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Bindex and Life Line Screening To Make Osteoporosis Screening More Accessible in US

People, who have osteoporosis, should be happy Life Line Screening, one of America’s leading provider of health screenings, and Bone Index Limited, a European manufacturer of medical devices, have partnered up to bring the latest in bone density screenings to American consumers.

One of the biggest worldwide challenges is trying to diagnose osteoporosis. In America, this disease causes at least two million broken bones almost every year at the average cost of 19 billion UD dollars. By the year 2025, experts will have to pay as much as 25 billion US dollars. There is a limited availability of osteoporosis diagnosis as the machine called the DXA X-ray machine that can detect osteoporosis can only be found in large hospitals, This machine is also quite expensive for the patient.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bone Index Limited, Dr. OssiRiekkinen, says that their procedure called Bindex a game-changer. Their new partner, Lifelin Screening, is an organization that provides health services as well as 15,000 screening events around the United States. The Vice-President of Business Developing, Life Line Screening, Kelly Daubach, believes that partnering with Bone Index Limited will allow her company to have more convenient and accurate bone density screening.

She thinks that they will have the safest, most accurate, simplest test for osteoporosis.Bindes is a point-of-care machine that is able to measure the cortical bone thickness of the tibia and has a computer algorithm that is suppsoed to estimate the density at the hip.

Dr. Riekkinen continues that his device has a total of 19 patents in US, Chines, Japan and large European countries. In Finland, Bindex has the largest osteoporosis screening campaign in Finland. The partnership with Life Line will allow them to provide osteoporosis screenings in America. According to Dr. Riekkinen, the main goal of his company is to stop osteoporofic fractures and to improve the quality of life for American families.

Life Line Screening is a company that is a leading provider of screenings that will detect diseases or infections like osteoporosis. They want the screenings to be as convenient to the patient as they can. They want to prevent future occurrences of the disease .

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