heart on their sleeve. He is filled with passion, heart, and is never afraid to put his nose to the grindstone and work extra hours for his clients.  Sam also tries to help others with his insider knowledge.  Check out what Mr. Tabar had to say on investing at

Ricardo Guimarães Keeps Betting On Sports And It’s Paying Off

Ricardo Guimarães, the well-known mining entrepreneur and bank executive, has turned a love of sports into a cash cow, according to an article published by Guimarães has been a football lover since childhood and he has also been a banking prodigy since birth according to his father Flavio and grandfather Antonio. Antonio was the first Guimarães to get involved in the banking business. Antonio was a successful mining entrepreneur at the start of the 20th century and he decided to put some of the money he made to good use. He founded the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930, and 68 years later Ricardo became president of the bank.

When Ricardo was named president, the bank had already gone through several acquisitions. The bank’s name was changed to BMG Bank several years before Ricardo became president. BMG Bank was still a relatively unknown bank in Brazil in 1998 since most of the bank’s business was done in the state of Minas Gerais. But it didn’t take long for Ricardo to change the bank’s image. BMG Bank went from a one-state bank to a well-known bank in all states, thanks to Ricardo Guimarães and his plan to sponsor football clubs.

The directors of BMG Bank didn’t realize what Ricardo had in mind when he first presented his proposal to advertise during football matches. Advertising during soccer matches had never been done the way Guimarães wanted to do it. Guimarães decided to sponsor the local Atlético Mineiro football club first. The deal was the players would wear the three letter orange logo on their jerseys during game days, and BMG Bank would invest in the club by buying equipment, uniforms and other necessary sports paraphernalia. The deal was a win for the bank and the football club. That’s when BMG Bank decided to expand their sponsorship role in football, according to an article published by

According to the article, BMG Bank now sponsors eight soccer clubs in Brazil and also sponsors tennis and volleyball players. The bank is now the leader in the payroll loan business thanks to football club sponsorships. No one is sure how much money BMG Bank invests each year in sponsorships, but according to a post by, the bank invests millions of Reals every year.

But the return on that investment is exponentially greater than the investment, according to Guimarães. BMG Bank’s profits are enough to have more than 700 agents around the country helping the bank process payroll loans. Payroll loans, according to several articles that have been written by and other Brazilian magazines and newspapers are the biggest profit generator for BMG bank. Payroll loans and sports sponsorships have made BMG Bank and Guimarães popular in Brazil and that popularity continues to grow after every soccer match.

Ricardo Guimaraes Awarded for Contributions to the Brazilian Economy and Athletics

Ricardo Guimaraes received the award of the grand collar of legislative merit for his commitment to promoting the local Brazilian economy. The award was also an appreciation of his efforts and the support that he has extended to the Brazilian sports through personal involvement and funding by his BMG bank. Most importantly, he was recognized as one of the Brazilian investors that have continually stood with the Brazilian economy by investing heavily in the economy not just with his bank but also with several other personal investments.
Ricardo is the current president of the BMG bank, a family owned bank started by his grandfather in the 1930s. He joined the bank in 1980 and rose through the ranks learning and gaining experience to become its president. During his reign, he has initiated transformative innovations that have seen the bank rapidly raise its profitability levels and book a position among the leading banks in Brazil.
Contribution to Sports
Between 2001 and 2006, Ricardo served as the president of AtleticoMineiro, a club he has remained loyal to long after leaving active football management. It is during this time that he developed interests in football and athletics in general. Additionally, during this period that he founded the Ricardo Soccer BR1, a football inclined investment fund. As the president of BMG bank, Ricardo has led the bank to be the principal sponsor of several football clubs as well as other athletics and sports such as volleyball without bias. Currently, the bank is the leading financier to sporting activities in Brazil.
Economic contributions
Economically, Ricardo is constantly championing developments in the country through innovative strategies that he has instituted in his bank whose ripples are felt across the nation. For instance, he introduced payroll loans that have been the leading revenue contributors for his bank. This new bank product has been quickly picked up by other banks in the country that use BMG as their benchmark.
On entrepreneurship, Ricardo recently partnered with the British Institute of Research to fund a worldwide research carried out by Endeavour that compiled the entrepreneurial developments in different countries of the world. He released the research findings in Brazil stating that although the country managed an above average score, there remained so much to learn for the Brazilian youth. He observed that the country had a lot of visionary and creative entrepreneurs; they had to improve on pro-activeness. This kind of involvement and investment in Brazil is what earned him the award.

Igor Cornelsen and the World of Brazilian Stock and Banking

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor who is currently working with Bainbridge Group in stock market investment, foreign exchange and commodity investment. He made his name in his native country Brazil where he had risen to prominence as one of the top bankers in Brazil. His career stint saw him manage some big banks in Brazil and helped manage a huge percentage of Brazil’s gross economy entirely.

Tips on Stock Investing in Brazil

New players in the game of investing in stock are referred to some of Igor Cornelsen’s methods on stock investments. Investing offers better returns when done on a long term and Igor Cornelsen being a long term investor offers useful insight to new stock investors. He also offers useful tips to investors who could be eyeing to join the Brazilian stock market that is lucrative.

Igor Cornelsen’s first tip is connecting with the natives. He opines that as part of the Brazilian culture, finance and businesses in Brazil usually rely on networking and relationships. Cornelsen advises that creating these new relationships is easy as there are so many entrepreneurs in Brazil and the people there are very social. The second tip he gives is on the preparation for the red tape, he advises that the Brazilian market has so many regulations that investors must be ready to face. The Brazilian market is still in the growing phase and thus it is still fragile thereby necessitating the existence of these many regulations in order for it to be protected. Thirdly, Cornelsen advises that in Brazil there are tight controls that govern the foreign-currency transactions and these transactions are only effected through financial institutions that are authorized. He advises investors to familiarize themselves with these tight controls in order to invest in Brazil smoothly.

On Brazilian Banking

The world of banking has been hit by several storms that included troubled economies and almost no economic growth but banks in Brazil posted some increase in their profits and share prices. Igor Cornelsen shed some light on how these Brazilian banks were able to weather this storm. He stated that their secrets were knowing their market well and the experience they had gained over the years that were turbulent. He revealed that in Brazil, the bankers who deal in the private sector only lend money to those borrowers who are the most credit worthy. This has made such banks to have their costs streamlined and it also provides them with a good sense of security.

Currently, Igor Cornelsen spends his time in South Florida playing golf which is his main hobby especially during his retirement. He also dabbles in the investments markets from time to time. He sometimes works as a consultant in both the investing and banking industries.