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Man Who Saved Dog From Hot Car Gets Arrested

An Athens, Georgia man who thought he was doing the right thing ended up being arrested for it. When a Gulf War veteran saw a small dog locked in a car, on a hot day, with the windows up. He did what every decent human would do. He busted out the window of the Mustang the dog was in. He said it was obvious to him the dog was in distress. He didn’t think twice as he suffers from PTSD. He had seen enough death in his life and wasn’t waiting around to see it happen again, not if he could prevent it that is.

However, in saving the dog. The owner of the car pressed charges for trespassing. Seems she cared more about a replaceable window than she did about her irreplaceable yorkie. The veteran was arrested as requested by the owner according to Bruce Levenson. He has been released, but is awaiting charges. If he is convicted of this “crime”. He can get up to one year in jail as well as a $1,000 fine. Busting out a window of a hot car is allowed when it is either a child or the elderly. But I doubt it stops this heroic man from saving another dog on another hot Georgia day.