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Market America Miami Taking Over the Global Market

Specializing in product brokerage and internet promotion, Market America Miami is a private American enterprise founded by James Howard Ridinger and Loren Ridinger. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States of America, Market America Miami is an international firm operating in several countries across the globe. According to the company’s report in 2009, the firm had generated revenue amounting to $284.4 million. Another report released a year later stated that Market America Miami’s total assets amounted to $146.1 million. Furthermore, by 2010, Market America had employed over 650 skilled individuals, well trained to advertise, distribute and market its products. Supplementary products, house cleaning supplies, custom websites, cosmetics and weight management products are some of the items Market America Miami deals with.

Since its inception in 1992, Market America Miami has been growing tremendously. Not long after its founding, the company was expanding into different nations around the world. In 2002, for example, Market America Miami expanded into Australia, 3 years later into Taiwan and in 2007, it expanded into Hong Kong, China. Market America, went on to enter the Philippines market in 2010, and the United Kingdom in 2012.All of this progress might be attributed to the great leadership of James Howard Risinger. James Risinger who is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm has been putting in great strategies to grow the firm. A key strategy that he used and is still using is the incorporation of affiliates. Through various affiliations, Market America has been dealing with a huge number of items. The affiliates who may be companies or individuals advertise and offer these goods via Market America’s website. At such a rate, it is evident that Market America Miami will dominate the global market within no time.

An Overview of Tony Petrello’s Journey to Success

While many know Anthony Petrello for his successful career in the oil and gas industry, his life was not always a bed of roses.He grew up in Newark, New Jersey and his upbringing had a strong impact on who he is today. The values of honesty, integrity and hard work were instilled in him at a very young age, and they are part of the reason why Anthony Petrello is so successful today.

Petrello’s parents lived from hand to mouth but made sure they provided him with all he needed to excel in life. They took education seriously and encouraged Petrello to make the best of whatever little they could provide. Petrello was a brilliant young boy and showed great potential. He especially enjoyed mathematics and was very good at it. His determination earned him a full scholarship to Yale University where he studied mathematics. Even there, with brilliant minds from all over the U.S. and other countries, he stood out as a top performer. He later went to Harvard Law School where he studied human sciences.

After school, Tony Petrello did a number of odd jobs before finally landing a job at Nabors Industries. He became the CEO after working with the company for almost 30 years. Such dedication and commitment is not easy to come by. Anthony is one of the highest paid CEOs but unlike other business leaders whose incomes are unaffected by the performance of their businesses, a big percentage of his income is dependent on the company’s performance. This is part of his commitment to recommended corporate governance best practice, and it is one of the reasons why Nabors is doing so well under his leadership. Since 2011 when he became the CEO of Nabors, the company’s share price has almost tripled, making it one of the leaders in the oil and gas industry.


While Tony Petrello knows that his discipline and commitment are the main reasons why he has had such a successful career, he does not fail to recognize the sacrifices of everyone who helped him through his journey, right from his parents to his teachers, friends and colleagues. Even with all his achievements, Anthony does not rest on his laurels but continues to aspire to greater things. Petrello is also passionate about giving back to the community, and he and his wife often make donations to various philanthropic organizations. He has truly set the bar high for other business executives.


George Soros Has Become Prominent Again

George Soros used to be one of the biggest people who was supportive of the different things that people could do and he wanted to make things better for all of the people who were in the United States. He had seen, firsthand, what could happen when things got hard in the countries and knew that it would make things more complicated for the people who were living in the United States at that time. George Soros took a break, though, with the things that he was doing and decided to step back from the scene in order to become more focused on the things that he was doing in his personal life. He was raising money and becoming more prominent with the things that he could do. Since then, though, he has decided that it will be a great idea for him to come back to politics. Follow George Soros on

According to Politico, George Soros is back and he is going to continue to make things better for people who are in different places throughout the United States. he is going to consistently try to make things better and wants to offer people the opportunities that they can get from different areas of politics that they have chosen to support for their own good. There have been many different ways that he has been doing things and George Soros knows that everything will get better no matter what is going on in the country or with politics.

The true sign that George Soros was back was that he was supporting Clinton in the latest presidential campaign. While he has a lot of money, he also has the connections that he can offer the people who are a part of the campaign. He wanted to make sure that his money was going to a great cause and that the people of the United States would be able to benefit from everything that he was doing. It was not something that he wanted to do to make his own life better but he also knew that all of this would change the way that things would work for people so that they could have better lives.

Despite the fact that George Soros had helped political candidates in the past, the Clinton campaign was the one that he had spent the most amount of money on. He had a lot tied up in this campaign and it gave him the chance to try and make things better for people who wanted to get more from the situations that they were in. All of the things that George Soros had done for other campaigns and for other people who needed his help translated into the things that he could do with the Clinton campaign.  Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Eric Pulier – A Jack of Many Trades

Mr. Eric Pulier is a jack of many trades. His career includes work as an editor, technology, philanthropy, writing, entrepreneurship, and more. Eric Pulier has been active with his business career since his twenties. In terms of education, he has attended the world renowned institution of Harvard University, graduating from it with a degree in American Literature and English. While he was studying at the University of Harvard, Mr. Eric Pulier wrote for the university’s newspaper – The Harvard Crimson. He has also done some editing for the newspaper. He was raised in New Jersey, USA but spend about a decade living in the United Kingdom.

While Mr. Eric Pulier was still a kid he enjoyed technology above all. His love for gadgets and set him on the path to becoming a technologist. Mr. Eric Pulier also received an education in the field. His passion for it also turned him into an entrepreneur in the digital industry. Mr. Eric Pulier started up a company under the name of Digital Evolution in the year of 1994. Digital Evolution was later acquired by US Interactive LLC in 1998. Digital Evolution was not his first company but the third. Before that came People Doing Things circa 1991. It was founded in Los Angeles when Mr. Eric Pulier moved to the city in 1991. When he was in high school, Mr. Eric Pulier started out with his entrepreneurial interest. He created his first business in his high schools years in the field of database.

Mr. Eric Pulier put a start to his philanthropy work when he started working on the project of Starbright World – an internet network for disabled children. He has been a part of many such projects. Mr. Eric Pulier has also worked with shelters and foundations. He has also been involved with the Clinton Global Initiative.

His university years were not the end of his writing career. Mr. Eric Pulier wrote and published a book which is titled Understanding Enterprise SOA. It gives an overview of the corporate sector and some useful insight on the inner workings of enterprise and owning one.


George Soros, the Liberal Billionaire

George Soros is a liberal billionaire. He is arguably also the most generous man in the whole world, having given away more than 12 billion dollars in the span of his life. He has always cherished his freedom although his formative years had at some point been shrouded by an oppressive and racially discriminating regime. The intelligent and insightful stock trader and daring economist, however, was able, even at a time when his kind was going through ethnic cleansing and genocide, able to protect himself, his kin and others. Learn more about George at Biography.

Born in Hungary at a time when the Nazi regime had encroached in on the sovereign nation and set camp to annihilate all the Hungarian Jews, George Soros and his family resolved to survive the evils of discrimination and racism at any cost. The Nazi regime killed over half a million Jews in his country but was unable to touch the clever young man or his family as they forged documents to fake their identities and those of other Jews who were lucky enough to know the Soros family. He later managed to leave Budapest and went to London to work as a railway porter and a nightclub waiter to support his studies at the London School of Economics. He later immigrated to the United States to realize the American dream as an economist and investor.

His journey to philanthropy began with his financial independence. He started his own hedge fund in 1970 and spent nine good years just amassing wealth and securing his financial stability. He then created the Open Society Foundations, and by 1979, he had been offering scholarships to black South Africans who had been determined to use the education he offered them to fight the Apartheid Regime. He even helped print banned literature in oppressive African regimes to emancipate the thinking of the oppressed igniting their liberal spirit and igniting them to fight for their rights. With time, the whole world had been feeling his presence and his financial muscle, which he flexed to assist people who were facing discrimination for their identities and political convictions

The Ferguson Protests

After the illegal shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old African American boy, violent protests sparked in Ferguson Island igniting racial tensions across all of the United States. Fearing that police brutality and unorganized demonstration would lead to anarchy and racially-oriented violence, Soros, through his foundations and funds, decided to intervene to better organize the demonstrations into a national demonstration demanding for accountability by police officers for their actions. George Soros spent at least 33 million dollars to coordinate the masses in on-ground demonstrations, social media protests and national bus rides for activists and lobby groups that acted in concerted efforts to address all the racially-oriented grievances that they had against the police. He directly funded the demonstrations and also directed beneficiary lobby groups of his funding to participate in piecing up literature to document police brutality, racial profiling, and unaccountability. Such entities that had critical roles to play in the Ferguson protests due to his generosity and direction included the Open Society Foundations’ U.S. Programs, Drug Policy Alliance, Equal Justice USA and the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change. Visit to know more about George.

Mullen Lowe Continues on its Upward Trend

Jose Henrique Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe. This is an advertising agency that is based in Brazil. Borghi is the co-CEO of the ad agency. Borghi was drawn to advertising when he watched the advertising campaigns that had been nominated for Cannes Awards. He was still in high school. Jose studied at PUC-RS and pursued a degree in Advertising and Marketing. He started his career at Standard & Ogilvy before joining other top advertising agencies in the country.

Borghi eventually decided to start his agency with Erh Ray to pursue his projects. He is the recipient of seven London statues, fifteen April Awards, and fourteen Cannes Lions. It is interesting to see that he won the award that prompted him to venture into advertising in the first place. Mullen Lowe announced that it had done five advertisements for several clients two months ago. The companies include Sparlack, Harley Davidson, Hammerite, and Home & Video. Mullen Lowe had worked with Home & Video in the past when they did advertisements for the company’s retail arm.

Borghi said that his vision was to work with new clients and to deliver according to their specification. He stated that the firm was pleased to sign deals with big brands because it pushed them to be more creative. Borghi finished by pointing out that several of the campaigns had great approval ratings and that they were hopeful that the others would do the same. Mullen Lowe is on a steady path of growth according to research conducted by the Scope Agency. The results of the survey showed that the agency was improving the return on investment that the clients were getting with each job. This is as a result of the decision by top management to be involved in the daily running of the business.

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Mr. Logan Stout – The Founder And Chief Executive Officer Of IDLife

According to the article release on, Mr. Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, philanthropists, celebrated author, and accomplished business owner. Throughout his career life, Mr. Logan has managed to generate a lot of billion dollars from revenue collection, and this made him to become an incredible entrepreneur. His recent business venture was in the field of healthcare. In 2014, Mr. Logan Stout founded IDLife, which is a firm involved in the business of educating people about the importance of health. In that case, IDLife provides its clients with the best nutritional products.

By being a former professional athlete, Logan Stout believes that nutrition has been part of his life. This is one of the reason why he came up with the idea for IDnutrition, which is currently known as the IDLife. Furthermore, Mr. Logan is a systematic individual. He always ensures that his days look the same that is from Monday to Friday. This implies that Mr. Logan is always focused on his business activities without allowing any form of distraction.

Mr. Logan Stout is an entrepreneur who likes brainstorming. This is one of his favorite method of realizing ideas that can be brought into reality. He does not believe that there are bad and good ideas. According to Mr. Logan, one idea can lead to the next. In addition to brainstorming, Logan understands that teamwork is one of the key factors to success.

About IDLife
IDLife is a wellness and health firm that deals in the business of personalized nutrition. The company is changing the lives of people through its unique business model and product. Currently, IDLife is overtaking the market of supplements and vitamins. The market has become fragmented, with the top companies accounting for only 20% of the market share.

The success of IDLife was contributed by Mr. Logan Stout who is the Chairman, Founder, and CEO of the company. As the CEO, Logan has ensured that IDLife has a corporate team consisting of world class professionals. The primary purpose of the team is to attract high profile investors. Also, the products that are sell by IDLife are derived from ingredients of high qualities. For example, the vitamin packs are tailored for every individual based on age, sex, eating habit, exercise, medical conditions, and medical prescriptions.

Arthur Beckers’s Business Ventures

You can easily describe Becker’s New York office as an art studio. It is a full-blown workshop with masterpiece paintings on the walls. The office is not located far from his first solo development project – an eight-unit luxury condo at 465 Washington Street, which he plans to sell at a whopping $52.5 million.

For the longest time, Author has made his money by buying tech companies and only supporting real estate projects as a silent-money partner. He recently shifted his full focus to real estate and currently has a few investments in New York and Florida. Arthur is lucky to have come to the market at the right time.

One of his major investments is a 16-story building by Robert GladStone’s Madison Partners Equities and Maloney. Arthur later sold his stake in the property to its developers in exchange for two Sullivan townhouses. He will live in one of the two houses following his separations from his wife.

In general, Mr. Becker has invested widely in tech, finance, real estate, and art. He collects old forms of currency from different African countries and reproduces them as sculptures. He is planning to introduce two reproduction units for the same in the Capital Properties commercial building in Boston.

Earlier in his life, he was convinced by a friend to invest in macadamia nuts. Though it took one whole year for the nuts to grow, he finally up made $6 million dollars profit from the venture.

However, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses for Arthur in business. He once tried to get into the business of Binoculars dubbed Box which people were not so crazy about. They didn’t like the structure of the product. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Arthur’s Career Journey

Before venturing in real estate, he was the CEO of NaviSite, a tech company that provides cloud applications management and data center hosting services to clients. Navisite was finally acquired by Time Warner in 2011.

Arthur has also worked with his wife at Vera Wang Fashion for close to 7 years as a senior advisor. Arthur went to Bennington College where he specialised in photography and ceramics. He studied business studies at Amos Tuck.

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Mike Baur Mentors Start-ups into the Future

Mike Baur is a businessman from the Swiss Private banking arena, where he climbed his way up from a commercial apprentice. He had been an executive board member of a private Swiss bank. By 2014, Baur had begun to see where his genius had led, now using his MBA, which he received from the University of Rochester, New York and the University of Berne. Here are some more details about Baur.

As founding Partner of Swiss Start-up Factory, he offers coaching and mentoring in financing start-ups. His achievements in partnering with other entrepreneurs offers an excellent way to mentor those people that are serious about the future in financial growth. It is truly an art form that requires real mentorship in order to achieve what is desired.

His accelerator program offer what is missing from so many other entrepreneurial programs out there today. So many are here today, gone tomorrow. Not Bauer. His program is here to stay. There’s no doubt that the future is bright for anyone that has followed the mentorship of this mecca of the financial world. He offers help to people that need mentorship in the financial sector for start-ups.

As the Wall Street Journal profiled his career in 2016, he has only begun to grow into what can only be considered the height of success. When it comes to start-up investments, he has the plan. Start-ups need that guidance so they know which choices to make, what to place investments in, and where you shouldn’t place investments. Knowing how to grow those initial investments into more seed money for the future.

It’s important too. Not knowing how to do it, can be a problem. Too many companies start out glorious, just to end in a disaster. People fail to get their money and nobody is happy. It takes great mentorship to avoid that from happening. That’s where the genius of his program comes in. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how making money. It does take a genius to figure out how to keep it. It takes mentorship to learn how to make that money grow.

George Soros’ Philanthropy, Social And Political Concerns

George Soros is among the world’s profound philanthropists, having donated more than $12 billion to date. His donations have supported organizations and individuals across the world fighting for transparency, freedom of expression, accountable government as well as societies, which promote equality and justice. This giving has primarily focused on those facing discrimination purely for who they are. George Soros has supported agencies representing the Roma people of Europe, and other who have been pushed to the perimeters of conventional society such as sex workers, drug users, and LGBTI people.

George Soros has faced such intolerance firsthand. Born in 1930 in Hungary, Soros lived through the 1944-5’s occupation of the Nazi, which led to the murder of more than half a million Hungarian Jews. Soros’ Jewish family survived by concealing their background, sourcing for false identity papers on Politico, and assisting others to do the same. Later, Soros recalled that instead of submitting to their fate, they resisted an evil force, which was stronger than they were and yet they prevailed. Not only did they survive, according to Soros, but also they managed to help others. After the war, as the Communists attempted to consolidate power in Hungary, Soros left Budapest for London in 1947, working part-time as a nightclub waiter and railway porter to finance his studies at the London School of Economics.

Soros immigrated to the United States of America in 1970 and indulged in the world of investments and finance, from where he was later to make his fortune on George launched the Soros Fund Management, his own hedge fund, in 1970, and went on to become among the most successful investors in United States’ history. Soros utilized his fortune to establish Open Society Foundations, which is a network of partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 nations. Its name and works reflect the influence inherent on Soros thinking of Karl Popper’s philosophy on Forbes, which George Soros first encountered during his stay at the London School of Economics. Popper, in his book, argues that no ideology or philosophy is the truth’s final arbiter and that a society may flourish when it allows for freedom of expression, democratic governance, as well as respect for individual rights – an approach at the Open Society Foundations’ works’ core.

George Soros began his charitable deed in 1979, giving scholarships to many South Africans under the apartheid tenure on In the 1980s, Soros aided in promoting the open exchange of ideologies in the Communist Eastern Bloc by offering photocopiers for use in reprinting banned texts. Soros created the Central European University, after the Berlin Wall’s fall, to foster critical thinking. Soros funded cultural exchanges between the West and Eastern Europe, playing a vital role in aiding the Soviet society. After the end of cold war, George expanded his philanthropy to Africa, United States, and Asia, supporting a full spectrum of new efforts directed towards the creation of more transparent, accountable and democratic societies.