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Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor, investor, and a professional surgeon. He graduated from the University of Tulane, medical school. He once involves himself in real estate business despite, his active participation in real estate business, and he has never lost interest in the medical field.Dr. Mark McKenna established shape med in 2007.Shape med robustness and artistic, medical process. He genuinely dedicated to innovation.

He began OVME in July of 2017. OVME is sizeable technology-driven consumer covering medical aesthetic.He is the founder of universal mortgage lending and uptown. This merchandise provides financing, building, and real estate closing service. In an interview with Ideamenshch Dr. Mark McKenna discloses his success. He acclaimed OVME came up with his training in the business. He said his secret to success was to set specific and wise goals and pursue them. He initially began practicing medicine with his father. Mark suffered devastating losses from Hurricane Katrina. This natural calamity destroyed much of his business interest.

In 2007, he moved to Atlanta and began Shape med, a medical practice. Dr. Mark McKenna is a rapacious reader. He likes discovering the undiscovered knowledge that is just waiting discovery revealed. Mark always believed that the more person learns, the more creative one becomes. He reads various genres to discover things that are beyond the medical field. When you expand your territories, your idea becomes limitless.OVME was intended to build a brand around the medical aesthetic market. Botox is widely known, but no set outlet offers that commodity.

Dr. McKenna is a port of what has made him who he is today. He concludes that before setting goals, one should engage in meditation. Mark says it will empower realization of personal objectives. McKenna if given a chance to go back to the time, he would take more time to point out his passion. He advised that rushing without direction is a waste of time.Dr. Mcmakenna believes that associating yourself with smarter and successful people is the vanguard of success. Cleaver people will give a piece of advice and strategies that are invisible. He also advises entrepreneurs to consider investing in retail brick and motor.

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The Leading Organizations that Advocate for Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights

Across the world, people are facing human, migrant and civil rights violations. Therefore, many organizations have been formed to help in fighting and advocating for these essential rights. A good number of them are well structured and well-funded. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

These organizations aim to ensure that human rights violations are minimized through educational campaigns as well as helping victims get justice. Below is a detailed discussion of these instrumental groups.

American Immigration Council is one of the organizations that has been in the front line in honoring the USA’s immigrant history. The group has been working hard to shape how Americans feel and act towards immigration currently. The organization educates citizens on immigrants past and present contribution to American culture. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

It achieves this through international exchange programs as well as educational programs. The American Immigration Council promotes humane immigration policies and help immigrants get justice through its legal and policy programs. The group also makes sure that immigration laws honor human rights as well as constitutional mandates.

Justice that Works is another group that is working hard to ensure the rate of incarceration is reduced across Arizona. The organization was found by attorney Heather Hamel to help empower community’s live healthier and safer lives. The organization noticed that the state has the fastest growing and largest inmate populations across the USA.

Most of the incarcerated people are black meaning there is high racial discrimination in the state. As a result, this organization advocates for restorative justice tailored by neighborhood courts. They also work with citizens in coming up with solutions that will improve their lives while reducing inmate populations.

When it comes to human rights global advocacy, Advocates for Human Rights has been instrumental. The organization has been in the front line in pushing for human rights agendas and aims at promoting human rights advocacy globally.

The group also investigates human rights violations worldwide and helps victims get justice. On top of that the organization trains influential human rights organizations.

The fourth influential group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization was formed by two founders of Phoenix New Times; Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The two journalists have been instrumental in advocating for human and civil rights. They formed the group using $3.75 million they received as compensation after they were wrongly arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This organization has been supporting many human, civil as well as immigrant rights organizations. On top of that, the group has been helping many low-income families and individuals in earning equal rights as others.

Reaping the Benefits of Ganoderma With Organo Gold Products

For coffee lovers, two recent studies carried out by researchers might come as good news. These studies, which were carried out in the US and Europe show that there is reduced risk of death as a result of life threatening illnesses in coffee drinkers as opposed to non-coffee drinkers. The studies monitored hundreds of thousands of people, and took into account factors such as age and smoking, which might affect one’s health.

While the recent studies consider the benefits of coffee, there are some studies that find coffee harmful to some extent. If you love coffee, you may want to look for healthier options so as to reap its benefits. One of the coffee options which more and more people are going for include those that contain ganoderma. If you are looking for such brands, Organo Gold is definitely one of the best options in the market at the moment. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Why Organo Gold?

Most people drink coffee without realizing what it does to the body. Healthier options like Organo Gold coffee come with many health and nutritional benefits. For starters, ganoderma is a herb which contains components that not only boost the immune system, but also help in fighting free radicals. Ganoderma is a herb which grows in parts of Asia.



When establishing Organo Gold back in 2008, Bernardo Chua, the company’s founder, wanted to create a brand that would promote wellness. The company has a wide range of beverages, and other products. With many customers in various parts of the world, the company continues to spread the benefits of ganoderma.

For anyone who would like to be part of the Organo Gold community, it is as easy as ordering the products directly from them or their suppliers worldwide. You can also take advantage of the discounts on some of their products. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Highland Capital’s Philanthropic Agenda

Highland Capital Management, an SEC registered investment organization, does a great deal of philanthropic work for communities. Their focus is on improvement and, they provide quality services. They are interested in advancing the living standard in the Northern Texas region, and they are determined to provide the best service for their community’s needs.

Highland Capital provides great investment opportunities and they are well respected in their field. Their sites are located throughout the globe, in various cities like: New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore and Seoul. Highland Capital has indeed diversified and they are quality-driven agents. They are primarily devoted to community development, and they enjoy sharing their earnings within the local Northern Texas communities, among others. Read this article at

Highland Capital invests in their community. Undoubtedly, Highland Capital takes pride in investing in their employees’ needs. Indeed, they are committed to their mission statement(s), and they intend to make a difference through not-for-profit entities. People come first with Highland Capital, and their commitment is never-ending. Charity is a highly significant factor for their Co-founder and President: James Dondero, and he has initiated a style of leadership that welcomes philanthropic giving. Mr. Dondero deeply cares about the community, and he enjoys to see individuals and families thrive. Visit to know more.

All in all, Highland Capital has made it their duty to share with others. Through charitable donations, they have established a constant stream of love to the North Texas region. Their philanthropic agenda does great service for Northern Texas communities, and they see the benefits that have emerged from their self-sacrificing actions. (Visit Highland Capital at


Why AI Ecommerce Personalization Is The Quickest Easiest Way To Win Customers

Artificial intelligence or AI-powered e-commerce personalization and recommendation engines certainly take the frustration out of modern shopping and merchandising. The positive is that both the consumer and vendor stands to gain from this intervention. In years gone by the retail industry dwelled on the advent of personalized email marketing and snail mail campaigns. The fact that these were not truly personalized and evolved slowly made them ineffective. With the arrival of the AI-enabled e-Commerce recommendation solution, engaging the consumer with organic personalized suggestions is way easier today.


E-commerce recommendation exploits an algorithm that strives to make everyone’s online shopping experience quintessentially unique. Unlike previous ecommerce personalization frameworks, that basically provided group suggestions or product recommendations; artificial intelligence makes it possible to create realistic predictions. Of course, data science is an essential ingredient to precisely guess a shopper’s next purchase, or at least influence it. This machine learning approach to developing actual knowledge of each consumer enables the retail community in a number of ways. First, they’ll have an opportunity to put relevant data to use.


What’s more, machine learning allows retail operators to incorporate dynamics such as location, social media activity, ever-changing shopping habits and more. No other personalization framework adapted to e-commerce has managed to develop a model this precise. What sets apart AI-powered e-commerce personalization from others before it, is its adaptability. Even as consumers evolve and change shopping habits, broadcasting personalized product recommendations and services remain constant. This is because e-commerce applications will quickly update its database to reflect these new conditions.


The AI-enabled image or visual search feature combined with eCommerce personalization also optimizes the consumer journey. With a more interactive model, image search is smarter today as it populates exact images and related suggestions that are individualized. Another concept that’s on the rise as an extension of e-commerce personalization is “shoppable” images. What a shopper would give to shop anything that entices the eye, be it out of a favorite magazine or any online store. Well, a bunch of apps has reached the market that actually lets a shopper find nearly any “shoppable” item right out of an image.


It seems ecommerce personalization has also put an end to mechanical chatbots. A new wave of advanced NLP(Natural Language Processing) voice assistants and chatbots have emerged in the market. Although they’re not human, they’re quite conversational and proactive. In fact, this technology is focused on providing what each consumer really needs at the moment. With this, retail hopes to achieve faster delivery, improved customer satisfaction ratings and ease of service that’s designed to be particularly individualized.

How Nathaniel Ru Revolutionized the Restaurant Business in the United States

Sweetgreen is a salad joint that has become famous and has attracted numerous clients ever since it was launched. This joint has become famous for serving healthy foods at affordable prices.

Sweet green was first started in Washington D.C. in 2007, and it has opened more than 40 restaurants in California, Boston, Chicago, and New York. The founder of this establishment is Nathaniel Ru.

Sweetgreen’s expansion trajectory

In New York, the first Sweetgreen’s restaurant was set up on 28th and Broadway Street. Later, the stores were put up in Tribeca, Williamsburg, and Nolita. The reason behind launching these outlets was to increase access to quality dishes to the residents of these cities. According to its chief executive officer, Sweetgreen offers the best customer service.

Nathaniel Ru further added that all food types are made from scratch using fresh vegetables. If a customer wishes to know the ingredients that would be used to make the salad they want to order, Sweetgreen is mandated to explain the whole process to him or her.

Sweetgreen also operates an app that customers use to make orders at the store. The app resembles the store and has recipes on how to make various salads.

Sweetgreen obtains its vegetables from local farms. In 2016, Nathaniel Ru visited a farm in Northern California to see what he could get for Sweetgreen. Since then, he’s been ordering broccoli and kale from this estate. Sweetgreen serves more than kale, and it offers other types of vegetables that most people have never tasted.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a businessman and a graduate of George University McDonough School of Business where he studied finance. He is the co-founder of Sweetgreen, a chain of cafés that serve healthy salads. Nathaniel Ru has helped grow this business into one of the leading restaurants in New York.

He also collaborated with his friends to set up Sweetlife in 2010. Sweetlife is a brand that provides food and good music. Since this company was started, it has attracted more than 20,000 customers.

Sweetlife works in collaboration with musical artists, chefs, farmers, and hotel owners to orchestrate important food and music festivals. Under Nathaniel Ru’s leadership, Sweetlife has grown to foster sustainability, good living, and general well-being. Nathaniel Ru owes his success to his partners: Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet.

These businesspeople have guided him into achieving significant milestones in business. This trio has redefined healthy living in the United States. They have encouraged more people to keep fit and lead decent lives.

Market America Miami Taking Over the Global Market

Specializing in product brokerage and internet promotion, Market America Miami is a private American enterprise founded by James Howard Ridinger and Loren Ridinger. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States of America, Market America Miami is an international firm operating in several countries across the globe. According to the company’s report in 2009, the firm had generated revenue amounting to $284.4 million. Another report released a year later stated that Market America Miami’s total assets amounted to $146.1 million. Furthermore, by 2010, Market America had employed over 650 skilled individuals, well trained to advertise, distribute and market its products. Supplementary products, house cleaning supplies, custom websites, cosmetics and weight management products are some of the items Market America Miami deals with.

Since its inception in 1992, Market America Miami has been growing tremendously. Not long after its founding, the company was expanding into different nations around the world. In 2002, for example, Market America Miami expanded into Australia, 3 years later into Taiwan and in 2007, it expanded into Hong Kong, China. Market America, went on to enter the Philippines market in 2010, and the United Kingdom in 2012.All of this progress might be attributed to the great leadership of James Howard Risinger. James Risinger who is also the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm has been putting in great strategies to grow the firm. A key strategy that he used and is still using is the incorporation of affiliates. Through various affiliations, Market America has been dealing with a huge number of items. The affiliates who may be companies or individuals advertise and offer these goods via Market America’s website. At such a rate, it is evident that Market America Miami will dominate the global market within no time.

Bob Reina Introduces Video Emailing

If you’re unfamiliar with Bob Reina, he is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a purveyor of video email marketing and video conferencing solutions. In 2007, Reina began Talk Fusion by introducing video emails; the concept was a departure from traditional text emails. By using video emails, video files could be integrated into traditional emails, which eliminated the need for a separate email attachment. According to an article in, Reina recognized a potential market for this revolutionary way of emailing when he was unable to send a video- integrated email to his family. After conferring with an IT friend, Reina quickly realized that there was a way to circumvent this problem, and create a successful business in the process.


In an effort to scale Talk Fusion, Reina quickly became familiar with network marketing, which is a business model predicated on using independent representatives to reach potential customers. According to a PR Newswire article, Talk Fusion is marketed in upwards of 140 countries through its network of independent associates. Why did Bob Reina choose network marketing? Well, he realized that he had a great product that could revolutionize how information could be relayed; he just need to get the word out, and network marketing was the most viable option.


In an effort to differentiate Talk Fusion from other network marketing businesses, Reina uses an instant pay plan designed to allow associates to immediately receive a commission payment for any sales that they generate, which is seldom ever seen in the networking marketing realm. Typically, most businesses pay commissions on a weekly or monthly basis. Reina believes that paying his associates quickly keeps them encouraged and represents a “win-win” for everyone involved.


Not being one to rest on his laurels, Bob has already announced plans to build on his success with video emailing by introducing a mobile app that will allow users to send a video email, without having to be tethered to a desktop or laptop.


Bob Reina recognized mid-way through his career as a police officer, that he wasn’t realizing his full potential. His desire to create a better life for himself and his family was the driving force behind Talk Fusion, and through his network marketing business model, he is helping others realize their full potential as well. Learn more:

Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello: A Unique American Success Story

Anthony “Tony” Petrello is a mathematician, lawyer and the most generously compensated CEO in the United States. His is a particularly American example of overcoming adversity. Brought up in a common laborers neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, he has worked and examined hard and has earned a lone rangers degree and an experts degree in math from Yale and a juris specialist from Harvard Law School. He has likewise put in 5 years working at an esteemed New York law office and is at present the CEO and director of the leading body of the biggest land based oil and gas penetrating organization on the planet.

The individuals who have known Tony Petrello all his life say he was a math expert that spent unlimited hours taking a shot at troublesome hypotheses in secondary school. When he graduated he earned a grant to Yale to think about science. There he turned into a protégé of celebrated internationally mathematician Professor Serge Lang. Subsequent to graduating with his degrees in math he ruled against a scholastic vocation doing earth shattering work in math that practically everybody had foreseen. Rather he entered Harvard Law School and got his juris specialist.

Petrello at that point accepted a position with the New York law office Baker and McKenzie. Inside a couple of years he moved toward becoming overseeing executive of the company’s Mew York office. In 1991, following 5 years with the law office Petrello acknowledged a vocation as head working officer at Nabors Industries, an unmistakable customer of Baker and McKenzie. The Houston, Texas based oil and gas boring monster elevated him to president the following year. In 2011 he was advanced again as CEO. The following year he was influenced board to director of Nabors Industries. In 2015 the AP distinguished him as the most generously compensated CEO. He had become over $68.2 million in pay.

After his untimely newborn child little girl was determined to have cerebral paralysis, Petrello gave $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. It was utilized to construct a neurological research focus. Furthermore, Petrello keeps on giving to the office. He’s at present Texas Children’s Hospital’s executive. He is likewise the chief of Stewart and Stevenson, LLC and in addition Anthony “Tony” Petrello has made some amazing progress from his common laborers establishes in Newark, New Jersey to Nabors Industries home office in Houston, Texas. In any case, he continues as before sure math pro that always stunned his educator and colleagues each one of those years prior. Presently he’s likewise an all around regarded CEO and a submitted altruist.

Tony Petrello’s Social Media:

Cotemar Provides A Luxury Experience For Oil Workers

Cotemar is a Mexican company that provides essential services for offshore oil rigs. The company includes servicing a repair of platforms, construction of various storage facilities, catering and other services.

The company has been in operation since 1979 and employs up to 10,000 employees at any given time. Their primary client is Petroleos Mexicanos and they have been partnered for over 38 years. The company is rapidly expanding alongside with the demand for oil, making it as one of the most relevant petroleum industry service company in the world.

Cotemar is one of the Mexican companies that outshines the others in a world that demands more equal treatment and benefits for workers. The company is deeply invested in provided education and developing specified technical skills for their employees. Families also receive benefits, vacation time and constant communication with their loved ones employed with the company.

The construction and maintenance wing of Cotemar is probably the most important. They use semi-submersible boats to thoroughly service oil rigs. They have a track record of constructing new installations within a timely manner while also respecting local environment laws.

The company has specialized and maritime support vessels that serve a myriad of functions. They have cargo vessels for transporting employees and construction material to designated platforms. Ships are also used or transporting extracted oil from the platforms. Firefighting vessels are on standby in the event of fires on the platforms.

The well being of the hardworking roughnecks are a priority for Cotemar. The company provides catering and accommodation for workers during their downtime. Each one of their cabins stores up to 4 and is very reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Recreational areas included gymnasiums, TV rooms and basket ball courts. Food is prepared at a high standard with both taste and safety in mind.