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MB2 Dental Is Reforming The Way Dentists Are Treated

MB2 Dental offers the large business touch to small independent dentists around the country. Taking the business responsibilities out of the hands of dentists will allow them to focus on the care that they give to their community. They have a team of experts that will know how to optimize the business portion of their practices. The management style found in large corporations will now be brought to the hands of small practitioners.

The Dental Practice Affiliation program will handle a wide array of responsibilities. Things like payroll, human resources, legal issues, marketing, pricing, and compliance will be handled by MB2 Dental. While being part of the centralized system, dentists may maintain 100% clinical autonomy. The company simply runs the complicated management systems.

MB2 believes that dentists should work together to accomplish more with their own businesses. Small practices are going out of style so they ned to work together to survive. The company offers a large business perspective to give dentists the tools they need to stay alive in this increasingly competitive field. Using their affiliation programs, they are changing the lives of patients and dentists alike.

According to Crunchbase, MB2 Dental was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Chris has years of experience in working as a dentist and a trainer. He has a ver international background. He spent his early years in Asia and South America. He even graduated high school in Caracas, Venezuela. He received his bachelor’s from the University of Florida and MSD from Nova Southeastern University.

In recent news, MB2 had partnered with the new Picasso Dental + Orthodontics in Seagoville, Texas. This expansion in services is a part of an effort to provide increased availability of services to smaller communities. Dr. Rishank Korupolu is pleased to serve the new community in the MB2 affiliate office. Seagoville is another one of his offices that he is providing throughout the United States.

The “We Are Dentistry” series of videos have gone viral on Youtube. They are documentary-styles videos that capture the daily lives of busy dentists. They show the struggles and passions of small independent dentists.

This series of videos attempts to personify the dentist profession that may be otherwise overlooked by the average person. Dr. Mary Courtin is the star of the show and she also has an interest in animals and jogging.

The video cameras also captured the family life of her husband and children. She explains the life behind family-based dentist offices instead of the large corporate life.

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