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Matthew Autterson A Complete Review of his Impressive Career over the Years

Matthew Autterson is the CEO and President of CNS Biosciences Inc. The company was set up in 2013 by Dr. Scott Falci for clinical stage drug research and development that would aid in neuropathic pain drug discovery. He is also the Managing Partner at GL3B Partners Limited which is an advisory company offers its clients with comprehensive business solutions.

Matthew Autterson is an alumnus of Michigan Stet University from where he received his Bachelor’s in Finance. He then went to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program. His first job was at the First Trust Corporation that he joined soon after he completed his education. He then chartered a Colorado Trust Company along with few of his classmates, and they did it as one of the subsidiaries of Integrated Resources. He was soon appointed to the position of the President of Resource Trust Company. In 1989, the company was bought by Broad Inc and was renamed SunAmerica Inc that was again merged with another company in 1998. It was in 2001 that Resource Trust Company was purchased by Fiserv from AIG. During that time, the company was already one of the biggest state chartered trust companies in the US. The company had over 700 employees and over 200,000 clients that they served. Matthew Autterson gained great experience while working for the company and helped him achieve what he has achieved today.

<p>Matthew Autterson is on the board of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems, commonly known as FAB. FAB is a non-profit organization that offers assistance to people with neurological problems. The organization partners with medical centers and technology experts to create systems that would help in the rehabilitation of such patients and allow them to adapt to the environment. Using their Adaptive Motorsports Program, the organization encourages people with such disability to come forward and seek help. Matthew Autterson personally takes interests in the day-to-day activities of the FAB. He meets physical therapists, recreational experts, and wheelchair experts to find newer ways to make the lives of the disabled a lot easier.

Matthew Autterson is also a philanthropist though he likes to keep his contributions private. He is on several boards of organizations such as Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Zoo, Denver Hospice and Webb-Warring Foundation. He is also one of the members of the popular Young Presidents Organization and the World Presidents Organization. He is also an active member of YPO Rocky Mountain Chapter that offers a platform for chief executives in the country to interact, share and grow.