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Toyo Setal Takes on Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex

Toyo Setal is a company from Brazil that specializes in the implementation of industrial complexes. It is the product of a joint venture between SetalConstruções and Toyo Engineering Corporation in 2012. Toyo Setal has the main focus of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning.

Recently. Toyo Setal won a bidding process that took over a year to conclude. The bid was to complete the construction works of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical Complex in Brazil. The project had been started previously , but do to unforeseen issues it had been stalled since 2015. The projected completion is roughly 18 months. The deal partners Toyo Setal with Petrobras again. Petras has been one of their largest customers in the past.

They visited the site several times in preparation for their bid. There are difficulties involved with reviving a project of this magnitude and they wanted to make sure that they were well versed in what was needed to complete things.

The jobs that will be generated by this venture are also bringing much excitement to Rio de Janeiro. It is projected this project will generate over 1000 direct job. Each direct job makes another 4 indirect job opportunities. This should mean over 5000 jobs and help the local economy out immensely, as it had faltered due to work stoppages. . The main objective of this complex was processing oil and gas extracted from the pre-salt superfields. Given that they would need private investors to go that route, they have changed the focus to a refinery that has the capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of barrels per day of oil products such as diesel and gasoline.

Toyo Seta has the motto of intelligence, integrity and ambition. They feel this strengthens their commitment to projects and helps to achieve excellence. They continually search for new talent to help achieve company goals.

Maarten de Jeu and his advice on real estate investment

Million of people around the world have asked the same question. “How can I make more money?” or “How do I grow a passive income?” and in response, the number one answer is to invest in real estate. No matter what technological advancements are made in society, no matter how much the demand in the general market shifts, people are always going to be buying homes. In that sense, real estate is an unquestionable place to invest money in order to reap a big reward. That being said, there is more to the process than showing up with a truckload of cash to get started. One must know what they are doing and what they are getting into first. 

Maarten de Jeu, a strategic adviser with many Fortune 100 companies recently discussed in Gazetteday the benefits and process in the real estate market. de Jeu studied Social Science and Public Administration at Leiden University before graduating in 2001. He continued his education at The University of Oxford, enrolling in the Said Business School and graduated in 2005. de Jeu began working for a management consultation firm, TDK in 1997. After working his way over the next decade, he eventually took on the task of Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Aviva, more specifically their American division in Chicago until 2012 where he found his own company, SVM Business Advisory. SVM is an advisory firm that assists many companies and wealthy individuals in making proper investments and efficient corporate strategies. de Jeu’s years of experience showcases his experience in regards to watching markets and having an idea on what will and won’t financially succeed. Learn more:

de Jeu starts off by explaining a vast overview of the real estate market and its growing accessibility including possibly getting started by investing small amounts of money to where even the average person will face little difficulty getting started. de Jeu also discuss inflation protection, another deterrent that has repelled potential investors due to the volatile housing bubble seen in the past. de Jeu recommends commercial real estate due to high appreciation rates outpacing concurrent inflation rates. The importance of diversification is stressed upon as one should not wholly depend on only one strategy in case plans change and also possessing the ability to unleash an investment’s full potential. This flows to the presentation that these do not have to be long term investments. Short term investments and quick cash flow can be just as if not a more viable option for an investor. The article wraps up by de Jeu explaining that hard assets like commercial real estate are great to hang onto due to the lack of volatility in addition to the tax advantages that are afforded, such as using the depreciation value to offset the property tax and maintenance expenses.

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Smita Shah: Celebrating the 150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

This year, the world commemorates the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most popular Indian figures of all time. In Chicago, several politicians and civic group leaders joined together for a small luncheon that aims to highlight the achievements of the peaceful civic leader. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the current mayor of Chicago, along with her first lady, Amy Eshleman, joined Senator Dick Durbin and Andrea Zopp, the chief executive officer of World Business Chicago, in a luncheon event hosted by Smita Shah,

Smita Shah is the Delhi Committee chairwoman serving under the Chicago Sister Cities International, an organization that aims to highlight the strong relationship between the two countries. She also serves as the president and the chief executive officer of SPAAN Tech, an engineering and construction management firm that she established in 1998. Since 2014, the Delhi Committee decided to host an annual event that aims to highlight the contributions of Mahatma Gandhi to the evolution of peaceful protests. The first event was made possible thanks to Smita Shah, and she decided to give it an official name – the Annual Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi Luncheon.

This year marks the fifth consecutive year of celebrating Mahatma Gandhi, and according to Smita Shah, the popular civil rights leader deserves to be celebrated because he inspired many civil rights movements around the world. Mahatma Gandhi will always be remembered as the peaceful loving Indian activist who used calmness and peaceful resolutions to many problems that plagued India decades ago.

After eating lunch together, Mayor Lori Lightfoot decided to issue the proclamation signed by the city council. According to the proclamation, the 2nd of October will be known in Chicago as the annual Mahatma Gandhi Day. This decision was made to commemorate his 150th birthday, and to acknowledge his contributions to society. Smita Shah felt delighted knowing that the city where she lives made an effort to pass a resolution that will institutionalize the remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi. The Indian-American communities in Chicago are happy knowing that their hero was named as one of the most inspiring individuals on the planet.

Smita Shah was overwhelmed with the number of people who have attended the event. She said that the concept behind the event was an idea inside her mind that she wanted to share with the public. She studied different strategies on how she will be able to invite a lot of people to visit Chicago during this big day.

After Mayor Lori Lightfoot spoke about the proclamation, she said that the Indian-American community gave her support in her decision. The people behind this city proclamation are stating that the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi will forever live on because Chicago started to remember him every year. Learn more:

Delhi, India has a strong trading relationship with Chicago, United States. In fact, the two cities are actually performing well to ensure the growth of their trading sector. Smita Shah stated that the two cities should consider how important their culture is, and how Mahatma Gandhi developed a special partnership with the United States government.

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A Day In The Life Of An Academy of Art University Student In Downtown San Francisco.

Sam Bear is a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The following article describes a day in the life of Sam as he goes through one of his days attending the School of Motion Pictures and Television.

Sam’s day starts at 9 am, and he is currently living in the Commodore Dormitory, which was built in 1928 as a seaman hotel. There are 15 residential facilities for the Academy of Art University and the Commodore is reserved for freshmen, which is located in downtown San Francisco. Sam said that he chose this particular school because he knew they provided a solid base for film making.

There is a shuttle stop near the University where Sam is able to ride free to all campus locations just by showing his student badge. Students who live downtown experience the vibrancy and culture of the city though the cities street art, beautiful old and new buildings, the many different city residents and gorgeous weather.

Sam attends two classes related to television and motion pictures. His first class begins at 11 am, which is Production Design focuses on a variety of aspects that relate to production such as props, sets, and costume design. This class provides Same and the other students to be challenged and encouraged by peers and professors. At 3 pm, Sam is in his Directing Actors Class, which is a collaborative class that allows students to work and improve together.

The Academy of Art University has many libraries, lounges, studios and classroom with the state of the art facilities. Sam also has plenty of time to spend time with friends and fellow students in one of the many Campus Cafes that offer a variety of food choices. The Campus Cafes are a great gathering place to mix and mingle with other students to share ideas, dreams and work. Sam ends his day relaxing with friends in his dorm and he is glad he prepared for and is attending AAU.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 and offers many different Bachelor Degrees, and students are offered both online and on-campus learning.

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GPB Global Resources Helped Ethiopia Gain World Record

GPB Global Resources works in developing countries in South America and Africa. The company also has offices in Europe, USA and Russia. However, they are dedicated to oil and gas exploration and help developing coutries take advantage of this resource.

Unlike other companies in the oil and gas field GPB resources also takes part in projects that help develop a country or better the lives of communities. They work at helping areas find potable water, expand communications, build roads and more.

Just recently, the staff at GPB Global Resources in Ethiopia took part in a nationwide effort to reduce the effects of carbon emissions on the world. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia planned a special day to help reforest the nation and plant 350 million trees. On July 29th, the event took place and today, Ethiopia holds the worlds record for the largest number of trees planted in a single day.

The project was well thought out and a whole advertising campaign was implemented asking for help from communities and businesses throughout the country. The project was supported by the United Nations and other non-profit organizations. Because GPB has both cultural and business interests in Ethiopia and is a company who helps the communities in which it resides, decided to donate 1,000 seedling trees and the man-power to help plant as many trees as possible. The entire day was set aside for the event and thanks to everyone’s efforts, the nation was able to plant a whopping 350 million trees.

Why Make So Much Effort?

Recent studies presented by Professor Thomas Crowther show that the world needs an additional 1.6 hectares of trees to be able to mitigate two thirds of the world’s current CO2 emissions. However, the study also mentioned that the need to plant trees is critical, as only mature trees can process large amounts of CO2, and it takes decades for trees to mature.

GPB Global Resources Asked to Participate

When GPB Global Resources was asked to participate, Boris Ivanov did not hesitate. He says Ethiopia and Russia (his native country) have had a working relationship for more than 120 years. It is important that GPB help in the effort to reduce global warming issues and this is a perfect example of how we can help.


Bhanu Choudhrie Targets to Have More Women Joining the Fight Schools

Bhanu Choudhrie is a very famous entrepreneur who has a wide range of experience. He has been able to gather his experience from several firms. One of these companies is the famous Alpha Aviation Group. Since the foundation of this company, Alpha has been able to realize a significant achievement. The company was initially established in Manilkla but currently has many facilities across the globe. The company is known for having a state of the art equipment that helps in training pilots. Hundreds of people have been able to go through very successful training and are currently working in some of the biggest flight firms from across the entire globe. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on facebook to learn more about his platform.

Bhanu Choudhrie, the CEO and founder of Alpha Aviation Group has focused on training more pilots. He has ensured that their pilots are trained to become experts. They are currently focusing on increasing the number of female pilots. According to their statistics, out of 5 pilots who pass across their offices, only one is a woman. Their objective is to get more women joining the team as their clients.

The figure of one is to five is higher than the average and thus Alpha Aviation Group is soon going to empower many women to venture into the aviation industry. According to media reports, only 3% are women. Bhanu Choudhrie is working on various measures that will help them increase the number of women. One of these measures is by inviting female pilots to share talks with aspiring women. This is likely to motivate them towards joining the industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie through his company has been able to promote various talks at the universities and other institutions. This is because the company holds their recruitment at these institutions. These talks will enable women to think beyond some challenging myths about the aviation industry. Many people think that only men qualify to join flight schools. He is also targeting to fulfill the future demand for pilots.

In Asia alone, he estimated that more than 266,000 pilots will be needed by 2038 This is just a third of what the world is looking for and as a result, Alpha is working around the clock towards producing a significant number.


Oren Frank: Mental Health and Flexibility

With the crisis of mental health rising, Oren Frank has co-founded his app known to millions as Talkspace to fight a problem society often looks away from. His platform was designed to give users who struggled to find their place when it came to talking about a mental health problems. Frank states that mainly Americans are suffering and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. His application brings hope to those who never had a running chance to get their mental illness under control. Talkspace can immediately place them with a therapist who knows how to create a plan of action based on the topic. Watch Talkspace CEO Oren Frank interviewed on Youtube channel

Users can send video clips, texts or even documents to their therapist to view. Frank states it’s therapy on demand as so many people are busy running their lives. Talkspace is the perfect alternative they’ve needed for years. He believes his application will get rid of the bad perception most have when talking about mental health within our environments. To him, it’s something that’s always been looked down upon. The app helps users maintain a better mental health way of life instead of keeping things locked up inside. Talkspace allows for interaction where you see fit. Franks states there is no need to leave the couch, office or gym when you can chat right from your phone instead of heading to an office.

Oren Frank understands the need for Talkspace, which is why he helped create it. He and his team get that most don’t want to be in a public place or office discussing deep issues. With Talkspace, Frank states no one is there to judge you or make you feel out of place. Their platform has enlisted nearly 2,000 therapists who are trained and specialize in particular fields of psychology. It’s a long list of expertise that includes eating disorders, depression, suicidal thoughts or dealing withe bad relationships.

Talkspace allows people to see that getting help is possible. Users can log on for a session at any time of the day or night. If anyone finds their therapist isn’t for them, they can easy transfer to another one. All of their correspondence with the last therapist will be forwarded as well.


Maarten De Jeu Helping You Make The Right Investment

Fortune 500 companies know Maarten De Jeu as a business coach. Maarten De Jeu can help not just the savvy businessman, but anyone new to investing their money when it comes to real estate. 

When you think of real estate, think of property such as offices, apartments, hotels, industrial buildings. By putting your assets into this type of investment, you can make a great deal of money.

Commercial real estate is one of the best investment if you’re looking to increase your portfolio, and it offers diversity. Even if the stock market has a low, real estate may remain a safe investment. 

Maarten offers tips to decrease the risk even further.

When you purchase real estate, you collect money in two different ways. One is from rent, and the other comes from ownership of property. If you own the property and want to receive better value from it, then renovated the property may be a wise choice. For example, you could paint it, add light fixtures, buy new appliances for rentals. The more you renovate, the better you attract renters, and the more income for rent you can receive. 

Commercial real estate may be compared to the resident estate, but there are some advantages in commercial real estate. For one thing, there is less competition and for another higher income. Commercial real estate tends to have a higher income investment as much as six times more. The more tenants you have and the fewer vacancies, then the better your profit margin will be. Another benefit of commercial real estate is when you lease something out for a long period which means cash will steadily come in during that period. Commercial tenants usually pay for the upkeep of a building, property insurance, and real estate taxes. 

Maarten de Jeu believes in the importance of networking early when you have residential real estate investments. He recommends building a good relationship with other commercial investors and private lenders which will take the hassle out of getting funding because you have already built trust with lenders. 

Start looking for a networking event that has to do with real estate, and use it to your advantage. If you can’t find one, create your own. 

Establish a credit packet will help get your foot in the door with lenders. You need to show that you can be trusted so include certain information such as contact, basic personal information, description of your business, goals, case studies and an FAQ. Learn more:

To make the right investment, you need to know some common metrics. For example, net operating income, cash on cash and cap rate. Get to know your area, and do your homework to make sure you have a sound investment. 

An active member of the community and business association, Maarten helped founded the technology Speak Up.

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When One Looks At The Career Trajectory Embarked Upon By Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, An Impressive Picture Emerges:

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a Venezuelan businessman who has embarked on a fascinating career trajectory that has led to impressive results. His journey has been bolstered by the course of study that he undertook in economics and the administration of business. This education was attained in the United States at Suffolk University. This background has been combined with a talent for entrepreneurship that seems to be inherent in the mental makeup of Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez. One of the ways that he has shown off his talent and skill is through a relentless pursuit of innovation. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a big fan of emergent technologies and the ways that they can be utilized to transform a business and make it more efficient. He has also shown a skill at taking these factors and combining them with long-established, tried and true methods for conducting business ventures. The areas of business expertise that Leopoldo works in are various and they include energy, construction, and investment. He is also a major player in the sunglasses business. Read this article at

The company known as Derwick Associates is one of the platforms that Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has utilized to build his impressive reputation as a businessman. This firm works in the construction and energy sector. At Derwick Associates, Leopoldo and his expert team members construct innovative, sustainable, high-efficiency power plants. The technology utilized by Derwick Associates has been instrumental in efforts to transform the current power grid in the country of Venezuela. To date, there are 11 power plants of this nature that have been constructed by the Derwick Associates crew.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has also recently been expanding his business focus to the Spanish market. One example of this is the work that he is doing wit Hawkers. This is an innovative sunglasses maker based out of Spain. Leopoldo is the current President for the firm and has been helping to lead it to new levels of success.

These are just a few of the prime examples of the unique career technology that Leopoldo has embarked on. It is easy to see how this skillful entrepreneur has achieved such lasting success. Visit: to learn more.

Impressionable facts about Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal makes construction easy for everyone. Its companies mostly operate in Brazil. It is a large venture that brings excellent services to everyone. The construction company also brings effective education programs to people on construction. The programs are a big opportunity for students that have completed their studies in the construction department as they broaden their expertise in their specializations. The engineers working at the company address every slight problem in the industry. Students that show positive response receive rewards from the company depending on the returns they can give back. For instance, the executives choose to hire some individuals in the training sessions as long as they show potentials that may be unbeatable. With this, the company continues to be an unreachable one in the construction field. Besides, the specifications they have in the company are always met by the proficient team it hires.

The tactics that Toyo Setal takes in investing in new technology makes its activities better. The construction field faces threats from the dynamics of nature. Each member of the company knows this, and they have no choice but to make their performance better through critical analysis as well as innovative moves. All materials used in the construction of buildings across the globe keep getting better in a different way. It is the task of the individuals handling a project to incorporate the new trends in their process. When their wok is elegant, customers pull more deals to the venture and still, they bring more friends to enjoy the services together. Durable and aesthetic construction materials that are manufactured with modern resources attract most individuals. Toyo Setal acquires the latter from trusted dealers that promise quality. To know more about the company click here.

Through exercising the art of standardization, Toyo Setal enjoys more benefits. Most of the costs the firm used to incur in its past days have proven to be unnecessary. Today, the firm can save on both production of products and delivery of services. When their dealers cooperate with them and show them support, the workers of Toyo Setal have little things to worry about. By this, they are bound to deliver stunning results to every client.