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Larkin & Lacey

Life is beautiful. However, for many people, the beauty has been sucked out of life—all because of Joe Arpaio. Imagine driving around to wherever you need to go, and getting stopped by a police officer. That is already a pain.

Take it a step further and imagine that you are now being detained because you “look like an illegal alien.” As a result, you are being exposed to a compromising situation where you are open to abuse by law enforcement. This is what many drivers have gone through under the authority of Sheriff Arpaio.

Arpaio could only do this kind of stuff for so long before higher authorities caught up with him. The U.S. District Court gave a preliminary injunction to Arpaio in 2011, warning him to stop targeting drivers of the Latino persuasion. For a couple of years, Arpaio refused to heed the warning of the court . In 2013, it was ruled that he took part in racial profiling, and that criminal contempt against the court had been committed.

Latinos weren’t the only people who suffered under the elderly fist of Sheriff Arpaio. Anybody who dissented from his opinion or questioned him suffered.

The owners of The Phoenix New Times, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, felt the might of Sheriff Arpaio’s corruption. They took the initiative to point out every little horrible thing that Arpaio did, just to let the public know how unjust things were. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

In the middle 2000s, a landmark situation happened where one of The Phoenix New Times’ reporters published the address of Arpaio’s domicile. The Sheriff was really bitter about this, so he leveraged some of the state’s laws to get the two men into trouble.

There was a law stating that the domiciles of law enforcement workers could not be published if the reason for doing so was meant to be mean. Larkin and Lacey, to this day, say that such a law is against free speech.

So, the local government sent the two publishers subpoenas. The subpoenas requested that they submit information about themselves and all of the reporters of their publication.

What was even more alarming is the fact that they were requested to retrieve information from people who subscribed to their website and submit it to the government. Instead of giving in to the pressures of the local government, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey published info about the bizarre subpoena.

Upon publishing their experience, goons came to their homes and arrested them. Fortunately, they got out of jail as quick as they were thrown in, and went after the local government in a court case. In 2013, after six years of court battles, they won money.

Larkin and Lacey are not the only ones who have struggled against Sheriff Arpaio. Countless people who supposedly looked like “illegal aliens” suffered.

Countless more currently suffer as justice is not being served. Sheriff Arpaio’s prosecution has been abrogated by President Donald Trump. Trump called him an upstanding citizen, and believed him to be innocent.

Bob Reina: This Is Greatness

When people see what someone like Bob Reina is doing, they realize they are seeing someone doing something that is truly great and truly special. It is not often that something like this comes along in the world today. However, Bob Reina has always been a trendsetter and always will be a trendsetter. It is why Talk Fusion has had such growth over the past decade. They have always been looking for ways to improve, strengthen the product, and keep the customers coming back for more. There is always going to be competition, no question, but with Bob Reina in charge, there is not a single thing to fear. Learn more:


One has to remember this man is a former police officer. Because of this, he has experienced a lot in his life. He has a lot of experience under his belt and he’s ready, willing, and able to do whatever is necessary to get the product out there. He is great in interviews and great with public speaking. He relishes the chance to talk to people about this video communications provider. In his mind, the more people that are made aware of it, the better the product will be and the more that people’s lives will be changed for the better. That is the ultimate goal of the company. He has even come out and said he is on a mission to change lives. He would not come out and say something like this if he did not mean it. He means every part of it and he backs it up with the work they have done.


In addition to all of that, Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have worked hard to give back to as many charities as possible. They are all about doing good things for good people. One of the most notable things they did was make a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. It saved countless animal lives, which really makes a big difference when you are talking about a humane society. They need as much funding as possible.


You can learn a lot about a person by how they give back their wealth. It would be easy for Bob Reina to just kick back, save his money, or spend it all on himself. While he is a saver for the future, there is enough money to go around to help people that need it. He also allows his employees to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing as well. Bob Reina is always looking for the good in the world, and he is looking for good people to use Talk Fusion. He knows they will benefit greatly from it.

Shervin Pishevar: An Angel Investor And A Venture Capitalist

An angel investor and a venture capitalist both have the same objective: to help small businesses grow by providing them with the appropriate funding. Shervin Pishevar is one of the most reliable and trustworthy angel investors and ventures capitalist in the United States today, and thousands of business owners are trusting him. First-time entrepreneurs are knocking on his company to ask for funding, and because he wanted to help a lot of people, Shervin Pishevar keeps on providing them with the money that they need. He feels grateful every time a business that he assisted succeeds, and he records it as an achievement. Through Sherpa Ventures, Shervin Pishevar helped thousands of business people who are starting their businesses without sufficient funding. He believes that by helping these people, he is contributing a lot to the nation’s economy.

Before he managed to make a name in the financial world, Shervin Pishevar started as a serial entrepreneur establishing a lot of technology firms. He built some tech companies, including, Hyper Office, and Social Gaming Network. What he has in mind when establishing these companies is his dream of making it big, and because of his hard work and perseverance, all of it paid off. The tech startups that he established managed to reach more than 100 million people and his name became known in the world of technology. However, Shervin Pishevar realized that being in the tech industry is not what he wanted to be. He left the tech sector and worked in financial sector instead. He found a job with Menlo Ventures – a San Francisco based financial company which provides capital to businesses. He was appointed to become the company’s managing director, and he did a great job in managing funds and business plans to their clients. He even helped the company set up a private fund worth $20 million.

The relationship that he developed with the management of Menlo Ventures helped him create Sherpa Ventures. They helped him co-found the business and today; it is thriving and doing well. Shervin Pishevar thanked everyone who helped him succeeed.

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Deepening Customer Relationships With Market America

In the new emerging market, relationships are among the most important aspects of business. One of the reasons that relationships are so important is because each customer is different. It is becoming more apparent that it is important to understand the needs of individual customer so that they can be met more. This is one aspect of marketing that Market America is working on. This type of marketing that is being utilized is called one to one marketing. This is where marketers meet with their customers in order to understand their needs. This deepens the relationship and helps customizes the marketing and the merchandising to the needs of the customer.

One of the reasons that this is important is that businesses are kept open by returning customers. While one can get new customers as well, if every customer only bought from a business once, then it is not going to last a while. This is one of the reasons that Market America encourages its clients to work on building its value with the individual customer. Once value is established, then the customer will be more likely to return to the company to buy more products and services.

One of the best things about Market America is that it does not offer suggestions on the strategies, it also clarifies on its suggestions so that its members can better carry out the new strategies that are suggested in the company. One of the best things about this marketing technique from Market America is that people are more likely to gain loyal customers. One to one marketing is such an important strategy to the success of a business that some of the newer brands are using this approach to gain and keep customers. This also results in some of the most fulfilling work that a marketer can be a part of.

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Mike Baur’s and The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland. He received his bachelor’s degree from Bern University and the University of Rochester. When he was 16 years old, he started working in banking. While working for the bank, he was promoted to a Union Bank apprentice. When he received the apprentice job with UBS, a lifetime plan was presented to him. The plan outlined every promotion that he would receive while he was working there all the way up to retirement. Many of the bank’s customers loved Baur because he was young, but he was very knowledgeable when it came to banking. He received a job advising investors in Switzerland. Mike Baur advised people that made a lot more money than he had ever had the opportunity to manage. Although, the Union Bank of Switzerland looked forward to having Baur as an employee for entire career Baur left UBS. After leaving UBS in 2008, he got a job at Clariden Leu Zurich Office. He had many benefits at Clariden Leu, but he left in 2014 due to his loss of zeal after the recession. After the recession, the work at the bank became strenuous and now longer fascinated him.

Mike Baur decided to venture into helping tech entrepreneurs. To follow his passion, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory a short time after leaving the bank. He founded Swiss Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer and his classmate for Bern University, Max Meister. The Swiss Startup Factory provides Swiss entrepreneurs with meaningful advisement and business training. They work to ensure that more businesses flourish in Switzerland. The companies they believe will be the most successful are given funds to start their business. They assist the new business for three months. When the three months are over the businesses are tasked with implementing what they learned during their partnership with Swiss Startup Factory.

In addition to Swiss Startup funding the companies that they feel will be successful, they have a contest to provide the company with the best plan and under $1 million in funds with quality investments. Mike works diligently to supply newcomers with great opportunities to grow.

Mike Baur has been a competent, dedicated, knowledgeable, and goal oriented employee and co-founder. Swiss Startup Factory has collaborated with other companies successfully thanks to his work. Baur has also got positions working for the corporations the Swiss Startup factory has partnered with so far.


Lacey and Larkin — Trump Threatens to Detain and Deport

Trump is notorious for decisions which make lifestyles extra tough for underrepresented groups of human beings. There are currently more than a half a-million blanketed immigrants living inside the u.s. under protective law. Trump seeks to rescind their protection.

Donald Trump introduced ideas that he could be rescinding safety presented to Nicaraguans, Hondurans, and Haitians under the TPS Act. He will do away with the TPS program and thousands of Latino households will be at risk for detainment and deportation. TPS was set up to defend folks who live in war torn countries and economic strife.

Under the act, the usa supplied a land of sanctuary. Households could relocate from oppressive international locations and perilous towns and construct a brand new existence for their households in America. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

TPS also presented a secure domestic space for refugees who had fallen on hard times due to natural disasters. After a terrible earthquake in El Salvador, hundreds of Salvadorians sought refuge inside the u.s.a.

The flow of legislation to rescind those protections comes as a shock. It’s no longer stunning to find out that Donald Trump hates immigrants, however it is a surprise to witness so much help and leniency in the direction of his blatant moves. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The protection offered underneath TPS averted immigrants from being detained and deported; they were additionally eligible to attain a worker permit for employment within the u.s. just like average American citizens.

TPS never offered permanent legal refuge; as an alternative, it became created to provide people a temporary reprieve from a disastrous situation. The prerequisites in the statute had been much like the ones presented in DACA.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin observe that the countries who received safety underneath TPS had been growing countries or international locations with susceptible economies. The large inflow of deportees from America will undoubtedly cause undue stress and extra burden on their strained economies.

The Trump administration has given Salvadorians until September 2019 to organize their departure and get there ordeals together. In the event that they have not left the us by that date, Trump threatens to include them in the developing list of undocumented residents and place them vulnerable to being detained and deported.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports immigrants and refugees who have been covered through TPS.

Families and people searching for reprieve must speak with their nearest immigration center and refer to the listing of charitable corporations Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have teamed up with.

Bindex and Life Line Screening To Make Osteoporosis Screening More Accessible in US

People, who have osteoporosis, should be happy Life Line Screening, one of America’s leading provider of health screenings, and Bone Index Limited, a European manufacturer of medical devices, have partnered up to bring the latest in bone density screenings to American consumers.

One of the biggest worldwide challenges is trying to diagnose osteoporosis. In America, this disease causes at least two million broken bones almost every year at the average cost of 19 billion UD dollars. By the year 2025, experts will have to pay as much as 25 billion US dollars. There is a limited availability of osteoporosis diagnosis as the machine called the DXA X-ray machine that can detect osteoporosis can only be found in large hospitals, This machine is also quite expensive for the patient.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bone Index Limited, Dr. OssiRiekkinen, says that their procedure called Bindex a game-changer. Their new partner, Lifelin Screening, is an organization that provides health services as well as 15,000 screening events around the United States. The Vice-President of Business Developing, Life Line Screening, Kelly Daubach, believes that partnering with Bone Index Limited will allow her company to have more convenient and accurate bone density screening.

She thinks that they will have the safest, most accurate, simplest test for osteoporosis.Bindes is a point-of-care machine that is able to measure the cortical bone thickness of the tibia and has a computer algorithm that is suppsoed to estimate the density at the hip.

Dr. Riekkinen continues that his device has a total of 19 patents in US, Chines, Japan and large European countries. In Finland, Bindex has the largest osteoporosis screening campaign in Finland. The partnership with Life Line will allow them to provide osteoporosis screenings in America. According to Dr. Riekkinen, the main goal of his company is to stop osteoporofic fractures and to improve the quality of life for American families.

Life Line Screening is a company that is a leading provider of screenings that will detect diseases or infections like osteoporosis. They want the screenings to be as convenient to the patient as they can. They want to prevent future occurrences of the disease .

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor, investor, and a professional surgeon. He graduated from the University of Tulane, medical school. He once involves himself in real estate business despite, his active participation in real estate business, and he has never lost interest in the medical field.Dr. Mark McKenna established shape med in 2007.Shape med robustness and artistic, medical process. He genuinely dedicated to innovation.

He began OVME in July of 2017. OVME is sizeable technology-driven consumer covering medical aesthetic.He is the founder of universal mortgage lending and uptown. This merchandise provides financing, building, and real estate closing service. In an interview with Ideamenshch Dr. Mark McKenna discloses his success. He acclaimed OVME came up with his training in the business. He said his secret to success was to set specific and wise goals and pursue them. He initially began practicing medicine with his father. Mark suffered devastating losses from Hurricane Katrina. This natural calamity destroyed much of his business interest.

In 2007, he moved to Atlanta and began Shape med, a medical practice. Dr. Mark McKenna is a rapacious reader. He likes discovering the undiscovered knowledge that is just waiting discovery revealed. Mark always believed that the more person learns, the more creative one becomes. He reads various genres to discover things that are beyond the medical field. When you expand your territories, your idea becomes limitless.OVME was intended to build a brand around the medical aesthetic market. Botox is widely known, but no set outlet offers that commodity.

Dr. McKenna is a port of what has made him who he is today. He concludes that before setting goals, one should engage in meditation. Mark says it will empower realization of personal objectives. McKenna if given a chance to go back to the time, he would take more time to point out his passion. He advised that rushing without direction is a waste of time.Dr. Mcmakenna believes that associating yourself with smarter and successful people is the vanguard of success. Cleaver people will give a piece of advice and strategies that are invisible. He also advises entrepreneurs to consider investing in retail brick and motor.

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The Leading Organizations that Advocate for Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights

Across the world, people are facing human, migrant and civil rights violations. Therefore, many organizations have been formed to help in fighting and advocating for these essential rights. A good number of them are well structured and well-funded. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

These organizations aim to ensure that human rights violations are minimized through educational campaigns as well as helping victims get justice. Below is a detailed discussion of these instrumental groups.

American Immigration Council is one of the organizations that has been in the front line in honoring the USA’s immigrant history. The group has been working hard to shape how Americans feel and act towards immigration currently. The organization educates citizens on immigrants past and present contribution to American culture. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

It achieves this through international exchange programs as well as educational programs. The American Immigration Council promotes humane immigration policies and help immigrants get justice through its legal and policy programs. The group also makes sure that immigration laws honor human rights as well as constitutional mandates.

Justice that Works is another group that is working hard to ensure the rate of incarceration is reduced across Arizona. The organization was found by attorney Heather Hamel to help empower community’s live healthier and safer lives. The organization noticed that the state has the fastest growing and largest inmate populations across the USA.

Most of the incarcerated people are black meaning there is high racial discrimination in the state. As a result, this organization advocates for restorative justice tailored by neighborhood courts. They also work with citizens in coming up with solutions that will improve their lives while reducing inmate populations.

When it comes to human rights global advocacy, Advocates for Human Rights has been instrumental. The organization has been in the front line in pushing for human rights agendas and aims at promoting human rights advocacy globally.

The group also investigates human rights violations worldwide and helps victims get justice. On top of that the organization trains influential human rights organizations.

The fourth influential group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization was formed by two founders of Phoenix New Times; Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalists have been instrumental in advocating for human and civil rights. They formed the group using $3.75 million they received as compensation after they were wrongly arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This organization has been supporting many human, civil as well as immigrant rights organizations. On top of that, the group has been helping many low-income families and individuals in earning equal rights as others.

Reaping the Benefits of Ganoderma With Organo Gold Products

For coffee lovers, two recent studies carried out by researchers might come as good news. These studies, which were carried out in the US and Europe show that there is reduced risk of death as a result of life threatening illnesses in coffee drinkers as opposed to non-coffee drinkers. The studies monitored hundreds of thousands of people, and took into account factors such as age and smoking, which might affect one’s health.


While the recent studies consider the benefits of coffee, there are some studies that find coffee harmful to some extent. If you love coffee, you may want to look for healthier options so as to reap its benefits. One of the coffee options which more and more people are going for include those that contain ganoderma. If you are looking for such brands, Organo Gold is definitely one of the best options in the market at the moment. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Why Organo Gold?

Most people drink coffee without realizing what it does to the body. Healthier options like Organo Gold coffee come with many health and nutritional benefits. For starters, ganoderma is a herb which contains components that not only boost the immune system, but also help in fighting free radicals. Ganoderma is a herb which grows in parts of Asia.



When establishing Organo Gold back in 2008, Bernardo Chua, the company’s founder, wanted to create a brand that would promote wellness. The company has a wide range of beverages, and other products. With many customers in various parts of the world, the company continues to spread the benefits of ganoderma.

For anyone who would like to be part of the Organo Gold community, it is as easy as ordering the products directly from them or their suppliers worldwide. You can also take advantage of the discounts on some of their products. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.