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The Waiakea Water Brand is an Unusual Soft Drink Beverage

Water is not a drink that many people like. However, bottled water is a favorite drink for many people. The bottled water industry is not appreciated by many soft drink beverage companies. The reason why they are rejected has to do with nutrition and profit.

Many soft drink companies know their beverages taste great, but they do not have nutritional value. Bottled water enterprises might not be as dynamic as soda brands, but people do love them. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was established in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. He saw the opportunity from water that ran off the side of a volcano within Hawaii. As the water was running down the slopes it headed toward an old processing plant. Emmons had the idea to take this volcanic water and to bottle it up. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Volcanic water is filled with nutrients and other great ingredients that boost a person’s health. It also has a refreshing taste that many people enjoy. The natural taste of Waiakea water is refreshing and reviving. People who tasted this beverage love the way that it feels when it goes down their throat and passes through his system.

Waiakea is enjoyed by thousands of people and it is also a great brand. The brand has a great reputation for being an outstanding beverage. People love Waiakea water so much that it generated a 4000% profit. Think that through. A 4000% profit is nothing to laugh about. This simply means that company is excelling beyond all expectations and reason. Visit BevNet to know more.


Waiakea uses a wide variety of environmentally friendly processes to manufacture their water. Everything from the manufacturing plant to the bottling company uses environmentally friendly processes to make the Waiakea water the best tasting and refreshing product. It also helps the Waiakea brand to be the best possible. Many people like the Waiakea brand because it is tasty, successful and refreshing. The Waiakea brand is successful because it stands out from the competiton and is a very powerful bottled water brand on the market.