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Penn Waxes Controversial with “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a new novel by former actor Sean Penn. The two-time Academy Award winning actor, who has dominated behind the camera for decades, retired recently and is now trying his hand at novels. His book, which focuses on the exploits of a septic tank salesmen who leads a double life as a U.S. government contract killer, is making waves in the literary world. Many of them are good, but some of them are scandalous.

Penn is actually in a little hot water over the epilogue of his novel. In the epilogue he inserts a poem that seems to slam the #MeToo movement. In fact the poem attributes the movement to a, “toddler’s parade”. Bob Honey is largely satirical, and satirical books roast the ridiculousness of the society around it. According to Penn his poem was not an attack on #MeToo, but on divisiveness. In an interview Penn clarified his point saying that the book questions movements in general. It points out that although some advocate social equality, many just create an exclusive argument. This is what the book is focusing on, the question as to whether movements unite or divide people. One such division, according to Penn, can be found in how people read Bob Honey Who just do stuff. Depending on how you look at it the poem either ridicules or advocates for movements like #MeToo.

Additionally, Bob Honey pokes fun at the concept of branding, President Trump, government, and other things as well. Penn wrote it via dictation, employing quick thinking and riffing in his creative strategy. Bob honey who just do stuff has been referred to by the New York Times, as a riddle enshrouded in insanity. Penn states that whatever a reader finds within his book is entirely up to their own interpretation. As for him he is making no apologies. One thing he did say though, is that if any reader views his work as an opinion piece, they have made a mistake.

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