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Find Luxury Items With The RealReal’s New App

Luxury consignment store The RealReal has succeeded in reselling designer name brands both in a brick and mortar store and online, and the business is expanding with the use of technology. When The RealReal first appeared on the scene, it was the brainchild of CEO Julie Wainwright who had a passion for searching for luxury items and giving them a new home. The RealReal started as an online luxury consignment store. Wainwright started the business out of her home with the goal of giving customers a luxury consumer experience when they shopped for luxury goods.

Though The RealReal first started online when success as a luxury consignment store was apparent The RealReal opened a brick and mortar store. Now, an app is available for consumers that are interested in either buying or selling luxury goods. The app is an easy way to shop or consign an item. Keep an eye on The RealReal’s Instagram for an easy way to keep up with new luxury items that are being sold.

It isn’t rare to find colorful photographs showcasing The RealReal’s luxury items. A pair of Fendi western style boots recently had center stage on Instagram. The designer boots bore Fendi’s Zucca logo created by famed designer Karl Lagerfeld in the ’90s. Fendi has recently reintroduced the vintage logo on some of its products. Instagrammers were quick to ask if the stylish boots were available but must look for another option as the boots sold quickly. The RealReal offers an extensive catalog of luxury goods and will surely have other options but if you want to know when another pair of Fendi western style boots are for sale follow The RealReal on Instagram.