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Dog Found Inside Tree Trunk is Rescued

Some local residents in Northern California thought they saw a small dog climb into a hole in the trunk of an old oak tree. Peeking into the knothole, one could see a small mixed breed dog that was so underweight the ribs could be seen. Someone called the Sonoma Animal Rescue, contacting Shirley Zindler who came see about the dog. For whatever reason, unknown, the dog was abandoned. The dog, now known as Boo, was left to fend for herself. Boo found safety inside the tree, protecting her from the rough weather and wild animals that could have made a meal out of the dog. Boo, named for a character in To Kill a Mocking Bird, was clearly underweight and very pregnant. Nobody in the neighborhood reported missing a dog.
After trying to coax the dog of the tree, with no success, Zindler and her partner had no choice left but to get a hose and run water into the knot hole, hoping Boo would leave the tree. The hose turned out to be Handy. Officer Zindler said Boo struggled to free herself from the officer’s arms and tried to bite her. Eventually, she accepted dog treats from Officer Zindler. A few days later, Boo gave birth to a stillborn puppy, and her other puppies also died. Boo was distressed. She’s gradually learned to trust people again and getting well. Soon she’ll find a new home.