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Nitin Khanna: A Technology Expert with a Special Mission

Successful entrepreneurs have some unique features. In most cases, these individuals are innovative, and they can quickly transform their ideas into powerful businesses. Nitin Khanna is the perfect description of a modern investor who has achieved so much in his career life. Nitin Khanna is currently the chief executive officer of an institution known as Merger Tech. The company is doing well in the technology market. Its founder has been in the tech industry for decades, and he has paid a vital role in helping it to grow. Apart from being very successful in business, Nitin Khanna is a leader in the Indian community. There are millions of people who look up to him whenever they need any help in business and real-life situations. The philanthropist shared his story in one of the popular websites.

What motivated Nitin Khanna to venture into business

Although Nitin Khanna is based in the United States at the moment, he was born and also raised in India. His parents took him to boarding schools in his country. His dad was in the army, and he ensured that the family did not lack anything. The technology expert noticed that the rest of his family was into business, and he loved the idea of starting his business in the future. When Nitin Khanna got a chance to travel and settle in the US, he realized that he had an opportunity to study and also acquire business skills in the best environment. By the time he was getting his masters in industrial engineering, Nitin Khanna was ready for a chance to prove his skills in the market.

In the year 1999, one of Nitin Khanna’s brother arrived in the United States. The brothers joined forced and started their first company. The software firm was known as Saber Software, and it did well in just a short time. The brothers won many contracts because they had managed to come up with ideal election software for the vast nation. Although the businessman has enjoyed so much success, he believes that he failed sometimes, but he learned from these episodes instead of giving up.

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Perry Mandera- Philanthropist, and Loving Chicago Resident

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist and helps out communities. Mandera serves in the USMC reserves and holds elected office. Perry Mandera gives to the community and has a real feel for community spirit– he has a former career as a truck driver and feels this has helped him in his community and to stay grounded. After an honorable discharged from the Marines, he returned to civilian life and worked on his skills- he founded his own business and then sold it.

Mandera also made his business into a Fortune 500 company – and also ran for office in 1984, as a Republican in Chicago Ward. He has donated food supplies to Louisiana and Mississipi for Hurricane Katrina relief and he supplies to wildfire victims- this would be helpful to the Holidays. Mandera personally coached football and baseball teams and also been active in the community. He also understands it important to help veterans any way possible. He was married in 1989 and remains integral to the community.

Regarding his status as Republican ward, he was the youngest person elected to that position in 2005. Custom Companies Inc. was stated by Mandera- and he has helped established this position ( Fortune 100 corporations and others have worked with Mandera. Mandera has really helped manage sporting competitions in the past also. He has gotten awards from competitions like the Illinois Crime Commission and is also a member of the Illinois Trucking Association – a board member in fact.

He is a member of the Jessie White Foundation Board is active in other associations. He ended up selling his own business in 1985. He also worked on the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jessie White Tumblers. And provided transportation to 6500 to needy Children in the Chicago area. He also provided to victims of the tornado that hit Washington, IL.